Dragon Blood Warrior – Volume 7 Chapter 1

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Volume 7


Aiwa arrives at the special training base, Mandeff, under Lovna’s recommendation. After undergoing rigorous training under the bases’ military instructor, Cartel, he successfully strengthens his physique even more.

Several times, he receives aid from Princess Aini who attends the base while cross-dressing as a boy, which gradually leads to the formation of a deep companionship between them. At the same time, Aiwa flirts around with the bases’ female Duty Officer, Xena, leaving both with a good impression of the other.

During his first patrol mission, Aiwa encounters a mysterious girl.



Volume 7 Chapter 1: Tempting the Madame and the Lady into Fornication


Aiwa and Plum had already settled their clothes by the time the maid returned back with a clump of black vanilla orchid.

“It’s all right, he has cured me already. “

Plum glanced towards Aiwa with a slight blush across her face as she ordered the maid.

The maid was flabbergasted, looking at Aiwa and then towards Plum, feeling it was a bit inconceivable: “Cured without the black vanilla orchid? I ran so far to gather it! “

She felt disappointed that there was no use for the vanilla orchid even though she’d expended a great amount of strength to get hold of it.

“Thank you, Mia. Perhaps your sincerity had touched the gods. “

Plum didn’t want Mia to feel down. No matter who they were, anyone would expect to receive some kind of recognition for putting in their effort to complete a task

“You can keep the vanilla orchid here! It may prove useful another time! This doctor wouldn’t be able to stay here forever, right, Milady?”

The maid insisted.

At this moment, a young woman walked in through the entrance.

She wore gorgeous clothes, her appearance flirtatious and looked to appear around 18-19 years old. However, her gaze and figure bosomed myriad kinds of mien.

“Plum. Who’s this visitor?”

Her almond-shaped eyes caught sight of the pretty boy as soon as she entered the courtyard.

“This is a military doctor who was passing by. He helped to cure Lady Plum’s illness, a really brilliant expert!”

The maid hurriedly replied to the Madame’s questions.

This Madame was none other than Plum’s second Mother. Her father had two wives; this young lady was the second wife.

“A military doctor? Which illness has he cured my elder daughter of?”

The Madame sized up Aiwa with suspicion.

Plum’s face blushed; she didn’t reply because it was a really embarrassing matter.

The maid helped her out, whispering into the Madame’s ears in a low voice: “It’s a gynecological problem.”

Her face became plump red immediately. She laughed and then stepped forwards towards Aiwa, shooting a charming glance towards him before asking quietly: “I also have a gynecological problem, can I request this handsome man here to help in curing it?”


Aiwa could make out from her expression that she didn’t believe he was a military doctor and wanted to expose his deeds. She was an experienced person and had immediately inferred something from the unnatural blush on Plum’s face.

“Follow me! My room is in the Eastern part.”

She sent an affectionate gaze towards Aiwa and then proceeded towards her room.

Aiwa looked towards Plum. She nodded to express her agreement. After all, she was her second mother and could do nothing about her request for Aiwa’s treatment. However, she and her second mother weren’t close so she didn’t follow them towards the Eastern courtyard.

Though the Eastern courtyard wasn’t as huge as Plum’s, it’s quality was absolutely top-notch, flaunting its lavishness.

This residence had been established for her to live alone by Plum’s father as his two wives living together would have lead to problems. There was no need for concern if they lived separately.

“I’m Sheila.”

The Madame introduced herself to Aiwa after entering the courtyard.

Aiwa followed behind her, solely preoccupied with appreciating her curvy buttocks. His face blushed immediately up to the ears as he wasn’t expecting her to turn around suddenly.

“I’m Aiwa, a military doctor stationed at the Hohfeld Garrison.”

Aiwa gave a shameless self-introduction, if not, Sheila would surely hold him as a big cheater.

Sheila laughed, her eyes filled with amorous ripples.

He thought: “This kind of woman… her husband would have no chance at satisfying her!”

He accompanied her to the bedroom. It was decorated quite comfily, brimming with an intoxicating fragrance.

“What illness of Plum did you cure?”

Sheila’s keen gaze peered towards Aiwa as he took his seat on the chair, almost resembling an interrogation.

“She had caught a cold during the menstrual period which had led to menstrual pain. I used a cold dispelling technique to force the poisonous cold out from within her body. She naturally felt better after that.”

Aiwa didn’t understand medicine at all and had merely cooked up a few random things but Sheila felt as if his words made sense and thereupon asked again: “Can you take a look at what illness I have then?”

She looked at Aiwa coquettishly, her gaze revealing a tint of seduction and tease.

“I can surely find it out if you allow me to touch your belly.”

Aiwa spoke confidently.

“You aren’t planning to take advantage of the situation, right?”

Sheila’s gaze possessed a bit of a warning yet again seemed to be tempting him.

“I can leave if you don’t feel at ease. I wouldn’t want to sully Madame’s reputation.”

Aiwa prepared to get up and leave.

“What are you doing? I was just kidding, that’s all, you mustn’t take it to heart! I’m unable to sleep properly these days. I need a doctor to figure out what’s wrong with my body.”

Sheila’s expression seemed somewhat serious.

“Come, lie down on the bed. Let me feel it.”

Aiwa said uprightly.

“Others look at the patient to infer the illness, but you feel it through touch?”

She laughed with a flushed face.

“Hehe, this is body palpation! How will I be able to conclude which disease you’re afflicted with without using my hands?”

Sheila said no more and obediently lay on the bed. She lifted her skirt to reveal her pure white panties.

Aiwa sat down and reached out his hand to caress her underbelly. She immediately felt a puff of heat permeate into her abdominal region through his hand.

This convinced her that he wasn’t a swindler and really had some abilities.

She looked at him uneasily but he merely glanced at her plump mounds once before shutting his eyes, seeming as if he was trying to make a judgement.

Aiwa was currently using his Dou Qi to take a look at her body.

Although he wasn’t a doctor, Aiwa still had an understanding of the human body’s channels. If they were obstructed, a person would fall ill; if they were clear, then there wouldn’t be any problems.

After making an inspection once, he was surprised to discover that not only was she devoid of any problems, she seemed to be a woman with a rather strong lust. The reason she wasn’t able to sleep properly these past few days was because there was no outlet for that lust to be released.”

“I’ve found the ailment, Madame.”

Aiwa received his hand back and pulled down her skirt to cover her underbelly.

“What ailment is it?”

She didn’t believe she had some been inflicted with a serious illness and definitely wouldn’t believe Aiwa if he revealed it to be some special disease.

“You don’t have any serious illness, only, if this small ailment isn’t settled quickly, it would surely jeopardize Madame’s health in the future.”

Aiwa made an earnest show.

“Quickly, speak what ailment it is!”

Sheila felt anxious after hearing his words.

“Madame’s lust is very vigorous and since it hasn’t been able to find an outlet, it has affected your sleep. In the long run, not only would it cause your complexion to deteriorate rapidly but would cause damage to your internal organs as well.”

“Don’t scare me!”

She was really scared.

“How can we treat it?”

She looked at Aiwa anxiously, waiting for him to answer.

Aiwa contemplated for a moment.

“The cause for your illness is your husband’s inability to satisfy you, therefore you’ve remained in a sexually craving state and a depressive mood since long, right?”

“You’re right!”

Aiwa’s words had touched her heart’s worries. She also believed she had an extremely strong sexual desire but her husband had never been able to satisfy her, not waiting for her to orgasm each time they associated. She still hadn’t been able to become pregnant till now.

Aiwa’s analysis for the cause of her illness was right on mark but Sheila wished for him to be able to completely cure this illness away, therefore, she asked with a smile: “Do you have a way?”

“There’s a method but I believe Madame would be unwilling to choose it. I have an instrument which can satisfy your desire and that would naturally make your mood happy. After that, it would only require you to abstain from going to bed with men, as this would affect your mood again. In this way, you can forever remain healthy and also keep your sexual fantasies in control.”

Sheila believed his words. She had never been able to receive satisfaction from Plum’s father after getting married while her desire only grew more intense. Plum’s father had begun feeling weaker in spirit and also visited Sheila’s room less and less.

As time passed, her crave for sex grew stronger. When she saw Aiwa today, her lust seemed to have found an outlet and this was the other reason she had brought Aiwa to her room.

There was no need for Aiwa to explain, she had already guessed what instrument Aiwa was speaking of, it was naturally that member of his body.

Her face brimmed with zeal as she thought until here. Wouldn’t it mean committing adultery if she had sexual relations with his man? This really made this young woman nervous as she had never done this before.

“Shall I proceed?”

Aiwa looked at her.

“No problem. We can only do such in order to treat the illness.”

Sheila lay down on the bed, untying her clothes but she didn’t take them off. If Aiwa pulled at them slightly, her clothes would peel off her body in an instant.

Aiwa sat there, looking at her. Her breathing had become rushed, bosom undulating up and down.

“If you really want it, I believe you would be willing to help me take off my clothes.”

Aiwa shifted towards the bed and lay beside her.

Sheila hesitated a bit and then got up, her hand stretching towards his waist. She unfastened his belt first and then took off his shirt, revealing his bare torso.

Her slender satiny fingers caressed his rugged back and gradually made their way towards his groin, softly gripping that rock hard member there.

She looked at Aiwa with excitement. Her fingers twisted around it, arousing Aiwa in turn. Her blue eyes resembled the deep ocean, surging with violent waves.

“Come up…”

Sheila closed her eyes to conceal her blue eyes.

“Shall I make you wet?”

She didn’t speak, expressing her silent consent. Aiwa stooped down towards her quim and raised her skirt, exposing her snowy naked body.

Her skin was smooth and pale, one look was enough make a man’s blood race.

Aiwa’s hand caressed back and forth at her legs. Gradually, his mouth neared her womanhood.

He bowed down to press his lips against her vulva; it was already moist. He extended his tongue to lick there.

Sheila’s body trembled the moment his tongue came into contact with her tender labia, making her moan: “Ooohhh… feels really good!”

She moved her body, spreading her legs out more so that her vulva was exposed completely. The labia had also been revealed outwards.

Aiwa sucked her vulva, lightly at first and then with force. That kind of sucking made her feel as if her womb was being sucked out.

“Ahhh… really pleasant…”

As he sucked, Aiwa used the tip of his tongue to provoke her flesh pearl; this was a woman’s most sensitive region.  Sheila felt all her nerves go numb as Aiwa merely licked her. However, he didn’t stop and pressed towards her clit, his tongue rubbing against that flesh bead with circular motions.

“Ohhhh… Mmmnn…”

Aiwa’s licking caused her breasts to jiggle and buttocks to wriggle.

He didn’t want to waste time and hence used this method to excite her desire. He crawled up as Sheila grabbed his erect meat rod, bringing it towards her flesh cave.

Aiwa was already crazed due to this sexy woman, she needed no words, a glance here and a laugh there was enough to express her emotions.

He experienced a blood rush, feeling as if he would be unable to control it even by using his Dou Qi.

As his body pressed down, that huge meat rod slowly invaded Sheila’s dripping wet flesh cave.

Sheila felt that burning hot and huge meat rod sift through her vaginal walls and the sensations it brought as it pushed further in.

As if tasting sweet wine, she felt reluctant to swallow his rod with one thrust but rather did so little by little. Sex fluids covered Aiwa’s meat rod, overflowing from her cave. Aiwa couldn’t push in completely at the first thrust but the feeling of peering through those walls had already caused Sheila to moan with pleasure.

“Aaaahhh… can you go deeper?”

Sheila furrowed her brows, adopting an infatuated expression, but she could feel that Aiwa only thrusted half the depth each time. He didn’t knock against her flower bud and this made her unable to sense the pleasant sensation of the glans grinding her bud.

“Don’t be in a hurry, I’ll slowly go deeper…”

The next time Aiwa jabbed towards her, his meat rod pushed deep like a drill.

“Oooohhh… finally… ahhh… feels good…”

She arched her waist upwards immediately. Aiwa had not only knocked hard against her flower bud but also grinded it; that numb feeling made her moan out loud.

Sheila moved her waist lightly as if to avoid his meat spear, and again seemingly catering to Aiwa’s thrusts. The intense pleasure caused another surge of fluids to puff out from her vagina, making it a damp marsh.

Aiwa struck her tender stamen with a rhythm and Sheila followed it, clamping onto him accordingly. Both of them seemed to have reached an understanding, Aiwa would slow down the rhythm whenever Sheila was about to orgasm so that she could experience it for a longer duration.

He made her cum in little amounts in small intervals, making sure both of them reached an orgasm at the same time.

After Aiwa had entered her second mother’s room, Plum pondered: was the reason she had called him there, was to do what they had done a while ago?

Plum didn’t understand the matters of adults much but she nevertheless could make out that her second mother was unsatisfied with her father in that aspect. Once Sheila had experienced Aiwa’s magic, would she be ready to let him go?

She couldn’t endure it anymore and instantly ran out from her room towards Sheila’s courtyard.

The courtyard door was already closed at this moment. After opening the door, she found a maid standing at the room entrance, doing needlework. She obstructed Plum’s way.

“The Madame is being inspected by the doctor inside, Milady isn’t allowed to go in!”

The maid blocked Plum’s way with both her hands spread wide, not letting her go inside.

“Get out of the way!”

Plum could hear Sheila’s moans from outside. She pushed the maid aside and rushed in.

Within the room, Sheila lay on the bed with her legs spread aside, raised upwards around Aiwa’s body. Aiwa’s lay atop her body, kneading her snowy breasts while he fucked her.

“Sheila! You’re really shameless!”

Plum was shocked at the scene in front of her. She had never expected that Sheila, an already married woman, would unexpectedly seduce another man. Moreover, seeing her legs flutter lasciviously as Aiwa fucked her made her, the daughter, to feel really ashamed.

To Plum, shaming her father was equivalent to shaming her.

She turned around to leave the room in fury, returning back to her courtyard.

Though Sheila had been discovered by Plum, her quim seemed to twitch already, all her nerves feeling taut as she felt a huge energy about to spurt out from there.

“Ahhh… Quicker… “

She couldn’t be bothered about Plum right now, she only desired for Aiwa to go deeper, faster, to fuck her until she reached the zenith of happiness. Aiwa began to deliver deep and powerful thrusts suddenly, no matter how much she tried to clamp onto his member, she couldn’t succeed in stopping him from the causing the convulsions at her quim. A warm fluid instantly flowed outwards.

That liquid engulfed Aiwa’s meat spread. Aiwa absorbed the energy Sheila had amassed from a long time. Only, this energy couldn’t compare to that of Plum’s, not to speak of Lisa.

Aiwa begun to thrust crazily with the help of the smooth fluids.

“Aaahhh… you’ll kill me… stop thrusting…”

Sheila screamed. Her mad yell made the maid outside completely wet. If it wasn’t for her identity as a maid, she would have fucked a round with Aiwa.

Sexual secretions squirted out from her honey pot along with her screams as Aiwa made a flurry of ferocious thrusts.


He embraced her tightly, spraying that semen at her flower bud with force.


Sheila could finally take a breath.

As she enjoyed this pleasure, she began to worry. Plum would surely tell today’s matter to her father, that would doom her.

Not waiting to experience the pleasure completely, Sheila withdrew away from Aiwa’s body, stating: “This really won’t do, I’ll go look for Plum.”

She franticly donned her clothes and hurried towards Plum’s courtyard.

Plum lay on her bed with anger. Sheila immediately walked there and sat beside her, trying to soothe her: “Plum, what you saw just now… Actually, it was Aiwa curing my illness, didn’t you also let him treat you? What do you think your father would do if he knew this?”

At this time, Aiwa also walked inside. Looking at him, she turned away in anger, she believed he let her down.

“I was only helping Madame Sheila, that’s all. Moreover, Plum, your illness hasn’t been cured completely, there’s still a final step left, else it would bring grave consequences later on.”

Aiwa’s words made her sober up. He was only a doctor passing by, why was she so fixated on possessing him? Just now, she had only seen him help to treat Sheila’s illness, that’s all.

In order to cover up and prevent her from revealing anything, Aiwa was planning to have a threesome with them. This would prevent her from revealing the matter of Sheila and Aiwa having an affair to her father.

“What’s the final step?”

Plum felt that her body was already well, how could it need more treatment?

“I still have to expel the remnant frigidity from your body. I won’t have time to help you as I would be leaving for a journey soon. You can accept the treatment by laying atop this bed! That would save me some time.”

Aiwa looked towards the pair of beauties, expressing his intentions.

Sheila and Plum looked at each other, Sheila took the decision: “Plum, we aren’t outsiders anymore. You can lay down on the bed here! You mustn’t delay Mr. Aiwa’s work.”

She had guessed the genuine reason Aiwa had proposed such an arrangement and hurriedly matched his words to persuade Plum.

“That… alright!”

Though a bit shy, Plum agreed. What surprised her was that Aiwa first asked Sheila to strip naked and lay on the bed and then asked her to do so as well.


Plum hesitated a bit.

“Strip quickly! There’s no taboo when treating an illness, what are you scared of?”

Sheila urged her.

Plum helplessly stripped naked and lay down beside Sheila.

The scene of these two beauties laying naked side by side was really fascinating, snowy mounds adjacent to each other with those four captivating mouth-watering mulberry like nipples.

Aiwa fondled their breasts for a moment and then caressed their quim. Each caress from his hand would make their bodies quiver.

His hand snaked towards the crux of her legs, softly slapping it. Sheila parted them to the sides and let his hand cover her vulva, letting him grope. It had already become wet.

Aiwa then came over to Plum’s side, stooping down to suck onto Plum’s nipple whilst his other hand targeted Plum’s private region. It was dry as she’d already taken a bath and cleaned up when Aiwa had gone with Sheila.

However, when he inserted his finger inside, he could feel the slippery walls, just like entering an everglade.


Plum moaned as Aiwa curled his fingers. The tide which had withdrawn recently was being provoked again.

“You two can sandwich each other. Try to spread out your legs as much as possible and the person on top mustn’t block the vulva of the person under, if not, it would be difficult for me to make movements.”

He gazed at them as the beauties got into position, but they couldn’t understand how exactly to sandwich each other.

Finally, Sheila decided to lay underneath and let Plum lay atop her. They struggled a bit to embrace each other, finally adopting a posture which revealed Sheila’s dripping wet vulva outside completely. If he wished, Aiwa would be capable of shifting from within Plum’s vulva to Sheila’s easily.

Plum lay on her, Sheila placed her hands on Plum’s thighs, making her open up her legs wide, exposing the pink entrance of her tender vulva from which sparkling fluids seeped out.

Their bodies were quite close to each other. Plum’s buttocks lay atop Sheila’s belly. This made it convenient for Sheila to knead Plum’s vulva whilst Aiwa fucked Sheila. All this caused a chain-reaction which pressed Sheila towards her orgasm as well as made her accelerate the rhythm at which she kneaded Plum’s vulva. Therefore, when she felt good, it would also cause Plum lying atop her to experience a wave of pleasure as well.

Aiwa’s huge meat rod invaded the depths of Sheila’s vagina with a slow rhythm. Sheila would softly knead Plum’s clit accordingly, their moans rose one after other, occurring in a harmonious unbroken succession.

Plum’s clit had become hyperaemic due to Sheila’s kneading, rising up high. A slight touch immediately made her body shudder. Gradually, a stream of sparkling fluids flowed out of her vulva.

“Ahhhh… ohhh… it itches…”

Plum moaned softly. Aiwa pulled out his meat spear and pushed into Plum’s deep valley.


Her moans became crazier as his meat rod stabbed in, her vagina squeezing onto that huge member tightly.

Aiwa continued to invade deeper, his glans touching her flower bud.

After being poked by Aiwa, Plum’s flower bud immediately opened, allowing his glans to enter inside.

Both of them experienced a thrilling sensation as that glans jabbed at her little mouth.

Sheila, underneath was unable to hold on, as the pleasure was making her wiggle madly.

Her groping skill after all couldn’t compare to Aiwa’s meat rod. That fierce itch, rising within her depths, only persecuted Plum’s body, making her feel unwell.

“Aaaahhh… Aiwa… pound me harder…”

Atop Sheila’s body, Plum screamed wildly, under the suffering of her kneading.

Aiwa’s meat rod thrust deep into her meat cave, pushing against her flower bud, he began grinding it rather than thrashing it.

“Aaaahhhhh… oohhh…”

Plum convulsed, groping her jade breasts, kneading with all her strength as she let out her spunk.

Aiwa released Plum’s hands as he saw this, laying on her back, he sucked onto her nipple whilst absorbing her sex fluids.

Plum’s Venus underwent a series of convulsions, exciting Aiwa’s huge member all the more. He spurted out semen after a while, the Yang essence and her sex fluids mixing together.

Aiwa pulled out of her vagina, once again boring into Sheila’s, followed by a series of quick thrusts. Sheila wiggled madly, her vagina clamping onto Aiwa’s meat rod with force, sucking onto it fiercely.

Aiwa released his essence within her, causing her body to undergo an upheaval.

Right now, Plum felt as if her body had been hollowed out, giving an unpleasant sensation. After satisfying Sheila, Aiwa thrust into her again, stopping down to kiss her tiny mouth simultaneously.

Her fragrant tongue greedily swept across his mouth, meanwhile, her vagina loosened up and tightened again, as if wanting to suck out all of Aiwa’s essence.

After a long time, Plum released Aiwa’s tongue, but her body continued to quiver as the ethereal pleasure drafted her strength over the limit, and as a result she lay on Sheila’s body, unable to budge at all.

“Plum, will you reveal this matter to your father?”

Aiwa caressed her enticing body, occasionally sucking her perky nipple.

“Don’t worry, I’ll guard this secret.”

She slowly rolled off Sheila’s body like a piece parting from a frame.

She had never expected to fuck this man along with her second mother; it made her feel a little reluctant to part.

The sensation of Sheila kneading her clit a moment ago had made her feel good.

“Sheila, when will we able to do this again with Aiwa?”

She had a premonition that an opportunity like that would pass by rarely as Aiwa would set about soon.

“Be at ease! I’ll come again once I’ve finished my mission.”

Aiwa got down the bed and put on his clothes.

At present, his most important objective was to enter the Mandeff base. From there, he would learn the skills needed to conquer the world.

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