Hakushaku Reijo ha Chito Tensei Mono – Volume 1 Chapter 16

Translator : Ellionora

Editor : Bunnypillow

TN: change Merifa (メリファー) to Meliva

Chapter 16 Family Meeting


Ee– With this, the first family meeting will begin.

The participants are Father George, 52 years old, Mother Clara, 41 years old, Eldest Son Sieg, 25 years old, Second Son Aslein, 17 years old, Second Daughter Emil, 13 years old. Sieg’s wife and children are outsiders so, absent. The eldest daughter Meliva, 20 years old is married into another house so, absent. The third daughter Harutia, is only 6 years old so she will also absent. Although I said she’s absent, it’s just that she didn’t get informed.


    After the kidnapping incident was settled, I finally returned home. I suddenly got called and was told to clearly explain about the incident, while all my family members were gathered around the desk with a heavy atmosphere. Father and eldest brother looked at me with a piercing gaze, as usual.


“Emil, didn’t you tell me that you couldn’t use magic!?”

“About that, when I said I couldn’t use magic…well that was a lie.”

“For you to lie to me, who do you think you are!!?”


    Big brother suddenly slammed his hands on the desk and shouted at me. He most likely thought that I was making fun of him when I nonchalantly admitted I was lying to him. No no no, though I do think there is no need to so angry like that, I just don’t get it. What did I do to make him hate me like this.


“Nii-san, it’s okay right? I mean, thanks to that, Emil and Haru were saved anyways.”

“Aslein! Isn’t it your fault to spoil her too much like this that she started to get carried away!?”

“Sieg-oniisama, I do not get spoil by Lein-oniisama at all. Though I don’t know what made you feel unpleasant, please stop venting your anger at Lein-oniisama.”

“Sieg, silence.”


    Father told big brother to shut up, thinking that the talk wouldn’t be progressing if this continued. Then he look at me with his sharp gaze… and dropped the bomb.


“And, Who are you?”

“Dear, It’s not who right? Isn’t she Emil. It’s still early for you to grow senile. Fufufu”


    Mother immediately put a tsukkomi at father’s word. Though it was mother who was senile, I didn’t feel like wanting to tsukkomi at her so I just ignored it.

When eldest brother and Lein-niisama heard what father said,”Ha!?” they were startled and looked at me.

Looks like father has noticed, that the current “Me” is different from the “Me” from the past.


“Father, I am your daughter Emil Vorst. I admit, that I am right now, different. Though it’s not like I am being possessed by an evil spirit, I am currently under a curse. Hmm that’s right for the example, let’s say there is a 1/5th of black tea inside a teacup. And after that we pour the 4/5th black tea later into the teacup, with that the teacup will be filled, no? Although the 4/5th part of the black tea was poured later, the content is still a black tea.”

“In other word, the teacup is your body and the black tea is your mind. Is it?”

“It’s really helps a lot when you get it so fast, father.”

“However, the original black tea that was blended together with the black tea that’s poured later, will change how the original black tea taste was.”

“Well well, isn’t it quite harsh? It’s exactly as you said. If I had said the truth, that my head was struck on a tree at the academy a few days ago, and since then I remembered my memory from my previous life.”


    Father still stared at me with his usual expression, while mother seems like she doesn’t get the flow of the conversation. My two older brothers were looking at me while being dumbfounded. It’s better if you two close your mouth you know? Your good-looking face are spoiled. It’s can’t be helped if they thought that I was talking nonsense right now.


“Even if I said previous life, I’m not sure if that is my previous life. And I don’t have any way to prove it either. It’s just… that’s right, I do have a knowledge about what this world doesn’t have. Though in my previous life I was just a commoner with bad head, I too don’t have a specialized profession so even if I was asked about an advancement study subject, I can’t answer them.”


    I talk with business smile. I can’t read father’s expression but I continue to talk.


“Father, I am Emil Vorst, your daughter. This is the truth without any speck of doubt. Even if a different brand of black tea was blended together with the original black tea, it’s not like the original black tea was not in there. The name of the blended black tea now is “Emil”. My wish is that when I graduate from the academy, “Emil Vorst” will be dead by an accident, after that I will try to live in another country. Right now I am still a kid, so until I graduate from academy it will help me very much if you could take care of me until then.”


    I headed toward father who was sitting very still on the chair and lowered my head.

“Even if Emil changes, you are still my little sister.” Lein-niisama said, while patting my head, Lein-niisama’s expression was like he were wailing to god, though he didn’t cry.


“Father! Surely you don’t believe this nonsense do you? What’s more, to take care of her until graduation is far too convenient for her!”

“If it’s alright, I will pay it back for every cent you spent for me. There are many methods to earn money after all.”

“Then tell me those methods of yours, now!”

“Are there any idiots who would want to show all of their cards?”



While standing up with exaggerated movement, Sieg flared up to me.

Do you hate me that much?!

Brother return to his seat after father called his name. Father slowly opened his mouth.


“I understand what you saying. But I won’t give you(Emil) any free will to act. I will have you dedicate that body for this house, more broadly, for this country.”

“I understand. I will obey what father wishes for my entire lifetime.”


    And then, the first family meeting ended, with the declaration that basically says there is no escape for me.


Why didn’t it go well? I can’t tell.


Author note:

Trivial Info : Father has a magic power

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    The Father seems smart, Sieg seems idiotic (as per expected), Mother seems to have common sense, and Lein seems to be the Oniisama as expected.

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        In most aristocratic country in old Europe(in fact in most parts of the world where aristocracy is the form of government) the first born son of a noble house is the one to inherit the title(unless the first born dies, elopes, decides to full cut ties with the family(which is rare considering commoner life is extremely hard specially during medieval period) or when the head of the house deems the first born to be in competent) , whether they like it or not. In the instance where the king is involve, is only when there is no one to carry in the family name of the said noble(there are time when a noble house has no heir and thus the king will have to choose from the closest relatives of the house or will assign someone to manage the house temporarily until a worthy successor is decided) or when there is promotion or demotion of title. Other than that, the king will have no power of intervention of the title succession of a noble house.
        You can try reading about it in old books about politics and government, research it though the net or you can even check it out in history channel.

        Now, this story maybe fantasy but you have to remember that it also has the concept of nobility. And in the world of nobles and aristocrats TRADITION IS THE LAW. Yes, thats how thing are. If it is tradition for the successor to have a certain quality, for example the thing that I pointed out, then is shall be done. If it is tradition that the first born to be the heir, then it shall be done. If it is tradition for the queen to hold the power of the thrown, then it shall be done. As for Emil, if what I’ve said is true, then her only way out of succession is to revoke her rights and cut ties with the family, which was obviously refused. Disappear, run off far away which, in my opinion isn’t much of a good idea since she’ll most likely have people trailing her and end up having a life no different than that of a fugitive. Or fake her death on her own and get a new identity, which I think is the best option.

        And BTW, what I tried to point out is not the possible tradition of their house but the possible reason why Sieg hates her. If you piece out the little information from the chapter so far you’ll see some sort of pattern. Remember, in nobility, connections is the key to wealth and fame. Lien being a member of the knights corps, if he trains more and gains enough achievements and recognition he could become a knight captain or maybe someday a general. And there are times when a king would marry one of his daughters to the general. Remember a general has direct control of the army, if the king control or even just influence over the general then is already as good as having full control of the army. As for the girls, just like my example with the king, they can be married of to noble house with wealth and fame or if lucky to a price. As for Emil as she is now with her strong magic, she can be a member of the court magicians. And if she does so, the possibility of her becoming the head of the court magicians is just around the corner. If Lien and Emil has the possibility of great achievements and the youngest daughter can be married a noble with great influence it would increase the power of their house. And what does that leave Sieg, who is neither a knight nor a magicial and is already married and if what I said about the succession s true?

        • Irina Akashira


          But as you’ve said “the one to inherit the title(unless the first born dies, elopes, decides to full cut ties with the family)

          And although is true that in a normal medieval world, a normal commoner life would be very difficult, in these fantasy worlds, the OP character would can work as adventurer/hunter or in last instant as a mercenary

          When I said before “a tradition isn’t law, so except the king directly order, she can just refuse”, I mean a extreme case that the King listen about the character and turning really interested and essencially use his max authority to force him/her to turn in House Head and/or force a political marriage to attach the character to the kingdom

          (main reference Otoburi and Hachi-nan)

        • Irina Akashira

          Responding to the last part that I’ve seen later

          For this, I defend that If I was in MC’s place,

          – I’ll stay a few years, for learn essential things, and then get out to other country before they can put me in a marriage, take other name, probably previous life’s name or from some favourite story, and I’d work as a hunter as explained in a previous chapter

          – Even if the family or some other noble interested wish to want to take me back, they wouldn’t send an army or do any official operation in other country without risking a war, and if they send mercenaries or kidnappers to take me back, I would kill all of them, and the homeland wouldn’t can complain without recognize that they’ve sent soldiers to other country

          Although It isn’t the best lifestyle, this is in my opinion the best route for an OP character that doesn’t wish to live as a noble or government’s puppet, and the family dont accept

          Main inspiration “I Said Make My Abilities Average!”

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      Also she probably knows that she surely will be sooner or later forced in a political marriage when her powers be known for other people, and even if hipotetically the father would wish protect her, the earl’s power is limited

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          • Red Reaper

            No. The mother likes her. The Eldest sister probably does too. Haru is just at that contrary age. And she is just totally misunderstanding her Father because of his Expressions. I’ve gleaned this from the interactions.

          • Irina Akashira


            Either this Sieg really hate her or just wish to use her, is the typical noble narcissist

            And even the rest or the family really love her and wish to protect, their power is limited as I said really. If a Duche i Prince wish to marry her, they won’t can refuse, at last without a reason

            To be officially expelled from the family is a possible route but clearly the father won’t consent this, at last for now. Seeing previous webnovels and other people opinion, I can see 2 potential routes in father’s actions

            – He doesn’t love her, even he can consider that his daughter has dead, and just wish to use her as a political tool

            – He loves her, but he knows that he can’t protect her eternally, so he try to put her in an important political position, so no people will can touch her directly

          • Red Reaper

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      Thank you for pointing them out.

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