Hakushaku Reijo ha Chito Tensei Mono – Volume 1 Chapter 11

Translator : Ellionora

Editors : Wetchick, Ryan


Chapter 11 Kidnapped (2)



With my wrist and ankle bound, my voice didn’t come out like what I wanted to. What’s more, it really hurt to not know the situation of my surroundings because of the blindfold. That was careless of me to let those men kidnap me…. or more like I fell into a slight panic there. The reason why I wasn’t affected with the <Sleep> magic must be because I was more superior than the caster; if they were better, they should be able to cast magic without aria. I never thought I would fall into these kinds of incidents like in some foreign movie. It’s already too late to regret; for now I should go looking for Haru first.


I cast <Wide Area Scan> magic without an aria to look at my surroundings.

Why?! Calm down, take a deep breath and calm down, I repeatedly said this in my mind.

As I continue to take deep breaths, I can smell something like clay and dust. It must be from the bricks and stones. And when I attempted to hear clearly, I could hear a crying sound and a talking voice reverberating from the floor. I am clearly inside a building, not in a carriage nor an open place.


    I started to rub my face a few times against the floor to let the blindfold slide off a little. Still, the rubbed part started to prickle; this might be about to leave a scratch. When I opened my eyes, I saw something like a complex pattern drawn on the floor, and it was shining slightly. The room’s size is about three tatami with the door made from iron. With some effort, I lifted my upper half body, then realized that the drawn pattern on the floor was a magic circle. There is only me in this room; Haru’s not here. Even if she is an arrogant brat, she is just a 6 year old girl. I have to save her quickly.


    I’m not good at dealing with Haru, but that doesn’t mean I wish for a misfortune to happen to her. Though I think not meddling with her own business is for the best, she is still my family and my little sister. What I have to do now is save her, because I am her big sister—.


    Since I can see now, I start to slip my wrist from the rope, although giving me some scratches, I am able to take them off.

Is the person who tied me an amateur I wonder?

From there, the blindfold, the gag and the rope that tied my ankle get completely taken off. I did it, with this I’m free! When I was doing the “I did it” pose, gigigi~ the door swung open with a heavy sound, and a slender man with a hooded robe entered the room. I was seen by this unknown man when I was frolicking around. It was so embarrassing so I demand a redo! Right, NOW!!


“Fumu, so you’ve woke up. Now then, just what exactly are you?”


“You didn’t get affected by my magic. You might be equal to me or someone who’s magic might be better than me, or perhaps you have some kind of magic item to resist magic, but that should be in the possession of that ojou-chan with good attire. Now then, just what exactly are you?”


    That man just talks without caring that I got away from my binds. Because of the hood, I can’t see his face, but should I try to make up an answer and draw some information from him first…?


“I’m just a guard. Anyway, is ojou-sama safe?”

“Hoo, that’s amazing to become a guard for someone at your age. Kukukuku, I’m starting to understand a guard’s standpoint when someone at your age is already on equal ability or even better than me.”

“I’ve answered your question, now can you answer my question. Is ojou-sama safe?”

“Aaa, she’s safe. There’s not even a single scratch on her, yet. Still I don’t get it. Why are you worried so much about that ojou-chan? Didn’t she shun you away?”


    I see a wicked grin on his face. Did he hear the conversation in the changing room? I unconsciously clicked my tongue. However from our conversation, he still does not seem to realize that Haru and I are siblings, and for now Haru is still fine too. It’s really a relief.


“I am tied to ojou-sama by a blood contract, shunned or not it doesn’t matter. Now enough with the talk, I will go to where ojou-sama is so can you move away from there?”

“Too bad but I can’t. What’s more, magic can’t be used in this room; do you think a little girl like you can get away from me?”

“Pu, Ahahahahahaha! You really are amusing. I can do nothing but laugh when I hear a line that keeps raising a flag.”


    I lift my bangs up to the top of my head while looking at the man. My real thought were slipped out there because this man was just too funny, and I realized I don’t need to keep an act in a place that there’re no one that knows me. The man was surprised when he saw me suddenly change but he still didn’t show any movement.


“Magic can’t be used in this room, you said….? Ne, is it true? Really? Who’s to decide that? You want to say this magic circle is able to seal magic? There’s no meaning for a barrier and a magic circle if they got destroyed by just overloading them with magic power, you know? There is nothing absolute in this world. Miracles doesn’t happen that’s why it’s called a miracle. Uun, I don’t know about it but I’m sure it is!! And for you to spew information like that to a person you just kidnapped, just what are you doing? Are you an Idiot? You want to die? Don’t decide how strong a person is by their looks and take an arrogant attitude like that you damn small fry!! (ED: Rant over)

O windstorm, swallow everything, <Tornado>!!!”


    I touched the magic circle with both hands, and used the strongest output of my magic power for the first time.

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    The tornado doesn’t stop growing and it has already swallowed the whole neighborhood.
    The panic finally starts spreading and people start running away using all kinds of methods, but it was already too late and most of them are sucked in by the incredible gusts of wind…..
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    Gigantic, All powerfull, Godlike, those words weren’t enough to display the majestic sight of THE TORNADO.
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      The magic activates, but she cannot control it.
      The mysterious man gets shredded to pieces by the tornado, and the who building gets shattered.
      As she walks out, she hears some groaning. She goes toward it, passing by the bodies of numerous hooded people and finds a room barely holding up amongst the rubble scattered everywhere.
      As she walks in the room, she sees haru there, trapped underneath the rubble, blood spewing out all over the place.
      In her shock she tries to remove the rubble from Haru, but in doing so, what was left of the ceiling collapses on her.
      She screams as the rubble falls on her, can cries out in pain, only to find out she isn’t in any pain.
      No it doesn’t hurt at all. She looks around her, and see her leg and arm is crushed. Not to far away is Haru, but luckily, none of the debris collapsed on her.
      As she slowly watches Haru bleed out, she tries to activate a long distance heal spell.
      “****** Heal” – she cries out. Luckily or not, it works, and Haru’s complexion starts looking better.
      “I should heal myself as well”- she thought to herself.
      “Heal”- she says as she applies healing to herself.
      Only then, does she start feeling pain. The pain gradually grows stronger the longer she uses heal, until it gets to the point she couldn’t hold it in anymore.
      “It hurts. It Hurts. IT HURTS!”, she screams over and over again as she looks at her broken arm.
      She sees it slowly decay as the outer skin starts to evaporate away
      “Why why why? Why does it hurt, why is this happening?”.
      Then she stops the healing spell… and the evaporation of her arm stops.
      It slowly recovers after the healing spell was abruptly ended.
      Only then did she remember a certain thing from the numerous games she has played.
      Holy Spells damage the undead- she thought, and suddenly had a realization.
      She hears a faint voice much like hers, whisper into her ears:
      “You’re already dead”

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