Hakushaku Reijo ha Chito Tensei Mono – Volume 1 Chapter 29

Translator : Ellionora

Editor : Fade

TN: This is the latest chapter in syosetu. Well until the author update again guess i will translate another series…. maybe.

Chapter 29 Extracurricular training (2)


The next morning, I woke up earlier than Risty and began to make preparations for breakfast, while I waiting for everyone to wake up, Gilbert woke up first.


“Good morning.”

“…. ning”


He looks sleepy. Or rather, aren’t you just saying “ning” there!

Give a proper greeting!!


“You made them?”


“…. It’s edible right?”

“How rude. If you don’t want it, should I ask Risty-san to make it?”


Gilbert says that while pointing at the preparation for breakfast so I return it with sarcasm. By the way, the menu for today is vegetable soup and hamburgers, after that I just have to bake the patties and the bread. At least it’s won’t be unappetizing.

A short time later, all the members have gathered and we eat breakfast while talking about some trifling things, and before I realized it, it’s became a conversation about my equipment.


“Nee Emil-chan. Are you alright with that getup?”


It’s okay, no problem at all. That’s what I want to say but I held back and ask Risty back.


“Are there any problems?”

“Nn? How should I say this, it’s somehow plain, it doesn’t seem to have any defense to take any attacks.”

” I have a role as the scout so I think there shouldn’t be any problems as long it’s easy to move in and doesn’t stand out.”


The equipment I’m wearing is a dull green tunic and light brown trousers with some partial leather armor. It’s just like early stage equipment for a Thief and a Hunter in a RPG game. My weapon, Schrödinger, the longsword I made with magic ore that’s hanging at my waist. If compared with my team members equipment, it indeed looks plain, and somehow looks thin I guess.


“I see–. However with that getup, you don’t’ look like a noble ojou-sama at all–“

“Thank you very much.”


It might sounds like sarcasm, but let’s take it as praise.


“…… Naa, Emil. That sword, can you let me see it?”

“Ee, I don’t mind.”


Gilbert was interested in Schrödinger so I unfasten the belt and pass over the sword. Perhaps because he knows that he can’t take out the sword, without drawing it, he earnestly looks at the sword.


“For Gil to show an interest in someone else’s sword, that’s quite rare.”

“…… Kai, this isn’t just a sword. How can I say this, this just isn’t a normal sword.”


While saying as much as he likes, he passed Schrödinger to Khais.

Please, I want you to stop acting like somebody’s sword was your own thing and pass it to others like that–.

Subletting is prohibited you know! At least get permission from the owner first.


“Certainly, it’s just like Gil said, this isn’t normal at all. What a strange sword, it’s like it has its own magic power….”


Like they want to hear more about Schrödinger, Khais and Gilbert’s silently stare at me.


“Thank you very much.”


I stretch my hand to take Schrödinger back while saying that, but Khais doesn’t hand it over. He must want to know what raw materials are in the sword and keeps it within his hands. Well, it’s not like I didn’t understand the feeling of wanting the best equipment you know.

While still wavering about how I should answer, before I realize it, Christopher is already standing beside Khais and gently pats Schrödinger’s handle.


“…… This, magic ore. Everything, made from magic ore.”




Should I say “Correct” there, Christopher…… By the way, “EE!?” is Khais, “HAAA” is Gilbert.


“No way, you mean this sword, is entirely, made from magic ore?”

“…… Un. I’m not sure because I still can’t see the blade but, … This scabbard and the handle, entirely made from magic ore.”

“Oy, Emil. Where did you get your hands on this? This is a national treasure class weapon you know!?”

“EH!!? It’s such an amazing sword!? Emil-chan’s armor is disappointing but her weapon is amazing ne!”


Un, the armor is something I brought from home, however the sword’s materials is from my hard work okay! And also, I want a chance to draw it too you see!


“There are only a few weapons that are entirely made from magic ore, I only heard that there are a few weapons like that in the treasury but this is the first time I’m seeing the real thing like this.”

“Maa! I’m wasn’t at all aware that this sword was so valuable. I should make use of it carefully then.”


I give an exaggerated response, I just want to end this conversation immediately so I take Schrödinger back from Khais and put it back on my waist. It seems like Khais and Gilbert still want to hear more about Schrödinger, but there came an order to made a preparations to depart in 30 minutes so each of us start to begin our preparations.


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      お前みたいなヒロインがいてたまるか! (Omae mitaina hiroin ga ite tamaru ka!)

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