Hakushaku Reijo ha Chito Tensei Mono – Idle Talk 2

Translator : Ellionora

Editor : Fade

Idle Talk : Emil’s Spring Vacation


“. . . . and . . . . and then . . . . . . “

“My. . . . . . . sa . . . is . . . . . sama”


With a sensation like I was slumping, I suddenly raise my face, and with a wry smile the noble sons and daughters were looking at me.

Wha, What have I done! However you look at this, this is 100% my fault. To think I was dozing off in the middle of a tea party!!! And what’s more, the host family is the Vorst house. In other words, at their own party, the daughter is dozing off, unbelievable! I’ve done it, but it’s still unbelievable!!


“Miss Emil, is my story that boring?”

“I, I am so sorry. That… I have lacked sleep recently…. I am very sorry.”


With the words of a young master from a Count house, I immediately stand up and bow my head. I am really sorry. Ah, I can see my parents glaring at me from afar. My dear mother, your eyes aren’t laughing at all!…. I’m sorry. Really sorry.

You see, for me who was always staying indoors at the academy’s dorm, it is a mistake to suddenly drag me out and participate at a tea party. For me who has a fear of strangers to be together with this many people I don’t know, it’s impossible to be relaxed at all. The one who is the most unbelievable is me though, sorry.

For now, how do I deceive them…. or perhaps, let’s make them consciously turn their focus to something else.


“Caroline-sama, don’t you think it’s getting a little cold here?”

“Ee, a little…”


I talk with a smile to a Viscount’s daughter who was at the same table with me. This salon has a whole wall made of a glass on one side, and has a high ceiling so the air circulation is quite hard in here. The temperature in this year is really low compared to last year, the heater and fireplace are insufficient as well.


“<Air conditioner : Heating : Temperature Setting 25 Degree>”


I chant magic in a small voice, and the temperature inside the room starts to raise. This magic is easier to image than I thought. Science, Banzai!


“My! It getting warm. Was it perhaps, magic just now?”

“Yes, Caroline-sama. The room wasn’t quite warm so I raised the temperature with magic.”

“As expected from a person who saved His highness’s life! What other kinds of magic you can use?”

“Aa, I want to know about that too. What other magic you can use?”


YES! They bit the hook! Not only Caroline, the young master too was interested in this topic, let’s show some magic until they forget the blunder I made earlier…. or maybe not, the memories are going to be remain after all.


“I can use magic to heal light injuries but I’m still studying about it so….”

“Well, even though they said you saved His highness’s life, it was nothing much huh.”


Because there is no need to tell the truth, I made it to look like I still can’t really use magic yet and the young master is starting to looking down at me. Which reminds me, the conversations I heard are just about bragging huh. Well, the lifeboat is here so I will get on it.


“I am really ashamed about my immaturity.”

“Seriously. My father can deforest dozens of forest at once—–“

“Therefore, what I can do is only this much.”


While I’m being humble, the young master starts to boast about his papa with shuddering pride, and before he finishes talking, I cut in and chanted a magic with a loud voice.


“O millions of stars, show thy shine according to my command. <Planetarium>”


When a night sky absurdly spread at the salon’s ceiling, the room suddenly becomes noisy with surprised and astonished people around. Father was showing a satisfied expression when I glance at him.


“How is my magic?”

“It is so beautiful! Please come to my tea party by all means.”


With glittering eyes, Caroline looks up at the ceiling and said “Please use this magic at my house too”. I’m not a handyman so I refuse.


“No-not bad huh.”


Somehow the young master was drawing back. Wasn’t your papa amazing? The conversation from before probably got overwritten just now.

With the blunder that I made by dozing off covered, the tea party ends and I return to the academy’s dorm.


Though I made a big blunder by dozing off at the tea party, there is a reason why I lack sleep recently. That is because I was going out every night……. saying it that way makes me sound like a bad person, but I have the awareness of what I’m doing is not something that I can tell others.

At the Kingdom’s outskirts…… though I say that, there is an abandoned mine in a mountain within half a day by carriage, and I excavate ores there every night. Well, even though it is an abandoned mine, that is still crime so I try to act like a good little girl.

Why am I excavating ore you ask? Because the long sword I secretly brought from home cannot endure endowing magic, it’s corroded and broken. It is normal to buy a sword that can endure magic at weapon shop but, I don’t have money. Although I am a Count’s daughter, I don’t have any income, and a cheap weapon that can be bought with pocket money is not enough. And so I thought, why not make it? and got immersed with mining magic ores that can store magic power.

Although I discovered an ore vein with magic, the number of valuable ores is just too scarce. I use <Scan> while underground, because magic ores contain magic power I tried to probe around with <Magic Detection> and found them stretched inside the mine like a spiderweb by loitering there every night. And that’s how I lack sleep.

For going there and returning I use <Warp>, it only takes a moment so there’s no travel time at all.


Excavating magic ores, getting pushed with tasks at the academy by Ron-sensei, and sometimes going to tea parties. Days quickly passed and finally, the quantity of magic ores that required is in my hands. At last, production of 2 long swords with their sheaths and a buckler begins.

Magic ore is a very valuable ore, it can turn into a national treasure class weapon or armor by being kneading pure magic power into them and forging them. That is what’s written in a book I read. To knead magic power,a mage with sufficient magic power has to do it or it won’t be produced. By the way, it seems like there is a magic blacksmith job, however because mages are really scarce, a person with that occupation can’t be found easily. Incidentally for the sheath, if the sword is too sharp it will cut even a normal sheath too.

Well I have more than the required magic power, and so the production finished without a problem. But, it seems like I accidentally put too much magic power in during kneading process, well with that the sharpness is much better anyway, and about the endowing, it was written in the book I read that the weapon’s power will increase too so I think it’s okay, maybe. Just in case, I create a registration function so only the owner can use it. It will be dangerous to allow anyone else to use this, it’s going to be big trouble if this weapon gets taken away.

The swords handle until to its blade are made from magic ore, the mille-feuille ripple is really beautiful like a Damascus blade. The buckler is also similar. The color is almost close to dark purple, the ripple lines shine like a rainbow color. This can be the best gift! Best item!


Thus, I use up my spring vacation playing around with magic ore, and the second year of school life is about to begin.


TN : Damascus sword.

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