Hakushaku Reijo ha Chito Tensei Mono – Volume 1 Chapter 12

Translator : Ellionora

Editor : Fade


Chapter 12 Kidnapped (3)






    The magic circle was destroyed quickly right after I infused it with my magic power, the man screamed when he was swallowed by <Tornado>. Some splinters from the destroyed floor got swallowed up inside <Tornado>, and it tore up the man’s body. It’s like he was getting swallowed by a washing machine together with some lethal weapons. Torn up clothes, scattered blood, I cancelled the <Tornado> magic when the air started to smell like blood and looked at the man’s condition.


“Guu, wha, just what….. are you…….”

“That’s right I, Tte like I’m going to tell you that! Anyway, where is the girl you kidnap together with me?”

“I, I don’t- “You know right?””

“No, if you said you don’t know then I just have to look for myself. For now let’s take your magic power <Magic Power Takeover>”

“Wh, what…..!? U, aa……..”


    I used a magic that steals magic power on him. He will lose his magic power for at least one day, but since I’ve never tried it before I’m not really sure about the duration. Seems like he lost consciousness after losing his magic power or because of the loss of blood.

Just in case, I put my hands in front of my chest together and pan~ push them on the ground near him and make a cage surrounding him. It’s magic not alchemy though.


    Seems like the other kidnappers started to noticed something’s wrong from the battle or the scream, I can heard a lot of footsteps coming here. Dotadota~ They’re coming from the stairs and from the passage.

When I left  the room, I faced those coming from the passage.


“Onii-chans, are you all kidnappers?”


    I look at them while unnaturally tilting my head.




    Those men just stay still while glaring at me. Looks like they are not some idiots who didn’t feels something was odd when a girl who is supposed to be bound comes out from the room.


“If you’re looking for the magician guy, he’s already sleeping back there you know? Are there not any strong magicians here? If not then obediently listen to what I say, and if any of you try to attack me I’m not going to guarantee your life. By the way, it’s a joint responsibility okay?”

“This shitty brat….!!!”

“Idiot! Stop!!!!”


    While saying that coercively, that guy with a low boiling point came slashing with his long sword.


“<Kamaitachi>1, <Ice Lance>”




“What happe…!? Gofu!!”


    I hold my hands forward while chanting magic. Though there is no deep meaning when I chant the aria in Japanese and English, it can make the image materialization easier.

The magic cut and pierces the men. Arms flying, heads pierced, those in the back only got minor injuries but the damage makes it so they can’t stand. I can feel the gastric acid in my stomach starting to swell up from seeing a human’s corpse without a head for the first time.


“Uu…… Oeeeee…….”


    I put my hands on the wall and spit out empty vomit. Though my breathing is getting rough because I throw up, I didn’t feel like I have lost anything or any guilt, it’s more like I was feeling refreshed. After that I take a long sword and throw those who’re still alive into the room, and then I merge the door and wall from outside so they can’t open it.


“It stinks of blood. Is there no one in the other rooms?”


    I’m really talking to myself here. My clothes got stained with blood too, but well let’s leave it for now. I found a room like the one I was confined in when I was checking around this floor, but there are just vacant rooms next to the one I threw the men into.

Seems like this is the lowest floor, because I can’t find the staircase to get out of the basement, I decided to teleport to the floor above.




“Oo, that was fast. What happened down there?”

“Iyaa~, it was really troublesome you see. When the magician just start to blabbering something the others began to attack me. So I accidently killed some of them. Tehepero~”

“!! Who the hell are you!!”

“Kidnapped girl A. Are you the boss?”


    I tried to give a reply with a playful tone to the man who thought his friends were coming back. Though he started to ready his spear silently, is he the boss? I guess it’s better to capture him then kill him if he is the boss.





    I cast magic with a short chant toward him, black tentacles started to spread from his feet to his body and then bind him.


“So, where is the boss?”


“Fumu? <Poison>. I just used poison magic on you, if you don’t properly talk you will suffer till you die you know?”


“The boss, where is he?”


“Haaa, it’s become more troublesome. SO ARE YOU THE BOSS?”

“……… No”


    When I use more strength for confirmation, he answers with hollow eyes. Oh yes, honesty is the best. Though I don’t really understand why I suddenly started talking like this.


“I see, thank you. Thank you for your hard work, <Air Cutter>”


    I cut off his head with <Air Cutter>. It’s different from <Kamaitachi>, <Air Cutter> only has 1 cutting edge but is much wider while <Kamaitachi> has many but are smaller. I’m scared of myself for not feeling any sense of guilt while killing this many people in such a short amount of time, but I don’t have any room to show sympathy to these kidnappers.

I’m still a beginner at fighting after all.


    Because it’s quite dark inside this room, I use <Light> and search for Haru. When it gets brighter, I quickly look in other places because that guy’s corpse entered my view.

There is 1 large jail and 3 small jails. It’s now possible to look through the jail bars of each of these jails from the outside.


    Because Haru was in the middle of changing clothes, right now she’s only wearing underwear….. Although I said underwear, she wear drawers under a non see-through chemise. If it’s in Japan it can be a cute pajama for girl. And so I look for a girl with a clothes like that.




    When I take a look in the large jail, there are 5 kids gathered in the inner most part while looking at me with frightened eyes.

Umu, she’s not in here.


“Ne, Nee-sama?”



    When I approach the jail where Haru is, she was crying while hold the jail’s bars.


“Haa….. Thank god. I will open the door right now okay. <Kaijou>” (TL note: she return to her ojou-sama mode here)

“E? E??”


    Kacha~ the lock opened after I used <Kaijou>. I bring Haru who’s still dumbfounded from the jail outside when the jail’s door opened.


“Haru, are you unhurt?”

“U, un…”

“Was there something unpleasant they did to you?”

“No they, didn’t. Desu wa”

“I see, that’s good then.”

“Nee-sama that blood, is it……?”


    Haru was coming closer to me while crying but she suddenly stopped her feet and frightened when looking at my blood stained attire.


“Aa, this? This is just someone blood splatter. Don’t mind it.”


    I raise the skirt hem slightly and playfully spin around. Haru looks like she has just seen something unbelievable though.

Haru look at me from top to bottom and holds my hand as she gives up.


“Saa, let’s return home. Lein-oniisama must be searching for us right now.”

“….. Yes”

“A, that’s right <Kaijou>. All of you to, quickly get out of here. If you want to follow us until town then I will help.”


    I opened other cells and called out to the kids who also were kidnapped.




  1. 鎌鼬/kamaitachi, Japanese folklore monster/yokai appear as 3 weasels, usually come out to cut their victims in a whirlwind. Though she’s not summoned them, she chant it and imagine it like a wind blade.

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