Hakushaku Reijo ha Chito Tensei Mono – Volume 1 Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 Kingdom’s 3rd Order of Knight


I really love Lein-niisama’s appearance and kindness very much. And the escorting this time too, after the new year holiday ended, nii-sama returned to the knight order because of his job but he especially took a day off just to pick me up in our territory. Ah, when I said love I meant it as a familial love.

However, I think the reason Lein-niisama didn’t grow stronger is because he is at a bottleneck. Even if I was fairly strong, as a woman with 4 years difference in age, I am weak as I was defeated when fight using a sword and only win once every 5 rounds against him. In the knights order, he can be said to be average in power, but I don’t know the strength of the 3rd order of knights in the capital so I can’t be sure about this.


After the dance party at the royal court, I and Lein-niisama return to our residence in the royal capital and went out the next day. Lein-niisama returned to the 3rd order of knights, and I return to the academy’s dorm. There are still 2 and half months of holiday, so in the meantime I’m planning to make a present for Lein-niisama as an expression of my gratitude to him. It’s a magic tool (Magic item) that looks like a dog tag that has been endowed with <Shield> magic that will  be automatically invoked in case of an emergency, incidentally  it’s also endowed with tracking magic.

I-It’s not like I’m going to become a stalker okay!?

In my mind, I make an excuse following the template of a tsundere. Because, when Lein-niisama is in danger, don’t you want to rush over to him like a Hero?……… I want to rush over!!


[He He He. A knight loses face when he is tied up too.]

[S-Shit! You coward!]

[Haa? what’s bad about a villain being a coward~?]

[Anyway, untie this rope immediately! This is not a serious matter yet, your punishment can still be reduced.]

[Shut uuuuuup! That’s doesn’t matter anymore, I’m going to become a big shot from now on, by killing a knight!!]


[That’s enough!!! Get away from Lein-oniisama!]


[Onii-sama, I’m going to save you now. <Bind> <Stun>]

[Ah, the villain’s movements are sealed, he’s not moving after hit by something like electric shock! Emil thank you!! Emil is my prided little sister!]



Hishiii! And so I continue to make wild delusions until Lein-niisama and I are hugging each other. Righteous development is really delicious.

Well, while having a delusion like that the prototype dog tags started to pile up. By the 5th day, the dog tag for Lein-niisama is completed. By the way, I gave one of the prototypes to Cecilia.I will ensure Cecilias safety too! Shakin!!


Kingdom’s Order of Knights have 5 offices, each are at the center, north side, east side, south side and west side of the capital. The 3rd Order of Knights which Lein-niisama is affiliated to is in the west side of the capital. I borrowed the dorm’s kitchen and made some Mille Crepes filled with mayonnaise & jam, and then Cecilia stuffs them inside a basket. By the way, Cecilia gave a favorable impression when tasting the one with mayonnaise. At present, I don’t go planning to make dishes together with anyone so the recipe is a secret.

I arrived at the 3rd Order of Knights’ office by carriage with the Dog Tag of Protection and the Mille Crepes with me. If a family member or a fiancée calls him at the receptionist desk we should be able to meet immediately. Of course I only talk about “If” though.

There’s a counter right in front after passing the solid gate made of stone, and a woman who looks like the receptionist is seated there.


“Excuse me. I am Emil Vorst. I want to meet with my big brother Aslein….”

“Haa Aslein-sama is it?…”


When I said I want to meet with Lein-niisama, the receptionist woman suddenly gave an expression like she was hesitating or troubled. Before the receptionist tried to say something, a knight that looks like some frivolous man cut in when he came out from inside.


“Hmmm? Mia-chan, is it another girl whose aiming at Aslein again?”

“Hasler-sama…. No, this. This person said she is Aslein-sama’s little sister and she want to meet with him….”

“Eeee!! You believe that? There’s no way she’s his little sister, Nnnn well, certainly she’s have the same eye color but, isn’t the hair color and face looks totally different?”


Seems like the receptionist name is Mia. And the frivolous Ikemen guy, Hasler, doesn’t believe that I am Lein-niisama’s little sister. Well certainly, I and Lein-niisama don’t resemble each other so it’s indeed quite hard for them to believe that. Anyway, just what about the girls that aim at Lein-niisama? Are you saying there are other woman who come here just to meet with Lein-niisama?


“Certainly I don’t look like my big brother Alsein, but I am genuinely his family. If you call Lein-niisama here, I believe your doubts will surely be cleared”

“It’s okay to call him here because we are on a break now but, we will be troubled by what will happen to Aslein later you see. If he got called every time girls like you come it will be endless you know? Do you understand?”


When Hasler said so, Mia-san begin to speak like she’s in favor to call Lein-niisama.


“But, aren’t there no problems if a family member was coming to meet him?”

“Eee, that setting is still contining? Well let’s leave Aslein aside, how about me? I don’t know where you met with Aslein, Aslein is just more gentle than anyone you know. Nee, go with me.”

“Lein-niisama is not only gentle……..!!?”


Before I finished what I want to say, Hasler who has a great misunderstanding picks up some of my hair in his hand and kisses it. Well, erm. I’m just suddenly thrown inside unknown territory so I was freeze.



“Nn? Emil?”


Cecilia who was standing behind me shouts my name, and with a stern expression she cuts in between me and Hasler, at that time from behind the reception desk, Lein-niisama shows up.

Are you a Hero!?


“Hasler? Emil….. what did you do to my little sister?”

“Eee? Aslein, just now… you said little sister? she’s really your little sister? You two don’t resemble each other at all!”

“I take after my mother, my little sister take after my father. Even if we doesn’t looks alike, we really are siblings you know.”

While Lein-niisama hugs me who was still frozen, Kiii he glares at Hasler.

“So, Hasler. What did you do to my little sister?”


“You can’t say it, Hasler? Don’t want to say it? I see….. Nee Emil, just now, what did this guy do to you? Can you tell me?”

“Lein-oniisama, that….. he kissed my hair…..”

“Aslein-sama. To say it more accurately that Knight said “Let’s leave Aslein aside, how about me?”, and kissed Emil-sama’s hair.” 

“Thank you for telling me Emil, Cecilia.”


I was too embarrassed and only replied with a small voice, and Cecilia gave a clear explanation. Somehow, Lein-niisama’s expression became more stern than usual. Is he angry, perhaps? That Lein-niisama is!? No no, no way.


“Cecilia I’m sorry but can you wipe Emil’s hair? There might some germs attached to her hair.”



Cecilia takes a handkerchief from Lein-niisama and wipes my hair. When Hasler sees this situation, he quietly turns his back to us and tries to leave this place.


“….. Hasler?”

“… Ah, no that. I’m really sorry okay. There’s no hurt feeling you know, un. But look, there are always girls or more like ladies trying to meet you so, I thought your sister was one of them, I tried to tease her a little. So I think, if she was swayed by me as well that would be great too~ There’s no deeper meaning to it, seriously! Really! You are a bother so just quickly be gone, that’s what I really wanted to let her know! Erm, un. Well little sister, I’m sorry! Goodbye!!”


Hasler turned his face when Lein-niisama called him, spewed some excuses and left with a dash. Is it a good thing that he’s exactly a frivolous man like he looks? Is it really good that he is a Knight even though he is this rotten? Nn, rotten…..? HA!! Lein-niisama X Hasler? Well, doesn’t vice versa sound good too? No no no, Lein-niisama is normal, normal. I believe in you Lein-niisama!!


“Emil, I’m sorry about Hasler. I will clearly, have some words with him later.”

“No, Lein-oniisama I am already okay. Other than that, am I a bother to suddenly come here?”

“No way! There’s no way you are a bother Emil. Emil will always be welcomed here.”


Lein-niisama opens his arms with an over reaction-like gesture, and I dive into his arms. The little sister position is not to be discard.


“Ah, right, is there any business you have with me?”

“Lein-oniisama, can you lean forward a little?”

“Nn, Is this good?”



I put the dog tag around Lein-niisama’s neck.


“This is?”

“A present for Lein-oniisama.”

“Thank you Emil. I’m really happy!”


Lein-niisama looks at the dog tag on his chest, raising it up and looking at it curiously, and smiles broadly like a flower.


“Ufufu. That is an amulet.”


“To protect Lein-oniisama. That’s why I want Lein-oniisama to always have it close to your body.”

“Close to my body?”

“Yes, it won’t rust so please wear it even when taking a bath too.”

“Un, got it. If Emil says so then I will always have this with me.”

“Ah, and. Cecilia, the basket please.”

“Yes, Emil-sama”

“Lein-oniisama, these are cakes named Mille Crepe. If it okay please have it together with everyone.”

“Waa! Emil’s handmade? I’m so glad! I will have some later.”


Lein-niisama receives the basket while smiling. Because it will be bad if I take any more time than this, I take my leave.


“Lein-oniisama, I will take my leave now.”

“Eh, leaving already? That’s too bad, I will be happy if you come visit me again. Emil will be always be welcomed here!”

“Thank you very much. Well then”


I give my thanks to Lein-niisama who was feel despondent, and look at the surrounding gazes. Since when did this place become a gallery…. Those are the words coming out from my heart as I leave.

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