Hakushaku Reijo ha Chito Tensei Mono – Volume 1 Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 Kidnapped (1)


What is this I wonder. My hands that were free a while ago are now bound and there is a gag in my mouth that is shaped like the character. Even my eyes are blindfolded tightly too. And how I got stuck in this situation? It begins 2 days ago.




“Welcome home, Lein-oniisama!”

“I’m home, Emil!”


    My second eldest brother Aslein-niisama, one of the Vorst houses sons has returned home.  Lein-niisama is 17 years old, 4 years older than me and he is also a member of the 3rd Order of Knights in the Royal Capital. He has short milk-tea colored hair the same as mother and he has purple eyes the same as fathers, with a face that’s similar to mothers, he looks like an Ikemen from a J-idol group.


    There is a reason why I feel a large amount of tension whenever I meet Lein-niisama. It’s because in this family, the only one who understands me is Lein-niisama. He protects me from eldest brother sarcasm, a person I can be open with, the niisama that I can be proud of.

When I greet him, Lein-niisama hugs me tightly and pats my head.

“Long time no see, Emil.”

It’s somehow embarrassing but I’m very happy.


    After that I talk to Lein-niisama about the academy and Lein-niisama talks to me about the Knights while we enjoy tea. Lein-niisama still doesn’t know about the Conviction’s Event at the academy, and when I told him the story he was angry for me. I’m very happy with Lein-niisama’s kindness that hasn’t changed after all this time. He’s just like the ideal big brother from a 2D world.

And when we were enjoying our time together there was a small figure approaching Lein-niisama from behind.


“Lein-oniisama, it’s not fair if you just talk to Emil-neesama.”

“Aa, sorry Haru.”


    After she said that, she puffed out her cheeks and Lein-niisama picked her up and put her on his lap. Haru or Harutia is my little sister and she always acts cute, but all of it just a sly act.

Harutia is my 6 year old little sister, she has milk-tea colored straight hair that stretches below her shoulders and sharp blue eyes .

The reason I never mentioned her until now is because I’m not very good at dealing with her.

She’s selfish, has high self-esteem, and she’s a girl that likes to dress up. Because of eldest brother’s influence she has always looked down on me.

For her to come here must be because she’s not happy with me talking with Lein-niisama who she likes so much.


“What are you talking about with Emil-neesama?”

“Just about some shopping I want to do together with Emil. There are some shops I want to go to before they close.”


    Haru asked while she tilts her head cutely and Lein-niisama answers her with a smile. That calculating ability in 6 year old, I really can’t copy her.


“Lein-oniisama! Me too, I want to go too!”

“Un, but you have to ask for permission from father and mother first okay?”

“Yes! I will go ask them right now!”


    And thus after she got permission from father and mother we go together to Edibara(エディバラ) town that is closeby.

Traveling from mansion to Edibara town will take 2 hours by carriage, it’s quite a big town that has a  school, public offices, shops and houses that stand in a row. Though this town doesn’t have the same air as the Royal Capital, this town is a good place to settle down. For public order, it can be said to be normal, for this world, but if it is compared with Japan this town’s public order is quite bad.

In the carriage are Lein-niisama, Haru, Haru’s maid Chikona, me and Cecillia. And also there are 2 guards following us on horse beside the carriage. The inside of the carriage isn’t cramped because Haru is sitting on Lein-niisama’s lap.


“Emil-neesama, are you seriously going out in that outfit?”

“Ee, I don’t like to attract attention.”

“Are you not ashamed as a noble lady?”

“I’m not.”

“I am ashamed just by walking together with Emil-neesama in that outfit.”

“I see, then let’s go seperately today.”

“Now now you two, let’s just enjoy the trip together. Okay?”


    Haru was looking at me like she was looking at something dirty. Even before she was aware of her surroundings, she already hated me like this just like eldest brother. Lein-niisama can only smile with a troubled face while he tries to calm us down.


    I wear the commoner clothes that Cecillia and I bought before at the downtown area in the royal capital. I just want to do some shopping today without attracting attention so I decided to wear these clothes. On the other hand, Haru is wearing a dress made from high-quality fabric coupled with shining gems as her accessory. She is indeed your typical noble daughter. While Lein-niisama wears simple clothes of good quality.


    Just like before we pick up our conversation where we left off until we arrive in Edibara town. And when I’m about to go a separate way, Lein-niisama stopped me.


“No, Emil just you and the maid alone is dangerous. We already came here together so let’s go shopping together too.”

“It’s okay, I’ve already been taught sword arts and martial arts at the academy. And it’s also inefficient to go together with this many people….”

“Emil, we’re go together. Understood?”

“……. Yes”


    There’s no smile on Lein-niisama’s face when he repeated what he said. Scary….

It can’t be helped so I can only agree. Since Lein-niisama still doesn’t know I can use magic now, as a knight he must think it would be unforgivable to let two frail woman act on their own. While thinking like that, Lein-niisama and Haru hold hands while I follow behind them. When we arrive at a place that was quite far from the main street, Haru stops. There’s a one-piece dress with a flower pattern ribbon that is suitable for children being displayed in the shop’s window.


“Lein-oniisama, I want to go into that shop!”

“Un, okay.”


    When we enter the shop, a smiling shopkeeper who looks like a good natured person greets us.


“Welcome ojou-sama, are you looking for something?”

“I would like you to show me that dress on display over there.”


    Haru points at a dress that is being displayed in the shop window.


After the shopkeeper said that, he asks the maid about Haru’s size and brings the same dress out from inside the shop. When he gives the dress to Haru, he recommends Haru tries on the dress. Is it because he found someone to showcase their product? As expected from a pro, his marketing skills are really wonderful.


“Yes, let me try it on!”

“Well now, while the lady changes her dress, how about some tea for her companions?”

“Thank you very much. Haru, take Chikona together with you.”

“No need, let her wait for me while you enjoy the tea. I will take this one to help me change.”



    She mustn’t want to call me her sister while she is in front of the shopkeeper because of my commoner clothes, she forcefully takes me into the changing room. It can’t be helped so I just look at Lein-niisama over my shoulder, he was troubled whether or not to let Haru do as she likes, but it seems like he decided to let Haru do as she likes.

When we enter the changing room that opens inside a small room,  Haru talks to me with stern face.


“I want to continue shopping together with Lein-oniisama alone. You are a nuisance, so please go somewhere else quickly!!”

“I want to do that too. But, if I didn’t do as he said he will be angry.”

“You don’t have to listen to what he says! You just need to go somewhere else! Understood?”

“If I just suddenly leave like that he will search for me. And your shopping trip will finish too, is that okay with you?”



    Did she not think about that? Her face turns red as she starts to cry. Did I say too much I wonder? I am rarely in touch with her so I don’t know how to act.

For now because we’re already here I help Haru change her clothes, suddenly I hear a rustling sound from the wall. Even though this shop looks like a fairly secure store they have a very thin wall, when I thought that, “Induce those people to fall asleep, <Sleep>” I heard someone chant an aria. Haru suddenly loses her strength and collapses to her knees.


“Wait….. Haru!?”


    I was able to catch her small body before she fell to the floor. I want to praise myself! Well enough of that, for someone to make Haru fall asleep with magic, I need to get away from this place immediately. The moment I put Haru on my shoulder, several men barge in from the entrance and from the wall…. a door that that is hidden behind the wall..




    My voice didn’t came out when I tried shouting for help. They must have prepared a silence spell without our realising it. Though these men are surprised because I was still able to move, they quickly catch me and I lose consciousness



And thus, we return to the beginning of a certain prologue.


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