Hakushaku Reijo ha Chito Tensei Mono – Idle Talk 1

Translator : Ellionora

Editor : Fade


Idle Talk : Ojou-sama’s Holiday <Cecillia>


    I am Cecillia Luvogh. Born as the 4th daughter of the Luvogh Baron house who was at the brink of ruin. I have worked as Emil-samas maid in the Vorst Count house since I was 10 years old. Though for my parents, they want me to collect achievements by working at the Vorst Count house and when there’s a good partner for me, they want me to quickly get married. But for me personally, working is already like a raison d’etre for me, and even I turn 18 I still want to continue serving under Vorst Count house.


    Daily life returned to normal after the kidnapping incident concerning Harutia-sama and Emil-sama was concluded.

First of all, I go to wake up Emil-sama at 6 am in the morning. Lately, Emil-sama has been staying awake until late at night so when I wake her up, “5 more minutes. No, 10 more minutes… Make it a Snooze please…” and she returns to her land of dreams again. Somehow, I wake her up, change her clothes and serve her breakfast in the end.


    It seems like Aslein-sama practices his martial arts every morning while he is staying here. By the way, Emil-sama already named that ominous cane she bought in the royal capital… [Evil Staff]. She used it as a blunt weapon and exchanged blows with Aslein-sama were he used a sword and shield made from wood, not even a minute had passed before her cane flew away and she kissed the ground. Unable to watch it anymore, Aslain-sama said “Nn. I think Emil is not suited to blunt weapons. Blunt weapons need more power when used, to deal a fatal wound to an enemy is hard you know? Here, try to fight with a sword.” A one handed sword made from wood was passed to Emil-sama and the training restarted. Emil-sama who used the wooden sword only won against Aslein-sama once every 5 rounds. With an unsatisfied expression Emil-sama muttered “Though when I played as a Hunter, I always used blunt weapons. Should I change my main weapon to sword after all…?” what is she talking about I wonder.


    After finishing lunch, Emil-sama returned and secludes herself in her room. Looks like things haven’t changed from before. No, before, she’d always seclude herself from morning til night so I believe it must be because Aslein-sama is here.


    Apparently, Emil-sama is practicing magic inside her room. Once, there was a burnt smell and when I entered her room, flustered,  a part of the rug was burned……. this rug, I wonder how many years of my wages it is worth?

Showing an expression of her mischief being found out, Emil-sama said “I-It’s not like I’m the one who did this okay!?” but, surely this is Emil-sama’s doing. After that, I made her promise not to use dangerous magic indoors again. Thinking about how I should report this to the Mistress, I returned to her room again, only to see the rug was spotless like new. Was I dreaming?


    After finishing a midnight snack and helping her with a bath, it is the usual time for her to sleep but recently Emil-sama has been saying “I have something to do so Cecillia, you can leave now.”  and makes me leave her room by pushing my back.

Just what does she do every night? I strained my ears and hear “I want to lick Cecillia” or “I want to read a S&M book!” and etc. She just said some incomprehensible things. Is she tired I wonder?


    After the 12th month passed I think Emil-sama has changed a lot but, I wish to continue serving her, like taking care a little sister from now on.


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  • 28th00

    She wants to lick Cecillia? She wants to read a S&M book?! My oh my! She’s having some kinky fun times in her room before bed every night and it’s to her perfect maid!? So lewd! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a7f8048068c6a748263a922d9d516871ace4a8602dd0f5b77cdf27b301f87c53.jpg

  • Yunchii

    She’s awaken her sadism? And a Tsundere at the same time?
    | THANKS! |
    |  NEPU!!  |
      ̄ ̄ ̄∨ ̄ ̄
      ( )
    ( )  ( )
      | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|

    • Student

      You used the wrong account GM

      • Yunchii

        Err… You got wrong person… Rusaku is Rusaku… I’m a MAN!!!

  • kirindas

    Cecillia should watch out. If she ever gets caught undressed, Emil’s inner old man will take over and pounce on her. XD
    Thanks for the new chapter!

  • Wow… Cecilia, you need to cultivate a sense of danger… ?

  • I’ll ship it for the yuri!

  • Shol

    thank you

  • Alyuna

    Thanks for the chapter !

    Can anyone explain Emil’s character ? I’m confused

  • 295Phoenix

    Yuri? Automatic ship!

  • Red Reaper

    So that’s Emil’s deal. Woo! Bring on the Yuriiiiii!

  • library rocker

    >.> Cecillia’s chasity is in danger???? XD XD XD

  • Sherrynity
  • doh

    cute, thank youuuu

  • Student

    No! She’S Dangerous!
    Cecillia! go home before its too late!

  • midori

    thanks a lot!
    aw, cecilia really cares for emil, not that i didn’t know that before, ahaha! hm, emil, what weird stuff are you doing…is it her doujinshi? or just some…extra…stuff…

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