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Volume 6 Chapter 6: Action of the Gu Insect


After waking up the following day, Aiwa thought of making Cassia bring back the Dragon Sword. If not, then he wouldn’t be able to justify his claim to Lisa. After all, Aiwa was a boy who was quite sensitive about losing prestige; he didn’t like anyone looking down on him, let alone his own sex-slave.

Lisa had already left the room for a breather as Aiwa sat down on the bed. He circulated his Dou Qi, using his thoughts to make Cassia hurry up.

Aiwa wasn’t a Psychic but the Dou Qi technique he practiced was special; he could use his thoughts to control the Gu insect he planted within women and arouse their passion.

Cassia wouldn’t have known who was summoning her if Aiwa hadn’t informed her beforehand. He could control the Gu insect after planting it inside Cassia to arouse her passion. Moreover, after the Gu insect starts acting, the target would start longing for him and try to find him.

Cassia naturally knew that Aiwa lived in the barracks. She, who was fond of the nightlife, was originally taking a lazy nap. While the early morning sunshine was peeking in through the window, Aiwa’s thoughts had already begun to rouse the Gu insect within her body, making her suddenly feel an itch at her quim.

When it began, Cassia had thought that it was the after-effect of Aiwa violating her body. She thought she had become infatuated to that thing of his but then soon began feeling something was fishy because her desire grew more and more intense. She felt as if a serpent had drilled inside her vulva, pushing through her vagina.

In the beginning, she merely moaned and wriggled softly atop the bed, but she started rolling on the bed after a few minutes due to feeling unwell.


Her moans became more and more erotic. By this time, she understood that the matter Aiwa had spoken before wasn’t just to scare her. She thought she would’ve been able to endure just by relying on her mental fortitude but the sensation she felt gradually became more and more intense. It came to the point that she wasn’t able to endure it anymore.

“Aiwa..You bastard!”

Cassia rolled atop the bed, suffering whilst she rained down curses upon him.

She closed her eyes, imagining Aiwa’s figure at her vulva, tormenting her private zone.

Apparently, Aiwa’s words were indeed true. The only method to relieve this pain would be for her to go find Aiwa.

Cassia rolled down the bed while enduring the sense of pain. She carelessly dressed up, grabbed Aiwa’s sword and made for the Hohfeld barracks.

Aiwa urged the Chaste Gu on Cassia’s body up to the point she couldn’t tolerate it and then slowly withdrew his Dou Qi before getting up from the bed.

“What’s up? Why don’t you sleep in a little longer? There’s doesn’t seem to be anything major happening at the barracks.” she asked.

Aiwa responded while looking at the tranquil barracks.

“Our soldiers would have lived a comfortable life if your Wolf Kingdom hadn’t come to invade us.”

“Can you not lump me together with them? I am your friend!” She shot back.

Lisa glanced at Aiwa affectionately.


Aiwa curled his lips: “Did you forget what you’re to me?”

“My mistake! Master!”

Lisa hurriedly went along with Aiwa, addressing him as ‘master’. She had no choice but to act according to his wishes since she still had to depend on this youngster.

“Say, will your friend really bring back the sword today?”

Lisa asked.

“Ought to be no problem!”

At this time, Aiwa saw Xenova just leave her room and glance towards his side. Aiwa quickly called her.

“Xenova, can you take a look at the entrance to check whether a girl called Cassia is looking for me? If so, please bring her here directly.”

Saying thus, Aiwa returned back to the bed.

Cassia had reached about half the way there when she suddenly felt that painful feeling disappear. She thought: “Was I too sensitive?”

She stood there, hesitating for a while, thinking whether or not to give back the sword. Was his Chaste Gu technique really that fierce?

After waiting for a while, that feeling didn’t return back.

Cassia laughed loudly, making the pedestrians hurrying towards their work look at her.

“What are you looking at? Have you never seen such a beautiful woman?”

Cassia arched her waist, glaring at those looking at her. They shifted their gazes away and continued towards their work.

She spun the sword between her fingers a few times and then turned back towards her residence.

Aiwa had already guessed Cassia’s nature, he knew she wouldn’t return the sword back easily unless she experienced a few sufferings.

Thereupon, Aiwa sat down on the bed and circulated his Dou Qi once more to operate the spell.

Cassia had just turned back to walk a few steps when she suddenly felt the pain return. If she had been at her home, she could have caressed that damned region to relieve herself, but she was in the middle of the street right now, how could she extend her hand towards that region?

To return back home or to go towards the Hohfeld headquarters, Cassia wasn’t able to make a decision.

After a minute, that painful sensation had again reached an intolerable level.

“Aiwa, you bastard! Stop this shit!”

Cassia couldn’t stand and helplessly squatted down.

After waiting till the pain had alleviated a bit, she was able to stand up and walk a few steps. However, that feeling had quickly come back to attack her.

She didn’t hesitate anymore and sprinted towards the barracks whilst she was still capable of enduring it.

By the time she reached the entrance of Hohfeld’s barracks, she was panting. Lo’ and behold, Xenova was also there waiting for her.

Xenova recognized her at a glance.

“What did you come here for?”

Xenova asked unhappily while glaring at Cassia, she had already seen the dagger in her hand.

“I … … I came … … to return back Aiwa’s sword … …”

It had become difficult for her to breathe after sprinting so quickly added onto the suffering she had to endure due to Aiwa’s spell. Cassia really couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Give the sword to me!”

Xenova stretched out her hand.

However, Cassia didn’t give it to her.

“No … … I have to personally hand it over to him.”

Cassia supported herself by placing her hand on the doorpost, doing her best to breathe.

Xenova didn’t pity Cassia who seemed to be suffering. It was her who had stolen Aiwa’s sword and made him worry. Xenova really cared about Aiwa, she naturally didn’t wish for him to feel wronged.

“No … … I have to make him stop the pain on my body … …”

“What pain?”

Xenova looked at her unhappily. As they were both girls, she had no qualms in kicking this thief out.

“Please go in … … and inform him … … say that … … Cassia is waiting here for him and has brought the sword back.”

That sensation of pain hadn’t stopped again, she didn’t want to shame herself here.

“Or else … … let me go in!”

Cassia pleaded Xenova with a sorry look.

“Come in!”

Xenova had already heard from Aiwa to let her in. She merely wanted to bother this dishonorable little thief. Who asked her to steal that thing!

Cassia followed behind Xenova, wishing she could pounce on Aiwa’s body. She still hadn’t seen even his shadow as she walked along the long path.

When they reached in front of Aiwa’s room, Lisa was standing out there.

“Who is this?”

Lisa asked while sizing up Cassia.

“This is the person Aiwa was trying to find.”

Xenova replied neutrally. She didn’t have any good opinion of this woman called Lisa and didn’t wish to acknowledge her. She brushed past her shoulder and didn’t even avoid her as she walked by her.

In the midst of all this, Aiwa sat on the bed; he had already heard Cassia’s voice.

“It’s still so early in the morning, why are you in such a hurry?”

Aiwa turned back to look at Xenova lead Cassia inside the room and laughed.

“You’ve tormented me so much! Hurry up … … Stop that Gu technique of yours!”

Cassia pounced towards Aiwa and embraced his neck. That dagger had already been taken by Xenova, she wouldn’t permit anyone carrying a lethal weapon to enter the room.

“What? Have you also fell under his Gu technique?”

Lisa questioned after entering inside. Xenova turned back to glance at Lisa after hearing this sentence, that intention was as if to ask, “What do you mean by ‘Have you fell under his’s Gu technique’?”

Lisa immediately realized that she divulged this part due to her impatience.

“There’s no need to remove it. Did you enjoy that sensation?”

Aiwa had no intentions of becoming soft-hearted after hearing her plead. This was simply Cassia reaping the consequences of her own actions. This girl really liked to play tricks, he wasn’t moved by her act. If it wasn’t for his vicious Gu technique, she absolutely wouldn’t have returned that thing so quickly.

“Aiwa, I beg you. Please release me from that Gu technique!”

Cassia undressed as she spoke. Although Aiwa had stopped operating the spell, how could the sexual desire that had aroused within her disappear so quickly!

She shamelessly stripped down her clothes, standing absolutely naked in front of Aiwa.

“I beg you, make me feel well!”

Cassia pounced towards him again, pressing her plump breasts against Aiwa’s face.

“It’s really early, I still haven’t even had breakfast! Where will I find the energy to help you?”

Aiwa refused purposely.

“No..you have to help me right now..my body feels strange..”

She had already taken the initiative by spreading her legs as she straddled across Aiwa’s body.

Lisa, standing to the side, naturally knew what kind of sensation it was. Only, Aiwa hadn’t used it to deliberately persecute Lisa. The Gu within those women whom Aiwa had administered would flare up in specific intervals of time, otherwise, it would normally remain sleeping inside their body, completely calm and silent. When it wakes up, it would absorb the nutrition from the woman’s body which wasn’t easy for a woman to endure.

“Aiwa, don’t keep her suffering.”

Though Lisa would appear to be demonic, she was actually a soft-hearted woman. Her nature had become antisocial due to living alone at Khalila Grand Canyon for the past few years, making her outward appearance seem ice-cold.

“Considering your senior sister’s feelings, I’ll let you off this once. Are you still unhappy? Why don’t you start by helping me undress?”

Aiwa stretched his arms.

Cassia immediately obeyed his order so that he could help alleviate the pain. She undressed him, and thereupon hastily laid across Aiwa’s body, grabbing his huge member and guiding it towards her vulva.

However, that meat rod remained soft as before because Aiwa had blocked his yang channel. Cassia couldn’t succeed in squeezing it in no matter how much she tried.

“Aiwa, I beseech you! Please make it erect quickly!”

“Do something yourself. Perhaps using your mouth to suck it once may do it.”

Aiwa laid there, adopting a lazy posture.

Lisa couldn’t help but chuckle seeing his shameless behaviour. She knew Aiwa was intentionally teasing her.

As expected, Cassia stooped down to grab Aiwa’s meat rod with her hands, brought towards her mouth and began sucking it.

Cassia’s technique wasn’t skilled, her teeth would inevitable scratch Aiwa’s member but he still felt quite pleasant. The more this amateur girl sucked it, the more pleasure he felt.

She worked hard at sucking his huge member until the meat rod gradually began to swell up. It still hadn’t finished becoming erect but Cassia could wait no more by this time. She got up, grabbed his meat rod once more, taking it towards her quim.

“Sss … …”

Followed by her delighted moan, that huge meat rod lunged into her flesh hole. Her honey pot was already brimming due to the torment from Aiwa’s Gu technique, overflowing with fluids. She nimbly moved her body up and down, giving rise to sweet-sounding, “Swish, Swish” sounds of sex fluids splashing out.

Since Cassia had also stripped nude, her jade hares at her bosom would jiggle along with her movements.

Cassia stretched her arms backward to support herself by placing them at Aiwa’s knees, enabling her to move with more freedom.


Cassia moaned merrily as Aiwa’s meat spear jabbed at her flower bud, causing her body to tremble.

Aiwa could feel her honey path squeezing onto his member with great force, making it unable for it to harden to its limit. He felt his mood run high as he looked at Cassia’s intoxicated expression.

Cassia was unable to bow down to kiss Aiwa as she was heaving her body up and down, leaving her with the only choice to lick her own lips.

All this was observed by Xenova to the side. She slowly walked forwards, embraced Cassia’s body from behind to fondle her lovely breasts. Along with that, she kissed her neck, making Cassia’s sullen mood from a few seconds ago disappear in an instant.

Her kiss gradually moved along her neck, climbing up towards Cassia’s face, landing right atop her little lips and slid her tongue inside. Both of their tongues entwined with each other.

Cassia had already reached her first orgasm by the time Xenova had started sucking onto her fragrant tongue. She could sense and uncontrollable tide start to amass within her quim. Her body trembled as the tide rushed outwards. She sucked Xenova’s tongue with force, both her hands tightly grabbing onto Aiwa’s knees.

Cassia’s vagina crazily squelched onto Aiwa’s member. She drove down, not daring to budge even while Xenova was still fondling her perky breasts.

One naked, the other in military attire; two pretty girls indulged in immorality. Aiwa’s meat spear subconsciously flared up within Cassia’s honey pot, making her lovely body quiver.


She suddenly released Xenova’s tongue, releasing an enchanting moan.

After a few minutes, Cassia finally felt relieved. Her desire was intense no more, but she was still reluctant to part from that sensation. Thereupon, she slowly began to move her body again.

She raised her butt to let Aiwa’s meat rod slowly pull out from within her body and then again pushed down, right until the glans poked at her flower bud. She then made it softly mill that bud.

The pleasure from it made her feel limp all over her body.

Lisa, standing aside, couldn’t remain calm after seeing this scene in front of her. She also stripped her clothes and climbed onto the bed. She parted her legs to sit astride Aiwa’s neck so he could lick her vulva.

Fluids were overflowing out even before Aiwa had licked her. He extended his tongue to lick the glistening bead, taking the dewdrops into his mouth.

Those dewdrops had one kind of sweet flavour. Since Lisa lived a lonely life within the deep valley, her looks had the essence of the sun and moon, as well as had inhaled the dew from the lush grass, far away from the poisons of man. Therefore, her body fluids had one kind of fragrant and sweet flavour.

The flavour of the secretions at her quim was even more conspicuous. Aiwa felt as if he was licking the sparkling dew drops from a fragrant crow grass.

Lisa hadn’t sat down entirely. She actually maintained a vague boundary. Spreading her legs by relying on her strength, her private zone just touched Aiwa’s lips.

Aiwa’s lips softly touched her labia without making much effort to lick them. She enjoyed the sensation of that feeble contact. Softly swiveling her butt enabled her to adjust her body’s position according to the sensations she felt, thus letting Aiwa save his strength.

Aiwa’s could feel her labia suck like an infant’s mouth as his lips snuggled upwards. That sensation felt like a kiss.

Right now, Cassia, riding across Aiwa’s crotch, had reached her second orgasm. A surging tide squirted outside. She didn’t dare to move anymore as if Aiwa’s huge member within her body poked at her flower bud once again, it would surely take her life.

“Aaaahhh..Ooohhh..I’m at my limit..”

She struggled to get free from Aiwa’s body while screaming but Xenova was tightly embracing her body, kissing her neck as her hands madly fondled her huge breasts.

Lisa had also been influenced by Cassia, making violent movements suddenly. Her labia swept past Aiwa’s lips with force, sex fluids splashing out as a tide puffed into Aiwa’s mouth.

Currently, the only one devoid of soothing from Aiwa was Xenova. After seeing Lisa and Cassia satisfy themselves, he pushed those two women aside and then embraced the besotted Xenova. She had worn a military uniform of a Medic, a knee level skirt adding onto the sexiness of her slender legs.

Aiwa fiercely groped her breasts twice, making Xenova moan. Her breasts spring from under the uniform like two mounds.

“You must surely be craving for it there?”

Aiwa’s hand left those high mounds and stretched under her skirt. His hand caressed along her glossy jade legs towards her drenched panties.

He didn’t pull them down but rather slowly raised her skirt, exposing her lush green army panties. Xenova obediently laid atop the bed, her lustful eyes gazing at Aiwa.

Aiwa turned over, stretched his hands inside her panties and pulled. Followed by a ‘Chi’ sound, a tear was visible in the soiled panties.

He could see her tender, wet, snowy vulva through that small slit. Her minge had been shaved away by Aiwa just recently. That whole lush mound seemed like a glossy white jade that had been polished, making it seem cute.

Xenova’s body shuddered as Aiwa squeezed a finger inside her.


Xenova moaned; Aiwa felt his finger being squelched inside.

He laughed and suddenly pulled his finger outside. Xenova’s tender vagina received a violent stimulus; a flurry of intense pleasure attacking her.

Aiwa spread her legs, bringing his body towards her. He clutched her snowy butt as he aimed his huge member drenched in slimey fluids from Cassia’s honey pot towards the slit that had torn open, right towards Xenova’s vulva and then plunged that huge rod inside her.


Xenova screamed in pleasure as she raised her legs over her head.

Aiwa directly jabbed right until her stamen. Xenova was already about to climax and this one thrust by Aiwa had immediately caused the tide to bubble out.

Aiwa released a lewd serpent to take care of Lisa so that she could also orgasm at the same time. After that, he fiercely lunged his meat rod at Xenova’s little hole.

The frequency at which her flesh hole squirmed rose up since she was already about to orgasm. However, no matter how hard she squeezed onto Aiwa’s meat rod, she was unable to influence its motion, contrarily, it instead let his meat rod ferociously grind her vagina.

At this moment, she laid underneath while Aiwa hurled at her, giving her no control. Her whole vagina would be chock-a-block each time Aiwa’s huge member rushed inside. Specifically, that huge glans would make her body muscles tense up whenever it milled her flower bud, making all of her blood rush towards her quim!

Her legs raised in the air trembled at a chaotic order while Aiwa still drove her with force.


Xenova screamed loudly.

Her belly cockled no more but rather a bump arose at its location. The muscles at her quim twitched crazily while the bump remained there for a long time. She could only exhale right now and was unable to take a breath in.

At this time, Aiwa pressed upwards to embrace Xenova’s sweaty body. After a few jerks, a raging lava spurted forth across her flower bud.

The lewd serpent Aiwa had released had also finished its assault at Lisa simultaneously. Lisa laid there, her legs eagle spread, viscid sex fluids covering her whole vulva. Her beaver curled into wet locks as if they had been given a water bath.

Aiwa reclined his body, gazing at those three beauties there each unto their own postures, maybe sitting or leaning across, but sweet gentle womanly feelings flowing within their gazes.

Aiwa’s head pillowed amongst Xenova’s breasts, one of his legs across Cassia’s belly, the other leg entwined with Lisa’s leg.

The three women felt limp all over, relaxing their body as sunlight through the shutter shined upon their snowy naked bodies.

By the time Xenova had slowly recovered her strength, she felt Lovna’s signal.

“Ugh, Captain Lovna’s calling for me!”

The device at her wrist was intensely transmitting the signal from Lovna to her body.

“I want to rest on your breasts for a little longer, they’re really soft!”

Aiwa lazily rolled his body but he didn’t let Xenova come out from under his body.

“She must surely have some urgent matter for calling me!”

Xenova tried to push Aiwa away but how could a girl like her be able to push a tall and sturdy body like his?

“Xenova, can that Captain Lovna give you this kind of happiness? She calls and you’re jumping to go? You’re really obedient!”

Lisa felt a little enmity with Lovna because of yesterday’s matter. She had interrogated her as if she was a spy.

“I’m Captain Lovna’s liaison officer so I naturally have to obey her.”

Xenova crawled out from under Aiwa’s body and then hurriedly put on her wrinkled military uniform. Her panties were already torn by Aiwa but she didn’t have the time to go change them so she wore them as it is. The wind would breeze through that hole under the skirt, causing her to shiver at timesl.

As Xenova left Aiwa’s room, she saw Lovna with a furious face nearby.

“What were you doing? I couldn’t find you for so long!”

Lovna angrily glared at Xenova. She seemed to have looked for her all over the place. Though Lisa was a Psychic and could issue signals towards the receptors, it would, after all, consume her energy.

The energy Psychics accumulate was saved bit by bit and couldn’t be used wantonly. The reason she had used her thoughts to call for Xenova yesterday was only to put up a front of strength in front of Lovna but she hadn’t expected Lisa to be an unfathomable woman.

“I-I was..at Aiwa’s room..”

“What were you doing over there with him? Did I permit you to go there?”

After seeing Xenova’s deferential manner, her anger gradually calmed down. She asked: “What were they doing?”


Xenova bowed her head, a flush covered her entire face.


Lovna suspiciously raised her head to look towards Aiwa’s room, “It seems there’s another woman? What’s the matter?”

She was in charge of the safety and hence had to investigate whether any outsiders had appeared inside the barracks.

“A girl came here to return Aiwa’s sword, she’s called Cassia.”

Xenova hurriedly replied. She couldn’t conceal anything from this Captain.

“To return his sword?”

Lovna wrinkled her brows.

“She stole Aiwa’s sword a few days ago. She specifically came here to return it today. It seems Aiwa has used some kind of spell on her to make her come back to return it.”

Xenova peeked to look at the Captain’s expression as she spoke.

“Why are your clothes so disordered?”

Lovna had already noticed Xenova’s wrinkled jacket and skirt, they even seemed as if they had been pressed by a body after being crumpled. Lovna’s blade like gaze stinging at Xenova made her feel uneasy.

“I … … was having fun with them.”

Xenova’s legs cramped up together. She was anxious that the location under her skirt would be exposed, shaming her in front of her Captain.

“Take care of your appearance even if you’re having fun. Don’t repeat this again!”

She glared at Xenova and again supplemented with these words: “Tell Aiwa to meet me at my office. I have something to talk to him about.”

Lovna clasped her hands behind her back and then walked over towards her office.

Xenova thought: “Aiwa’s really in trouble this time. Maybe the Captain will ask him to have sex with her. He just finished his rounds with three women, would he be able to endure this upcoming huge battle?”

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