Hakushaku Reijo ha Chito Tensei Mono – Volume 1 Chapter 17

Translator : Ellionora

Editor : Fade

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Chapter 17 Dance Party (1)


“Mo, Mother. Just what, are these……”


    I look at the colorful dresses lined up before me and muttered.

It’s unusual for mother to call me early in the morning, while I was thinking that, a large amount of dresses, accessories, seamstresses and merchants were lined up when I arrived to where mother is.


“Fufufu. Gosh! Emil is also invited to the celebration dance party for the founding of the nation, see. Mou! His Highness is really selfish to suddenly send a written invitation when a girl has a lot of preparations to make first, right?.”

“Eh? I have to participate in the dance party too?”

“That’s right. It’s usually me and George, and occasionally Sieg will participate too. But, here, look at this.”


    Mother put her hands on her face acting like she was troubled, she seems very happy though she said it was selfish. While like that, “Here.” mother passed me the written invitation to the dance party from the Third Prince Khais.


    The court dance party for the founding of the nation is usually held annually on the 14th day in the 2nd month. Hosted by the kingdom within big facilities like the dance hall in the royal palace and at a dinner venue. It’s like a party sponsored by the kingdom, at a big hotel and a large facility that has been combined together. Because the guests are mainly aristocrats and foreigner VIPs, it’s nearly impossible for children and a heir of peerage like a Count to participate in the party. Furthermore, it is a custom to send the invitation four months before the party.

And that kind of invitation arrived one month right before the party, What is this? Is this one of Khais’ plots? or maybe, is he being a bully?


From what’s written in the invitation, as an apology for the Conviction’s Event, he wants me to enjoy the dance party. Rather than that, it’s a bother.


“Ufufu. Because Emil has a lot of dresses with dark colors, for this occasion, let’s make them in bright colors instead?”

“No, mother. I prefer a deep blue……”

“No! It’s a royal court dance party you know. It has to be more gorgeous than before, use it as a debut too.”

“……Y, Yes.”


    It is impossible to go against mother’s appeal, and so I became a dress-up doll. My clothes were taken off and after repeating this more than 20 times, the dress was finally decided. After that, it took 2 more days just to choose an accessory, shoes and a garment that matched the dress.

The dress is a red dress with many piled up skirt like a princesses. And some parts of the dress were highlighted with a rose flower design in black. Of course, the accessory and the red dress were coordinated to suit my hair color and eye color too.


“Emil, it’s suits you very well!”

“…… Thank you very much. Mother”

“Ufufu, it’s fine. Just enjoy the dance party okay.”


    Mother smiled at me without a worry while I have a cramped smile. When I silently confirmed how I look in the mirror, there…

However I see it, It’s THE Villainess noble’s daughter.


Truly, Thank you very much.


“Ah that’s right, let’s ask Sieg to be your escort.”

“Make it Lein-oniisama please.”

“Emil prefers Aslein as the escort?”

“Yes, I prefer Lein-oniisama. My age is close with Lein-oniisama, and he is still unmarried too. We might find a partner for Lein-oniisama there.”


    I block mother’s word when she wants to make eldest brother as my escort and strongly recommended Lein-niisama. I think it’s important to choose a partner that’s appropriate for mental health.


“Oh well. But that child, he might be busy with work as a knight, no?”

“Yes he might, but……. I will ask so that Lein-oniisama may return first if he has a job to do.”

“If Emil says so, then it’s decided the escort is Alsein.”

“Mother, thank you!”


    Thus, my participation in the dance party is decided.

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