Hakushaku Reijo ha Chito Tensei Mono – Volume 1 Chapter 21

Translator : Ellionora

Editor : Fade


Chapter 21 Dance party (5)


“Father, Mother, are you injured?”

“Ara maa! Emil was safe too? Thank goodness!”


I greet my parents when I found them inside the room, and Mother replies to me with bright face and hugs me. Though little by little the noises inside the room return, the inquisitive atmosphere didn’t disappear.


“Is His highness safe?”

“Yes, Father. He was brought to a separated room by the Knights.”

“I see, you did well.”

“Thank you very mu….. ch?”


When Father confirmed about Prince Alshade safety, he was breathed out like he was relieved. The nobles started to gather around my parents and talk when the atmosphere from the Prince’s topic softened a little. The subject is about me, “What a wonderful Ojou-san” or “Since when did the magic manifest?” and so on, I understand that they want to use this chance to make a connection, even a little.



“Nn, what is it?”

“I am tired….”

“That’s right isn’t it? I think Emil’s tired because you used magic, should we go home?”



When I want to make use of Lein-niisama’s consideration, a knight who named themselves as Prince Alshade’s emissary called me. Though Lein-niisama told them “My little sister is tired today so she wants to retire”, but what we got in reply was now I have to meet the prince, further more I have to meet him alone.


“Excuse me. I have brought Miss Emil Vorst.”



It was a gorgeous reception room when I entered through the massive door. There is Prince Alshade who is sitting on a sofa for 1 person like the so-called birthday seat, and there are knights and attendants standing around him, and around the room.


There are several people present. In the center of the room, there are 3 people seated on a sofa facing the other side with a table in between them. Before long, someone guides me to the sofa and I sit down after receiving permission. There is a person with robes seated across me.

They seems like a person who can use the law who was seated.


“Miss Emil, I’m very sorry to have called you even though you are tired.”

“No, please do not mind it. Your highness.”

“First, allow me to express my gratitude for saving me.”

“It is an undeserved honor.”

“I have several questions for you.”

“Yes, if it something I can answer, please ask me anything.”

“The magic that you chanted, <Shield>. What is that?”


Eh? There is no magic for <Shield>? There is a similar magic like <Tornado> with a different name, I think it’s okay to not worry about it so much.

(TN: Just for reminder, in this series the others said Tornado magic with katakanaトルネード, while only Emil who said it with kanji竜巻 /tatsumaki.)


“It is a small barrier, Your highness. Though it’s not to an extent to cover an entire room, it can at least cover a few meters and has a protection effect from physical attacks to magic attacks. However, it will consume magic power continuously while using it and there is a possibility of it being broken when receiving a powerful attack.”

“Fumu, next. Are you the one who made the chandelier fall?”

“…. Your highness, are you doubting me?”

“No, not at all. I ask just for form’s sake.”

“I see.”

“This side will do the investigation into the criminal so you don’t have to worry.”



Criminal? Has it already been decided that it didn’t fall naturally, not an accident? Should I be relieved now that I’m not the criminal here? Although I didn’t completely doubt what he said, I think it’s impossible to launch offensive magic and make the chandelier fall before taking care of the barrier in the hall first. No, though it’s not completely impossible, if they used proper timing and aimed the magic at Prince Alshade and not the chandelier, it is possible to kill him. When I used <Shield>,maybe it was properly invoked because it is in a same system as the barrier, and in fact I can made it to not just protect me and Prince, but also the people around us so they’re not hurt. But at that time I didn’t have any spare room to think about that at all.


“Ah, that’s right. I completely forgot about it, this is a royal court mage, master Rubek Litton.”

“Your highness, isn’t it too much to begin an introduction when the conversations has almost ended?”

“Sorry, sorry. Well don’t mind the minor details.”


Prince Alshade replies lightly with tehepero and introduces me to the person with the robes in front of me.


“I am the leader of royal court mages, Rubek Litton. For helping His highness this time, thank you very much.”

“The daughter of George from Vorst Count house, Emil. I am honored that this body can be useful.”


When Rubek-san stood up and introduced himself, he offered his right hand so I also offered my right hand for handshake. From the tightly grasped hand, I felt a tingling sensation flowing from it. This is that so called comparing magic power huh, I infused my magic power into Rubek-san’s hand through my hand and then, Rubek-san frowns for just a moment and pours in even more magic power. I’m quite pissed so I also put in more magic power and Rubek-san moans “Uuuu” and falls to his knees.



“Eh?! Ah, are you okay? Rubek-san.”

“…… Your highness, I’m okay. There’s no problem.”


When Prince Alshade calls Rubek-sans name while surprised, I too called out to him. While staggering, Rubek-san standup while holding the sofa and answered that there is no problem.


“I am very sorry. I unconsciously put more magic power than I thought….”

“Ho Ho, Dear me what a surprise. To think that I will lose to Ojou-san, seems like I still have a long way to go.”


When I honestly apologize, Rubek-san has a face like a good-natured old man but, I noticed that his eyes didn’t laugh at all.


“Hahaha, Rubek was defeated and incidentally the talks have already finish too, so you can return now.”

“Yes, Your highness. Excuse me.”


I already received permission to leave from Prince Alshade so I quickly leave that place immediately. Linking up with Lein-niisama who was waiting for me, and return to the mansion. It is really a very tiring day….

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