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Author note: short chapter

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Volume 1 Chapter 8 : Home


After traveling by carriage I finally arrive home.

My father is a feudal lord in Ulmerk territory, the distance from here to the royal capital is relatively short. Though there are no particularly famous specialty-products here, this territory is dotted with agricultural lands and one of the Kingdom’s post towns. It’s almost the same as Saitama Prefecture from Japan.


    Even though I have experienced this several times, traveling by carriage still makes my waist and buttocks hurt. I wish I had something to reduce the vibrations.

I held onto Cecilia’s hand and got off of the carriage. And when I went to the mansion,  I was greeted by the servants and the butler Gregor.


“Welcome home, Ojou-sama”

“I’m home. Are father and mother here? I want to greet them.”

“I am very sorry. Master and Mistress are out for an inspection around the territory right now, they will return in few days.”

“I see, thank you. Then what about Sieg-oniisama, is he here?”

“Yes, as the representative of the feudal lord he is in the study right now. Should I convey your arrival?”

“Ee, please do.”



    After talking with the butler Gregor who has been serving this family for years, it has been decided that he will convey news of my visit to big brother. Because we are family we never call or inform each other about our visits beforehand.

This might only be possible for aristocrats that are close to their family.

Because I still have time I return to my own room and drink a cup of tea while waiting to meet with big brother. 2 hours later, Gregor was knocking at the door.


“Emil-ojousama, Sieg-sama will meet you in the reception room.”

“I will go there now.”


    I follow Gregor from behind, while Cecillia was following behind me. When we arrive at the reception room Gregor announces our arrival and opens the door.


“Sieg-oniisama, I have just returned.”


    I greet big brother inside the room after confirming the door was closed.


“Ha! You’ve done well for returning safely, younger sister.” (TL note: he said  愚妹/gumai, not 妹/imouto)


    Big brother was sitting on the sofa with his arms crossed, and I feel like he was sneering at me and making fun of me. Though he usually makes fun of me.


“Sieg-oniisama, it seems like I caused you great trou-“You did!!!””

“His Highness, the Knight Duke, the next Court Magician and the Light Miko. Just what exactly are you thinking to cause them all trouble!!”


    Big brother interrupts me with deafening voice. He probably heard about the Conviction’s Event from the academy. By the way, the Light Miko is Bitch-chan. Seems like she was appointed as Light Miko by the Temple because of her ability as a Light Magic user even though she is a commoner.


“I did not do anything to cause them a trouble. It is just a misunderstanding.”

“I don’t care if you cause trouble or not. What I do care about is the damage you cause when you made His Highness as your enemy and that’s already become a rumor and spread everywhere!”

“I am very sorry.”


    Aristocrats don’t want to dirty their names, and it’s not an exaggeration to say big brothers dignity comes first and foremost.


“Good grief, with this problem and in addition with unattractive appearance there is no way you can be used for political marriage.  Naa my incompetent imouto. If you were beautiful like Merifa and have a smile like a flower there’s no way this kind of thing would ever happen.”


    Pikuri, I feel my eyebrow were twitching. My big brother was talking about my 20 year old big sister, Merifa. Big sister has soft milk-tea colored hair and light blue eyes, just like my mother. When my big sister smile, all the men around her will show a slovenly face. That’s how beautiful she is as a Lady and as a wife.


    In Noble Society at Royal Capital, to be considered beautiful women need to have light coloured hair, while a dark-blue hair like mine is not considered beautiful. My hair color is 100% heredity from father so it’s not my fault, I myself am pleased with my face shape that is coupled with dignity like an archer woman. It doesn’t really matter but can you put on glasses when using sarcasm? It’s looks more moe that way. Though it doesn’t really matter.


“I am very sorry.”


    I repeat an insincere apology at the best opportunity presented. If he is already like this, what I say won’t matter to him, I already knew this from before I entered the academy at 12 years old.


“Humph, can you use magic now that you’ve entered the academy?”

“No, I’m afraid not.”

“Can’t use magic even though you have magic power, are you putting in enough effort?”

“I am very sorry.”


    Without hesitation I tell a lie. If I said I could use magic I will surely be used like a tool, please excuse me from that! My stress has already pass through Mach(マッハ) speed and almost ready to explode, is there somebody willing to help me?

However, a Hero will surely appear and until then I have to parry the Demon Lor…. Big brother’s sarcasms to the left and right.


When it becomes dark I some how manage to leave, I want to die.

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