Dragon Blood Warrior – Volume 6 Chapter 4

Another chapter for you peeps out there. Last chap was 1k chara longer and this one is a bit shorter. It will go back to the average 4k chara with the next chapter. Enjoy the chap! You’re gonna see someone familiar 😉

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Volume 6 Chapter 4: Romance within the Pub


Aiwa informed Cassia before she left of the fact that her vulva would start itching no matter where she was if he wished it so. That itch would deliver her pain, a pain so severe that death would be better than living through it.

“If you don’t want to return the sword back to me, all you have to do is endure that itch, Hehe.”

Aiwa opened the pub room door confidently, letting Cassia leave.

“I’ll see you soon. Also, I believe we’ll sleep together once again!”

Cassia left through the door but once again turned to embrace Aiwa’s neck, kissing his mouth. Afterwards, she left while moving her slender, alluring waist.

Aiwa leaned on the stair’s handrail, looking at Cassia’s sexy figure, reflecting on the beautiful sensation of riding her a moment ago. The force at which her vagina squeezed onto his thick meat rod had brought utmost pleasure to him. That sucking was just like the mouth of a toothless infant.

By the time Aiwa had climbed down the stairs, the pub owner had finally gathered the courage to walk forwards.

“Young man, you still haven’t paid the rent…… we’re a very small business!”

The pub owner wore a smile of flattery across his face.

This made Aiwa recall that since he had come to find Cassia and not planned to stay at the pub, he hadn’t brought money with him.

“I don’t have money right now; can you add it to a tab?”

“I’m sorry. We don’t use a tab system.”

The owner said while pointing to sign over the counter. it was printed with the letters “No Tabs”. Aiwa helplessly looked around to look but wasn’t able to find anyone familiar.

“Can’t you be flexible just this once? Do I look like someone who doesn’t have money?”

Aiwa felt this to be a great humiliation, a person was after his ass for payment!

“You don’t, but we also can’t take that kind of risk. If you live nearby, I can send someone with you to collect it at your home, making it so that you don’t have to come back to pay. Hehe, wouldn’t that be easier for you?”

The owner really didn’t care about everything else as long as he got the money.

It was a pity that the slap hadn’t hit this guy before, or else he wouldn’t have mentioned an embarrassing matter such as sending a person to follow. Hadn’t Aiwa just experienced two hours love with Cassia within the room?

Aiwa didn’t want the pub personnel to go to the barracks to get the money. He would lose face as a General’s son.

Right amidst this awkward moment, a woman dressed in a full body skirt appeared at the doorway. Aiwa raised his head to look; it was none other than the Witch he had encountered at Khalila Grand Canyon, Lisa.

“So you were hiding here, I’ve been looking for you everywhere!”

Lisa quickly strode forwards in front of Aiwa, fearing he would run away otherwise.

The owner could guess from the woman’s attitude that this youngster owed some kind of debt to her, making her come to take him away now. The pub owner hurriedly grabbed Aiwa’s arm, shouting anxiously: “Pay me my money first!”

“What’s the matter?”

Lisa asked. She really didn’t expect this rascal Aiwa to have owed a debt to someone.

“I… … I forgot to bring money before setting out. I really didn’t plan on reneging.”

Aiwa felt he was losing face in front of Lisa and hence spoke while mumbling.

“How much money does he owe you?”

Lisa asked the pub owner.

“50 Copper coins.”

The owner extended his hands.

Lisa waved her hands magically and fished out a gold coin out of nowhere, throwing it towards the owner, saying: “Is this enough? Add two more hours to the charge.”

“Just right.”

The pub owner laughed, a flowery smile blooming on his face. Not only had he received the money but he even obtained more business.

Aiwa still hadn’t come to his senses before Lisa caught his arm, pulling him upstairs.

“What are you doing?”

Although Aiwa thought that a man to be pulled in this manner by a woman was really shameful, he had no alternative than being obedient as Lisa’s strength was greater than his.

“What curse have you placed on my body? Making me feel unwell every day while you escaped somewhere else!”

Lisa dragged Aiwa upstairs as she spoke with rage.

Pushing open the door of the room Aiwa and Cassia had made love in, Aiwa was tossed onto the bed.

“What do you want to do?”

Aiwa was really frightened by Lisa’s actions.

“I want you to stop this itching sensation I feel!”

Saying thus, she raised her skirt, pouncing on Aiwa’s body: “You really made me suffer so much, now fuck me well!”

Lisa shouted as she frantically stripped Aiwa’s clothes. It really seemed that she couldn’t bear it anymore and wanted Aiwa to fuck her with his meat rod!

Aiwa was baffled by Lisa. He laid down obediently on the bed while looking at the passionate woman.

“Quickly, stand up for me!”

Lisa said, while stroking Aiwa’s soft meat rod.

“Your behavior almost made me faint, how can it still stand up?”

Aiwa said innocently.

“Don’t act like you’ve never seen a woman act unrestrained, I don’t believe you’re unable to get hard!”

Lisa stooped her head down, laying on her stomach in between Aiwa’s legs, swallowing that soft meat rod inside her mouth.

She used her mouth and hand in conjunction to arouse Aiwa. Soon, Aiwa’s meat rod started to harden within her mouth.

Lisa proudly raised her sexy body, straddling across Aiwa. She grabbed that thick and firm meat rod, delivering it to the entrance of her flesh cave.

Lisa’s jade fluids squirted out followed by a “Gush” sound.

“Wu… … feels so good!”

The craven Lisa sat down all of a sudden, making Aiwa’s meat spear jab right against her flower bud. The refreshed sensation she felt was the same infatuation after drinking chilled water during summer.

She heaved her body up and down, raising her ass and slamming it back down. From time to time, she would bow down to look at the thing entering her groin. Each time she raised her ass, that meat spear would exit her flesh cave drenched in viscous fluids.

Both of Lisa’s hands were occupied with caressing her own breasts as they rocked vehemently.

After rocking along Aiwa’s body as long as 10 minutes, her flower bud bloomed open, swallowing the apex of Aiwa’s meat spear through its small opening.

“Ooohhh … …”

Aiwa also moaned simultaneously.

Lisa felt proud. She continued to rise and fall several times, sucking onto Aiwa’s spear head with great force. Aiwa’s member wasn’t able to leave her flesh cave, the suction making his meat rod feel extreme pain.

“Aaaahhh… … very pleasant… …”

Lisa made a great effort to keep her snowy neck raised up, doing everything she could to raise her naked body.

“Ohhh… … why… … haven’t you cum yet?”

Lisa was already at her limit.

“Quick… …”

“Aaahhh… … I… … can’t endure anymore… …”

Lisa’s body quivered before suddenly falling on top of Aiwa’s body.

Suddenly, Aiwa felt sex fluids spurt out, wrapping around his glans, making it slippery as he began to pull out.

Lisa again sat upright after that, catching his meat spear once more. Right now, Lisa’s flower bud had become a huge suction pad sort of thing, firmly sucking Aiwa’s glans. Aiwa couldn’t pull out even if he wanted to. What vexed Aiwa was the feeling of some sort of nimble tongue tip within Lisa’s flesh cave which kept provoking his meatus to excite him, urging him to cum.

He wanted to thrust another section of his meat spear inside her but he suddenly found himself stuck, unable to either enter or exit.

Right now, Lisa had already climaxed, writhing her delicate body as Aiwa’s member suffered in pain.

He was unable to cum, her flesh cave squeezing onto his meat spear with great force. However, Lisa continued to squirt out her jade fluids.

Aiwa hurriedly recited the mental technique to absorb the life energy Lisa was releasing during her orgasm.

He circulated the Dou Qi along its course secretly, making it complete cycle after cycle.

After a long time, Lisa finally stopped climaxing, releasing Aiwa’s meat spear free. However, Aiwa was also about to ejaculate at this moment.

“Why haven’t you cum yet? I really like the feeling of your cum hitting against my flower bud!”

Lisa raised her body and spoke while gently caressing Aiwa’s erect meat rod which still hadn’t ejaculated.

“You squeezed so hard, how could I have even cum?”

Aiwa complained.

“Do you feel unwell? Let me help you then!”

Since Lisa was already satisfied, she wanted to settle Aiwa’s problem now.

Aiwa laid there completely motionless.

“It’s your turn to display your strength now.”

Lisa coquettishly parted from Aiwa’s body and laid down herself, letting Aiwa sit astride her neck. She laughed, saying: “You can cum inside my mouth, it doesn’t have that much strength!”

She shot a lovely glance towards Aiwa before swallowing his meat rod within her mouth.

Aiwa had finally obtained the chance to take the initiative. He swayed his butt continuously, letting his thick meat spear thrust between Lisa’s sexy lips.

“Mmnn … … Mmnn … …”

Lisa released intoxicating groans from her nose.

Aiwa quickly approached his orgasm. He thrust at Lisa’s mouth faster, sometimes thrusting deep into her throat with his ferocious movements.

Suddenly, Aiwa decided to change the plan. He didn’t want to cum inside her mouth but rather wanted to cum on her face.

After a flurry of thrusts, an intense pleasure attacked his body. However, he had no plans of stopping, only at the moment he felt that the semen had reached the meatus did he pull out fiercely, cumming all over Lisa’s charming face.

Milky white semen spattered across Lisa’s face.

Her eyelashes, cheeks, nose and even the corners of her mouth, it was a semen bonanza!

Aiwa’s meat rod throbbed within her hands, spurting out another burst of milky white fluids out towards her mouth’s corners. She licked it all into her mouth, swallowing it.

After resting for a bit, Lisa lay on her stomach on top of Aiwa’s body, pleading with him: “Aiwa, I beg you. Quickly recite your spell and alleviate the curse. I really can’t bear this torment! You don’t know how much pain I’ve suffered during the time you were absent!”

“I only know how to use the curse, I can’t dispel the spell. You have two paths ahead of you now, either you kill me, or follow after me every day as my sex-slave. However, the first choice would leave you to suffer for your entire lifetime!”

“You bastard! I still haven’t avenged my great hatred, how can I follow after you every day?”

Lisa got angry immediately.

“Do you plan to take revenge by yourself? Will you be able to contend against an entire dynasty relying only on your personal strength?”

Aiwa said with disdain.

“You mean to say you’ll seize the throne back for me?”

Lisa asked Aiwa while shooting a distrusting look towards him.

“It isn’t completely impossible. I dealt with a 3 Star General of the Wolf Kingdom’s army just recently, have you heard of Schnaevag’s fame?”

Aiwa said, looking at Lisa with a conceited gaze.

A wise saying of the olden: “A man conquers a woman by conquering the world!”

Aiwa believed Lisa would surely admire him after listening to this news.

“I have heard of Schnaevag’s fame. He’s a fierce general of the Wolf Kingdom. However, with just your jack of trades skills? Don’t think I’m a child!”

Lisa naturally knew the level of this young man’s marital skill.

“Hehe, I used stratagems, have you heard of them? Of course, only I alone understand them in the entire Hass empire, how could you know?”

“Then use your stratagems to seize back the throne which ought to have belonged to me!”

Lisa shook his hand as she spoke, even stooping her upper body down, using her pair of breasts to massage Aiwa.

“Hehe, it’s impossible.”

Aiwa seemed to have already lost interest towards those breasts.


Lisa immediately stopped the erotic service.

“I don’t have enough soldiers. I can’t arrange an array just by relying on my own strength, you know. Moreover, presently it would be unjustified to let the Hass Empire’s army seize back the throne for you!”

Aiwa explained to her.

“What do I need to do then?”

Lisa had thrown caution to the wind by now.

“Help me increase my power, rise through the ranks of the nobility. Then, I’ll help you seize back the throne as soon as I have enough military power.”

Aiwa made a solemn vow.

“As far as I know, even your father, General Kyle, doesn’t have the authority to mobilize the army?”

Lisa suddenly questioned back.

“That’s right. Even my father doesn’t have this authority. However, if I could control Queen Sofia, wouldn’t that change the circumstances?”

Aiwa complacently looked at Lisa’s pair of doubtful eyes.

“Alright, but how am I supposed to help you increase your power?”

Lisa was eventually tempted, watching Aiwa’s expression as well as listening to his plans. “I cultivate a Yin-type Dou Qi technique which needs a male-female pair to work. However, after learning this technique, I haven’t been able to find a woman with whom I could pair with till now. Promoting my power has become quite difficult too. I believe your power conforms well with what I need and also greatly benefits you. Your power also has much room for improvement. Just think about it, is there anyone who can contend against us once we act together?”

Lisa felt as if there really was hope after listening to Aiwa.

“I’ll follow you!”

Lisa said with resolution.

“Only, since you agree to become my sex-slave, you have to always obey my orders. From today onwards, I’m your master. Do you know how a sex-slave is supposed to serve their master?”

Aiwa said pleasingly while looking at the Lisa.

“I’m ready to do anything if only you seize the throne back for me!”

Lisa replied with unprecedented resolution.

“Good, for now, serve me!”

Aiwa got down from the bed. He stood there, waiting for Lisa to serve him.

Lisa was unable to comprehend this, momentarily startled.

“Have you forgotten your identity so soon?”

Aiwa shot a glance towards Lisa. This former princess of the Wolf Kingdom, had willingly become his sex-slave. Aiwa was exceptionally excited but he did his best to control himself.

Lisa soon came back to her senses. She licked his wet meat rod drenched in viscous sex fluids clean using her mouth, and then helped his wear his clothes.

She followed Aiwa to the barracks. The soldiers at the doorway blocked Lisa’s path. Her appearance was unusual to enter a barracks.

“What are you doing?”

Aiwa annoyingly looked at the two soldiers, saying: “Do you not recognize who I am?”

“Please pardon us, Captain Aiwa. She isn’t one of our soldiers and hence cannot enter the barracks!”

These soldiers were clearly of that group of guards which were always conscientious of the rules.

Aiwa almost flared up when an extremely enticing voice of a woman sounded out: “What’s the matter?”

Lovna suddenly appeared in front of Aiwa.

Aiwa turned around to glance at her. This woman really loved to poke into other’s business; no matter what situation, there always seemed to a trace of her shadow.

“This is my slave, can’t I let her come in?”

It was inevitable for Aiwa act a bit haughty in front of Lovna since he had won the recent battle.

“These are the barracks, not your mansion. You can’t bring slaves inside as you wish.”

Lovna shot a glance towards Lisa, figuring this woman was somewhat extraordinary.

“I’m not doing anything wanton, she’ll always be serving at my side and won’t run around all over the place.”

He didn’t want to quarrel with Lovna. Although they were Captains of the same rank, Lovna’s qualifications were older than his because Aiwa had been promoted just due to his previous victory.

“Where will she sleep then? The barracks here are all for male soldiers.”

“I naturally won’t let her trouble you, she’ll be sleeping together with me!”

“What about the other soldiers then?”

“Let them cram inside another room.”

Aiwa said.

“She is your slave?”

The female captain was on guard. Lisa’s deep and unmeasurable eyes gave doubt to Lovna’s mind of her true intention.

Lovna secretly sent an obscure energy pulse towards Lisa. However, the only reaction she could see was the sleeve of Lisa’s muslin clothes float for a moment. Lovna was surprised to discover that the floating sleeve barely seemed to move before floating down back to its original position, deflecting the attack at an inconceivable speed. Lovna couldn’t help but shiver.

“She is really your slave?”

Lovna asked Aiwa again.

“You can ask her if you don’t believe me!”

Aiwa turned his head towards the silent Lisa.

Lovna looked at Lisa with a bright gaze, asking: “What’s your name?”

“I’m called Lisa, I’m really his slave.”

“How much money did you buy her for?”

Lovna’s tone was overbearing.

Aiwa was speechless for a moment.

“You think slaves can only be bought by money?”

Lisa hardly intended to take that lying down. She met Lovna’s gaze, looking at her with a solemn gaze.

“She must be a person from the Wolf Kingdom?”

Lovna laughed. She had come into contact with the Wolf Kingdom for a long time, and was very familiar with their people. She was completely certain of this deduction.

“If the Captain’s judgement was good, you should be docile. Pity… …”

Lisa gave a hollow laugh, expressing ridicule towards Lovna.

“I believe you ought to have some kind of special history, perhaps also filled with some deceit. You aren’t a spy from the Wolf Kingdom, are you?”

Lovna felt she had hit right on the mark and wanted to shame this pretty slave.

“Spy? Where’s your evidence?”

Lisa looked at Lovna arrogantly, her sight containing a tinge of provocation.

She hadn’t lost in the secret confrontation they had just now. If she used her genuine power, she was 80% confident she could defeat this arrogant woman.

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