Hakushaku Reijo ha Chito Tensei Mono – Volume 1 Chapter 27

Translator : Ellionora

Editor : Fade

Chapter 27 In the Hospital


Our team’s got a 2 day break because of the bodily injuries Gilbert received and Khais who got mental damage. Gilbert’s injuries are much more severe than I thought, I heard from Ron-sensei that Gilbert’s legs got better after Bitch-chan keep healing him over and over again.


“Do you know the meaning of training?”

“Yes, of course I know it.”

“As teammates, you all are training together to gauge each other abilities. Did you know about that too?”

“I know.”

“Just like I said before, His Highness is fine but Gilbert has more severe injuries. It’s to the degree that if Risty-san was not around, he would have had to have various amputations.”



And so, on the last day of day off, I was called by Ron-sensei and was scolded for over a hour.


“You have too poor a control over your magic power. If you fight together as a team from now on, you have to avoid making trouble for your companions. Do you understand?”

“I apologize for my poor control of my own magic power but, I have never done something like troubling myself and the people around me with offensive magic so it’s not something to be worried about.”

“I have found it strange from sometimes ago but, what do you mean?”

“Even if sensei asks the meaning, it is like that after all.”


I feel like Ron-sensei was asking me out of curiosity but, I can’t not visit Gilbert after this so let’s finish this now.


“I apologize Ron-sensei but, I have something to do after this so I will excuse myself now. Let’s talk about magic another time.”

“…… I understand. Please be more careful when using magic.”

“Yes, excuse me.”


I leaving the student counsel room and go to the Infirmary.

The Infirmary has their own building on the academies grounds, it has a lot of public rooms and private rooms, and it is also possible for the hospitalization of injured people just like a hospital.

Gilbert is hospitalized in the private room.

When I waiting for permission to enter after taking a deep breath in front of Gilbert’s sickroom, Bitch-chan came out.


“Ah, it’s Emil-chan! Want to visit Gilbert?”

“Ee, I caused him serious injuries the other day, and also I have caused trouble for you like this.”

“No, please don’t mind it! He has already recovered so I will take my leave now.”

“Risty, I was saved thanks to you. …… Thank you.”

“Ehehe–. See you two later! Bye by~e!”


Right before Bitch-chan was going to leave, Gilbert called out to her while blushing.

Are you a maiden!!?

Bitch-chan response is light like usual and she leaves immediately.

There was just me and Gilbert left behind.



“…… ano, I am very sorry for causing you to be seriously injured.”

“Not really……”


Whether it’s because Bitch-chan was no longer here or it’s just he doesn’t want to talk with me, Gilbert goes Tsun-mode but, I’ve already calmed down so without minding him, I have to talk about that and end it here.


“It’s seems you have completely recovered, if you don’t mind, please eat this.”



I pass the sweets I brought here.


“Also, there is something I want to talk to you about, but is it okay with you?”

“What?…… is it about the engagement?”

“Ee, it is. Gil has heard about it too?”


“Whether I want to hear it or not, I was scolded by father when the engagement got rejected after all.”


Gilbert averted his face away.

Nn? Why was Gilbert scolded when the engagement got rejected? The Vorst house is the one who rejected it so Gilbert shouldn’t have anything to do with that……


“I already told you many times to not mind that accident, it’s not something that you should be responsible for. I understand that this can’t be an excuse for the people from the venerable Grouge house but……”

“……. At first it was just responsibility for the accident. Our social status was balanced too after all. But, as a magician, father judged you an excellent one and he might be seriously thinking to take you into Grouge house lineage at that time. What’s more, an excellent magician will become one of ours and it will increase our fame too, but he might never have thought to be rejected. You should captivate her heart more, he said.”

“Maa, that is……”


That was a disaster huh.

Is it because I am a commoner inside that how upper class society thinks about ability and lineage are very troublesome to me?

However, since I have decided to abide, in a sense to repay what my house = father, who raised me without any inconveniences until now. But when I think if father accepted the engagement there will be a future where Gilbert and I got married, I already have a complicated feeling when thinking about that.


“But with this Gil is free, and I believe there’s a very suitable partner for you. For example, a certain Light Magic user.”



Gil’s cheek suddenly go red when he gets what I’m saying.

You’re too easy to read, you are really easy to read!!


“Fufu, maa do your best, shounen.”


Gil opens his eyes wide when I clap his shoulder.

I only raised the edge of my mouth and laugh, after that I gave a parting words and left the sickroom.

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