Hakushaku Reijo ha Chito Tensei Mono – Volume 1 Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 Preliminary Training (1)


Preliminary training for the practical training will be held from today on. Until 2nd period is a general lesson so 3rd to 7th periods lessons will be used for the training.

Today is the first day for 1 on 1 combat training with team members, the aim is to measure each individual abilities, and make use of them for the team’s formation and cooperation according from each member fighting style.

It’s been decided that before the match, we will call each team member with their first name. While in the battle there will be no room to call team members with a long name coupled with their title so I think that is obvious right? Whether it’s fine to call the Prince without honorifics, it might be a privilege only for the team. I don’t need such a privilege so can I enter another team?


“And so, please call me Kai. And for Gilbert, is Gil fine?”


“Call me Risty okay!”

“…… I am, fine with Chris.”

“Please call me Emil.”


I quietly bow my head. To be frank, while in the middle of the match I doubt I can keep my speaking manners as a lady but, I will try to keep them for as long as I can. Continuing on, next is battle position check.


“I can use sword and magic, even though it’s only fifty-fifty. My strong attribute is Wind. I will say this for Emil who still doesn’t know, I got 1st place in class at the mock battle last year, my quantity of magic power is quite high you know.”


The Prince boasts of his achievement. So, in game terms he’s an Attacker huh.


“Sword and Shield are my main. I can only use magic for body enhancement. I only have a little magic power after all.”


I knew it, Gilbert is a muscle-brain. No matter how you look at him, he’s a Tanker.


“Next is me! I can use magic from the Light Attribute like healing and barrier!”


Bitch-chan is a Healer. Her head looks weak so I’m quite worried about how she will control her magic power.


“…… I am, good at Fire and Earth magic. Close combat is…… not good.”


Shota is a Magical Attacker huh.


“I am…… quite good at Sword and I consider Magic as my Main. I am poor at Healing Magic but other than that, I think  I can use them well.”

“Emil-chan used a barrier and protected Alshade-sama at that time right? And so I think Barrier Magic is your forte!”

“Ee…… Whether that is my forte or not I am not sure but, I know how to use them.”


Bitch-chan complimented me while looking elated but, the others except Shota who wasn’t present at that time already knew that! So please, you don’t need to say it in high spirits like that!!


“Look at them systematically, I think the fight will be Emil and I first and then Risty and Chris. Is that good?”

“I agree.”

“Me too–!”

“…… un”

“Gil is, I want you to fight the winner between Emil and I’s match.”

“Got it.”


Ron-sensei will be the referee for my match with Khais at the outdoor battle ground. Ron-sensei, you look as beautiful as ever today too, only your looks though!

The match rules are, only swords made from wood can be used, do not kill your opponent and the winner will be decided when someone gives up or cannot fight anymore. Of course, any magic can be use freely.

When I headed to the position to begin the match, Ron-sensei said “Please hold back” to me in low voice so I nodded lightly.

And when Khais and I were in position to begin the match, Ron-sensei started the countdown.


“The match will begin in, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Begin!!!”



The whistle’s signal for match reverberated.


“O roaring flames, burn everything. <Fire>”


Just to try out, I used the Elementary Level magic and fire started to blow up from below where Khais is standing but, he easily avoided them.

Except for its wide range and traps, magic with fixed coordinates are easy to avoid.

Continuing on, I use <Ice Lance> and <Fire Ball> too but he evaded them.

He probably has done training to battle against a mage.


With my magic being avoided one after another, Khais started to attack me in close quarter combat with his sword swinging down at me. I try to block his attack with my sword but,


Is this the difference between our bodies weight? Or perhaps the power in gender difference?

His attack may be heavier than Lein-niisama’s.

He might be rotten, but he is still an Elite Ouji-sama after all.


“<Air Hammer>”



With the deadlock from blocking Khais’ sword, I attack his abdomen with magic and he was blown 2 meters away but there are no damages to him at all.

Fumu? Somehow, I feel something is out of place.


“O wind blade, cut her to pieces! <Wind Cutter>”


I apply body enhancement magic <Muscle Body> and speed raising magic <Quick> to myself when <Wind Cutter> magic from Khais was coming at me and evade it. And while at it, I slash his flank with the sword but,

Bashhi, together with the impact, my sword was repelled by something.

…… is this, a Barrier from Safeguard Attribute? Nonono, with that thing around, isn’t there no meaning at all to this training. Of course you can get the 1st place at the mock battle with that.

If nothing was done to that barrier, he won’t receive any damage at all.


“That Barrier. Don’t you think that is unfair?”

“This is a Barrier for royalty, it’s not unfair at all. It’s meaningless to not use things that can be used.”


I understand that but, I want you to think about TPO.

A Barrier that protects royalty from attacks by covering their bodies, an item or magic that protects the royalty from external attacks huh……

Are? Then, even without me saving Prince Alshade from the chandelier, couldn’t he still survive?

Tto anyway, to win I have to do something about that barrier first. What a pain…


While parrying Khais’ slashes, I cast <Analyze> magic toward Khais and learned that the necklace he wearing is a Magic Tool (Magic Item) that consumes its wearers magic power to sustain the barrier.

Should I break it? Or should I drain his magic power? My options are only these 2.

It’s troublesome to break a small necklace while in the middle of fight so I decided to drain his magic power.




While still engrossed with the analysis result, I heard an exhaled breath overhead. Looking above in a fluster, Khais was brandishing his sword greatly and swinging it downward.

A loud sound when wooden swords clashed together, reverberating.

I can stop his slash somehow.

At the same time, I change his swords trajectory with my sword’s broad side and knock his sword away, letting go of my sword and taking Khais’ hands with my both hands.


“<Magic Power Takeover>”



Khais started to scream in pain when I start steal his magic power with <Magic Power Takeover>. Somehow, I can vaguely sense his magic power flowing into me. Seems like his magic power is completely taken.



With my fist raised upward, I punch directly at Khais’ face when he still staggering around and like that, he was thrown to the ground.

With various body enhancement and speed raising magic still in effect.

When I begin to open my mouth to recite a chant to stop the effect,


The whistle’s sound rang.


“That’s enough! Risty-san, please tend His Highness.”

“Haa–i! Leave it to me!”


Ron-sensei gave the signal to end the match and Bitch-chan begins to tend Khais.

I think he only got light injuries even when a girl with a little enhanced power punched him.

It’s still a mystery about when he will completely recover, when his magic power got drained to almost 0.

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