Hakushaku Reijo ha Chito Tensei Mono – Volume 1 Chapter 20

Translator : Ellionora

Editor : Fade

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Chapter 20 Dance Party (4)


I and Prince Alshade continued talking while dancing and when the tune almost finished, suddenly I heard a cracking sound coming from the ceiling. Looking above, the largest chandelier looks like it’s swaying a little. Ah, somehow I got a bad feeling about this. When I was thought like that, the Prince put his hand around my head and pressed my head against his chest, pushing my back to the ground. The last image I saw, is the ceiling….


No, the image of the falling chandelier.


On the spur of the moment, I raise my hands from below the Prince’s armpit to the ceiling and chant <Shield>. A 3 meter dome-shaped semicircle suddenly warps around me and the Prince. And immediately, the huge chandelier crashes into the <Shield>, followed by a loud Gashan sound and screams from the surroundings.


“Dang….!! I think I will die there…”


It can’t be helped if I slipped out here. I didn’t said that to the Prince so let’s say it’s safe here. Perhaps because of my words the Prince showed a reaction and raised his head.

Your face is too close!


“…. Are we, saved?”

“Yes, we are okay. Apart from that…… Your highness, erm….”


I answered to Prince Alshade’s question while flustered.

And then, the appearance of the Prince push me down to the floor…. In this awkward Yuka Don position, I wanted to say “Just get away quickly” but I only said “Please get away” evasively.

(TN: do you know Kabe Don? well it’s like that, but this Yuka Don is not on the wall but on the floor.)


“A, Ah. Sorry about that.”

“No, please do not mind it. It still dangerous so please do not leave the barrier.”


Prince Alshade moves away from me and sits down on the floor. I also sit down after raising my upper body, the <Shield> which covered us and supports the chandelier, to stop the <Shield> from failing, I raise my both hands and keep sustaining it.

I saw a lot of knights already gathered outside the <Shield>, tending the injuries from the chandelier’s fragments, leading the evacuation and the work to remove the chandelier. And I also saw Bitch-chan doing some medical treatment when I heard a commotion and looked over.


“That was really close. You saved me there.”

“With all due respect, Your Highness. Why did you protect me?”

“Isn’t natural to protect a woman?”

“Yes, I too think it is natural, for an ordinary man. But Your Highness’ body is very precious to the Kingdom. At least use me as a shield….”


Is it because he was relieved, the Prince spoke to me with a smile, and when I gave him frank advice, he put his hand on his chin “Fumu….” and started to pondered. It’s still unclear who will become King at this point but, personally I want to avoid where Khais becomes the King so I convey my message for him to treat his body as more precious.


“Then, you can protect . . . . . right?. . . . . though.”


Prince Alshade was muttered something, but because I only heard fragments of it I ignored it. After a short period of time, the chandelier overhead was removed by the knights so I dissolve the <Shield>. And then the knights and medics rush over and take the Prince just like that.


“Emil! Are you okay!?”

“I am okay, Lein-oniisama”


When I was watching them taking care of the Prince like a pit crew, Lein-niisama rushed over to me.

My Rule activated when asked “Are you okay?”  and replied “I am okay” without reason. With a relieved expression, Lein-niisama takes my hand and helps me stand.


“Father and Mother are safe, they are in a special room right now so don’t worry.”

“Really? It is good then.”

“Shall we go to the special room too?”

“Ah, Lein-oniisama. I can use Basic Magic <Heal> so should I help around here?”

“There aren’t any people with serious injuries, and mages from royal palace are here too so I think there are already enough hands around.”

“I see. Then, let’s go to the special room.”

“Un, let’s go.”


Escorted by Lein-niisama, we head to the special room. When I entered the noisy room suddenly falls silent, and I was pierced by numerous gazes.

I haven’t done anything wrong, just what on earth is with this uncomfortable situation?



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