Hell’s Cinema – Book 1 Chapter 10

Translated by: La Phong

Edited by: Androkles


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Book 1 – Chapter 10: Critical situation

“Can’t find him!”

“Where did he go?”

All the dialogue when Du Yan went missing was spoken out. Then the tour guide said:

“We should divide and find him! This is not a joke!”

All the dialogue was the same as in the original plot!

Ye Jiang did not know what to say in this situation. If the group was divided into small teams, someone could use a different team to attract the devil. But when he thought about this, he had some concerns. Why did no one want to find Han Ruo Yue? Since Jiang Yi and De Kun disappeared, no one has ever mentioned them. Plus, it was not an NG. What has really happened here?

Hao Sheng quickly stopped them:

“No …… We should go together. That will be ok?”

But the man in the front shook his head and said:

“What are you saying, it would be more efficient if we looked separately. The killer might still be around!”

Next, the others began to split into groups of three people and called for Liu An. Hao Sheng just could not do anything.

The missing man had to be replaced, but the movie detail was still the same. In the original plot, after Du Yan went missing, five main characters went looking for him with the tour guide and a couple. In the next fifteen minutes, Xia Yun would disappear because he walked too slow so he was left behind. When the group came back, they could not find him anywhere.

Would the scene continue like that?

It could not be allowed to happened!

Ye Jiang mind was very tense. He must stick to other people to not let himself vanish like in the plot!

15 minutes later…

At about 00:35 … he would be vaporized.

You Lin said to Xia Yun:

“We should search over there. Hao Sheng, you look here ok?”

She grabbed his hand and took him to another place. Ye Jiang did not know how to thank her. His existence would not affect her life, but she still tries hard to save him. However, maybe she did this to raise her own chance to survive. Nevertheless, Ye Jiang would remember to repay this favor no matter what.

Hao Sheng looked at the back of You Lin and Ye Jiang as he thought for a moment then joined the searching team. You Lin and Ye Jiang decided to join another search team with seven people. Ye Jiang’s tickets had been deducted substantially, now he had only 118 tickets!

Everyone went around and shouted out loud Liu An’s name. Liu An seemed to be traveling alone, otherwise, someone must play his relative.

“Liu An!”

“Where are you Liu An…”

Right at the moment You Lin and Ye Jiang came to join the team, You Lin suddenly slipped. Since Ye Jiang was holding her hand he was pulled down along with her!

They fell on a mountain slope and slid very far! The search team was gone. When they reached the slope end, they had many scars but the injuries were not serious because the soil was quite soft.

Ye Jiang quickly helped You Lin stand up and asked:

“You Lin, are you okay?”

You Lin looked up the slope. The search team had gone too far. Only they were left! This must not be a coincidence! Ye Jiang believed that it was not an accident when You Lin slipped! It could not be! 15 minutes later, he would face his misery! What should he do? They could not climb up this slippery slope. Other people had gone, and the phone was useless … But, he could not sit here and wait for his death.

In the plot, Xia Yun walked with a team but he still disappeared. Now, next to him was only You Lin and she was not a protagonist. It was so dangerous! In only two hours, from being an accountant, Ye Jiang was turned into an actor and faced despair in the world of a true horror movie. The more he thought about the tragic death of the driver, the more he was afraid.

“You Lin…”

Ye Jiang took a deep breath and asked:

“Did you see anything ‘uncleaned’?”

“That impurity was called ‘evil spirit’ by the elder?”

“That time on the bus, when the driver died, you saw something, didn’t you? What did you see? The beggar said the bus was full of miasma, was it true?”

When he said these sentences, his tickets were decreased by 10! He had only 108 tickets!

“The thing I saw … It would be better if you did not know”

You Lin answered.

“You … You really saw something ?”

Ye Jiang could not see the ghost himself so he became more afraid. What should he do? In 15 minutes, when would be the best moment to escape? Terminate the impurity… What did it mean? Where was that unclean thing? Ye Jiang started to panic. Before, he thought it would be dangerous if he stayed with just a few people on the bus. But, escaping would not help him either! Where was Du Yan? Could he avoid death by staying on the bus? The information was too little, and the consequence could not be known.

The reason why the devil wanted to kill, the relation between the devil and the bus, the impurity, and who the beggar really was, all of them were mysteries. This curse might not accept anyone, the passengers came from many places and did not know each other, so the curse should not aim at an exact person. Or maybe they were cursed because they got on the bus? Ye Jiang thought of a possibility that the bus had an accident in the past that caused the soul of a dead victim to become a wraith that wanted to kill all the passengers. But why do they still get cursed when they got out of the bus? The case of Ruo Yue was a clear example.


So the only option left was finding ‘the impurity’. However, Ye Jiang had investigated every inch of the bus and found nothing uncleaned. It was quite dark, so maybe he missed something. But Hao Sheng and the others also checked it out and did not find anything. In this case, You Lin was the only one who could see the devil so she became his only hope!

“Listen, You Lin…”

Ye Jiang said again:

“In a while, please try to pay attention all around. Well, even above should not be ignored. If you see something terrible, please tell me! I got a bad feeling about this. The beggar may be right about the miasma!”

He could be sure there was evil, but he was playing the character Xia Yun so he must follow the development of the incident to speak. If he made a bug, NG would be made too.


You Lin nodded:

“I will tell you if I see something.”

“Well … We should go.”

Go … Where?

He completely lost the direction. It was so risky for him as either he goes back to the bus or continues going down the mountain. He only could bet on his luck, if he found the search team then the devil might not dare kill him in front of so many people. He held You Lin’s hand and ran into the dark. He put all his hope on You Lin.

The impurity …

Uncleaned …

He could not figure out what it was.

In the dark, he had run for a while and the time when he would go missing was approaching. He did not stop running, but he felt that he did not have any change anymore!

The time was near.

When he was exhausted, the time on the clock was 00:35.

Around him was the dark forest. He did not intend to run into the woods, why were there so many trees?

Would he die?

In the night, the trees seemed intertwined and he felt that something was coming. It was just his delusion but it felt so real. You Lin was also more alert as she held Ye Jiang’s hand tightly.

“You Lin.”

Ye Jiang got something on his mind, then he decided to say:

“I want to say to you, no matter what will happen, thank you. Walking along with you made me feel much better. Really, thank you.”

Ye Jiang began to anticipate the worst-case scenario. You Lin looked at him and then coldly said:


“Nothing. You did not have to thank me.”


“Yeah … Maybe …”


Then, Ye Jiang looked at the clock again. Time passed slowly. Ye Jiang sighed. But … Soon, his face turned extremely terrified.

He could keep his life for a while but the remaining death tickets in his hand were only 57 now!

At the end of the movie, if the number of the tickets in hand was negative what would wait for him … would be death!

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