Dragon Blood Warrior – Volume 6 Chapter 3

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Translator: Immortal Dreamer a.k.a Lord of Deviants

Editor: Lewd Prince Scan


Volume 6 Chapter 3: Planting the Gu


Cassia was startled, the man collapsing in front of her before she could do a thing. He didn’t even get the chance to scream.

Upon seeing his companion fall to the attack, the other man immediately catapulted. A robust man, he seemed to have transformed into a nimbler version instantaneously. Indeed, humans display extraordinary reactions when their lives are in crisis.

However, by the time the man had turned back to look at Aiwa, two steel-like pointed bamboo skewers flew before his eyes. He thought of avoiding them, but for the first time since his birth felt that his speed was too slow. Screaming in despair, the man was skewered through his eye sockets. They drilled outwards from the back of his head, completely fixed into it.

Cassia promptly used the knife to cut open the net and escape. Thinking to express her gratitude to Aiwa for his help, he instead pressed forward to her, placing a blade to her neck. Not even bothering look at her, Aiwa’s other hand took the knife from her.

“Hehe, I was just kidding with you, we aren’t enemies!”

Cassia licked her sexy lips, throwing her charming gaze towards Aiwa. “Those three bastards, did you deal with them already? How come I didn’t even hear anything? You’re really skilled!”

“Give it back to me!”

Aiwa replied coldly.

“Didn’t I just say I was kidding with you? I’ll return it back; it just isn’t with me right now.”

“Although I don’t know where you’ve hidden it, no one else can know about it… …”

Aiwa’s hand applied some force, making the frigid blade dig into Cassia’s fair skin.

“Don’t… … I’ll definitely return it to you!”

Cassia didn’t intend to lose her life over an unattainable object; it’d be better just to forget about it. She never enjoyed losses while doing business.

“Do you think you can trick me?”

“I really don’t have it! You can search me if you don’t believe me!”

She spread her arms, posing as if to invite him to search her.

Looking at the lovely, as well as pitiful, appearance of this pretty and cunning girl, Aiwa’s desire was roused. Her figure was impressive, possessing a healthy portion of sexiness. Especially those breasts; one look was enough to make a man’s nose bleed.

Aiwa wasn’t easily convinced of her words. His hand still held the blade to her neck, while the other thoroughly groped about her body. It seemed as if she really didn’t have it.

“Do you believe me now?”

Cassia laughed proudly. “Your skill is really good; I couldn’t even see how you dealt with those bastards. I thought you’d just abandon me!”

Being the benefactor of her life, Aiwa’s knife at her neck didn’t frighten Cassia. If not for him, she wouldn’t have been able to deal with all five of them alone.

However, Aiwa felt little for her praise. He suddenly extended his hand towards her neckband.

Cassia’s body couldn’t help but shrink back as she asked: “Aren’t you groping too much? How could that thing be hidden there?”

Although she moved back slightly, Aiwa’s hand had already grabbed her breast, groping it with force.

“Spare your flattery for someone else. I’m not like those repulsive men.”

Cassia’s face twisted from the force Aiwa was using to knead her breasts.

“Aahh… …Can’t you do it a little softly? It hurts… …”

Cassia knit her brow, her face adopting a hapless expression.

“What? Already reached your limit?”

Aiwa withdraw his hand, instead extending it under her skirt to firmly press against her soft region.

“I’ll take you to find the sword now, okay? Someone else might take it if we’re late.”

Cassia said, a lovely pitiable expression across her face.

Aiwa would have perhaps been touched by her act, if he’d been a weak-hearted man.

“There’s no hurry. I’m convinced that an ordinary person wouldn’t be able to find something you’d hidden. I want to have some merry time with you now, didn’t you want to sleep with me?

Aiwa softly kneaded her cave entrance while speaking those words.

“This isn’t a place to make love. I’m telling the truth, it’s very easy to lose one’s life from a snake bite here.”

Cassia looked around in all directions, trying to check if there were any dangerous animals nearby. Additionally, she needed to distract herself; Aiwa’s fingers at her private region were making her limp. She could feel her place becoming increasingly moist as his hand worked. Each time he did so, a cold breeze would invade her skirt, bringing her a slight chill.


Cassia suddenly screamed in alarm.

Aiwa believed it to be one of her cheap tricks, ignoring her while continuing to caress her private wet region.

“I’m not joking! It’s coming over here!”

Cassia’s expression didn’t seem fake. It seemed like a snake was actually quite near from her expression.

Aiwa slowly turned to take a look. Following her line of sight, he really found a two-meter long, huge snake there.

Although this snake wasn’t as scary as the one at Khalila Grand Canyon, Aiwa still remembered Cassia’s words: A bite from this snake would absolutely result in death.

“Don’t move!”

Aiwa said, walking towards it.

Cassia obediently stood motionless, knowing Aiwa wouldn’t let her run away.

The snake slowly crawled over, little by little towards the pair.

Squatting down, Aiwa firmly held the knife in his hands as his eyes attentively watched this frightening enemy.

At a distance of over half a meter from Aiwa, the snake suddenly began its attack. Targeting Aiwa’s calf, it was a common attack pattern of the snake genus organisms.

Aiwa suddenly waved the knife when the snake’s head was mere centimetres’ from his calf. Swiftly, silently, only the scene of the snake’s head and body flying separately could be seen in the next moment.

The two-meter snake spiralled near Aiwa’s feet like a water pipe, twitching for a while before lying motionless.

“You almost scared me to death!”

Cassia had never seen a snake die in such a way.

Although the viper had been frightening, Aiwa’s blade technique was even more terrible. His silent technique was extremely swift, exceeding the godly thief’s imagination.

Perhaps from his innate desire to devour snake gall, the sight of it urged him to act immediately.

He held the body, making a beautiful cut to extract the snake gall using his two fingers. Removing the pearl sized snake gall from it, a cold pleasant sensation slowly slid down his throat as Aiwa swallowed it.

A warm sensation scattered within his stomach. He circulated the Dou Qi through the channels of his body once before gathering it at his Dantian.

An unbearable expression creeped onto Cassia’s face as she saw Aiwa infatuatedly devour the snake gall.

“You must definitely inform me if you see a snake again!”

Aiwa slowly stood up.

Goose bumps ran up Cassia’s naked arms.

“What? Are you feeling cold? Shall I warm you up?”

Aiwa tossed Cassia’s knife aside, as he didn’t have a scabbard on his person. Approaching Cassia once more, he gazed at her snowy cleavage.

It was easy to deduce from her partially revealed breasts, that they were perfectly round and delicious with an enticing deep cleavage.

Aiwa merely used his finger to caress insider her cleavage, sliding the zipper downwards along her underbelly towards her short skirt.

“Can… … we not do this kind of traversing tease-play?”

Cassia trembled, looking towards Aiwa as she begged for forgiveness.

“Aren’t you dressed up so sexily so that men will like you? I can satisfy your demands; let you experience utmost pleasure.”

Aiwa’s abstruse gaze was enough to topple any arrogant woman, but Cassia was afraid.

She had already noticed the tent that had suddenly appeared at Aiwa’s crotch. Its scale was enough to deduce the thickness and length of the jade pillar hidden inside.

Aiwa’s finger caressed her private place’s soft region, slowly kneading it. He wasn’t in a hurry for quick results, wanting to see the intoxicated expression of this extraordinarily skilled girl.

Cassia closed her eyes as an unbearable sense of humiliation aroused within her heart. Yet she could only stand there and allow Aiwa to molest her.

“Ohhh… … Aaahhh… … Aiwa… … Ahh… … Can you…… kiss me?”

“Such a quick reaction?”

Aiwa pleasingly kneaded the entrance to her private zone. Cassia’s body trembled each time his finger jolted up and down her erect flesh pea. A region that girls mustn’t let men touch, it’s sensitivity was ten times that of other positions, and with Aiwa’s hand skill on top of that, it was simply unbearable for any person.

Aiwa’s finger could clearly feel Cassia’s flesh pea differ from a common girl, its plumpness and stiffness were proof of it already becoming hyperaemic.

“Ohh… … Aiwa, kiss me, okay? “

Cassia raised her head, adopting a painful expression of expectation. She indeed seemed to be pitifully cute.

“No problem. However, I’ll trouble you to fish out my lil’ bro here and give it a good massage. It will feel very good.”

Cassia obediently unfastened Aiwa’s belt, pulling his trousers down. She stretched her hands towards Aiwa’s groin to grip his thick and coarse object.

She was flustered when her little hands came into contact with that scalding thick object. Although her fingers were slender, she still wasn’t able to hold it entirely.

Aiwa stopped his head to exhale near her delicate earlobe. Her heart trembling, Cassia drew back a little as he said: “Take it inside your skirt, okay?”

He took his hand out of her skirt, shifting to grab her lovely plump breasts through the leather clothes. Cassia followed obediently, a hand holding Aiwa’s thing, the other raising her short skirt, bringing that scalding, thick and hard thing between her legs.

Aiwa’s thick member rose up. He moved his butt forwards, making it press against the region between her legs. Cassia immediately felt as if a little fire stick had been inserted between her legs.

“Kiss me … …”

Cassia tried hard to request Aiwa’s lips, turning her head towards Aiwa. However, he didn’t kiss her yet but rather stretched his hands below her skirt, pulling her underwear with great force.   The underwear was torn at the centre, following a ‘Chi’ tear sound.

Aiwa’s hand once again stroked her tender and lovely satiny vulva. It has become moist and slippery.

His finger touched Cassia’s plump and lovely flesh pod again, softly squeezing it, causing Cassia to tremble yet again. Aiwa knew this was the perfect timing to penetrate but he remained patient. He wanted her to experience this game of cat and mouse, let her fully understand how important a man, especially a man like him, is to a woman.

Cassia’s hands once again enclosed Aiwa’s thick thing as she continued to plead Aiwa for a kiss.

Aiwa slowly moved his lips near her fragrant lips, finally kissing her small mouth.

At the moment their lips came into contact, Cassia impatiently snaked her sweet tongue inside Aiwa’s mouth. He sucked onto her sweet tongue, her bodily fluids, gulping down her sweet saliva. Aiwa immediately felt an especially sweet flavour.

Her slippery sweet tongue travelled back and forth within his mouth, sweeping past everywhere it could, bringing exceptional excitement to Aiwa.

However, as soon as Aiwa felt that excitation, it was immediately chased by a numbing feeling. After a few seconds, Aiwa felt his entire tongue go numb.

Aiwa immediately realized the circumstances but it was already too late. The numbness soon spread all over his body, and even his hands didn’t listen to him anymore.

Cassia had already withdrawn her tongue, softly pushing away from Aiwa’s embrace. Aiwa’s numb body slowly fell downwards.

Cassia pulled her jacket zipper up again, hiding her two plump breasts. She raised her skirt to take a look, her underwear that’d been torn by Aiwa wasn’t too bad. It could be concealed with the skirt’s cover. It was unlikely to show itself unless she made any large movements.

She bent down to pat Aiwa’s face, proudly laughing: “You believed it’d be an easy matter to take advantage of this lady? If it weren’t for saving face for you being such a great hero, I would never have let you off. Hehe, take a good nap! Don’t worry, you’ll wake up after 5 minutes. But don’t enter a deep sleep, haha! Be careful of being bitten by a snake.”

Cassia twirled her hair with her finger. She picked up the knife Aiwa had thrown away and put it back into her boot case.

She stood up and crossed over Aiwa’s body, quickly disappearing into the thicket.

Aiwa blankly watched her cross over him. His tongue had become numb, making him unable to speak anything.

By the time Aiwa’s limbs regained their senses, the surroundings had already become deathly still, void of even a single birds’ chirp.

Aiwa really hadn’t expected to fall for this little girl’s tricks again. He had never heard of something like using saliva to anesthetize the opponent like how Cassia did.

After he checked out his body by moving around for a bit, he found that he didn’t seem to have any peculiarities. It seemed that she didn’t want to take his life and only wanted to temporarily make him unconscious.

Aiwa crawled up dispiritedly. After rearranging his clothes, he didn’t venture forwards, instead following the original path back. This was the safest way back as he wouldn’t have been able to make out whether the path forwards had any hunting traps or not. It would’ve been disastrous if any of them were trapped with bamboo spikes.

The sun had risen high by the time Aiwa left the forest. Bright sunshine stung his eyes, making him unable to open them completely.

Aiwa had originally planned to return after playing with Cassia for a while, once he’d planted a Chaste Gu within her. That would’ve relieved him of the fear of her playing any other tricks but it was already too late. Her location was unknown. His thick meat rod still hadn’t even touched the entrance of her flesh cave!

He figured Cassia left the forest a couple minutes before him. It would be impossible for her to escape far in this short duration, she must have surely gone back to the location she hid the sword before escaping.

Thereupon, Aiwa followed Cassia’s tracks once more but there was no trace of her.

Aiwa searched around the street several times, right until midday but there were no results. He helplessly returned to the barracks in dismay.

Xenova had been waiting for Aiwa to return back. She had already guessed the outcome when she saw him return, his head down dispiritedly.

“Did you find it?”

Xenova still asked him.

“I’m going back to rest.”

Aiwa said, walking towards his barracks room.

His subordinates quickly gathered together once he’d entered inside.

“Boss, you’re really awesome! Embracing the beautiful women of this place in each hand! We’re really envious!”

Aiwa didn’t feel even a tad bit happy about this boot-licking.

“Don’t disturb me! I’m going to sleep!”

Aiwa directly fell on top of the bed without even taking off his clothes.

A few soldiers immediately caught on that the boss’s mood wasn’t good and quickly calmed down. They quietly left his room, taking the gate guards along with them. Aiwa slept shortly before waking up again. After carelessly eating a few things, he left of the barracks.

He contemplated that Cassia still ought to visit those pubs. According to what he had inferred, Cassia’s livelihood depended on those regions. Even though she knew Aiwa could come there to find her, she couldn’t stop operating at those places. It was like the relationship between fish and water, both were inseparable from each other. It would become impossible for Cassia to make a living if she left those small pubs.

Aiwa followed along that lively bustling street, going through each of the pubs, staying at each of them for a few minutes. Aiwa finally found Cassia’s familiar silhouette at a small pub.

The two looked at each other simultaneously.

Beyond Aiwa’s expectations, Cassia unexpectedly walked towards him.

There was a cup clearly within her hand. He decided to not her escape this time.

Aiwa stood to block the doorway. His eyes fixed on Cassia, waiting for her to play her next performance.

“Now then, will you treat me to a drink?”

Cassia still wore her same leather body clothes. It seemed as if she didn’t have any other clothes to change. However, those clothes were very clean and orderly as well. It would have been difficult for Aiwa to believe she had gone through the dense thistles and thorny clusters within the woods while wearing these same clothes if he hadn’t gone after her personally.

Cassia’s body curves carried an implicit charm to them, but Aiwa knew that this lovely appearance of her was actually a vicious disguise.

Aiwa curled his mouth and sneered.

“Are you still angry at me?”

She snapped her fingers, indicating the waiter to bring a cup to Aiwa.

Although Aiwa hesitated a bit, he still believed it was unlikely for her to have drugged the cup.

“Shall I have the first sip then?”

Cassia looked at Aiwa with an enchanting smile.

Aiwa kept watching her attractive face before drinking the wine from the cup. He didn’t believe she had the ability to drug the glass right before his eyes.

“Shouldn’t you return that thing back to me now?”

“I already said that it isn’t with me right now. Besides, I don’t owe you anymore. Did you believe you could grope my body for free? I’m not someone who allows any man to grope me as they wish.”

“Since it’s this way, let me grope you again then!”

Saying thus, Aiwa grabbed Cassia. He was really anxious she would run away again.

“Aaahhh… … you-you’re hurting me! I never said I won’t go with you, why are you forcing me?”

Cassia glared at Aiwa angrily but didn’t struggle. She knew that there was no point in struggling at this moment. She knew Aiwa was enraged right now.

Aiwa carried her directly to the floor above. These pubs all had guest rooms on the second floor, particularly for women to prostitute themselves.

Aiwa pushed open the door of a room, throwing Cassia on top of the bed.

A waiter followed to ask for the room rental but was scolded away by Aiwa: “To hell with your room rental! Get out!”

The waiter hurriedly retreated in fear.

Aiwa still hadn’t stripped off his trousers before the room door was pushed open again. A shady faced giant man burst inside, saying: “Who dares to make a ruckus here?”

That loud voice made all the windows tremble.

Aiwa turned back to look at the shady faced man, looking at him unhappily before saying: “I said, I don’t owe you any room rental. If anyone comes to disturb me again, I’ll cut off his dick and feed it to the dogs!”

However, the man clearly wasn’t scared by Aiwa. He groaned after taking a look at Aiwa’s not at all mighty figure, slowly walking over towards him. Extending his fist, he was instead thrown away outside the room by the Qi flow around Aiwa.

The man understood that this person who dared to make a ruckus here wasn’t good to provoke and tactfully retreated back downstairs.

Cassia had already seen Aiwa use this technique and hence wasn’t surprised.

The technique not only threw the giant man outside but also closed the room door simultaneously.

Aiwa walked to the bed, pulling down the zipper of Cassia’s jacket, causing her pair of snowy breasts to immediately leap out.

His hand went inside her short skirt; groping once was enough to understand that she had changed into new underwear.

He directly tore the underwear into two parts, splitting it from the middle, exposing her thick pubic hair.

Aiwa had heard that women with thick pubic hair had an extremely strong libido. He couldn’t understand why she still hadn’t taken the bait even though he had provoked her so often.

Cassia unexpectedly didn’t resist at all, merely looking at Aiwa with alarm. He stood in front of the bed, removing the clothes on his body till nothing was left.

His thick meat rod hung from his groin. His attention hadn’t completely focused on her body.

“Use your hands to make it stand up.”

Aiwa ordered.

Cassia followed his order obediently. She gripped that dark and thick rod with her fair hands. After she kneaded it a few times with her tiny hands, his penis regained feeling quickly. Cassia could clearly feel the meat rod expanding at a great pace.

The veins wriggling on top of it were quite visible through the gaps of her snowy fingers.

“Like this.”

Aiwa took hold of her hand and demonstrated for her.

Cassia learned the movements and then used both her hands to stroke Aiwa’s thick meat rod.

At the time she caressed and stroked Aiwa’s member, Aiwa also extended his hands to caress and massage her plump breasts.

Aiwa didn’t dare kiss this crafty girl’s mouth again. Although her saliva was sweet to a fascinating degree, Aiwa was still anxious of falling for her tricks again.

At least, he didn’t plan to kiss her before planting the Chaste Gu.

Aiwa massaged her breasts with force, at times watching Cassia’s facial expression contort, but he believed that she deserved this.

Aiwa’s hand slid from her breasts towards her skirt’s under, squeezing that erect flesh pod again.

It was a girl’s most sensitive region. A few squeezes were enough to make the girl’s vagina really wet.

“Ohh… … Haahh… … Aaahhh… …”

Cassia slowly closed her eyes as true intoxication took over her face, her voice letting out alluring moans.

Aiwa’s finger soon felt her vulva become soaking wet.

Parting her legs, he pulled her to the bedside, curving her legs. He pushed his already erect meat rod right to her pinkish cave mouth.

Aiwa didn’t thrust inside immediately. He circled his glans at the mouth of her pinkish entrance a few times, drenching the entire area in that viscous liquid.

Cassia raised her short skirt herself, exposing her beautiful groin in its entirety as well as her most shameful secret zone. He embraced her slender waist, letting his body lean against her and suddenly moved forwards. His thick glans quickly plunged inside her flesh cave.

“Aaaahhhh… …”

Cassia screamed, her face twisted from the unbearable pain as she knit her brows.

Aiwa thrust quite deep this time, inserting more than half his meat rod.

When he took it out, he found it moistened with wisps of scarlet blood.

“You were a virgin?”

Aiwa said with amazement, not expecting this thief with such a charming appearance, who often visited these little pubs to unexpectedly have no experience with sex!

“What do you mean? Of course this lady was a virgin! Hey, that hurts!”

Cassia furrowed her brows. Although she’d been the one to provoke Aiwa, she was still a girl. Aiwa really shouldn’t be so rough with a girl.

“This is merely the beginning!”

Aiwa didn’t plan on being even a little bit tender. He knew that being tender with such a girl would be equivalent to being cruel to oneself.

He plunged in again as soon as he finished speaking.

“Aaahhh… … you’ll kill me!”

Cassia swung her head backwards, using her spotless white teeth to bite her tongue.

She really didn’t think that being fucked by a man would be accompanied by such pain.

“Aren’t you exaggerating too much? Does it really hurt that much?”

Aiwa stopped moving once he saw a large teardrop form at the rim of Cassia’s eyes.

“I won’t provoke you anymore, so please release me!”

Cassia cried while pleading with him. Although she knew it wasn’t of any use, she didn’t feel as confident as she had felt during the time she had drank and transformed into a pitiful cute girl being bullied by a man.

Aiwa was also a kind-hearted boy and couldn’t watch other people suffer. Especially beautiful women, and he really didn’t dislike Cassia. He was merely worried about the thing she stole.

He began to caress her breast and underbelly to divide her attention. His thrusts had become softer, as if he feared rousing an asleep girl. He asked her again: “Still hurts?”

Cassia wiped her tears and slowly opened her eyes. She felt as if the Aiwa that was fucking her right now had transformed into someone else, not daring to believe it.

Their pairs of eyes’ looked at each other for a while. Cassia didn’t show hostility anymore. She enjoyed Aiwa’s gentle caress and thrusts.

His hands comforted every inch of her skin, letting all her nerves feel refreshed.

“Aaahhh… … Ohhh… … Feels really comfortable… …”

She closed her eyes, her eyelashes trembling from time to time.

“Ohhhh… … Aaahhhh… ….”

An involuntary moan issued out of Cassia’s mouth.

Aiwa continued to thrust slowly, looking at Cassia’s beautiful naked body with pleasure at the same time.

She slightly bent her lovely body, causing a fascinating hill to bulge out from her originally flat and smooth underbelly.

“Ohhh … …”

She knit her brows each time Aiwa’s glans poked at her stamen. Her moans turned queer at the same time, pleasure beginning to seep into her bones.

“Ooooohhhhhh… … it itches… …”

Cassia left her mouth hanging wide after yelling out, her breath becoming rushed. She raised her legs unconsciously, leaving them to tremble in the air.

“Can you fuck me faster? Aaahhh…. …. Ohhhh… …”

She closed her eyes, unable to bear the strange itch at her vagina.

Aiwa gradually increased the pace of his thrusts. He could see her labia become overturned each time he pulled outside.

“Aaahhh… …. It really itches… … faster… … Aaahhh … … fuck me faster… …”

Her jade legs swayed as her voice increased its pitch with each succeeding sentence.

“I fear it would hurt you.”

Aiwa caressed her breast while continuing to thrust at the same pace.

“It’s really unbearable … … quick… … thrust deeper… …”

Actually, Aiwa had already thrust till her depths.

“Aaahhhh… … more inside… … it really itches… … a bit faster… …”

Aiwa couldn’t speed up due to his hands caressing her breasts and hence placed them at her waist and began to thrust at faster speed.

There was no place left in her vagina which hadn’t been touched by the thick meat stick. The pleasure was attacking every part of her body.

“Aaahhh… … soo good… … Oohhh… … “

Sexual secretions poured out from her narrow vulva.

Aiwa suddenly pulled out his meat stick.

“Aaahhh… … don’t!”

Cassia immediately stretched her hands below to catch that slippery meat rod and inserted it inside her vulva again.

“Aaahhh… … quick… … give it to me… … it really itches… …”

Her head swayed continuously while she extended her tongue to lick her sexy lips.

Aiwa really wanted to let her lick his meat rod but he immediately dispelled that thought after recalling her sinister trick. He delivered his thick meat rod inside her squelchy vagina again.

“Ohhh… …  fuck me quickly… … it’s itching me to death… …”

Her vagina had closed up again but Aiwa’s firm and upright meat rod smoothly stabbed inside, using a pace of nine slow thrusts followed by a quick thrust to torment her.

She made a great effort to move her hips, letting his erect meat stick jab up till her flower bud but she had missed several times. Aiwa would withdraw right before reaching it, tormenting her.

“Aaahhh… … I beg you… … please fuck me deeper… …”

Her vagina issued a “Swish” sound, puffing out a muddy fluid. Aiwa penetrated ferociously, storming against her stamen.

“Aaaaaahhhhhh … …”

Cassia’s naked body shuddered, her hands tightly squeezing around Aiwa’s waist lest he stop his quick thrusting pace. Her pair of snowy breasts followed after each thrust, flung about in a chaotic fashion.

She was still a girl. If she’d been a woman who had already given birth, her breasts would have swayed even moreso.

“Waa… …  feels soo gooood… …”

Her vagina couldn’t keep contracting anymore. Rather, it began to open up wide, blooming like a flower. Aiwa suddenly felt as if her vagina had become a completely different place.

That free and spacious feel immediately aroused Aiwa’s sexual desire. His pressed his entire body forwards, closely embracing her naked body, letting it tremble violently. His meat rod pounded  her dripping wet flesh cave with an unprecedented frequency.

“Aaaahhh…. …. really unbearable… … don’t!”

Her moans had already transformed into screams.

Aiwa’s arms hooped around her beautiful body, making crazy movements as his spear jabbed against her lovely flower bud.

Cassia’s body quivered all the more.

She wasn’t crying out anymore, her mouth wide as she continuously gasped for breaths,

Aiwa silently recited the mental technique to rouse the sleeping Gu insect. Exerting for a final spurt, his large glans firmly pushed against the mouth of her cervix. The Gu insect shot inside Cassia’s uterus along with his semen.

The scalding semen mixed together with the Chaste Gu. Shooting inside her uterus aroused a great amount of pleasure within her, making Cassia pass out from tasting the forbidden fruit for the first time.

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