Hakushaku Reijo ha Chito Tensei Mono – Volume 1 Chapter 18

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The Lame Daoist Priest

Chapter 18 Dance Party (2)


“Cecillia, do you have time?”

“Yes Emil-sama, how can I help you?”


    I beckoned Cecillia to come closer and passed her a B6 sized purse made from a soft skin pelt.


“For you.”

“Waa! Thank you very much!”

“About that purse, it’s a magic tool (magic item) I will teach you how to use it.”

“Ehh?! Aren’t magic tools very high priced? Is it really okay to give this to me?”

“I’m the one who made it so you don’t have to worry about it. Well then, I will explain how to use it.”

“Yes, please.”

“This is an item called inventory and it has a storage space, to store an item. It’s quite hard to define storage space so to say it in simpler terms, it is possible to store an item from a very heavy one to a very big one. For example, a chair or a table, it is possible to store them.”


    While explaining, I walked toward the chair that was near me and put it in the space inside Cecillia’s purse. Though I said put in, it’s not like I physically grabbed the chair and put it inside the purse, I just drew the purse’s mouth closer and the chair suddenly disappear.


“Eh? The chair’s gone!?”

“Cecillia, put your hand inside the purse and try to take out the chair.”



    Cecillia put in her hand inside the purse just like how I told her to and a chair was drawn out from the purse’s mouth when she took out her hand.



“Un, you do it well. It is an item that can store away and draw things out like that. And what makes it more wonderful is that inside that purse, there is no passage of time so we can store an item without having to worry about the items becoming deteriorated! Therefore, vegetables or fruits won’t rot when stored in it.”

“What a wonderful thing! Is it truly fine to give this to me?”

“Of course Cecillia. You can have it by all means! There would be a lot of things I brought from royal capital when I returns right? I, don’t want to make Cecillia carry a heavy luggage after all.”

“Emil-sama…… Thank you very much! I will make use of it preciously.”


    She was moved and hugged me with a tear collected on her eyes a little. Her two heavenly ripened fruits are very soft and pleasant. Guhehe~

Let’s leave an old-man like delusion for now, I told Cecillia how to check on the remaining storage space and the stored items by chant <Inventory List> for the purse, and also told her to not use it in a crowded place.


   By the way, the inventory item for my personal use is a bracelet type accessory with a jewel attached to it. In there is the cane with the skeleton design I bought from the royal capital when buying the commoner clothes, <Evil Staff>, vintage swords and shields which I borrowed without permission from the warehouse, all the armaments were completely stored in it. I took them without leaving a dust so it shouldn’t be found out too easily.


“Haa still, I never thought I will return to the royal capital this early. It may be a bother for you, but can I leave the preparation to you, Cecillia? I’m planning to return to the academy’s dormitories after the dance party so please prepare them too.”

“Yes, certainly. Emil-sama”


    Cecillia bowed with a smile and began to prepare my things for the royal capital.

Vorst House owns a mansion in the royal capital, my parents spent time for the noble society season in that mansion. I will wait there together with my parents until the day the dance party arrives, and after that I plan to return to the dormitories. I’m will not be returning home, I believe my holiday will be more useful if I use it to train my magic and read books in the academy.


    The days were so busy and before I realised it, the day to travel to the royal capital had arrived. There were 5 carriages accompanied by guards. Because eldest brother and his wife are staying at home, there is only me, my escort Lein-niisama and Cecillia that will travel together. What a healing space!

Now, let’s get into the carriage!

Right when I was about to enter the carriage, someone called out to me. I stopped and turned around.



“Haru? What is it?”


    Haru was obviously frightened when I talked to her, she tried to hide it by turning her face down.

Is she traumatized about that?


“Um…… About the other day when you saved me, thank you very much…… I will be waiting for the day to be able to see you again.”

“That was just by chance that I have power, and also by good luck to be able to save you. Please don’t mind about such a thing……That’s right, I hope a day where we can meet again will come.”

“Have a safe trip.”

“See you later.”


    Haru saw me off while looking at me with a cramped smile, did she muster her courage?

I was surprised with the sudden turn of her attitude, there might’ve been a change inside of her. I let it slip off from my mind when thinking that a change can be happen every day when people grow up.




    We finally arrived at the mansion in the royal capital after 4 days without any incident.

Hair set, make up and change of clothes were all prepared in hurry on the day the dance party arrived, in the afternoon after the carriage for my parents departed, it was my turn to follow them together with Lein-niisama on the carriage to the dance hall. Lein-niisama wore a navy blue shallow-tail suit, just like a cosplay from the game it’s really cool. I want to save this image with digital camera! Gufufu~

While I was looking at Lein-niisama, I noticed Cecillia looking at me coldly. Why!!?


    We waited for our names to be called in the, court hall’s waiting room? and entered the hall when we got called. I could feel a layer of air pass through me when  I entered. It’s probably many of the piled barriers, it’s completely on a different league when compared to the barrier in the academy.

The huge dance hall was protected by a rectangle barrier while in the innermost part was protected by semi-circle barriers. The semi-circle barriers height are around 1m from the ground on the extravagant looking chairs. It’s probably the seats for royalties.

In the middle of the hall, there is a huge chandelier hanging on the ceiling and around it, there are many other small chandeliers glittering. Beautiful carvings were on the pillars and walls, it was truly an amazing spectacle with a luxurious and gorgeous style.


“Emil? Let’s go.”

“Ah, yes.”


    Urged by Lein-niisama, we went toward the edge of the hall, the names of the participants were read out loudly and each entered one after the other. One hour passed, the names of the royalties were read out loud and then they took a seat at the inner part of the hall. This time the King and Queen, the First Prince and his Consort, and the Third Prince were participating, only the Second Prince  was not participating because he was studying abroad to a distant country. After the king’s speech, it was time for the King and Queen to dance, after that the Princes and lastly the aristocrats.


    The partner for the first prince was obviously his consort, but it was a surprise that the third prince’s dance partner was Bitch-chan. I thought that surely it would’ve been his lady fiancee, is it really okay? Even though his fiancee is present……


    I devoted myself to become a wallflower after dance 1 tune with Lein-niisama, erasing my presence. I nonchalantly tried to make myself disappear by using <Invisible> but because of the barriers it didn’t work out well. Too bad.

Meanwhile, Lein-niisama left saying, “I will go for a moment.” when he was invited to dance by a lady from somewhere and entered the circle of the dance.


    While enjoying the brilliant atmosphere with a third party standpoint, the Third Prince Khais, Bitch-chan and the guard in act Gilbert, they are approaching me. It’s really amazing how they can find one person inside this crowd of people. Though it would be much better if they put that skill for more practical use in a different place.


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