Hakushaku Reijo ha Chito Tensei Mono – Volume 1 Chapter 28

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Editor : Fade

Chapter 28 Extracurricular Training (1)


“Uu……. oee”


A food-waste like smell and gooey like texture spreads inside my mouth. I immediately turn around and spit “it” out.

When I want to adjust my rough breath I look at the people around me, Khais was smiling with a blue face, Gilbert was putting his hand on his mouth and somehow swallowed “it”. Christopher was, crying while spitting “it” out like me.

The person who made this murderous like food was….. Risty, waiting for our impression with a smile on her face.

A typical Heroine chara who was no good at cooking is not needed you know. No one will be happy you know!

For about 1 month we took lessons and training for monster subjugation together, and for 2 weeks from today onward the extracurricular training will begin.

Speaking of which, something has changed during this training period, Bitch-chan and Shota’s nicknames that I thoughtlessly branded to them in my mind, I was now decided to call them by their name even in my mind too. And also, I think my relationship with other members has somehow improved a bit.


And finally, the extracurricular training is just begin but, a tragedy suddenly occurred on the campground right at the onset.

Risty’s cooking ability is just hopeless, or rather, how can a taste like this be reproduced with those ingredients? I don’t get it at all.


“How is it? Delicious?!”


 These kind of people are really troublesome because they are really full of confidence.

I have to be straightforward in telling her here.


“I ate it…..”

“Of course it’s delicious, Risty.”

“It’s the best flavor ever!”


Before I wanted to say “It’s not edible at all”, Khais and Gilbert came covering for her first. It will be much better if they drop dead.

When I glared at them, they both avert their eyes.

It’s like they don’t understand at all, if we don’t say it clearly here, the victims are only going to increase in the future.


“I, I am full already.”

“Eee? Don’t want it anymore?? So Emil-chan is a light-eater ne.”


While saying that, Risty heartily ate the mysterious food and something that looks like a stew. If this is a game, she must be have a Poison-Resistance skill.

Now then, I’m not eating dinner, But we are now near the West Demon’s Forest in a vast grassland which it surrounds. Even there are not many trees around. In other words, there are not any place to hide.

The risk of eating sweets and food from Inventory without getting found out by others is difficult…..  I can only bear this until morning.

The tents in the campground are separated by gender, 1 tent is for 4 people. Even at night, there are Knights and Guards patrolling around so we, the girls, don’t have to worry about the boys so we can sleep with peace of mind. The student’s who came here for training are mainly from Noble families, and now since there are also students from the royal family the Knights who are guarding somehow seem more numerous. Even though I said training, the atmosphere is almost like school trip though.


After quickly tidying up after dinner, I began to prepare for sleep.

We don’t have to go into the Demon’s Forest early in the morning tomorrow, so I only need to defend my breakfast like my life is on the line.


“Everyone, I will take my rest first. Goodnight”


I speak towards the people that have gathered around Risty and move to the ladies tent, Risty also says “Me too!” and we go together. Looking like their treasure was taken away, Khais and Gilbert’s glares pierce at me.


“Risty, goodnight.”

“See you tomorrow.”

“Un, goodnight you two~. Let’s go, Emil-chan!”


After Risty says her parting words to Khais and Gilbert, we go towards the tent with her arm entangled to my arm.

Is this that,  that high-school girl Nori thing? And in the middle of that, I was somewhat uneasy for being unable to break the ice  talking with onee-sama, and entered the tent.

(TN: Emil just made a joke there and also from what i know, Nori is a slang usually used for picturing a mood. PS: I never heard this slang used for people’s relationship so I can’t give a clear explanation.)


In the tent, there are 2 girls from other teams already inside, in any world if there’re girls gathered together with a school trip like atmosphere, there will be a girl-talk until dawn.

I’m going to sleep though!


Well it doesn’t really matter but, I’ve learned that putting up a barrier so the love-talk is not getting leaked is just too much.

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