Hell’s Cinema – Book 1 Chapter 6

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Book 1 – Chapter 6: Terror is coming …


At this time, the crowd outside the bus was quite noisy. Ye Jiang had many ideas in his mind, but could not discuss them with others. His tickets would be deducted if he made up some dialogue. He may have made some dialogue without losing tickets before, but this was because they did not have a big impact on the script. When he first left the bus, the tickets were deducted by an even number, but now the remaining tickets were odd, so maybe he made some mistake during the dialogue and the tickets were reduced.

Ye Jiang listened to the dialogue of the two main characters, assured that they were professional actors. The actors did not just read the script they entangled emotion into each sentence. Then an idea appeared in his mind, maybe if he could act more naturally he could gain more tickets. Or else, why would they care about how to act?

Ye Jiang started to sit more seriously. Soon it would be his turn to speak.


“Xue Yan,” Hao Sheng said, “Until now, I had an uneasy feeling.”

“Oh, why?”

“This bus …” he continued. “When we arrived at the intercity bus station before, I felt something was not right, then, an old beggar came …”

“An old beggar?”

“Right, he suddenly grabbed my leg and said: “Young man, this bus is full of miasma, don’t go!””


Xue Yan looked astounded, her genuine expression comparable to professional drama actors.


“Why didn’t I know about this?”

“At that time, you had yet to arrive, I saw the beggar and speculated he pretended to be pitiful to ask for money, so I ignored and evaded him. However, he stuck to me and repeatedly said: “Don’t get on this bus, you must not go.” Xia Yun was angered, kicked him out and scold him. We took half a day to get rid of him.”

Xue Yan turned back and asked:

“Is it true, Xia Yun?”

Ye Jiang knew these kinds of things. A scenario like that was very common. That beggar must be an extraordinary man, unfortunately, he was far away, otherwise, he would be their saviour. Naturally, the plot wouldn’t allow the actors to use the beggar, so the scene was not filmed. Xia Yun even kicked him, so this must be redemption.


Now, Ye Jiang could only blend into his character and speak his dialogue.

“That’s right, so what? That bastard just wanted to trick us for money. Hao Sheng, should you believe him just because the bus broke down?”

“No no …”

Hao Sheng shook his head:

“But, now that I think about it, this bus was parked in the corner at that time, it took us so long to find it. When I got on, it felt gloomy …”

Then he looked at Nian Zhou and asked:

“Nian Zhou, am I wrong?”

Nian Zhou answered clearly:

“What do you think? The bus was parked in the shade, so the feeling was normal.”

“Sometimes it would be better to believe than to doubt.”

Ye Jiang turned his head toward that cold voice in search for the speaker, Jian You Lin, one of six people here, who sat next to Du Yan. Her face was exceedingly natural, so Ye Jiang speculated she would be a pro:

“You Lin.”

The relationship between Xue Yan and You Lin seemed quite good, so Xue Yan smiled and asked: “What do you think?”

Ye Jiang turned:

“Right. You Lin and Xue Yan came together, and quite late at that time. Du Yan complained that you girls took considerable time putting on makeup.”

Du Yan reacted quickly and immediately replied:

“What?! No, I didn’t say that!”

After some dialogue, everyone seemed to be more relaxed and spoke naturally.

Ye Jiang just acted as a supporting role, so he did not have much dialogue, most of the speeches belonged to Hao Sheng and Xue Yan. Hao Sheng continued:


“Hm, You Lin did not meet the beggar. Do you think what he said was right?”


“I don’t know anything!”

You Lin looked at Hao Sheng and said:

“You must be the one to justify it.”

Ye Jiang felt like he was struck by lightning as she turned back. Before he saw only a portion of her face, but now he could see her whole face. She was remarkedly exquisite, a beautiful actress that would not lose to Xue Yan!

Ye Jiang had no dialogue in the next period. He was just a minor character that could even die in the next scene. Therefore, to save himself, the most important factor now was the ticket.

The driver would die at midnight, and it was nearly half past 10 PM.  According to the plot, after 11 PM, the bus could not be repaired, so everyone would have to sleep on the bus. Next, all doors and windows would be locked then the people would fall asleep. Afterwards, Hao Sheng would have the nightmare and wake up at midnight.

From the time Hao Sheng went to sleep was one hour, 11 PM to midnight, and the script was blank. Hao Sheng would awaken at midnight, but Ye Jiang could not confirm the driver death at that time. In other words, the evil would break into the bus and murder him.

No … Ye Jiang could reject his own theory. Break into the bus? By the way, the old beggar talked revealing the problem was the bus. Following the plot, what the beggar said must be based on something.

Whatever, with the one-hour blank script, Ye Jiang wouldn’t be able to do anything. The plot only mentioned the death of the driver, and Xia Yun will be alive in the first scene. However, Xia Yun, Ye Jiang, had left the bus once before. Changing the plot for who will be the “must be eliminated” victim of the evil? The logic in the horror movie was not important, but how the film developed would be decided by the plot, wasn’t it? Also, he was just a supporting character, and he did not know when he must die. Unfortunately, enough tickets must be earned before a suitable plan could be made.

What could he do in the blank time?

He felt that Hao Sheng’s group was not simply asleep at a time like this!

If leaving the bus was not safe, then the first thing to do would be finding the life in death! In every horror movie, the actors would not be forced to death, there would be some tricks for them to prevent the ghost from slaughtering them. What were these tricks? The beggar only noticed them, he did not give them any talisman or something like that. Why did he talk about miasma? Did he mention anything important? Everyone were actors, they have never seen the beggar, how can they know all of that?


Hao Sheng, Xue Yan, Du Yan, Nian Zhou, You Lin and Xia Yun, these six were the most important people in this movie. In the short term, they must unite to cope with this passive condition. Then what should they do for the one blank hour?

Could they just go to sleep and let the driver die?

Ye Jiang felt that he must do something, for that’s the only way to earn more tickets. Moreover, he must find a way to stop the ghost from killing him. There must be some hidden method somewhere in this movie which could help them turn the table.

But he had too little details, so he could not make a decision. Ye Jiang wanted to ask the driver about his intentions, but he could not lose his remaining tickets so he just observed the driver. The driver surely knew about his own death at midnight so he would act. But, no matter what the driver would do, Ye Jiang should get out of here before midnight. But he was afraid that if he ran alone he would experience more danger, and possibly die. That’s why he must consider his options carefully, to stay in the bus or escape alone at midnight.

It’s remarkably quiet on the bus. Outside, everything was wrapped in the dark. Everyone had finished their dialogue, so the bus became as quiet as a grave. The driver announced that the bus could not be repaired. Everyone negotiated and decided to sleep on the bus for one night, and that they would find a way out in the morning. Ye Jiang also gave out the decision to stay on the bus, no one would run away, weren’t they afraid of death? Why should he run? Everyone must think about it, if they ran alone they could die faster and waste their tickets.


But he couldn’t let himself fall asleep in this situation. At most, he could close his eyes and stay awake. He joined this world at about 8 PM, it wasn’t long enough for him to get so tired until midnight …

By the plot, Xia Yun would stay alive at least until the end of the first scene. He hoped this would not change.

Time passed quickly, and all the passengers fell asleep, Ye Jiang thought most of them were just pretending to be asleep. How could you sleep in a haunted bus which would be attacked by evil spirits?

Sometimes, Ye Jiang would look over at the driver who still sat in front of the steering wheel. Ye Jiang thought the driver would’ve run away already, or perhaps he’s waiting until midnight to start running? Or maybe, he was a long-term actor and had something special to fight the evil?

Should he do it? Ye Jiang hesitated. Should he advise the driver to run? He had the idea to save the driver but he did not dare to do it.

One hour …

One hour later …

What would happen?


In the deep dark night outside the bus, the wind started to howl, it was like someone was crying …

Ye Jiang closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep. But, by some unknown reason, his eyelids were unusually heavy and became heavier each time he tried to open them. He told himself that he could not sleep, but he could not win against the sleepiness, and in the end, he fell asleep.

He did not know how long had passed, but Ye Jiang started to gain consciousness. Furthermore, at that time, everyone had fallen asleep and all the lights had been turned off. He started to panic and instantly took out his phone. The time was …


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