Hakushaku Reijo ha Chito Tensei Mono – Volume 1 Chapter 26

Translator : Ellionora

Editor : Fade

Chapter 26 Preliminary Training (2)


It may came with a great shock to an opponent who didn’t expect they would lost. Even after the match between Bitch-chan and Shota ended, Khais was still staring somewhere, being absentminded. Or maybe it’s because his magic power is exhausted.

Bitch-chan VS Shota’s match was a draw.

Bitch-chan who kept up her Guard earnestly with a barrier, and Shota who kept launching magic one after another. Ron-sensei stopped the match because time was up and they would’ve kept repeating themselves. NICE decision! It’s just going to be a waste of time after all.


Thus next is me VS Gil’s match. If this was a TV show, wasn’t there going to be a gust of wind like in those final showdowns?

As for me, a few days ago I was called to our mansion in the Royal Capital by father before he returned to his territory, and heard that the engagement has been officially turned down so I don’t need to care about Gilbert anymore.

Please do your best to achieve happiness with Bitch-chan!

Also, I heard father say something like “Better use” or something like that in the middle of our conversation, but let’s pretend I didn’t hear that.

I clearly heard it though!


When I glance at Gilbert, he was clearly glaring at me.

He only has a bad look…… maybe not.


“Then, both of you go to the starting position.”


“I understand”


Gilbert and I move to our positions and wait for the match’s signal with our swords drawn.


“The match will begin in, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Begin!!!”


The match begins with Ron-sensei’s signal(Whistle).


Gilbert already applied body enhancement, and charges forward in straight line at high speed.

As expected, receiving Gilbert’s attack is just too dangerous.

He’s a Knight Apprentice because he is still a student but there’s a rumor that in ability, it’s not strange if he can get to Knight Leader Class just in a few years.

I don’t have any interest in him so I only heard that from a rumor but, I somehow know that he is much stronger than Lein-niisama. Thus, for the me who loses against Lein-niisama, against Gilbert, I can’t win in close combat battle.

Stacking the speed increase magic on myself, I evaded Gilbert’s attack.


“…… Chi”


I heard Gilbert click his tongue.

Are you seriously going all out against a girl? Seriously serious!?

He planned to end this with one attack huh, that was close–

This guy, he really is serious.

If this continues like this it’s just going to be huge disadvantages for me, so for now let’s take some distance….. !!?




Without slowing down his hands, Gilbert keeps closing in with slashes.

Although I let my guard down because I was in deep thinking and was late in response, I can somehow avoid his attack.

And like that I want to quickly get away from him but my foot got tangled up when I was running, and I beautifully fell down.

In addition with my speed was increased by magic, I rolled on the ground like the 1st Getto dive (1ゲットズサー) with clouds of dust rising behind me! So embarrassing.

It’s not the time to feel embarrassed while in the middle of a fight so when I go to quickly stand up, Gilbert was looking down at me with his sword pointed right before me.


“Hmph, only this much huh.”

“To talk in the middle of fight, you really have lot of composure there!!!”

“GUA! What are you doing!!?”

“Blinding technique. You don’t know about it?”


I clutch a handful of sand on the ground while speaking and throw it at Gilbert’s face with all I have.

I use this blinding technique I learned from the villain in a manga.

Haaa~ Ha Ha Ha Ha, everything is okay as long as I can win!


“You!! Coward!!!”


I magnificently ignore Gilbert who is complaining while rubbing his eyes.

Fighting on the ground is just going to put me at a disadvantage so I use <Fly> and soar into the sky. I wish I had done this earlier. Swords can’t reach the sky after all.

Oo? Somehow  all the people below open their eyes wide while looking at me, well there are no rules saying ‘no flying’ so I think it’s okay.


My body has already become tired because of the magic to raise my speed, and I was injured when I fell down. It was so embarrassing too, mou it’s just getting troublesome so let’s quickly end it here.


“O merciful rain, become my weapon <Downpour>”

“UWA! What are you doing! Shit! Get down here!!”


After confirming Gilbert’s body getting wet with the heavy downpour, I cancel <Downpour>

and start chanting the next magic.


“Become a dweller in this frozen world, <Cocytus>”


Temperature suddenly falls, everything that’s wet from the downpour turned into ice.

The battle ground turns into a frozen world in the blink of an eye, and Gilbert’s foot gets stuck in from the ice. Without stopping, the temperature in the atmosphere keeps falling and it’s only a matter of time before Gilbert is turned into an ice sculpture. Even me who was in the sky was getting cold too, moreover for Gilbert who took the magic directly like that, it’s maybe unbearable to him.


“Gil, if you want to surrender, this is the time you know?”

“……. Wh, who …… is …”


Gilbert painfully says, perhaps because he took a deep breath his throat began to freeze.

What a stubborn guy, if I was in your position, I would surrender immediately you know.

Because this is just training after all, it’s better for you to wish to be released faster when you know you’re going to lose.

I softly land on the frozen ground and look at Gilbert, after that I turn to Ron-sensei.

Ron-sensei was still dumbfounded but when he realise I was looking at him, he quickly gave the signal to end the match.


“Ri, Risty-san! I leave Gilbert’s treatment to you. Please hurry!”

“Ha, ha, Hai!!”


Ron-sensei gave a flustered order for treatment, and Bitch-chan who gave a flustered respond.

He is probably just going to have a little frostbite, there is no need to be flustered right? While I was thinking that, Ron-sensei was already besides me before I realised and spoke to me in low voice.


“Didn’t I ask you to hold back?”

“Yes, I am holding back like I was asked.”



“…… is THAT holding back?”

“Yes, I choose magic that won’t kill the target and I keep the power down too.”


And here I was holding back to such an extent, it seems like Ron-sensei is still dissatisfied with that.




TN: 1st Getto dive/1ゲットズサー, Japanese version of take the 1st place in a thread’s comment.

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