Hakushaku Reijo ha Chito Tensei Mono – Volume 1 Chapter 13

Translator : Ellionora

Editor : Ryan

TN: Short chapter

Chapter 13 Kidnapped (4)


    I went to the floor above the jail’s room. There were 2 rooms filled with double bunk beds, and a living room that was connected to the kitchen. The living room had a door made from wood.

Of course, I had dealt with the other kidnappers on this floor too, not in a fight like from before; I just hardened the bedroom doors with a magic that resembled alchemy.

I told the other kidnapped kids to wait in another room. I had Haru to stay with them too because it’s not safe now.


    I can’t see anything outside when I quietly peek from a window. Even though there is magic in this world, it was completely dark at night; it would be dangerous if we thoughtlessly go out now. So we will wait here and move when morning comes.

I heard a carriage’s sound from outside when I was waiting in the living room. I slowly stood up and took a battle stance. First, if  someone opened the door I would attack them with <Stun> and seal their movement, but if that someone is the boss I will capture them.

OK, with this victory is mine!




    Kii when the door opened; just in a moment. Exactly just in a moment. I saw a shadow enter. What happened? What is this?

It’s painful! It hurts!! I opened my eyes slowly and saw a man who was strangling me.




    His hold on my neck tightened even more. My breath! It hurts.

Did I just let my guard down? And this is the consequence?

I’ve still done nothing in this world!

Can’t breathe, ah, it’s really embarrassing; I’m drooling.

Painful, it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts!

Don’t mess with me, don’t mess with me don’t mess with me!!

Bastard!! Blown away!!!






    My throat got released. Haa Haa…. My, breath. (ED: This is not wrong, just the gasping of the mc.)

That man was blown away through the door and sprawled on the ground like character when I was searching for him with my blurry vision. Seems like I was too desperate and used too much power when I <Air Hammer>ed that man. After that I used <Ice Lance> at his leg. With this, he won’t be able to do an attack like before again. I went out and looked at the man’s condition after regaining my breath and wiped my tears and drool.


“””O light illuminate everything, <Light>”””


    Uo! Too bright!!!

Just when I thought I hear some people voice, it was a chant for <Light> magic. It was so bright like a searchlight and I can’t see the caster behind there. Enemy? Ally? Seems like they have big number, if they are enemy I can’t afford to go easy on them.


“Emil?…. Emil!?”


    I can hear Lein-niisama’s voice. I can’t tell where Lein-niisama is, but I can see a few silhouettes there. Seems like Lein-niisama didn’t come here even after I nodded at them.


“Emil. I’m sorry but can you raise your hands slowly and come here?”


    Ah, this. They are doubting me. That is what is usually said to a criminal. I got reminded this from a TV, but I can’t do anything in this situation, so I raise my hands and walk slowly.



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