Hakushaku Reijo ha Chito Tensei Mono – Volume 1 Chapter 22

Translator : Ellionora

Editor : Fade


Chapter 22 Dance Party (6) <Alshade>


I started to know about her existence when Khais made a problem, or should I say an incident at Heinz Academy. Anyway, at that time Khais and his friends cornered and made a female student named Emil Vorst fall down, a Count’s daughter. At that time, I still didn’t pay that female student any mind and only recognized her as a victim, student A.

Next when I saw her name again was when I read a report from some infiltrators at Heinz Academy, a student who couldn’t use magic a few days ago, she suddenly invoked <Tornado> twice within a several hours in interval. More accurately, the magic’s name heard when she chanted is <Tatsumaki>, and as for the magic it seems to have the same characteristic as <Tornado>. From which country the Tatsumaki word comes from, I’m quite intrigued. Nevertheless, there are not many people who have a magic power to release <Tornado> twice, I decided to continue collecting more information about her, but not at the level of monitoring her.

After a short period of time she was kidnapped, I was really surprised when I was given information about the kidnappers group being annihilated. And what’s more,  the leader possessed a Skill, she’s really done well to keep living. Though I heard that the possessor of Skills are more likely to show up when a person is raised in a cruel environment since childhood, different from magic power possessors, it is extremely difficult to distinguish if they conceal it.

And actually, I just met and had a chat with her today, and was protected. I never thought the chandelier would fall down you see, there is some seditious sign around but to think they planned to kill me by making the chandelier fall, well that person’s not bad too huh. Though I have a defense barrier with me, I think I will still be safe without her protecting me.


“Oy Your highness, what are you being so absent minded for?”

“Nn. Ah, sorry. There’s something I was thinking about.”

“Well it’s unusual for you to being absent minded like that. Ah, His majesty and others are safe without a single scratch.”


After being taken from below the chandelier, I was taken to an exclusive room for the royal families, and they check if there are any injuries or if the barrier broke and so on. Though only my head can move while being checked, my childhood friend a full fledged  knight, Vargo, spoke to me. Similarly another full fledged knight, Titi, informed me about my father’s safety when I answered Vargo’s question.


“Hey, Vargo.”

“What is it, Your highness?”

“”Dang…..! I think I will die here…..” is a word from the street right?”

“Ah, well it’s almost feels like that right? Where did you heard that word from anyway?”

“Directly from the Count’s daughter’s mouth.”

“Bufoo! Your highness, please stop making fun of me. That is not a word used by noble ladies after all.”

“That’s right Your highness. Just because Vargo’s brain is made from muscle, I think it’s too cruel to made fun of him with that crude joke.”

“Oy! Titi!!! Whose brain is made from muscle!?”


Although she said that instinctively, I’m sure she’s really think so. However, I’m quite intrigued where a girl who has led a sheltered life like her learned that word. From the information in the report, she’s had almost never gone out from her residence, she’s only gone out twice, to a city that’s close to the academy, after falling down the tree and after the kidnapping incident….. Gya gya gya, Vargo and Titi’s quarrel is just getting noisier so I stay silent, after that I tell the attendant, Okuto, to call the leader of royal court magicians, Rubek. And ordered Titi to bring her here.

She was brought here by Titi with an expression of finding it troublesome but still answers the questions. Well, the questioning doesn’t have any meaning anyway, the real issue is for Rubek to gauge her magic power. The criminal’s objective is already understood too, and from the circumstances it is also impossible for it to be her charade.

Rubek was overwhelmed when gauging her magic power. A cold sweat was covering Rubek when he fell to his knees. He’s already advanced in age after all, it won’t end with only a scolding that I will receive from  His majesty if he dies comparing magic power like this. Our country still cannot lose a famous master magician like Rubek. The business has ended so I told her to leave the room, and ask Rubek.


“Rubek, how was she?”

“It is unbelievable magic power. It is as though she was just taking some of my magic power lightly.”

“Hee, an owner of magic power that can take Rubek’s lightly huh. Un, that’s good isn’t it? Thank you Rubek, you can leave now.”

“Yes, Your highness. Excuse me…. Please don’t try to rush things.”

“Un, I understand Rubek. Sorry for making you worried.”


Rubek stands up and leaves the room. For there to be someone that can exceed Rubek, it’s really the highest quality raw ore.


“…… Your highness, you made a nasty face there you know?”

“Nn? Is that so?”


Okuto told me that while bringing in the tea, I used my hand to cover my mouth which has broken into a grin, and then Titi was talking to me like she just remember about it.


“Eh, certainly I heard that Miss Emil has received a proposal for engagement from Gourge Knight Duke house, Gilbert right?”

“Ah That’s right, she was protected by her family and they made her stay indoors to keep from becoming the Gourge house mistress huh, I think it’s just a waste of a magician though.”

“Yes, even though she’s a magician with enormous magic power, to be confined in her house like that, I too think that’s really a waste….”

“And therefore, so that they didn’t agree to the engagement, let’s put some pressure on the Vorst house. Okuto, please say it nicely to them.”

“Yes, Your highness. Please leave it to me.”

“Ah and, what I want is not a full fledged mage, but a maid.”

“…… Al, again you….. why a maid? Isn’t a mage much better?”

“Vargo, you really don’t get it hu~h. It’s not interesting anymore when seeing something so obvious like that right~?”

“Your highness, a person like you is really….. It’s not the time to be playing around oka-y.”

“HAHAHA, well it’s fine isn’t? This might be the only time we can play around.”


I will make her become my maid, and arrange the full fledged mage another way.

If she becomes a maid, I can move her more freely right?

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