Dragon Blood Warrior – Volume 6 Chapter 5

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Volume 6 Chapter 5: Immorality at the Barracks


After their confrontation, Lovna didn’t test Lisa’s strength again. Thus, she was all the more doubtful regarding the true purpose behind this woman with her extraordinary appearance and presence entering the barracks.

However, the authority of Aiwa’s father was above normal society. Even though she was a member of the royal family, she didn’t wish to offend Aiwa.

Lovna shot a glance towards Aiwa, stating without care nor blame: “There’s an empty room at the Medic Quarters, you can go live there! It would be scandalous if you brought a woman to live together at the male barracks!”

“Hehe, thank you, Captain Lovna! Where’s the room at?”

Aiwa was happy, expressing his appreciation with his words.

“Wait here, I’ll call for Xenova to guide you.”

Saying thus, Lovna circulated her Dou Qi, pointing her finger towards the Medic Quarters.

Looking at her actions, Aiwa deduced that Lovna was a Psychic. Each and every skilled Psychic could emit a signal with a range of 500m around them using their thoughts. Also, those who had receptors installed on them would naturally receive her signals. As a matter of fact, these signals couldn’t be used to transmit solid information but the urgency of the matter can be differentiated by using three different signal wavelengths. Long wave signals were used for ordinary affairs, whereas the medium wave signals for urgent affairs and the short wave signals for emergencies.

Xenova was Lovna’s liason officer. She had a receiving unit installed at her wrist that could receive Lovna’s thought signals.

The long wave signal just now had already informed Xenova that Lovna was near the vicinity of the barracks entrance and was waiting for her.

Xenova quickly sprinted towards the entrance of the barracks.

“Guide them to the empty room at the Medic Quarters and let them live over there temporarily after tidying it up.”

Lovna shot another glance towards Aiwa before leaving.

“Follow me!”

Xenova’s sight swept past Lisa’s figure, a faint hostility flashing past her eyes.

The Medic Quarters was located 200 meters past the entrance. It was separated from the barracks by a wall because the female soldiers lived there. Male soldiers weren’t allowed to enter inside without permission.

Passing the bathroom, the empty room was a little ahead.

Aiwa was about to enter, opening the room door till a moldy smell assailed him.

“Has no one lived here for a few months?”

Aiwa patted the bedding. Fortunately, it was still dry and clean.

“Can someone even live in such a damp place?”

Aiwa asked.

While the bedding was alright, Aiwa couldn’t tolerate the moisture. His feelings of gratitude towards Lovna had dissipated shortly.

“I think it’s fine, at least it’s more clean than the hotel rooms. As for the moisture, it’s no problem, I can handle that.”

Lisa didn’t take this very seriously.

“No problem, I can bring my quilt over.”

Xenova felt jealous of Lisa, yet she didn’t want Aiwa to suffer any wrongs.

Aiwa, who was thinking of showing off a moment ago, now felt very embarrassed.

“Is it really ok?”

“It’s fine.”

Xenova felt as if she had finally found a chance to do something for Aiwa, sending an affectionate glance towards Aiwa while she spoke.

Aiwa remained silent and could only give an apologetic smile: “Alright!”

After Xenova left the room, only Aiwa and Lisa were left inside.

Lisa ran her eyes all around the room, inspecting every nook to make sure there weren’t any hidden mechanisms.

She wasn’t a Psychic but she could use Dou Qi to accomplish this task. Finally, her sight fell on Aiwa’s face, saying: “It seems that little girl has a good impression of you.”

“Really? It might be because I’m handsome compared to those tramps at the barracks!”

Aiwa said, elating his own ego. Lisa curled her lips.

“What? You don’t believe me? Even a pretty woman like you is anxious to come to my bed. Just think about it, do you know among those whom I’m acquainted with, how many girls are my worshippers?”

“I feel as if you’re scared of that female captain?”

Lisa referred to Lovna.

“What? You think I can’t take care of her?”

Aiwa felt as if his ego had been challenged. His intense reaction was enough for Lisa to penetrate through his childishness.

“Why act so sensitive? I was just asking.”

Lisa laughed. At this time, Xenova had already walked in holding her quilt.

She personally laid the bedding for them with quick and ordered movements. Aiwa stood behind her, gazing at her curvy ass, the desire to fuck that asshole rousing within him. At the time Xenova’s ass rose up while laying the bedding, Aiwa walked forward and clutched her ass. A tent had already risen at his groin, its apex poking just right at her anus.

Xenova stopped moving but didn’t turn back. Aiwa’s hands moved past her underarms, gripping her pair of breasts. She seemed more charming when dressed than naked to Aiwa.

Aiwa fondled her breasts repeatedly, before letting her go. She continued to arrange the bedding evenly for Aiwa. Actually, it was already arranged properly long ago, she was merely reluctant to leave here. Just now, he had embraced her in front of Lisa, fondled with her breasts. This made her really happy, making her feel as if she floating within the clouds.

He set about again, directly sticking his hand towards Xenova’s groin region by following her curvy ass down the back before grabbing.

The grab was quite rugged, directly touching her plump labia as well as her clitoris, making her body tremble.

Lisa seemed to have forgot her identity and glanced at Aiwa ferociously. According to her tyrannical nature, she would not permit Aiwa to play around with another woman in front of her.

However, Aiwa didn’t mind her but rather laughed proudly before releasing Xenova, letting her leave the room.

The sun slowly dimmed its radiance but it still hadn’t sunk past the western mountain.

The whole barracks seemed to have been covered by a dense thick screen. After a few loud and clear bugle horn sounds, the large barracks sunk into silence.

Within the darkness, a seductive silhouette neared the room Aiwa and Lisa resided in. Right now, Aiwa had already stripped naked, parting his legs at the bedside. In front of him, Lisa was the same, naked, kneeling in front of the bed on top of a cushion. Her hands clasped around Aiwa’s huge meat rod, stroking it as she sucked it in and out of her mouth.

His meat rod was wriggling with veins popping outwards from it hyperaemic state, similar to thick earthworms crawling atop that jade pillar. Lisa’s mouth took his meat rod deep inside and slowly released it out, drenching that jade pillar in her glittering and satiny saliva.

Aiwa enjoyed the scene of a woman appreciating his meat stick in this kind of posture. But this made Lisa’s vulva feel hollow and lonely. Thereupon, at the same time he enjoyed Lisa’s sucking, he decided to release the lewd serpents he hadn’t used in a while.

Since he had absorbed the essence from several virgins as well as had sex with virgins possessing profound power, his two lewd serpents had also matured a lot. Although there wasn’t a difference in their size, their strength had become more powerful. If one squeezed inside a woman, it was certain that the woman would be unable to tolerate it. Moreover, the more a woman squeezed on it, the more vigorous its body would become.

Aiwa operated the Yin technique steadily. Gradually, a pink fog began to pervade the room.

A small serpent flew out from within the smoke. Spiralling in the sky, it wound around Lisa’s body, following along her glossy back as it drilled into her butt cleavage.

The lewd serpent was born out of Aiwa’s thoughts, it could be said to be an extension of Aiwa’s thoughts; what it felt, Aiwa felt.

While Lisa sucked Aiwa’s huge member, Aiwa released the lewd serpent to crawl at Lisa’s butt cleavage. It didn’t enter within Lisa’s body at first but rather extended its forked tongue to lick around her dripping wet flesh cave entrance. The ice cold caress of the serpent at her labia gave Lisa a refreshed feel, just like placing a jade rod between the legs during summer.

“Mmmn … … Mmmn … …”

Lisa moaned constantly. The pleasure the lewd serpent brought to her butt cleavage made her entire body relax. She sucked the meat rod while wiggling her plump buttocks.

Right now, a pair of eyes were staring at the activity within the room with rapt attention from outside the window. Of course, those eyes belonged to a woman.

The woman outside the window was none other than Captain Lovna.

The reason she had arranged for Aiwa and Lisa to be in this room was so that she could observe that suspicious woman, Lisa.

To her, Aiwa was merely a womanizer who didn’t necessarily have some kind of scheme and was perhaps muddled by this foxy woman. If Lisa was indeed a spy from the Wolf Kingdom, then it would be dangerous for the battalion stationed at Hohfeld. Therefore, as a Psychic in charge of internal security, Lovna had to clarify this mysterious woman’s identity.

Right now, Lovna was watching the naked Lisa grasp Aiwa’s meat road and taste it through the small hole on top of the window. She couldn’t see the lewd serpent crawling around Lisa’s waist and thigh, only able to see her wriggling plump snowy ass.

Looking at the things happening inside the room, amorous feelings rippled within Lovna. She tried her best to suppress her rising desire, she felt her body betray her thoughts, her vulva gradually dripping wet. She believed Lisa definitely didn’t enter inside a Hass Empire barracks just to make love with Aiwa and surely had some other malicious intentions.

The lewd serpent slowly withdrew its snake head and then suddenly drilled inside Lisa’s flesh cave.

Even though Lisa couldn’t see that lewd serpent, she could feel a coarse and fine meat rod-like thing drill inside her honey cave, directly till her stamen. It slowly retreated outwards and then drilled inside again. That sensation resembled the thrusts from an actual meat rod.

Lisa moans grew louder and louder; Aiwa knew it was due to the lewd serpent’s mischief. Her flesh cave continuously contracted due to the pleasure but the lewd serpent nevertheless continued to provoke Lisa’s vulva no matter how hard it squeezed onto the serpent.

The pink mist within the room grew denser and gradually Lovna lost sight of Lisa, only being able to hear Lisa’s immoral moans from within the pink mist.

At this moment, Aiwa released the second lewd serpent. It spiralled in cycles within the room twice and suddenly flew towards the hole on the window.

Lovna was a Psychic; she faintly felt as if some incorporeal thing had flown in front of her but couldn’t see what it was. She believed it was just a misconception and didn’t investigate it, instead bringing her attention back to the pair making love within the room. She didn’t notice the lewd serpent get into her clothes.

The lewd serpent first visited her cleavage, then leapt out, continuing towards her legs, directly towards her private zone.

Lisa was going to orgasm soon, so Aiwa changed his primary target onto Lovna’s body.

He sent the lewd serpent towards her dripping wet vulva, making it lick her tender labia flesh before drilling inside.

Lovna was already aroused after watching the scene of Lisa sucking Aiwa’s meat rod, completely filled to the brim with spring fluids. After the serpent drilled inside her, that sensation became all the more hard to bear. Lovna couldn’t help but begin fondling her own breasts.

However, no matter how much she fondled them, it couldn’t eliminate the itch at her vulva.

After the lewd serpent drilled in, he not only made it thrust there but also lick her stamen with its forked tongue in a controlled fashion. Each lick gave birth to a spell of wondrous itching at the abyss of Lovna’s body, spreading out throughout her entire body. She felt as if her flower bud was being milled by a huge meat rod continuously.

“Ohhh… … Mmmnn… …”

Lovna couldn’t bear the torment of the lewd serpent, unconsciously releasing out a moan. She didn’t think Aiwa had discovered her, though he had actually found her at the moment she’d reclined against the window to peep inside the room.

Lisa was also suffering terribly under the persecution of the other lewd serpent at the time Lovna was moaning.

Since she had no need to restrain herself, she wriggled as much as she could. On the other hand, Lovna couldn’t utter a word even though she felt unwell, unable to make any huge movements at all. The feeling was very painful.

She could only stuff her clothes into her mouth and bite with all her strength in order to not issue any sounds.

The persecution of the lewd serpent was a bit different from the thrusts of Aiwa’s meat rod. Lisa felt increasingly unwell from the lewd serpent’s continuous drilling. She suddenly released Aiwa’s meat rod out, crying out: “Aiwa… … fuck me, quick!”

She didn’t wait for Aiwa to agree and got up, riding across Aiwa’s groin. She guided his member, allowing it to penetrate inside her body. Since her vagina was overflowing with sexual secretions, the huge meat rod thrust in easily, followed by a “swish” sound of jade fluids splashing outwards. Although Lovna couldn’t see the scene, she could hear those alluring sounds.

Right now, she was imagining Aiwa’s huge meat rod thrusting inside her own vagina.

“Aaahhhh… … Ooohhh… …”

Lovna moaned silently outside the window, while Aiwa began to thrust his meat rod inside Lisa’s vagina. He let her rise and fall, releasing and engulfing his meat rod.

Each time Lisa let Aiwa’s meat rod break away, she would let it thrust even deeper. She wiggled her butt at the right timing to let his firm member mill her stamen.

“Aaaaahhhh… … Ooohhh… …”

Lisa screamed frantically, her hands doing their utmost to fondle her plump snowy breasts. She had already reached the zenith of her orgasm.

A burst of sexual fluids engulfed Aiwa’s meat rod. However, Aiwa hadn’t cum yet. He poked at her apex, making her entire body feel limp.

“Waa… … Aiwa… … cum quickly… … I can’t take it anymore… …”

Lisa’s rising and falling body had completely lost its rhythm, her body quivering uncontrollably. Sometimes, Aiwa’s meat rod would break away from her body, her muscles incredibly tense. Her vagina would start feeling unwell when he would leave it and she would once again insert it inside.

Lovna had also begun to moan after hearing Lisa’s scream. However, her moans were completely suppressed under Lisa’s loud screams though Aiwa could clearly hear them.

Even though she couldn’t see what was happening within the room, she still tried her best to peep.

At the same time, Aiwa had also reached his orgasm. When he felt the semen reach his glans, he suddenly pushed Lisa from atop his body and raised his firm meat spear towards the small hole on top of the window.

Aiwa’s semen accurately spurt out, all of it shooting outwards that small hole.

Lovna didn’t have the time to evade; Aiwa’s semen spattered all across her face.

She believed Aiwa had ejaculated towards her face by a random chance. She wiped it, licking that fishy odour semen into the mouth.

That lewd serpent had stopped licking her stamen and had started thrusting at her vagina with a rapid pace. This allowed Lovna to reach her orgasm merrily.

Aiwa still hadn’t finished cumming. Lisa clasped onto Aiwa’s meat rod within the pink mist.

“What are you doing?… … Why didn’t you cum inside me?”

Her voice shuddered. She pulled Aiwa’s meat rod towards her vulva again. His spear was drenched in love fluids, though it still had strength remaining in it. It shot towards her flower bud and ejaculated again, making Lisa’s lovely body tremble from the hit.

Lisa also puffed out a spell of sex fluids. Aiwa silently absorbed the large amounts of life energy within it. He made his Dou Qi lead it around his body in fixed itinerary as it quickly transformed into Aiwa’s personal energy.

When Aiwa used a part of the life energy, focusing it toward his eyesight, he was able to see through the window and glimpse Lovna’s licentious drunken state.

Aiwa suddenly pushed away Lisa and rushed out naked.

However, by the time he had opened the door, Lovna had already disappeared into the darkness. She revealed a graceful silhouette even as she escaped from the scene.

Aiwa snickered within the darkness. Although he wasn’t able to thrust his meat rod inside her naked body this time, the sensation he felt through the lewd serpent was pretty good. Her vagina had squeezed onto his lewd serpent quite vigorously, as if it was clamping onto his meat rod.

“Who was it?”

Lisa’s ability to perceive her surroundings was a notch higher than Aiwa’s but she hadn’t taken note of anything outside the window as she’d thrown herself into the sex wholeheartedly.

“It was a cat.”

He knew Lovna doubted Lisa’s identity but he couldn’t explain it to her clearly right now. If he said to her that she was following him in order seize back her throne, would Lovna believe him? Moreover, he was merely a playboy in her eyes because last time’s win had been through the use of a group besiege method, a somewhat one-sided battle. How would a prideful woman like Lovna believe he was capable of assisting Lisa seize back her throne in the future?

Lisa following after Aiwa as his sex slave was also a completely helpless matter. She had no other choice but to believe Aiwa because he had already planted a Chaste Gu within her body. Most of all, she was inseparable from Aiwa for her entire lifetime now.

Aiwa had already informed her that if she tried to have sex with other men, then that man’s member would soften within her body. It was indeed a vicious Yin technique! She didn’t know if this was true or not but she dared not to experiment as she wished.

Hence, Lisa hated Aiwa, yet she was powerless and could only listen and obey to Aiwa’s arrangements.

Despite the fact that Aiwa was quite formidable and could make a woman experience the taste of happiness, relying on her personality, she would have never agreed to become his sex slave if it wasn’t for him using that vicious Yin technique.

When she had made love with Aiwa just now, she had faintly heard some strange sounds from outside the window but hadn’t minded them because this was the inside of a Hass Empire’s barracks. She believed there wouldn’t be any danger since the security was quite strict.

Even if there was any danger, they wouldn’t have been able to even hurt her hair just by relying on the strength of the Hass Empire personnel here.

Both of them had promoted themselves from the sexual intercourse they had just now. However, the results weren’t much because they had only paid attention to the pleasure and neglected to practice their energy.

“What were you trying to do by shooting the essence towards outside the window?”

To her, it was a rare product that possessed a large amount of energy and could also be used to improve her beauty simultaneously. She felt Aiwa had been too wasteful.
“Hehe, if you want to drink, I still have more.”

Aiwa objected. He was at the prime of his youth, completely brimming with essence.

“If you don’t treasure these things, you’ll perhaps be unable to use them in the future!”

Lisa gently caressed Aiwa’s face while rebuking him.

“I’ll remember it.”

“Since you’ve made me your sex slave, think of ways I can satisfy you, you can’t merely waste your energy in vain. Don’t forget, you promised me. It would be too cruel if you made me wait for my entire lifetime!” Lisa said conscientiously. She really didn’t wish for Aiwa to consider her stake as a joke; she couldn’t afford to lose.

“Feel relieved, you believe I’ll be willing to be a minor figure forever? I want to obtain all the beautiful women in the entire world! Without enough power, how will I be able to achieve my ambition?”

“You have an ambition?”

Aiwa curled his lips and laughed.

“As they say: ‘Like Father, Like Son!’. My father is the Generalissimo of the Hass Empire, how could I achieve less than him?” Aiwa took Lisa into his embrace. Lovna’s flirtatious figure leaning across the windows flashed past his mind, followed by the noble yet seductive image of Queen Sofia.

His next target would be to settle Captain Lovna and then capture Queen Sofia’s affection step by step.

When considering the aspect of appearance, perhaps Sofia wasn’t as pretty as Lovna. However, her temperament and charm, that gaze which could melt any man, were something Aiwa was unable to forget.

During the time he had come in touch with the Queen, Aiwa had already felt the Queen seemingly have interest in him towards as the opposite sex, though, he still didn’t have much assurance.

“I heard you married the Princess of Tanzya, is this true?”

Lisa nestled deeply into Aiwa’s embrace, querying about the news she had heard en route.

“It would be a real honor if I could marry one of the princesses of the Hass Empire!”

Aiwa couldn’t help but sigh.

Hass had two princesses. The elder one was named Aini and the younger one, Linda. Both of them had angelic appearances, elegant and unrivalled. Aiwa had only seen them once because they had to study at the Imperial Academy and weren’t allowed out of the Imperial Palace easily.

“I heard your Hass Empire has a pair of pretty twin princesses, you’re referring to Aini and Linda?”

Each time Lisa had set out from her home at the depths of Khalila Grand Canyon, she would only ask about the information regarding her home, that is, the Wolf Kingdom. Since she had asked about Aiwa’s news on the road, she had also heard some of the matters regarding the Hass Empire. She heard that the Hass Empire had beat the Wolf Kingdom in a battle recently, and that it had been an unprecedented example of defeating many by using few. The person in charge of the command was a young officer named Aiwa. Were it not for this, she wouldn’t have hurried over here so quickly.

“That’s right. I have also seen them only once. It would be impossible to obtain the affection of the princesses without sufficient power. Only, believe me. Her Majesty The Queen has already bestowed a unique rare sword to me. It’s said to be the Dragon Sword of the Dragon-Phoenix Swords. I think it ought to have exceptional might, though, it’s a regret that I don’t know the location of the Phoenix Sword.”

“How could the Queen be willing to bestow it to you if it’s a rare treasure?”

“How would I know?”

“Maybe she wants you to find the Phoenix Sword for her?”

Lisa’s eyes shone with a glitter after saying so.

“And if I’m unable to find it?”

Aiwa realized that this was the Queen’s real intention.

“That would make her disappointed in you, she naturally wouldn’t marry her daughter to trash like you then!”

“There’s no need to attack me so harshly, okay? Haven’t we met again after a long time?”

Aiwa didn’t like hearing this kind of demoralizing talk.

“Can you let me take a look at the Dragon Sword? I heard before that there existed a pair of Dragon-Phoenix Swords in this world, though it’s a pity I couldn’t see them. I didn’t expect one of them to fall into your hands!”

“It’s not with me right now.”

Aiwa sighed.

Not because he had lost the Dragon Sword but rather that he didn’t have a single clue towards fulfilling the expectations of Her Majesty The Queen to find the Phoenix Sword.

“Are you afraid I’ll rob it? I belong to you, can’t you be at ease? Do you think I’ll run away? You’re really narrow minded!”

“It’s really not with me right now.”

Aiwa felt embarrassed to admit that he had let a girl steal it away.

“Isn’t it just a common dagger? This princess doesn’t want to see it!”

Saying thus, Lisa turned away from Aiwa, facing her back towards him as she showed a somewhat angry appearance.

“I’ll let you take a look after it’s delivered back tomorrow, since it’s with my friend right now.”

“How could you give such a precious thing to someone else? Don’t let the Queen ever know this!”

“Hehe, she’s merely safeguarding it for me and will give it back tomorrow.”

Aiwa was confident of it because he had planted a Chaste Gu within Cassia’s body. If she didn’t deliver the dagger back, he would surely let her suffer the taste of the Chaste Gu.

“Lisa, you won’t hate me for killing so many of your fellow citizens, right?”

“Those you’ve killed were my enemies, I still haven’t had enough time to rejoice and you think I’ll hate you?”

Lisa turned back to come over and embrace Aiwa.

He laid there, silently reciting the Yin technique to circulate the Dou Qi along its path for a few cycles. He discarded all the distracting thoughts after sensing his power promote a bit, slowly drifting into slumberland.

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