Hakushaku Reijo ha Chito Tensei Mono – Volume 1 Chapter 15

Translator : Ellionora

Editor : Fade


Chapter 15 Kidnapped (6)






<Poisona>!  (TN: Final Fantasy reference)



Shit!! The wound was shallow so it’s immediately healed, but why has the poison not gone? I think it’s because I don’t have any knowledge about medical treatment, even the magic phenomenon  that I have used up until now is still unclear to me. But as long as I have a clear image it should be invoked like I want it to, so why…..




    Just around 10 minutes ago, I leave the house and meet Lein-niisama with raised hands like Lein-niisama asked me. Without concern about my bloodstained attire he hugged me and said “… I’m really glad you are safe”. I was really relieved when the knights began to move to save Haru and the other kids as per my wish but…


“!! Emil!!!”


    At the same time as Lein-niisama shouted, my body was rotated 180 degree. There, I see a knight going to restrain the boss (temporary) whom I defeated a while ago, who has lifted the upper-half of his body and started grinning widely when he heard Lein-niisama’s groan.

I somehow support nii-sama as he falls to his knee, and slowly put him on the ground, then Lein-niisama said “Emil… it was poisoned so, don’t touch… the, knife” before he lost consciousness.


    I grip the knife’s handle with a handkerchief and pull it out of Lein-niisama’s body. The blood slowly flowing out.

The wound closed when I use <Heal>, then I use <Scan> after use detoxification(Antidote) magic to check the result, but the poison is still there. Though it was a magic that frequently used in the game, it’s not working so I tried to chant <Detoxification> directly with the image like how it works in the game, but it’s was a failure too.

I had no other choice, because I can’t use recovery magic from the Light Element, I can only use that magic.


“<Rollback Antidote>”


    A magic that rewind a bodies time. Just in case, I muttered the Rollback part in low voice. A showy effect of a gear like magic circle started to appear from Lein-niisama’s body, and the magic begin to rewind his condition to right before he was afflicted by the poison. It’s not like I was worried someone would see it! Lein-niisama’s body twitched when I check his body with <Scan> after the effect disappeared, and the poison was completely gone.


    I entrust Lein-niisama to a nearby knight and went to the boss. A knight gives me a warning when I get close to the boss, but I ignore it. Like I’m going to worry about that! I will return double for what he’s done!

Because I had torn his legs, he was like some captured alien when the knights held his both hands and carry him under their shoulder.


“It would be better if you just sleep quietly you know.”

“Ojou-chan, it’s dangerous so stay back!”


    I stand before the boss and talk to him with wide smile on my face. The knights butt in from both side when I was talking to him. I’m not really sure, is it because they worried for me or am I a hindrance to them? Let’s ignore them.


“At that time, it should have been better if you had killed me sooner. What a great mistake.”

“Ojou-chan stay back!!!”

“……… You monster……”

“Nn? Monster? What an exaggerated words. Just what are you seeing now I wonder? Are you perhaps have some kind of special ability to see-through anything? Maa it doesn’t matter now. It’s not going to change the fact that you have failed.”


    I shake off the hand of a knight who wants to separate me from the boss, and put my hand in front of the boss.


Let this pain gnaw at thee, thou not allowed to go mad nor die from this pain, thy sole and only moment of mercy will be granted when thee speaketh the truth. Known this pain for eternity. <Pain>!”


    After I put a curse magic for everlasting pain on him, he started to scream like a madman and breaks loose from the knights’ restrain when he begin to act violently.


“Serves you right.”


    Kukuku, I can’t hold my laugh but I was muttering so they shouldn’t be able to hear what I said. After that, I pass an important note to the knights who was already several steps away from the boss.


“Eto, I just put magic on that man that causes lasting pain. If he answers a question honestly it will lessen his pain temporarily, please make sure he won’t escape. Though I said that, with his legs like that I don’t think he will be able to run.”

“E, a. Ah…”


    I bow my head after saying that and the knights with quite a complicated expression reply to me.

When I returned to where Lein-niisama is, he has already regained his consciousness and was hugged by Haru who was crying on his arm. Is this what they say “A deeply moving reunion” thing? I already did it first with Lein-niisama so it’s not like I find it very vexing okay!?


“Ah, Emil! You healed my wound right? Thank you!! I thought I was going to die there. And now you were able to use magic too.”

“No, I just did what I could.”


    Lein-niisama greet me with smile while hugging Haru. Haru was looking at me with a tinge of fright in her eyes. Th-that’s right, it must be because her big sister is a murderer and was coming closer with bloodstained attire, it’s not a level of “want to stay away” anymore but “don’t want to get close at all”. I understand that.




    After that the other kidnapped kids and I were got brought to the lodging house of the Edibara’s order of knights for protection. Even if I say for protection it’s more like confinement, though it’s only me who got confined! The soft and fragile me is not a bad guy okay!

Seems like it’s questioning time now, and here I thought I was finally free. In front of me is the knight’s captain, beside him is the vice-captain and behind me is a secretary and a knight who was monitoring me.


“There are 7 children who were kidnapped including you. As for the criminals, there are 7 deaths, 4 mortal wounds and 4 minor wounds. Does this match?”

“Yes, there are 5 children I saw back there when I was looking for Haru. But about the criminals, there are some of them which I killed but for the exact number, I don’t remember it.”

“How did you fight against the criminals?”

“With magic. Is there anything strange about it?”

“It’s not strange anymore but ridiculous. The magic sealing room 2 floors underground was completely tattered, a magician who was on the wanted list was completely exhausted of magic power and trapped in a cage, though they are hooligans more than 10 of the named criminals were completely beaten. It’s too one-sided.”

“Is that so? I think as long as magic is used, for something to that level anyone can do it. Though I’m very sorry about killing some of them because I didn’t hold back when I used magic, life is a thing that can’t be bought. Surely you’re not going to tell me to hold back in that kind of situation are you?”

“Well, it’s true but….”


    I don’t get what the captain was doubting at all. Shouldn’t they be giving me better treatment in this kind of situation?

Or maybe he thought that I was pretending to be kidnapped? No no, that’s impossible. Even if I did that, there are no gains for me at all.


“Nn. That’s it! Have you heard about those criminals’ boss?”


“That’s right. It’s a pain that only be lessen if one speaks the truth! If that’s the case why was I brought here and am being questioned? If it about verification then I don’t know more than this.”

“Is that so… sorry for taking your time. Let’s end the questioning with this, allow me to make preparations to accompany you to your mansion.”

“Thank you very much. Well then, excuse me.”


    I had a feeling like I just heard the captain deeply sigh after I bow and was going to leave the room. In the end, I still don’t get what the captain wanted to hear from me. Does he want to hear about how I fought those criminals alone? If you can’t even hunt a bandit group, then don’t hope to catch up with the tiny breasted mahou shoujo who loves novels okay?


    And after this and that I was finally returned safely to the mansion, though at that time we were doing some end-of-the-year shopping, we returned when it’s already new year. What a long shopping day… I didn’t buy anything though!


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  • 28th00

    She literally quit her act so hard during this incident. She still acts somewhat polite, but that is quickly wearing down from her frustration at… Everything? I’d be pretty pissed if I was her too for all that BS she’s went through so far~

    • Sherrynity

      Imagine being around a bunch of I’m-so-great weaklings acting high and mighty against you.

      • Kuq Ku

        Sometimes I wish a foul mouthed MC would reincarnate for a change, someone that tells them to get fucked lol

        • You should read “My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending” for that.

          • Kuq Ku

            Yeah that story is on my reading list, but that is something the mc cant help its like an automode character trait to be foul mouthed.

            I want a normal persons reaction to being pissed at assholes.

  • moto

    Anyone mind explaining to me what the captain wanted her to say because it looked like he didn’t believe her.

    • Seink

      Her excessive amount of magic is not something humans should have XD

      • moto

        I guess but the guard still disappointed.

    • kirindas

      I’m guessing how she broke through the magic seals and how the scale of her magic is so powerful.

      • moto

        Aren’t nobility usually the guys with high magic capacity anyway?

        • kirindas

          Well she’s a teenaged girl with a magic output that’s at least several folds higher than most adults, so it’s fairly abnormal.

        • Max Johnson

          Irrelevant. Even ignoring the several adults she beat, she broke through a magic sealing barrier with magic. Just hearing “magic sealing barrier”, it should be presumed that the vast majority can’t break through it. Noble or not, seeing a teenager do it should be bizarre to them.

          • moto

            As bizarre as it is, he shouldn’t be that disappointed at her.

    • DiabolicalGenius

      I’m pretty sure he just couldn’t believe she did all that and was convinced that a third party intervened and she was covering it up.
      Or it might just be that a barely pubescent girl just killed a bunch of guys and doesn’t seem the least bit troubled by it.

      • moto

        She just casted a crazy ass curse on bandit boss kidnapper man. I sure as hell would believe anything she does.

    • Kuq Ku

      I didnt understand that either? she was defensive when he spoke to her, like he was insinuating something, so irritating, she should be getting a medal of valor. All shes ever done is help people, and punish bad people dont.

      I get so irritated when people are so ungrateful or are inconsiderate assholes who treat others like shit because of misunderstandings really cant stand that. pisses me off.

  • kirindas

    Thanks for the new chapter!

  • lilith49545

    “Though I’m very sorry about killing some of them…”
    key word, ‘some’. So she wasn’t feeling remorseful for taking a life…. even if they were bad guys! Sure, they probably did some bad things but the idea of killing someone one… it would cause most people (with a normal conscience) to feel guilt fear, and maybe become a little sick…
    you know what would happen to her if she was back in her old world and did something like that? she would be sentenced to juvenile detention but her actual mindset is older and because she knows whats shes doing, she should actually be sentence for life. In a way shes a danger to society….

    • moto

      Remember she not a little girl, she a grown woman in a little girls body after she regained her personality and memories.

      We also don’t know how she was like prior reincarnation.

      Survival is her goal and giving mercy isn’t a good idea when you don’t know how deep you are in the hole.

      Also, it helps that these guys are kidnapping kids. It gives her a less of a reason to care what happens to them.

      • lilith49545

        but with the way the current story is written Emil’s dominate personality ( dunno how to explain) is Japanese. Japan has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. They are generally taught to respect people and value life and ect….

        Plus it was mostly how she didn’t feel anything after the whole incident happened that scared me. when all the adrenaline wore off, that’s when emotion and guilt roll in. even if they were bad guys killing someone is a really scary thought. she has so much power and how she so easily killed someone should have made her scared (of course when she doesn’t know them -no emotional attachment- there less guilt).

        if we added a backstory to one of the guys- lets just say one of them has a really sick younger sister who needs a lot of medical help. Desperate he joins those bad guys to make more money because working his butt at a normal paying job couldn’t keep up with the fees. He doesn’t like what he does but hes willing to do it if it keeps his younger sister alive.- would that change how you feel about the bad guys death.

        the fact she took away people lives and feels no guilt or fear (even if it was a little bit) scares me.

        P.S. sorry you had to read all of that and this p.s to say sorry….

        • moto

          The difference is she not the same person anymore. She still a mixture between her previous self and her post incarnation. Doesn’t change her mentality is that of a much older person.

          People react differently from any situation. You can have a guy scared out of his mind looking at a dead body and then you got the guy who doesnt really give a shit.

          Mc is the latter, she cares only for her situation.

          No matter the intent, its still a wrong doing. You dont kidnap and sell kids to save someones life, that doesnt negate the positive or negatice.

          Mc is in the wrong for killing but she only defending herself, she shouldn’t worry about her enemies.

    • 295Phoenix

      Well, this is a medieval setting from what I can tell and it was stated that those criminals sell the children they kidnap into slavery and use them for magic experiments. Hell, I’m having trouble sympathizing with them and if such an organization existed here and now, it wouldn’t surprise me if the government drone striked them.

      • lilith49545

        even if it was a medieval setting she has mindset from japan. its the fact that she felt no remorse that she took their lives that bothers me. hell, even if she didn’t feel no remorse she should at least be a little scared that she might accidentally use magic and hurt someone she cares about. its been already proven that she can’t control her magic too well.

        plus no matter a bad of a person is.. things like chopping someones head would at least make you freak out or at least cringe ( of course when everything is settled and she has time to think.)

        • 295Phoenix

          Well, she’s not going to get thrown into detention, sentenced to life, or seen as a threat to society in this setting. As to her own mindset, we don’t know what she was in Japan, and I don’t think it was mentioned whether or how much or how little her original personality took over her new personality.

          • lilith49545

            Usually in light novels like this, the whole old persona takes over.

            Plus I know she isn’t going to be sentenced in that world. That why I said in her old world. Plus it’s not like I actually want her to be shipped off to jail. the whole plot would be about her jail life and im not if I’m ready to read that (though that would be interesting).

    • Kuq Ku

      huh? what would you know what a person with a normal conscience would do? Im pretty normal and I have no clue what I would do if my family was threatened, how would I react if I killed someone that threatened myself or my family? would I be jumping over the moon who knows, people react really weirdly sometimes in stressful situations, so tell me what is suppose to be the normal reaction in a kidnapping situation? coz I have nfi.

      The writing in this story isnt going to win awards, but its simple and written to interest the reader, which it does at least for myself. When I think of all the shit she has put up with so far Id be pretty much fed up and wouldnt give a flying shit what others thought of me.

      Shes been wrongfully accused, injured forced to leave the school as a result, forced to go back to that shitty home environment with family that dont give a shit about her and treat her like shit except for one, forced to look after a little shitty brat sister who is as abusive as the older brother, then gets kidnapped on top of it, manages to escape and make those who took her pay dearly for doing so.

      I dunno, if it were me in that situation and I had no idea what was going to happen to me, with an imagination that could run from Sex slave to Ransom victim to Dead, I wouldnt be that fussed over what happened to the shit heads who took me. That would be the last thing on my mind.
      Most of the deaths were because she didnt control the amount used, but that is irrelevant, she had a younger shitty sister to worry about and get out of harms way, who knows what they were doing to her, rape? torture? imprisoned?

      Now shes being judged by the reader for actions she didnt seek, didnt cause, and didnt want, sentenced by you because she had no remorse for the deaths of scumbags who were willing to take 2 kids, yeah Id say she would get away with what happened unless shes black in America.

      • lilith49545

        even if she had gone through a lot of shit.. don’t you think killing someone is too extreme..beat the crap of them is okay (kinda).

        like she chopped a dudes head off and pierced another dude with ice lances… after the incident that happened -when she had sometime to think- she wasn’t bothered by the deaths ( and she killed them so violently…)

        anyways its not I will stop reading the story (though the MC is becoming a little too op) It just the way she handled the situation that made unsettled. plus in those scenario letting those dudes rot in jail, confined or force to do labor is way worse than letting them die so easily.

        • Đạt Marshall

          While the character development in this story might not be the best. You’re kinda forcing your view on her. People doesn’t always reacting the same in the situation like a program. Everyone can react differently. Just because she has Japanese mindset doesn’t mean she will feel guilt. Not to mention that her mind had fused with the original body’s. The author didn’t say how much it influenced her, but it still enough to change someone.

          • lilith49545

            Not really forcing it on her. It’s not like I actually expect any change in her behavior (I was just talking about my opinion) . Her attitude was just to happy to go lucky in the situation and it freaked me out.

        • Kuq Ku

          You would be surprised what one is capable of when pushed into a corner, the types of terrible choices one is forced to make that is necessary, and accepting the consequences of that choice.
          Her reaction can mean a number of things or nothing at all.
          1. Shes still in shock and are merely going through the motions of carrying on despite the R18 gore fest she participated in
          2. Could possibly have PTSD days weeks months even years later.
          3. In denial, its a wonderful thing, able to push that unpleasantness to the side, or to the back of your mind to move forward
          4. Dont care, they got what they deserved their choice means this outcome.
          5. None of the above and so what.

          Quite frankly Im ok with any reaction she has, dont base her upbringing as being “Japanese” as a yoke like its a one size fits all cultural trait, otherwise people who are still living today who bear the scars of their previous Imperialistic regime might differ on your opinion. Her actions might be more reminiscent of such times, but Im getting side tracked.

          The writing isnt the greatest which I mentioned earlier, theres a lot of character development which is not fleshed out very well, (sorry to the author for the critique, its still very interesting! ganbatte!), Prime example is her first experiments with magic, she created a frigging tornado, she broke seals, performed magic she wasnt capable of before yet having a bland reaction while her tutors are freaking out, which pretty much sums up everything thats happened to her from the crap she endured at school, her family, and the kidnapping, she simply puts it aside focusing only on magic, she doesnt interact with anyone she keeps to herself, which seems to be her otherselfs personality as well, as described in her Brothers PoV,

          I had started to write a wordy bit of blurb here but I peripherally read the below comments of Dat Marshall, which basically said what I was going to say, how she was in the body of a girl that lived for x years with her own memories, her own values and beliefs, merging the 2 separate personas into one, how can that not change you. But that aside, you cant know what you are capable of accepting until you have confronted it and experienced it for yourself, how numb you can be to something shocking and willing to push past it to carry on.

          • lilith49545

            And it’s not like I don’t understand what your saying but I really doubt the author will make her regret it too much.

            Though I doubt Emil from before she gained her last life memories thought killing is all right. Though what do I know? It’s just happy go lucky mindset paired with the image of her chopping someones head of freaked me out.

            And about the japenses comment, I didn’t mean to offend anyone. I was just generalizing from the people I know and from what my teacher told me. I get people of a certain race doesn’t just have one certain type of personality. I just wanted to make a point, not offend anyone.

        • nguuuquaaa

          Imagine a scenario: Your lover has been abducted right in front of your face by a bunch of big and muscular fully armed men. You are robbed of everything, including cellphone. Somehow you find a rifle with spare magazines. You don’t know what would happen to your lover if you are not fast enough, or you don’t know if shooting their leg would stop them from pulling another gun from god know where and shoot you. So, what would you do, kill everyone before they could use your lover as s*xtoy and hostage or be a chicken and run to the nearest police which is 5 kilometers away?

          • lilith49545

            Now that I am clear minded…(I had a bad day and ended blowing some steam off by commenting … sorry).

            Still I don’t agree with what she did. I get she’s desperate but I’m not going to cheer that she killed someone. I also understand the guys are bad and im not supporting them either. Plus it’s how after everything wi get when ppl get desperate they just act but what bothered me was she didn’t all that much about how easily she killed some one. Of course with this light novel I’m not expecting anything too deep.

          • lilith49545

            I’m not saying that I can’t understand why she did what she did. I just simply don’t agree with how she reacted to everything. There were certain things she did that seem to be over kill. And im also not saying I agree with those bandits. Kidnapping and selling children is horrible and they deserve punishment but having their life take is overkill and way too easy on them.

            Plus it’s the happy go lucky attitude that feaked me out.

          • Kuq Ku

            Oh so if shes an emotional wreck that cant function you would feel better and not want her sentenced to jail? What crime did she commit again?? are feelings of acceptance at her actions is her crime?? able to function normally after defending herself is a crime??

            Now after blaming her for being emotionally stable after such a traumatic event, you would rather those guys be punished more severely than she punished them? doesnt that make you more overkill than her?

            Abu Ghraib type punishment maybe? a healthy dosing of torture rape/sodomy for a bit of variation kind of thing? All she did was defend herself with what she had, and accepted it. and what the hell happy go lucky anything has she ever had? She died reincarnated into a kid thats basically a shunned person socially and by her family, has been attacked, accused, forced out of school, isolated, bullied/abused, kidnapped, theres been 2 people so far who havent treated her like a god damn leper.

            If she finds happiness in magic then way to go girl, go for it, live how you want, but please dont go pinning her happiness on the carnage she caused, surely youre not saying that?

          • lilith49545

            i Don’t see any point in debating about this. I’m not going to totally agree with what she did. I get and understand why she did what she did but whether i agree with her actions is a different story. she’s desperate and i get that but that doesn’t me i agree.
            I’m not saying her happiness is going to be ruined because of her action. its just that she kept that happy go lucky mentality all the way through and it freaked me out.
            I’m not saying she’s going to go to jail cuz obviously in that world it wouldn’t matter if she killed them because they were bad dudes.


            you’re welcome to continue to continue to try to convince me your point but there’s no point cuz i understand what your saying and the problem is i don’t agree with how she dealt with everything. I’m not going to suddenly think murders okay. she was definitely more power than the guys and and she knew it and the way she killed was just too much.

            the chapter have been already complete months ago. My comments are just comments. They aren’t going to affect the story in anyway, and no matter what i say the author (who probably on reads Japanese only) won’t give a damn cause shes already moved past this part.

          • Kuq Ku

            You say that yet you have valiantly tried to clarify your point multiple times already. You want them the bad guys to suffer in prison, but by the same logic you also want her to suffer in jail, of course I understand you mean in our world which would be invalid anyway since shes technically dead and not in that world committing a crime, nor is she committing any crime here in this new world.

            She didnt commit murder, she acted in self defense and used reasonable force given the fact she is all of 12 years old, if a big ass hairy man was in your home with a child of 12 her only weapon is the gun she knows her daddy leaves unlocked in the drawer, grabs it points and kills the home invader by your logic shes a terrible criminal because a gun is way stronger than a mere flesh and blood person, by your logic that kid had no right to use that gun. Because there were other tools there that can be used instead that are less lethal, maybe she could do a Home alone type scenario! yeah! use a hot iron on him, or maybe grab that tarantula pet she conveniently has, or set up traps around the house and have lots of fun while doing it?

            HINDSIGHT is a wonderful thing, its easy to critique actions taken when your not the one in that situation, the good ole “Why didnt they..” armchair babble that is always spouted by those with the benefit of hindsight and time to think things through after the fact. She had neither only do or die, she has shown unsuccessful attempts in using her powers before, not able to control the tornado then later she has managed to assert more control, she has used her abilities infrequently and barely had anytime to learn what she is capable of, winging it, on the spot creativity and experimentation.

            You say use gravity? like what? metal crushing level gravity, sun gravity? moon gravity? earth gravity? Jupiter gravity? by how much exactly? guess? so shes got to fine tune how much by guessing? You expect a hell of a lot from a 12 plus year old who is basically a fledgling magician to accomplish so much because shes managed to do pretty good so far?

            In all this you havent said anything about the lives she has saved. Condemning her because of how she thinks, really? wow.

          • lilith49545

            can we just calm down and end this debate because our opinions arn’t going to change and there no point in having a debate here because it hard to get points across.

            I get what you mean and I’m judging her ( anymore… I was in a heated mood for the first few comment…) its just a novel and the story has already moved on.

            it just feels like you keep shoving your opinion on me. Its not that i don’t get it and you just keeping throwing this at me. you said i was condemning her, well i guess i kind of am ( but i don’t mean to).

            Lets just stop and continue to read the story. I feel like were just repeating our points over and over and its getting annoying.

          • Kuq Ku

            Im only replying to points made, Im not shoving my opinions just posting it 😛 you can take that how you want though, dont think anyone was being rude yourself included 😛

    • Iggy

      “If she did something like that?” Well, sorry to say this but that kind of argument is stupid. She did not kill people out of spite or malice. She never intend to do that in the first place. Would she had killed those people if they weren’t kidnappers and notorious criminals but rather just a passing by civilian? I don’t think so. Now, why is your argument stupid? Simple, what she did was plain self defense. Minor or not, in our world today if you were kidnaped and was attack by the same people who kidnaped you and they had, not dangerous but deadly weapons with them and you happened to kill those people out of self defense, you won’t be charged with murder or homicide. In fact you won’t be chareged with anything at all. Rather, the people who kidnaped and assaulted you have multiple criminal charges against them.

      • lilith49545

        I think both sides are wrong. Even if it’s just self defence it doesn’t change the fact you killed someone. The bad guys did bad stuff and im not going to justify what they did.

        It’s just how happy go lucky Emil was that freaked me out.

  • Thor

    I must say, she’s doing a smashing job at making sure her eldest brother and father don’t find out that she can use magic! There’s no possible way they will hear about this!

    • 295Phoenix

      She was worried about Sieg using her as a tool, but she probably knows she can stand up to ’em now. What can Sieg do if Emil aims a Tornado at him?

      • moto

        Not to mention time control. Can literally make them regress to babies if she wanted.

  • Skilvh Sil

    I think by this :
    ! (TN: ポイ○ナdon’t know the magic’s name she refer to so… Halp!)
    Poi○na means:
    Author’s own make up word…?

  • Agni

    Hmm… she was known before as a noble girl who cant use magic despite has magic power.. if she suddenly going berserk like that, even I would be suspicious… maybe the captain want to make sure if there were anybody whose help her to escape and that very person also the one that responsible for murdered the criminals…

    Thanks for new chappy~~

  • tsunderehater

    The chapters are too short >.<

  • melisaartemis

    The missing magic I think is “Poisona” from Final Fantasy. Its effect is erase poisoned status

    • Ellionora


  • www

    i think she said Pox i remember it from the first FF

  • KeiGinya

    It’s Poisona. Censored because of copyright. From the Final Fantasy franchise.

  • library rocker

    my biggest regret…. is that I missed out on the sales…

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!!!

  • sen

    I wonder how would the nobles treat her now when they learned she destroyed a criminal group on her own…

  • anon

    Yeeees. Come to the dark side Emil. kukuku..

  • Red Reaper

    Emil. if youre gonna say be proud of your flat chest at least put, “deliciously,” in front of “flat chested.”

  • doh

    She’s so OP and doesn’t know it? kkk
    Thank you, TL-san?

  • midori

    thanks a lot—!
    shopping with no shopping done?! no wayyy! well, overpowering magic here we gooo!

  • Craig

    Thank you!!

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