Hakushaku Reijo ha Chito Tensei Mono – Volume 1 Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 Dance Party (3)


“Miss Vorst, are you enjoying your time here?”

“Yes, thank you very much for the invitation.” I reply to the Third Prince’s question with a smile,

“Err, Emil-chan… About the trouble I caused you the other day, I’m sorry!”


    Bitch-chan who was behind Khais stepped forward and bowed her head, Khais and Gilber follow after her bowing their heads too, Bitch-chan smiles when seeing them like that.

But still, to use “-chan”… did she treat me like her friend?


“Bi-……. Siltat-sama, that matter’s already in the past so please, raise your heads.”

“Is that so? Thank you! Ah, it’s fine to call me Risty okay?”


    Right after I said it, she quickly raised the upper-half of her body with amazing vigor and smiles at me. Is she acting in a calculated way right now? Anyway, I downright ignore her request to call her by her first name.


“Risty, are you satisfied now?”


“Then, would you dance with me next?”


    Gilbert invites Bitch-chan to dance while blushing, Bitch-chan takes Gilbert’s hand after glancing at Khais and goes into the ring of the dance.

Oi you fools! Don’t leave Khais here!

With a sidelong glance, I see Khais were looking at Bitch-chan with a feverish gaze. I want to use this chance to get away from Khais.

“Seems like I was left behind.” He looks at me and says.

I only answers with “It seems so” with a smile, until then the ladies in the distance start to gather around Khais. While being washed away by the ladies that have gathered around him, I move around the wall as if hiding myself in  other people’s shadows.





   Lein-niisama doesn’t return even after Bitch-chan and the others dance for 5 tunes.

As expected it was boring so I was thinking of going outside, I heard voices coming closer. I looked towards the direction where the voices were coming from, there the First Prince walked slowly while looking around the surroundings. The 22 year old First Prince, Alshade, his silky blond hair reaches until below his shoulders with  jade green eyes, if Khais is like a prince from a picture book then Prince Alshade is like a man that directly came out from a love game woman like to play, a handsome prince.

I feel like our eyes meet when I was keep looking at his beautiful face. While I was thinking it is like meeting the eyes of an idol at a concert, Prince Alshade stops, talks to people around him and starts heading here slowly. There’s no way Prince Alshade has any business with me, we are not even acquaintances. Perhaps, he wants to meet with someone that is standing near me, while I was thinking that…


“Excuse me, are you Miss Emil Vorst?”


     I look up at the person who suddenly appeared, Prince Alshade was standing before me with a dazzling smile. When Prince Alshade talked to me, the surroundings suddenly became silent.


“Yes, pleased to meet you. I am George’s daughter from Count Vorst house,  Emil.”

Though there was a slight pause because I was surprised, I reply and bow quickly.

“Ah, thank goodness. I thought what should I do if I had the wrong person.”


    “Hoo…” Without breaking his smile, he put his hand on his chest and exhaled a relieved breath. Prince Alshade then bowed his body a little, offered his right hand to me and said, “Would you like to dance?” 

I can’t refuse him so with a cramped smile I said, “My pleasure” and took Prince Alshade’s right hand. He escorted me to the center of the dance hall and we began to dance.


“I’m sorry I invited you so suddenly like this.”

“No, it is a honor.”

“Hahaha, is it a bother perhaps? It’s the first time for me to see a person say “My pleasure” with a cramped smile.”


    Prince Alshade talks to me while we dance. Perhaps he invited me to dance because there’s something he wants to talk to me but, is there no other method where we don’t stand out? What’s more, he is nonchalantly using sarcasm. He somehow seems like a troublesome person.


“Honestly, I have an interest in you.”

“Ha, haaaa….?”

“Ah, please be assured because it’s not love. What I’m interested in is your magic.”

“Magic…. is it?”

“Yes, magic. I read some reports about you in Heinz academy. There hardly any mages who can use <Tornado> consecutively you see. And to take care of the kidnappers too, I was surprised.”


    Why does Prince Alshade read the academy’s report? Why does he know about the kidnapping incident? There are only doubts in me, Prince Alshade doesn’t care about that and continues to speak.


“Ah-, ‘Why does he know such matters?’ you maybe thought that now right? It’s written on your face. You see, I have to look for any information about excellent mages, it will trouble me if someone gets their hands on them first after all.”

“I-is that so?”

“It is. I started an investigation about you after I finished reading the report you see. It’s started to get more interesting after several months so I wanted to talk with you. It really a great help that Khais invited you here.”


    From what Prince Alshade said, it’s seems I was seen as a prospective recruit. If I remember correctly, surely many student from academy who have great ability will be recruited and work for kingdom at the royal palace. But still, I don’t think there’s a need for Prince Alshade to select them personally though.

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