Hakushaku Reijo ha Chito Tensei Mono – Volume 1 Chapter 24

Translator : Ellionora

Editor : Fade


Chapter 24 2nd Grader


5th month. In spring, I became a 2nd year student. The academy divides and ranks classes by abilities, my school year has a S and A to E, 6 classes. The number of classes changes depending on the people who enroll that year.


The class classification is almost always like this, of course there are exceptions too.

S : Elite class or class for geniuses, talented students and royal family members. Only this class has a small number of students.

A to C : Nobles’ class or class for excellent students.

D and below : Ordinary or commoners’ class.


I was in C class when I was a 1st year. It feels like I was put in there because of my nobility status. The magic power measurement that has became the admission standard judges whether the quantity of magic power is above a certain level so there’s still no accurate way to measure magic power quantity. A way is to make use of magic skills at the entrance examination, skills besides magic —- for example swordsmanship or a great intellect, will be evaluated as well and assigned accordingly.

Because ability changes depending on individual growth over a year, naturally classes will change too. The class I am assigned to is class S. At the end of last year, many things happened so in a sense that is a given, I think.

It’s not like I hate class S, okay. In the higher classes the lesson choices will increase with materials that are easier to understand, and the books that we are allowed to read will increase too. The problem is the classmates, the probability for Prince Khais, Light Miko Bitch-chan, Gilbert and Shota being in the same class is high…… I simply didn’t want to get rolled together with them, I made up in my mind to spend my time ignoring them.


I open the door to class S and enter, because the seating order has still not been decided I sit in an empty seat. And when the chime rings a teacher comes in.


“Yaa ladies and gentleman,  congratulation on the promotion. I will be the one in charge of History lessons this year too, Claris. My best regards.”


A teacher with a nice body like Fujiko-chan that appear from a certain third generation anime gave her greetings. Even though her body was covered by a robe, her breasts are abnormally large. Her look is Eroi but her sexual appeal strangely doesn’t show because of the way she speaks.

(TN: She’s speaking like a gentlemen and sometimes feminine and sometimes combine both. Read the raw made me thinks like there are 2 people speaking in her lines -.-)


“This year,the number of students in class has increased by 1 becoming 20. The new student in class is Miss Emil Vorst. Please get along with her!”


I stand up, bow, and sit down again. Just me alone getting introduced is quite…….. No, it’s really embarrassing. I don’t like getting attention from many people after all.


“Now then, some new info. The school event for next month will be practical training outside the academy. Our class S’s training location is as usual at the forest that to the west of here, a monster subjugation at the West Demon’s Forest.”


When the West Demon’s Forest’s was mentioned, the class suddenly became noisy. The West Demon’s Forest is on the outskirts of the capital, it is the most dangerous area. And the country is tightly managing it so people don’t recklessly enter.


“Silence! Even if I said the West Demon’s Forest, we won’t enter too deep, and the Knight Order has been prepared to guard us just in case. Of course, the Academy’s (Our) Practical Skill teachers will be accompany us too. Maa, I will be there praying for you, Ladies and gentlemen, safety in the camp site too you know.”


“Fufun” laughing mischievously, Claris-sensei put her hands on her hips, leaned forward causing her her breasts to greatly sway.

The classmates said “That’s foul”, “Shiiiit” and so on half in jest.


“Now then, from now on for this training, we will split into groups and make teams. 5 people form 1 team. Forming a team with only your friends is okay, Form a team while thinking about the team’s strength is also okay. Hai, Begin!!”


Pan when Claris-sensei claps her hands, the class stands up all at once and starts to make teams one by one.

…….. Damn. Completely got a late start. Or rather, some of the student might know but the people who know about my power are not many.

They can’t let a person they’ve met for first time with unclear strength watch their back. And so, there is no way to let that person be a companion. I was left alone before I realised it, so embarrassing. There are 20 students and a team will be formed with 5 students, so that means there’s no way a single student will be remaining. There should be a vacant team somewhere!


“Ano, are there any vacant teams?”


It’s really embarrassing to call out by myself in this situation.


“Emil-chan. Our team still has a vacancy here!”


There’s an invite from Bitch-chan–! And here I wanted to avoid her. Is this god’s trial?

Only Bitch-chan’s team has an available spot while the other teams are already full.


“Bi……. Siltat-sama, I am really happy if I can join your team.”

“Of course! Kai and Gil are okay too, right?”


Bitch-chan gets the approval from Khais and Gilbert. There’s no approval from the Shota: Christopher huh. Which reminds me, at the dance party, I didn’t see Shota there.


“Waa–i!! I’m really happy to be in the same team as Emil-chan–!”


Bitch-chan clung to my arm and made merry. Anyway can you let go? Khais and Gilbert’s gaze hurts you know. To be jealous towards a woman, what narrow-minded people, those two better do something about that. I extract my arm from Bitch-chan, “Thank you very much” say my thanks and return to my seat.


“Yoshi, looks like everyone is done. Hora, everyone return to your seats. There will be early training tomorrow with your teammates so work hard and strive to not get injured nor get killed!”


After saying that, Claris-sensei leaves the classroom.

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