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Volume 6 Chapter 7: Life is Oft Filled with Danger


Xenova returned to Aiwa’s room after being reprimanded by Lovna.

Aiwa wore his clothes properly after hearing the matter from the Xenova and made his way towards Lovna’s office, the laboratory.

Lovna blushed upon seeing him come in because she couldn’t help but recall Aiwa shooting his essence through the window last night.

“Captain, did you need me for something?”

Aiwa sat on the table in front of Lovna with a swagger.

“Does that woman have some request of you?”

Lovna sat upright in her chair with a solemn expression, but it still couldn’t conceal her diffidence. She felt as if Aiwa had intentionally shot his essence towards the window last night, that is to say, he had already discovered her spying on him and Lisa making love.

“Isn’t that unrelated to your duty?”

Aiwa didn’t push her over with the matter she was concerned.

“Hah, what could you even do for a woman like that with your strength?”

Lovna snorted with disdain. The only thing she could do right now was to attack Aiwa’s self-confidence in order to save face.

“We’re a pair in which one wishes to hit, and the other hopes to suffer. What’s the problem with that?”

Aiwa felt Lovna really meddled into other’s affairs too much.

Why did she care if Lisa wished to become his sex-slave?

“It seems you’re quite confident with your strength?”

Lovna laughed contemptuously, casting her gaze towards Aiwa, “According to what I’ve inferred, that woman’s strength is no less than mine. This matter she requested of you must not be a simple one then?”

Lovna’s conjecture was completely correct. She wasn’t just a pretty face but rather was a very intelligent and strong woman.

“Does Captain Lovna want to help me promote my strength? Alas, the Dou Qi I cultivate is very special, it needs a woman to pair with. Do you wish to unite with me?”

Aiwa looked at the two high mounds at Lovna’s bosom licentiously, that faint cleavage already had his blood racing.

“I know a place where you can promote your strength quickly, though, I’m afraid you’ll be unable to bear the hardship!”

Lovna provoked Aiwa with her gaze.

“I didn’t even think it was difficult when I had to travel to the East Empire during my childhood. Say it, where is this place you speak of?”

Aiwa was indeed aroused by Lovna. His heart felt unwell, he had to let this haughty woman see the proof with her own eyes.

“It’s a region where the Hass Empire specially cultivates professional, high-level officers. You really need to go there if you want to promote your strength. Though… …”

Lovna hesitated a bit.

“What is it?”

“The military instructor at that place may not necessarily acknowledge my rank.”

“What do you mean?”

Aiwa could already make out something from her words.

“That training base doesn’t take other’s ranking into consideration much, not even a person such as your father. Perhaps only the Queen could influence it.”

“The place is so harsh?”

“The people they cultivate all possess the aptitude to become professional officers. They wouldn’t waste strength on people without enough foundation or talent.”

Lovna lightly drummed the desk with her pencil, sometimes bending that flexible pencil.

Aiwa was convinced that the pencil in her hand could be treated as a weapon for homicide under an urgent situation, a fatal one-hit kill weapon.

“Do you think I look like an incompetent person?”

Aiwa jumped from the table to exhibit his body muscles towards her.

“If only considering your build, then you certainly meet the standard requirement. However, they still may not fancy you as a student officer.”

“It seems that their requirements are quite troublesome.”

“Yes. Before entering the formal training, you’ll have to be examined by them. I don’t even know if you’ll be able to pass the first trial.”

Lovna expressed her worry.

“I can’t take Lisa along with me?”

Aiwa didn’t just want to have fun with her but he really needed a woman like Lisa, one who had enough strength, to pair with him in order to promote his energy.

“Do you think the training base would let you bring your woman to participate in the training?”

“Captain must have also completed this training?”

“I haven’t. I’ve only hear about it, that’s all. If I could join that training, I fear I wouldn’t be sitting here and talking with you. You ought to know that at present only 20-30 people within the entire Hass Empire are undergoing special training there. To this day, not even a single one has graduated from there!”

Lovna’s words made Aiwa open his eyes wide. According to Lovna’s description, Aiwa could imagine his unequalled mighty appearance after graduating from that training base. The real reason he wanted to help Lisa take back the throne was not at all to fulfill her cherished desire to take revenge and carry out her grudge but he rather wanted to take the entire Wolf Kingdom into his hands with his own strength.

“Though I don’t know whether Military Instructor Cartel would acknowledge me, there’s no problem in writing a recommendation letter for you. When I was at the East Empire, we both were upper and underclass mates. He can even be considered as my senior.”

Lovna’s face was filled with pride as she revealed this relation.

“Doesn’t that mean Military Instructor Cartel is also my senior?”

Aiwa was exceptionally excited after hearing this.

Previously, Aiwa had felt that he had been driven away from his home by his father to the East Empire, but he now felt that it was indeed an extreme honour to study abroad.

“Hah, don’t think he’ll take care of you since he’s your senior. He’s a very self-centred person!”

Lovna laughed. She thought of warning Aiwa but she concealed her true thoughts beneath her smile.

“I want to go!”

Aiwa felt the urge to walk into this purgatory. He believed that if he was able to come out of that base using his wits, he would be able to shake the entire Hass Empire.

Lovna took a letter sealed with the emblem of the Hass Empire Barracks from her drawer and then wrote a letter with a graceful calligraphic style. Finally, she signed her name along with the date.

She glanced at her pretty sign once and then lovingly placed it within the envelope. She thought: “I hope this former wooer of mine won’t make things too hard for Aiwa for my sake.”

During the days she was studying at the East Empire, Cartel had once pursued after Lovna stubbornly. Although she didn’t hate Cartel, she hadn’t been moved by him. Thus, Cartel’s efforts were futile. She didn’t know whether Cartel remembered their friendship.

“This is the recommendation letter I’ve written to help you. If you lose it, you won’t even be able to enter the entrance of the base!”

Lovna gazed at Aiwa passionately. She herself couldn’t understand why she was delivering him towards that demonic training base.

Perhaps she felt he was talented? Or had she formed feelings towards Aiwa that a woman would have for a man?

“Only, I just want to know whether sending me to that special training base is your intention or Federer’s?”

Aiwa suddenly recalled that his arrival or departure couldn’t be controlled by a mere Captain as he had been dispatched here by Her Majesty the Queen.

“Federer and I have both consulted and decided this.”

Aiwa curled his lips unhappily after hearing Federer’s name. However, he still carefully placed the letter into his possession.

“Prepare to leave at once! I’ll arrange a carriage for you.”

Lovna always worked in a concise manner. She didn’t want Aiwa to be sloppy regarding this matter.

Aiwa put the letter away and returned back to his residence. Cassia and Lisa still lay atop the bed as they had been exhausted from Aiwa’s teasing.

“Lisa, you must first return back to Khalila Grand Canyon! I have to go to a faraway place, I won’t be able to accompany you.”

Aiwa had never felt sadness before but he suddenly felt his nose become sour as he had to part from these two beautiful women.

“Have you received an important mission?”

The two women queried together.

Aiwa nodded. He wanted to explain more but he feared he would choke with emotion.

“Then, what should I do if I miss you?”

Cassia climbed down the bed to embrace Aiwa with her glossy nude body.

A minute before, Cassia had thought that having sex with Aiwa was only to satisfy her body’s physical needs but she felt reluctant to part with him now. After all, he had taken away her first night, and let her experience the joys of being a woman.

“I believe I’ll be able to see you again soon.”

Aiwa embraced these two lovely women, their tender sentiments making him weak for the first time.

“When will you be leaving?”

“Right now.”

Aiwa picked up the sword and handed it over to Cassia: “Take care of it for me. I hope you’ll be able to find its other pair, the Phoenix Sword.”

His solemn expression made the two of them feel that he didn’t resemble a boy any more, but rather an adult.

“I’ll find it.”

Cassia received the sword earnestly, speaking with confidence. By the time Aiwa had left the Medic Quarters, a standard army type horse carriage was waiting for him outside. The horse driver was seated atop the driver seat. Two mighty first class soldiers stood to either sides of the carriage.

“They’ll be escorting you to the base.”

Lovna wore a solemn expression to mask her reluctance to part with Aiwa.

She tried her best to make sure that the other two women couldn’t catch onto her feelings for Aiwa, wearing a frigid expression of a dignified soldier across her face.

“They’ll be escorting me?”

Aiwa thought it was somewhat funny as she looked at the two first class soldiers.

“They’ll able to solve the tiny troubles for you. At least, you can enjoy the privilege of a Hundred Man General before reaching the Mandeff base, Captain Aiwa.”

Lovna smiled faintly, those impressive twin peaks formed an excellent curve under the military uniform, holding in a ton of enticement.

Aiwa really felt reluctant to leave as he looked at Lovna’s plump and lovely peaks. He thought, “I could definitely capture her affection if I stayed here for a few more days.” However, Aiwa didn’t regret not forcing himself on her before.

Aiwa calmed down his raging heart as he looked at Lovna’s charming face before jumping atop the carriage.

“Set off!”

Aiwa didn’t turn back after getting on. The carriage left the barracks under the gaze of those four women.

“This youngster will finally stop dazzling before my eyes!”

Federer proudly left his office upon seeing Aiwa’s carriage leave the barracks. Federer had felt depressed since the previous battle had been won under Aiwa’s command. He wanted to send him away already but he didn’t have a suitable excuse for it. The request from Lovna to send him towards the special training base, Mandeff, had been opportune.

Lovna had turned around to leave before he could even near her.

She naturally understood the intentions of this superior of hers, her loathe for him was no lesser than Aiwa’s but she had no choice but to obey his orders due to the difference in class. As for Federer, he was also helpless against this woman whose strength was a lot higher than his. She was an unyielding woman, he understood that he absolutely couldn’t touch her.

After Aiwa’s carriage had traversed around 50 km, it reached a robbing-prone zone, but he was totally unaware of this. His excitement had dwindled due to the bumpy ride as he now lay within the carriage drowsily. He didn’t need to worry about something happening to the carriage as it was being guarded by two First Class soldiers.

Suddenly, a group of men holding steel knives came out from the woods to attack them.

Aiwa was roused by the clamour. By the time he had sat upright, the carriage had long been surrounded by at least ten people.

“Give your valuables to us if you wanna live!”

Their leader, a sinister faced man shouted with a coarse voice.

“Do you want to die? This Sir is from the Hass Empire’s army; you tiny thieves dare to make trouble?

The two soldiers acting as the guards immediately wielded their swords to protect Aiwa.

“Hah, don’t think you’ll be able to scare us with that whatever army, I don’t care who he is. You’ll have to handover the toll if you wanna pass through here! Stop your nonsense and quickly bring out the monies!”

The sinister faced man displayed an impatient appearance.

“Who are they?”

Aiwa leaned his body on the carriage’s railing as if he didn’t take these men seriously.

“Looking at the weapons within their hands, they seem to be bandits from the Wolf Kingdom.”

One of the soldiers replied.

“Take care of them, quickly! The journey mustn’t be delayed.”

Aiwa placed his hands on top the railing and closed his eyes.

“As you order!”

The two soldiers immediately began fanning out, displaying various sword attack forms with their swords. One swing would topple a man’s head, followed by another, till only the sounds of swords lingered.

Aiwa opened his eyes after a few minutes, the path before his eyes was laid with corpses.

“Wow, both your sword plays are pretty good! Sorry for troubling you. I don’t have money on me right now but you can ask Captain Lovna after we return!”

Aiwa praised them both. Their skill was indeed pretty good to be able to deal with ten robbers using only their internal energy. It was no wonder that Lovna had asked them to escort him. He wouldn’t have to do the deeds himself with these two together with him.

Aiwa waved his hand to signal the carriage to continue with the journey.

“It’s a pity there weren’t any women amongst these robbers, else, I would have given you a material reward, hehe.”

Aiwa glanced towards those two soldiers, joking around with them.

“Captain Aiwa, if you make your fortune one day, I hope you’ll remember us!”


Aiwa laughed proudly.

They had travelled another few kilometers when they heard a bloodcurdling noise from behind. Turning around to look, there were almost hundred men chasing after them.

“Damn, it seems you both have stirred up trouble this time.”

Aiwa spoke as he looked at the group of armed robbers.

“Don’t worry! Captain Aiwa, we’ll handle them.”

The two soldiers grabbed their sword hilts confidently, prepared to start battling at any moment.

“It’s enough to just kill their leader. As they say: ‘To capture a thief, one must first capture their king.’ There’s no need to kill them all. I’m a soft-hearted person, I can’t bear to see rivers of blood.”

By the time Aiwa finished speaking, that group of robbers had reached in front of the carriage. Their speed was fast as they were all riding horses. The two soldiers standing to either side of the carriage closely guarded Aiwa.

“Who’s your leader?”

One of the soldiers asked loudly.

“Me. It’s too late for you to run now. You’ll pay with your lives for killing my men.”

A tall statured man left the crowd riding his horse.

“Is there anyone here willing to fight against your leader?”

The soldier asked.

No one responded.

“Brat, stop spouting shit. If someone dared to fight me, do you believe I would still be their leader?”

“If there’s anyone who wants to become the next leader, come forward!”

Aiwa sat atop the carriage with a carefree expression, as if he was a senior officer admonishing his subordinates.

“A group of trash!”

One of the soldiers waved the sword within his hand, making it blitz past like a silver snake.

The head of the leader riding the horse fell even before the man could react.

The entire group was stupefied.

“Is there anyone who wants to become the leader now?”

The soldier received the sword into his scabbard, shouting with a stern voice.

All the robbers stood there silently, they couldn’t even see how the head of their leader had been cut off!

“Then don’t disturb our journey again! If you want a good target, go and make trouble for your king! Perhaps he’ll bestow you with money so that you can live a smooth life.”

Aiwa calmly sat on the carriage. His figure had shaken some of the robbers. They could guess that if the man sitting on the carriage sets out, perhaps all hundred of them would lose their lives.

The carriage galloped again, leaving behind absolute silence.

The robbers particularly took care to remember Aiwa’s face before he left so that they wouldn’t pester this reaper again.

The carriage continued to gallop. Aiwa didn’t the know the way to Mandeff, only the carriage driver knew it. After experiencing two blockades and chasers, he still looked relaxed as he rested atop the carriage with his eyes closed.

The carriage suddenly turned into a lane but didn’t lower its speed, instead speeding up. The carriage driver lashed the whip at the sky to make the horses run madly.

Aiwa allowed this as he wanted to reach that mysterious base as soon as possible, to take a look at what kind of monster this Cartel was.

While he was daydreaming, he suddenly felt the carriage shake vehemently. He opened his eyes only to watch the carriage driver leap off the carriage and roll along the curb. The carriage made towards the bottomless abyss before Aiwa could even react.

From atop the carriage, the abyss seemed to be around several hundred feet deep. If someone dropped down, there’s no doubt they would die a horrible death.

Once the carriage had reached the edge, Aiwa grabbed both the guards, one in each hand and jumped off with all his might. The three individuals shot off like an arrow released from a bow, flying towards the precipice on the opposite bank.

Although Aiwa’s flight skill wasn’t perfect yet, he could fly across a long distance by relying on the inertia of the carriage.

The soldiers watched as the carriage galloped into the deep valley. They knew their lives had been saved by an inch. Right now, their bodies felt as light as a feather as they flew towards the opposite bank of the deep valley with Aiwa grabbing them.

It would have normally been impossible to hold the weights of these two persons. Fortunately, he had absorbed the energy which could be used for flight from within Lisa’s body when they had sex at the Khalila Grand Canyon. Of course, Aiwa didn’t know that Lisa had specially transferred this energy to his body. If she hadn’t, even he would have fallen to his death under this urgent situation.

Aiwa circulated his Qi as much as possible to slow their descent. This would enable them to escape from any heavy injuries even if they fell down to the ground.

Luckily, they didn’t fall down to the valley floor and had reached the opposite cliff safely.

The two soldiers grabbed onto branches hanging from the cliff as they were just about to fall, and at the same time, they reached out to protect Aiwa.

Aiwa didn’t look down to see the depth of the valley but rather looked at the carriage driver on the opposite side. He believed this had been done intentionally by the carriage driver.

The carriage driver was unexpectedly peeking at their side while hiding behind a huge stone. He was stupefied by the scene of Aiwa flying along with the two other men. He had never expected these three men to know how to fly!

He immediately crawled down to the ground in fear when he saw Aiwa looking towards his direction, feeling towards the path he had decided on before.

He understood that he would definitely lose his life if caught by Aiwa.

The valley was around 70 m wide. Aiwa clearly couldn’t fly across this distance. He could only do it before from the inertia from the carriage.

To fly from low ground to higher ground, it was easier said than done!

“Do you know the way to Mandeff?”

Aiwa asked the two soldiers who were grabbing their branches nervously.

The soldiers shook their fear filled ashen faces. They didn’t even know whether they would be able to leave this cliff alive, what Mandeff could they be concerned about?

It seemed he had no choice but to grab the carriage driver else he wouldn’t be able to find the real perp!

Aiwa estimated that although it would take a little time, he would be able to chase after the carriage driver by passing through the valley floor.

Heading down towards the valley floor, the distances between the two cliff faces became smaller. There were even some regions on the cliffs which could be used for climbing. Aiwa planned to bring the soldiers till the valley floor.

“Hold onto me tightly!”

“Senior Aiwa, are we really going to go down like this?”

The soldiers hesitated a bit. They had flown towards this side by relying on the inertia from the carriage. If they jumped down the cliff, wouldn’t that be equal to sacrificing their life?

“Do you have any other way?”

Aiwa glared at the scared witless soldiers. They aren’t afraid of charging into the enemy lines but don’t have the courage to jump down into a few metres deep cliff. Aiwa grabbed their clothes before they could even answer.

“Don’t be scared. All will be well if you keep your eyes closed.”

They could only obey Aiwa right now.

The soldiers closed their eyes, life and death, everything depends on luck.

Aiwa sprung and jumped down the cliff with the both of them.

Fortunately, they didn’t have to experience a turbulent sensation, it seemed as if they had just jumped a few feet from above. By the time the soldiers had opened their eyes, the distance from the valley floor didn’t seem to be that scary anymore.

Aiwa flew downwards while carrying them in a single stretch.

They directly landed on a patch of waned grass on the valley floor this time. Water also seemed to be running through the underbrush, which drenched their clothes.

Aiwa hurriedly pulled them out from the underbrush. The valley floor was void of sunlight and the frigid season made the two soldiers tremble.

“Can you use Dou Qi?”

Aiwa asked them.

“A little.”

“Quickly dry off the water on yourselves! I’ll go chase after that brat!”

“What about us?”

They were frightened that Aiwa was going to abandon them after hearing his words.

“We’ll see after I return back.”

Aiwa sprinted towards the opposite cliff. Though climbing up along with these two soldiers was troublesome, it was easy for him to climb up alone. Aiwa climbed up, leaping from one foothold to another and then soon reached the top.

“Captain Aiwa, don’t forget to come back and save us!”

The two soldiers felt happy as well as anxious as they saw Aiwa reach the top. Happy because they had hope for climbing up and anxious of the chances that Aiwa might not return back.

Aiwa glanced towards the valley floor once, the two soldiers seemed to be like two dots.

He hastened to chase the alerted fleeing carriage driver.

At the soldiers’ side, they could see the mangled bodies of the three horses as well as the crushed carriage. They remained on guard since the valley could have held some kind of monster that might attack them.

Aiwa looked over any traces and finally discovered the carriage driver’s footprints.

He chased after the direction they lead toward.

He was sure that the carriage driver wouldn’t dare to stay here after seeing that they were still alive and would flee as fast as possible.

After a few minutes of pursuit, Aiwa finally catch sight of the carriage driver’s silhouette. Aiwa circulated his Dou Qi to accelerate his speed.

As the carriage driver was desperately running, Aiwa suddenly dropped in front of him. The driver immediately kneeled to the floor.

He was already exhausted from running, gasping wildly, not daring to look at Aiwa.

“Where were you planning to run to?”

Aiwa squatted down and poked his chin. The carriage driver’s face lost its colour, not daring to utter a single word, all he could do was gasp coarsely.

“Help me find another carriage and three horses as well.”

Aiwa stood up, it seemed as if he didn’t have any intentions to make things difficult for the driver. He looked all around from a high position and discovered a village. He thought: “I should be able to find a good carriage there.”

The carriage driver slowly stood up after hearing Aiwa’s mild tone. He followed Aiwa towards the tiny village.

After entering, Aiwa strolled around with the carriage driver. He observed each of the houses to determine which house could possibly have a high quality carriage.

During the stroll, he found a house with a pretty good gate and front courtyard but the doorway seemed to be guarded by servants.

Those two neatly dressed servants looked at the ragged attire of Aiwa and the carriage driver, sizing them up and down before asking: “What do you want?”

“We want to rent a carriage.”

Aiwa replied. Despite wearing clothes torn by the rough cliffs, his bearing was something that made both the servants view him in a new light.

The servant didn’t dare act as the master, quickly hurrying towards the inner courtyard. After a moment, the servant came out followed by a youthful teenage girl. She seemed to be like an ethereal angel. Even if the gorgeous apparel on her body were to be ignored, her bright and intelligent eyes as well as her graceful long hair immediately made Aiwa’s eyes gleam.

Aiwa was innately lecherous; one look at a beautiful woman was enough to rouse his vigour.

“Miss, very sorry to trouble you. May we go inside to discuss the matter?”

Aiwa used a refined and courteous tone to dispel the girl’s misgivings.

“Come in!”

The girl moved sideways to let Aiwa and the carriage driver enter the courtyard.

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