Hakushaku Reijo ha Chito Tensei Mono – Volume 1 Chapter 9

Translator : Ellionora

Editor : Fade

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Chapter 9 : Fiancee Candidate


Because I was irritated after meeting big brother, for three days I wrote a R18+ doujin novel titled [Thief X Big Brother]. I don’t have any regrets. I wrote it in Japanese anyway so even if someone found it they can’t read it.

Which reminds me, it will be new years in two weeks, I guess father will come home soon.
In this Kingdom 1 week is 6 days, 1 month is 30 days, 1 year is 12 months and the new year party is usually held in the first week of the 12th month. The Academy has a long holiday period after new year party. The 1st month in the new year will be used to spend time together with family, and in the 2nd and 3rd months it will be the season where the Upper Class nobles spend time at their mansions in the Royal Capital. Because the academy’s new term starts in the 5th month it will be a long holiday for 5 months. The holiday is too long(LOL).
By the way this Kingdom doesn’t have four seasons, it just changes between spring and winter every 6 months.

The next day, father and mother return from their inspection of the territory. After we finished our greetings we go and have dinner together, I was told to go to the reception room after dinner. It’s probably about the Conviction’s Event. Big brother’s gaze was hurt.
By the way whenever we passed by each other in the corridor he would spew sarcastic words at me. He has always been like that since a long time ago, perhaps it is his Passive Skill, I guess. Seems like I can finish volume 2 of the doujin soon. Gufufu~

After dinner, I head to the reception room as I was told. When I received permission to enter, I saw my parents and big brother were sitting on the sofa.


“Excuse me”
“Saa Emil, take a sit. Please prepare some tea.”


After mother invites me to sit on the sofa in front of her, she orders the maid to prepare a cup of tea for me.


“Everyone has heard about what happened at the academy.”
” I am very sorry for all the trouble I have caused you, father.”
“Let’s leave that for now, let’s talk about what will be happen from now on.”
“What will be happen from now on….?”


Father was looking at me with a sharp glint in his eye. Isn’t that “a look that can kill people” thing!? It is scary even though he’s my father!!


“There is a marriage proposal from the Grouge Knight Duke house for you.”


My face immediately cramps up. Is that it!? That foreshadowing was for this!? What a day!!
My family’s peerage is Count, while they are a Knight Duke. Though not a pure noble they have a higher position as an aristocrat, and it seems like their ancestors have royal blood flowing in their veins too, they must have been bestowed territory after having some great achievements.


“Though we don’t have a reason to reject it, I decide to put it on hold for the time being.”
“I understand. I will leave it to your judgment, father.”
“That’s all. You may leave.”
“Yes, excuse me.”


When I return to my bedroom, “Don’t, joke with meeeeeeee!!!!” I push a pillow to my face and yell with everything I’ve got.


“It must be that right? He told his family that he injured a woman, and was told “Just what are you doing to hurt an innocent woman like that! As a man take responsibility!!” he was told like that right!? At that time when he apologized to me he was so hateful about it too. You see, I too think that a political marriage is a thing that can’t be helped. Ee, that is a thing that can’t be helped. But, the Favorable points are in minus you know? Please, at least make it zero from the start.
…. And moreover, isn’t that guy in love with Bitch-chan…?”


I didn’t tell anyone about this, I just talked to myself while burying my face in my pillow. Ahh~ I want to cry. What made me want to cry you ask? A boy is giving up a girl he loves, and it was decided he will be married to a girl that he hates. I just feel pity for him that almost turned me into an oba-chan, as an ex-Japanese. I want to quickly cancel the engagement if I can. My injury has already healed anyway, but I have to make both parties agree to cancel the engagement! Apart from my side, their side doesn’t seem to get any benefits from the engagement.

I somehow calm down a little after talking to myself for a while and then I heard a knocking sound, Cecillia enter the room when I gave her permission.


“Emil-sama, are you okay? I heard a loud voice from outside.”
“E, Ee. I just lost my composure a little…. there’s no problem.”
“Please don’t push yourself so hard. If there is something I can help you with, please ask me anything.”


I start wailing and hug Cecillia. I just don’t know what to do anymore because so much stress has accumulated. Cecillia is seriously an angel. Her chest was so soft, guhehe~

After crying for awhile, my tears dry and I fall asleep.

The next day when I woke up my eyes were swollen, because I don’t want to see my family with swollen eyes I told someone to guard my room. With this I can train my magic secretly too, it’s killing two bird with one stone. I was a hikikomori anyway.
From morning until evening I tried various types of magic inside my room, from flying magic <Fly>, teleportation magic <Warp>, to an everyday life magic, I can use them all. Incidentally I can use magic canceller too, for example when I use <Tornado> I am also able to erase it.

In this world, there are elements of fantasy like monsters and dungeons that also exist. There’s a legend about a Hero, so there should be Demon race too. However, monsters are not encountered around the Kingdom, not inside the forests, valleys, and any other areas. There have been no encounters with Demon race either. The encounter ratio of Demi-humans is so low that it was like encountering a foreigner in Japan during the 80s, which means that this is a human dominant region.

An occupation that I’ve always dreamed of having, being and Adventurer and going around the Kingdom, is already outdated. Joining the Mercenary Guild is what’s popular in the Kingdom these days. People in the Royal Capital prefer personal battles (pvp) more than monster subjugation. If I had to say it, a war will occur too.

After all the trouble I went through to train my magic, I can’t become an Adventurer and make a living. I am an aristocrat so I don’t need to worry about my living, but I still want to live as an Adventurer like how I have always dreamed.
For the time being let’s continue to practice magic, make items and sword training, no…. blunt weapon training during this holiday period and aim to become an Adventurer!

Everyday I stay inside my room to practice magic, make items and train in blunt weapon over and over again. When the new year is just three days away my second eldest brother Aslein-niisama returns home.

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  • 28th00

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