Dragon Blood Warrior – Volume 6 Chapter 8

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Volume 6 Chapter 8: Tempting the Girl into Fornication


Aiwa sight never left her as he followed. That girl too did nothing to cover up her natural beauty, which had caused Aiwa’s heart to become chaotic.

“You must be famished?”

The kind-hearted girl raised the topic of having a meal after seeing the sorry appearance of Aiwa and the carriage driver.

Aiwa had passed through quite some trouble and really needed to replenish his energy.

“Okay, I’ll make a quick visit back to the entrance.”

Aiwa turned back.

He took out the very few gold coins he had on him and then handed them to the two servants there, telling them in a low voice: “Can you monitor this fellow? Don’t let him move around by himself, all the money is with him!”

Aiwa nonchalantly returned back to the girl’s side.

She immediately ordered someone to prepare a meal, and then again returned to meet Aiwa. Though his clothes were in dredges, it could be made out that those were of a military officer’s, moreover that of one with a high position. The girl naturally formed a good opinion of him after looking at Aiwa’s handsome face along with all these factors.

The household wouldn’t let her go out easily because of gender, therefore she felt quite lonely at home. She was extremely enthusiastic to finally be able to come across a visitor from outside, but she didn’t know Aiwa had already began making plans on her.

“Your father and mother?”

“They do business; I live alone at home. However, some of the matters are handled by me.”

She referred to the matter of the carriage hiring business.

Aiwa’s heart began pounding after listening to her, it seemed that he would indeed be able to taste a top delicacy today. A smile brimming with complacency rose across his face. He was just passing by through here and didn’t plan on living here, since he didn’t have to deceive her for a long time, he could use the shameless and obscene Yin technique.

“What do you do?”

The angelic looking girl asked curiously.

“I’m a military doctor.”

Aiwa seemed really convincing with his military clothes.

“What’s a military doctor doing in such a place? Is there going to be another battle against the Wolf Kingdom’s army?”

Her eyes were wide open with curiosity. She sat across Aiwa with a knee long skirt as her attire, knees huddled together, making it difficult for him to look at the scenes of her springtime. However, it could be induced that her maturity was quite good by looking at the decently sized pair of mounds at her bosom.

“We were carrying out a mission when our carriage fell into a ravine. Two of my soldiers fell into it and are waiting for me to save them!”

Aiwa had already begun operating the Yin technique against her whilst speaking.

At first, the girl hadn’t felt anything strange, she only felt her body gradually warm up but she soon felt as if someone was kneading her breasts, and gently caressing her quim. Although there wasn’t anything there, she felt as if a hand was gently caressing about under her clothes.

She of course thought it a delusion and didn’t care about it but she soon began feeling restless.

“Pardon me, I’ll be returning back inside the house.”

The girl walked over towards her with a slight blush across her face.

Aiwa and the carriage driver sat at the courtyard, they couldn’t enter the house without the permission of the owner.

After a moment, someone had come over to ask Aiwa and the carriage driver to have a meal.

“You can eat first! I’m not feeling hungry.”

The carriage driver had run madly for several kilometres, his spirit had become weary, his stomach rumbling with hunger; As for Aiwa, he could replenish his energy by simply absorbing the sexual fluids of a virgin.

This courtyard had two houses, the girl had clearly withdrawn into the rear court. After a while, a maid haphazardly rushed outside.

“Where’s the young lady?”

Aiwa feigned ignorance.

“The young lady says that her belly hurts! I’m going to go look for a doctor.”

The maid replied.

“No need for that, I’m a military doctor.”

Aiwa spoke with calm. The maid glanced at him, “You’ll be able to treat her?”

“Why not? What kind of illnesses haven’t I seen? I hold a military doctor certificate of the Empire.”

Aiwa patted his chest.

“Follow me!”

The maid guided Aiwa ahead through the house, taking him towards a courtyard; Aiwa could hear the moans of a girl transmitting out from within the house.

Aiwa entered the girl’s room following behind the maid. The girl now lay atop the bed, tossing and turning around whilst covering her belly.

“Come, let me take a look.”

Aiwa reached out to inspect the pupils of the girl, displaying a very earnest act.

He turned to ask the maid: “Is there any Fragrant Crow Grass in this home?”

“There isn’t.”

She shook her head.

“I saw some while I made my journey towards here. Follow the path towards the West and you shall find some at the wayside kilometre away from the entrance.”

Aiwa quite conscientiously ordered her.

Hearing this, the maid personally hurried to set out in order to find it, since she knew how the grass looked and couldn’t risk others making an error.

“Where do you feel unwell?”

“My belly hurts …”

She curled up her legs, cold sweat forming over her face.

“Let me take a look.”

Aiwa placed his hand on top of her belly, softly pushing it, calmly covering over her nave. After a few moments, the girl didn’t feel pain anymore.

“Still hurts?”

Aiwa gazed into her vivid eyes.

“A little but it doesn’t hurt much.”

She looked at this handsome soldier in front of her eyes with gratitude. Only, she felt a little shy as his hand was placed atop her belly.

“Didn’t the real pain actually occur a little lower?”

Aiwa hand descended below whilst kneading her abdomen. She nodded shyly, her lower abdomen contracting due to her high sensitivity as his hand caressed downwards.

“I’ll be inserting my hand now, okay? I won’t be able to inspect your illness without doing that.”


She nodded without hesitation after seeing Aiwa’s actions indeed resembled that of a doctor’s.

Aiwa stretched his hand inside her skirt. He didn’t caress her slender and glossy jade legs but rather directly went to grope her private zone.

The girl was unable to look at Aiwa due to the embarrassment and could only move her sight elsewhere because Aiwa’s finger had already touched her vulva. She suddenly felt a burning hot stream of air flow from her quim towards her pubic region.

“No need to be shy, I’ll massage you now so that the Fragrant Crow Grass can be more effective.”

Aiwa softly kneaded her vulva with his finger, making the girl’s face flush immediately but the counterpart was a doctor, and was now working hard to treat her illness. She could only obey him. Moreover, she would feel a refreshing sensation at her private zone each time his finger kneaded that place.

Aiwa gazed at her face whilst kneading her vulva. Although she had her eyes open, she didn’t dare to look back at him, adding more to her charm. His finger could clearly sense her labia gradually moisten as he kneaded them.

“Do you feel good?”

Aiwa asked the girl as her face bloomed red with charm.

“Oohh… G-Good…”

She glanced at Aiwa shyly.

“This is the cooldown of your first menstrual period, it will become graver later if it isn’t treated properly.”

Aiwa scared her.

The girl lay obediently on the bed, letting herself be kneaded, saying she felt good. Her quim began to swell as Aiwa kept kneading her vulva.

She had cast her sight towards the wall to hide from his gaze but he really wanted to look at her body.

In order to reach this purpose, he released his Dou Qi to proliferate heat within her body. The girl felt her entire body warm up in a moment.

“How is it so warm?”

The girl was unable to endure it.

“I’m trying to expel the frigid vapours within your body but your clothes are in the way. Take ‘em off so that those poisonous vapours can discharge from your body!”

Aiwa advised her.

The girl’s face was dyed red.

“I am a doctor; what qualms do you have in front of a doctor?”

Aiwa said with honour.

“Can I only remove the outer clothing?”

The girl sat up, shedding her outer clothing, revealing her exquisite physique. Her slender legs and lovely breasts were hidden under the thin layer of undergarment; Aiwa could even see her perky pink nipples through the snow white undergarment.

The flimsy undergarment was elevated due to the nubs rising on her curvaceous and lovely breasts. Her moist skin could be made out through it.

“Your underwear seems to be blocking my energy from entering within your body, I can only help you if strip them off. Don’t worry, nothing would happen.”

Aiwa coerced the girl step by step.

She didn’t oppose and let him smoothly pull down her underwear. He discovered that the base of her underwear was already wet after taking them out.

Aiwa caressed her vulva again.

“I’m called Plum.”

Her eyes were dreamy, just about to well up.

Aiwa’s finger stroked along the entrance to her ravine but didn’t particularly go about kneading her clit, his actions having already overwhelmed her.

Her body would sway each time he kneaded her quim, causing the lovely pair of breasts on her bosom to tremble along with her.

The girl was burning with desire but she was embarrassed to speak out. She peeped at Aiwa’s expression, that handsome face of his only made her heart throb vehemently.

“I’m really sorry. My Dou Qi has met an obstruction within your body and is unable to reach your abdomen. I won’t be able to cure your illness this way.”

Aiwa continued to knead her vulva but the solemn gaze with which he looked at Plum made her aroused.

“What kind of obstruction?”

“I can only use an instrument to explore inside in order to pass through it.”

“What instrument?”

Plum could make out what region Aiwa was speaking of. Her breathing became rushed, her heart thirsting for him to embrace, but she still felt a little scared when thinking of the things a man and woman do privately.

“I don’t have that metal instrument with me right now but I can use a part of my body in place of it since the principle behind the operation is the same. This wouldn’t happen normally during treatment because a girl would rather prefer the metal instrument and be unwilling to actually use that refreshing and comforting human organ. I ask you not to let your thoughts be led astray. I don’t want to take advantage of you but this is rather the only way left, how can other things be inserted within your pure vagina?”

Plum helplessly agreed to Aiwa’s dignified speech.

“Alright, but … the door isn’t closed, it wouldn’t look good if a servant came inside.”

Plum was already under the manipulation of Aiwa’s Yin technique, her face brimming with excitement as she crawled from above the bed to pull the window curtains to make the room dim.

Aiwa closed the door and locked it. There would be no need to be anxious that someone would see them this way.

“Close your eyes.”

Aiwa stood in front of Plum’s bed. She now lay atop the bed, her pair of legs pointed towards him, slightly huddled together, expressing her shyness.

She closed her eyes after hearing Aiwa say so. Meanwhile, he removed his trousers, exposing that high-spirited member of his. It had become lively long ago, one look at it would have scared Plum witless.

Aiwa grabbed her butt to pull her till the bedside.

He could look at her vulva if he raised her underwear but he didn’t do so, he only squeezed onto her two plump breasts.

“Mmmn …”

Plum moaned out. She had already felt like doing so when he had kneaded her vulva before but she couldn’t do so due to feeling reserved as a girl.

Aiwa’s hand fondled with her breasts, making her feel limp all over her body. He parted her legs to the side. She curled her legs up simultaneously, causing the snow white undergarment covering her thighs to be raised till her waist, exposing the path from her belly to her vulva instantly.

That sparse bush curved and scattered at her plump mons, her clit aroused, the pink entrance below dripping with sparkling dewdrops.

Plum had already become a sheep steered by the shepherd now, everything going according to Aiwa’s wishes. He unbuttoned her jacket, causing her snowy breasts to spring out. Stooping down, he caressed her warm breasts with his face.

“Ohhh …”

Plum moaned softly. She was unable to bear such teasing and wished for Aiwa to quickly violate her, fuck her vulva with his member.

However, Aiwa had merely let his member loose at atop her vulva and pressed down, grabbing her breasts with his hands to fondle them. Her body would sway each time he did so and thereupon cause her vulva to rub against his member. What vexed her even more that her vulva would itch due to his member rubbing against her aroused clit.

She wasn’t conscious of the pain at her belly now, she had her hands full with enduring the pleasure attacking all over her body.

“Ooohhh … I feel strange …”

Plum muttered, wrinkling her brows.

“Where do you feel strange?”

Aiwa asked though he already knew the answer. He continued to fondle with her pair of breasts, causing them to transform into various forms.

“Ooohhh … at … below …”

Plum felt embarrassed to speak out the name of that location and could only say ‘below’.

“Which place there?”

Aiwa groped her fiercely, making the blood within her entire body warm up, causing her nerves to tense up as if she was about to urinate from that place of hers.

“The pee-pee place …”

Plum overcame her shyness with great difficulty and spoke out the name of the location at which she felt strange.

“I’ll stop fondling you then, okay?”

“Ah … don’t stop … I’ll feel more unwell if you stop …”

She closed her eyes, her face dyed with infatuation. Her legs were half open, shy yet still longing for it. Aiwa got up and saw that when his member had parted from her vulva, it had already become drenched.

He crouched down and sucked her satiny vulva directly, exploring his tongue outwards, sliding it up and down along her labia.

Aiwa raised his head to look at her face whilst he licked her vulva. She had taken the initiative to fondle her breasts herself. At the beginning, her long snowy legs still nestled together to each other but they began to automatically spread outwards after Aiwa had licked a few times. Her legs would sometimes gather together again when she wasn’t able to bear his licking, hinting for him to lick a little gently.

“Aaahhhh … It itches inside …”

Plum wiggled her butt, causing her upper body to jiggle as well. There wasn’t a single place left on her body which wasn’t being attacked by pleasure as she groped her own breasts with all her strength.

Aiwa sucked her clit gently, causing her to shudder. Her quim trembled suddenly and then jetted out a surge of jade fluids. He pressed his mouth forwards again, invading her nectar source with his tongue. His tongue could feel her entrance squeezed onto it just like an infant sucking a mother’s nipple.

Sex fluids kept squirting out from inside.

Right as Plum was in the middle of feeling it, Aiwa stopped licking and climbed atop the bed.

She shot a glance towards his groin, gazing at his huge doppelganger. Though she was inexperienced about sex, she knew that the process included a man thrusting it into a woman’s honey pot.

“Get up.”

Plum got up, her sight subconsciously peeking at his member.

She had already guessed that she would be losing her chastity today when Aiwa had stripped her, but she was somewhat puzzled by his behaviour.

“Why didn’t you …”

She blushed. She still couldn’t speak out that word.

“How can I do so without your permission? A man ought not to force a girl against her will, I’m worried you won’t feel happy.”

He looked at her half-naked appearance.

“I wish … for you … to fuck me.”

She shyly caressed his thighs but didn’t dare to touch his member.

“You can play with it.”

Aiwa could see through her thoughts.

Her hand followed along his thighs, sliding along till it reached that place.

A mere light touch from her had caused that monster to be roused up. She looked up to glance at Aiwa, thinking that it was really fun. She became more brazen, winding her fingers around it. Grabbing it caused it to droop suddenly, just like a snake, which in turn frightened her and made her release it.

“It’s all right, you can play more.”

Aiwa gazed at her pure yet alluring face, “Like this.”

He guided her hand to make it grip his member and made her hand stroke it up and down. The glossy glans immediately exposed itself outside from within the foreskin.

Plum really didn’t expect that thing would still be able to transform in such a way. He released her hand and let her play as she wish.

Albeit a bit clumsy at the beginning, her fingers twisted around his member quite swiftly in no lesser than a few minutes. She grabbed it with force, making that glans appear plumper.

“Do you wish for it to be inserted within that place of yours?”

Aiwa caressed her shoulders.

“I do…”

She shyly lowered her head.

“It will hurt if it’s inserted like this.”

One of his hands clutched her breast.

“What should be done then?”

Plum raised her head, asking Aiwa with doubt. Her eyes were filled with shy but the purity within them were as clear as lake water.

“You can use your mouth to lubricate it. That will make it slide inside easily.”

His member within her hands enlarged again as he gazed at her cute appearance.

Aiwa estimated that the maid should have reached that place and must be looking for the Fragrant Crow Grass around this time. He wasn’t anxious even if she returned, Plum had already fallen into his plot, he would surely be able to taste her if she wished so.

Plum stooped down her head to suck Aiwa’s huge glans within her mouth. Her mouth was a bit smaller than it, causing her cheek to bulge out after she had taken all of the glans inside her mouth, that’s just how huge it was.

Aiwa lay there comfortably, spreading his legs so that she could lay on her stomach there to suck his member.

“Try taking it deeper.”

Aiwa closed his eyes to enjoy the sensation. He could feel her licking the glans, not daring to suck deeper.

After hearing Aiwa’s words, she sucked another section of it inside, almost half of his member had been swallowed and then slowly released.

“Yes … like that … suck in and then out, do it faster …”

He felt pleasant as she sucked him. At the same time, he could sense Plum’s legs twine with his left leg.

Perhaps due to the itch she felt, her body would sway lightly each time she sucked Aiwa’s member. Her vulva would rub against his leg, causing it to spout out a satiny fluid which would moisten Aiwa’s leg.

“Plum… use your breasts to massage it…”

He spread out his legs as much as he could, exposing his member and the balls to her.

Plum released his member from his mouth. She stroked it for a while and then moved her body upwards to press her breasts against it.

She could feel the pleasure from her naked body rubbing against his. She very obediently did as Aiwa asked her to.

Her breasts squeezed onto that huge rod whilst her hands were placed at Aiwa’s waist. Her bosom jiggled at his groin, those two plump breasts massaging it using circular motions. It really gave Aiwa a refreshing sensation.

“Ooohhh …”

He moaned with pleasure. Even though he had experienced sex with several women, he had never felt so good before. Plum had learnt very quickly on the how-to by following Aiwa’s instructions. She simultaneously massaged his meat rod with her mounds as well as licked his body. Aiwa’s meat rod became harder as he watched her pure yet immoral actions.

After massaging for a while, she pleaded him: “My lower part is itching … the maid … ‘ll return soon …”

She seemed to have forgotten that she was still a virgin, pleasing Aiwa to fuck her in spite of feeling shy.

“Can you handle it yourself?”

Aiwa wanted to train this girl properly.

“I… can’t…”

She awkwardly looked at Aiwa.

“It’s alright, I’ll teach you…”

Aiwa stripped the clothes remaining on her body, letting her ride across his groin completely naked. He spread her legs apart, making the vagina open up a little, causing spring fluids to gush out. He caught his member and jabbed the glans right at the entrance.

“Push down, be a bit brave.”

Aiwa’s scalding member pushed through her labia and invaded inside her. Those lower lips wrapped around his member firmly.

She was quite tight; both of them felt good.

“Like this, do your best to sit down in one go.”

Plum at once sat down with all her strength.

“Pzz”, Aiwa’s meat spear lunged inside!


Plum screamed out. Her vagina clamped hard around Aiwa’s meat rod.

The pain had somewhat caught her off guard, surprising her. However, she soon felt the pain become submerged within the pleasure bubbling up within her.


Plum’s body continued to press down. Only a small section of that long meat rod was left outside! Aiwa could also feel her blooming flower bud inside her body at the same time.

“Raise your body upwards and then push down again, it would bring pleasure to you if you do it that way…”

She began to raise and drop her body according to Aiwa’s instructions, causing her snowy breasts to wiggle merrily as well.

Plum’s movements became quicker, bringing her all the more pleasure. She had sucked as well as massaged Aiwa, now making his meat rod slide in and out of hert. It had taken most of her strength, causing fragrant sweat to seep out of her body.

Aiwa suddenly sat up and embraced her snowy naked body. The two began kissing fervently. Her tongue intertwined with his under this guidance, sucking onto his tongue. Her vagina also clamped onto his meat spear with force.

Aiwa gently lay her on the bed but their bodies didn’t separate at all during the course of the events.

She had subconsciously parted her legs to the side, solely focusing on Aiwa as he lay atop her body. He confined her hands of its movements and began thrusting at her, making long and deep lunges. Though the rhythm was slow, he would invade up till the mouth of her cervix each time.

After lunging a few times, he discovered that her uterus seemed to resemble a pot, a small mouth with a large interior. The base was that sensitive flower bud; it’s middle portion was the mouth. Aiwa’s meat spread would try to invade into that little mouth at every charge.

“Ooohhhh… Aaaahhhhh…”

Plum moaned madly. Her vagina would contract quite tightly at times, squeezing onto Aiwa’s member and then again release it after a while, letting Aiwa experience the warm jade broth inside. Her flower bud bloomed out and Aiwa could feel it open up each time his glans collided against it. That small mouth would immediately try to suck the glans inside.

Aiwa had never expected that he would encounter such a strange woman at this village, it aroused his mood evermore.

When Plum had released his glans, he didn’t deeply lunge into her but rather made quick thrusts at her lower lips, making them wrap tightly immediately. Though it sucked with force, Aiwa was still able to slide in and out due to the huge amounts of secretions acting as a lubricant.

“Aaahhhh… I can’t bear it… fuck me faster…”

She screamed, unable to bear his teasing. Her flower bud opened up even more, causing her body to tremble violently.

Aiwa lunged at her rapidly, not letting her lower lips to relax even for a moment. She could only lower her quim. Aiwa also matched her and raised his groin upwards as he didn’t want to tease her for that long. However, after they persevered this position for a while, their nether regions parted again.

“Please… faster… fuck me faster…”

Plum closed her eyes, licking her lips as her body was dampened by sweat.

Aiwa suddenly pushed upwards, jabbing that pike to the depths.


The pleasure and pain had fused together, causing Plum to shiver vehemently. She embraced Aiwa’s waist, not letting him part from her.

Despite that, Aiwa could still thrust at a small margin. Her flower bud made a full bloom, that small mouth opening wide to engulf his meat rod inside.

Hot burning lava puffed into Plum’s volcano, her body convulsing from the extreme pleasure it brought.


Aiwa’s meat rod still remained erect, lunging at her flower bud. The indescribable pleasure from the flower bud’s little mouth sucking onto his glans made him cum again.

He could feel her vagina clamp onto him tightly after that. He stopped moving and lay atop her naked body. Their bodies were drenched in sweat though the season was cold.

Plum’s slim body propped up Aiwa’s sturdy body, totally unconscious of the exhaustion. She liked the feeling of him pressing onto her. Her hands caressed his back gently, transmitting a girl’s unbounded love for her man.

She kissed his face and ears as she caressed him. Her breasts were being squeezed between their bodies as Aiwa was busying himself by kissing her neck.

“If I gave birth to your child, would you recognize them?”

Plum hugged Aiwa. At this moment, a motherly awareness was born within her.

Perhaps it was too soon for a 17-year-old girl to become a mother but she really wanted to give birth to his child.

“I’ll recognize them, they are my seed, why wouldn’t I?”

“Will you ever return here?”

Plum hadn’t hoped for Aiwa to marry her and only wished that he would recognize their child. That would be equivalent to recognizing her.

“I’ll return!”

Aiwa raised his head, his member within her provoking her again.

Plum suddenly embraced his neck, tears welling up at her eyes.

To be continued inDragon Blood WarriorVolume 7.

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