Dragon Blood Warrior – Volume 6 Chapter 2

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Volume 6 Chapter 2: Godly Thief Cassia


Aiwa firmly groped her delicate little buns, morphing Cassia’s facial expression.

“Hero…. you’re…. hurting me!”

Cassia didn’t shrink back, merely believing that Aiwa was using excessive force; he would be damaging her tender and lovely skin.

“Tell me, what were you trying to find under my pillow?”

Aiwa liberally toyed with them; he didn’t depart those small mounds, but rather caressed them softly.

“Hehe…. I wanted to…. see if your purse was there.”

Cassia licked her sexy lips, watching Aiwa with those oceanic blue eyes.

Aiwa glanced towards the Dragon Sword. It lay there at the pillow’s side, delivered to him by men from his father’s faction yesterday. An extremely vivid and realistic dragon was inscribed on the sword’s scabbard, its hilt gilded and embedded with dazzling silver.

“I thought you didn’t like money?” Why did you return my purse to me before, did you feel the amount had been too low?” Aiwa’s hand shifted to her other mound, the nipple slowly budding up and high under his gentle caress.

“I really came over to sleep with you…. this is my profession.”

Cassia was already giddy from the pleasure of Aiwa’s caress.

“Alright, strip at once!”

Aiwa groped her forcefully, before taking his hand back.

“Hehe, how can I disturb you today with this lady accompanying you here?”

Cassia threw off Aiwa’s restriction and escaped quickly.

Aiwa didn’t plan on overtaking her. He knew she hadn’t come over to just spend the night with him; her target had most likely been the blade at his bedside. She must’ve seen it at his waist during last night’s drink time, the delicate designs on the scabbard were extremely attractive.

She sent him a flying kiss before retreating.

Although she’d seemed a little intoxicated, she still didn’t come across the mechanism he had set up during her frantic escape.

“Why did you let her go?”

Zenova had also felt like the girl had come with ill-intentions.

“What did you want me to do then, kill her? I can’t go against such a pretty girl.”

Aiwa looked towards the door, as if reflecting on the wonderful feeling of groping Cassia’s breasts.

“Why didn’t you take her then? She pretty much delivered herself to the door.”

Zenova said, aware that Cassia’s beauty and charm were a level higher than her. Normally Aiwa wouldn’t have let this kind of rarity escape.

“Feel relieved. Soon she’ll drop by again.”

Aiwa sat on the bed, picking up the dagger Her Majesty Queen Sofia had bestowed upon him. Pulling it from its scabbard, the blade possessed a threatening cold gleam; one look was enough to determine its uniqueness.

“Did she come for this sword?”

“What do you think? I wonder how sharp the blade is.”

Aiwa stroked the edge with his finger, looking at Zenova.

“It’s said that a good sword can cut through anything from just the wind caused from its wave. I’ve never seen such a sword till now!” “Do you want to test it?”


Zenova looked at Aiwa, seemingly puzzled.

Aiwa held the dagger, bringing it towards her smooth underbelly.

“Don’t! It will bruise me if you’re not careful!”

Zenova trembled with fear as she watched the sharp dagger scrap the top of her underbelly.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be careful.”

Aiwa slowly moved the dagger, shaving the region.

The dagger was sharp; hair was shaved off wherever the blade went, exposing a patch of snowy skin between the pubic hair on her mons veneris.

“You really scared me.” Zenova said, not daring to move as she watched the dagger move across her lower body.

“Isn’t this…bad?”

Aiwa continued to shave her, as if harvesting crops with a sickle.

The dagger in his hand blitzed past once again, exposing another patch of spotlessly white skin.

Zenova merely bowed her head down to look, not daring to give voice or move lest Aiwa inattentively bruise her skin. She valued her skin almost as much as she valued her life.

“Shall I shave it completely?”

Aiwa asked her, stopping his dagger.

“It’s already like this, you can do whatever you want.”

Zenova pouted helplessly, only able to obey his arrangements. She’d lodged at this hotel after following him, completely led by the nose. In front of Aiwa, she felt as if she could only obey him; she was a soulless human.

Raising his dagger, Aiwa continued to shave, moving slowly on top of that tender and lovely exquisite skin; she could hear the rustling sound of the blade shaving her hair off.

There wasn’t much pubic hair, but Aiwa took a good amount of time to shave her mellow mound, clearly appreciating her frightened appearance.

After shaving it completely, Aiwa’s hand caressed the area gently; now completely bare and glossy, void of a single speck of hair.

“Come, feel if for yourself, isn’t it quite smooth?”

Aiwa pulled her hand, forcing her to touch her jade mound.

Zenova felt it once, exposing a sweet smile. She didn’t care whether it was shaved or not as long as her skin wasn’t injured. It would be unavoidable for her to be discovered by her fellow female soldiers during bath time.

“Do you like girls like this?”

Zenova asked him, her eyes open wide with curiosity.

“Hehe, I won’t need to worry about being pricked when I kiss you there.”

“How could my hair prick someone? It’s so soft, you’re joking, right?”

Zenova believed he was making an excuse, only wanting to shave her pubic hair.

“Let me kiss you then!”

Aiwa lay the dagger down, stooping over Zenova’s newly shaven mellow mound. Opening his mouth, he covered her vulva, using his tongue to lick the insides of her delicate, tender and lovely labia.

“Mmnn… that feels good.”

Zenova frolicked as his tongue and lips slid gently along her vulva, bringing her a somewhat joyous tickle.

Aiwa licked her vulva while lifting his head to look at the changes in her face. She was completely infatuated as he curled his tongue upwards, using his lips to provoke her tender lips. Unable to withstand the pleasure, her legs trembled as she softly called out his name along with occasionally moaning; it seemed as if she was an inch away from letting her jade fluids flow. Her hands unable to resist caressing her own flaky bosom as she groped her lovely breasts with all her strength.

“Aiwa… it’s itching a lot inside.”

Zenova wasn’t able to endure his provocation, she wanted him to pound her insides with his huge meat stick.

Aiwa turned her over, guiding his meat stick inside her vulva as he raised her butt upwards.

“Mmnn… so pleasant.”

Zenova placed her arms on the bed, supporting herself as her body leapt forwards from Aiwa’s thrashing.

“Mmnn…. Aaaahhh…. Harder….”

Her elbows pushed down on the bed, her upper body bending downwards.

“Are you enjoying this?”

Aiwa asked.

“Very much…. Aaaahhhh…. Fuck me deeper….”

Aiwa drove his meat stick further in, knocking against her flower bud each time he thrust in.

“Mmnn…. Aaaahhh…. You’re going to fuck me to death…. Aaaahhh….”

Doing her best to raise her buttocks, she exposed as much of her vulva as possible.

Reaching out to grope Zenova’s chest, he fondled her overhanging jade breasts to one side while thrashing at her.

“Aaahhh…. Mmnnn…”

Zenova’s vagina convulsed several times, clamping onto Aiwa’s thick meat stick hard. It continued to thrust in and out at a fast pace, love juices pouring out of her vagina.

“So pleasant, aaahhh…. Mmnn…”

Zenova moaned, her vagina contracting as it gushed love liquids all the while.

She screamed as her body shook; her hidden peach flower island scuttled out, fusing together with Aiwa’s glans.

Her naked body shuddered each time Aiwa milled her peach isle.

Aiwa thrust into her for some time, causing Zenova’s vagina to convulse as she squirted sexual fluids. However, Aiwa still hadn’t climaxed.

He raised her body again, laying her at the quilt as he moistened his finger with her love juices; he applied it near her asshole, making the entrance glossier.

Aiwa then hoisted his erect meat stick, plunging it inside.

“Aaaaahhh! It hurts….”

Her body couldn’t endure the stab.

“You’ll feel good soon.”

Aiwa didn’t stop pushing till her ass had gobbled up the whole thick rod.


Her asshole shrunk, tightly wrapping itself around it; Aiwa found it somewhat difficult to move.

He could hear her sexual secretions streaming from her vagina.

“Aaahh…. Do it…. I’ll do my best.”

Zenova mumbled.

Aiwa slowly pulled out, then pushed in.

After a few rounds of this, the interior had also become slippery, feeling no different from her vagina.


Zenova’s body trembled.

Aiwa discovered she had a spot within her asshole, one that would cause her body to tremble each time he came across it.

He began to take long, deep thrusts into her ass.

“Darling…. Deeper…. Mmmnn…. I like it….”

Zenova knelt as her entire body moved back and forth..

Aiwa hugged her tightly, changing their position as he made a series of rapid thrusts.

“Aaahhh… Dar….ling….. I….. I can’t…..”

“Mnnn…. stop….”

Zenova’s ass pulled back quickly.

“Aaahhh…. I’m dying….”:

Her body was on the brink of collapsing.

Pushing inside, he embraced her tightly. His body trembled as his thick rod penetrated deep inside her, unable to leave as he shot burning hot semen directly inside her.

A wave of intense pleasure caused her body to tremble, making her ass contract as it sucked onto his meat stick; she didn’t relaxed even after Aiwa had finished spurting all his semen inside her.

The troops didn’t have to train for a few days after the battle with the Wolf Kingdom’s army and were even allowed to spend the night outside.

Therefore, the both of them did not rouse till late after dawn; sunshine shot in through the window lattice causing their butts to shine as Aiwa lazily turned himself over.

He opened his eyes to first eye his dagger; it had been conferred to him by Her Majesty Queen Sofia so he always kept it on him. Cassia had definitely crossed the mechanism he had set up for this dagger.

He knew she would come again as well.

By the time they descended to the ground floor, there were already several guests having their meal. Zenova’s body caught the sight of many of the men, her physique and face could bewitch any of them; their envious sight made him feel proud of himself.

“Waiter, send two here.”

Aiwa and Zenova sat down at a table.

“Make it three! One for me as well!”

Cassia popped out of a nearby nook, walking towards Aiwa’s table. Placing her arms on the table, sending Aiwa a mischievous glance.

The hotel waiter looked towards Aiwa to confirm, arranging three breakfast sets at the table.

Since he had groped her bosom for a while before, treating her to a breakfast ought to be fine, Aiwa thought.

“Can you let me see the dagger at your waist? I heard it was bestowed to you by Her Majesty Queen, I’d like to see it.” Cassia extended her bamboo shoot-like hand towards Aiwa.

Her request seemed reasonable, so Aiwa took the dagger from his waist handing it over to Cassia.

Cassia took out the dagger from its scabbard, using her slender finger to brush against that dazzling sword edge.

“Indeed a treasure! Take care of it, there are quite a few thieves here.”

Cassia placed the dagger within the scabbard again, returning it to Aiwa.

It seemed to be that she was reminding him, though he knew she was clearly an expert among them. The sword would have already become part of this beautiful female thief’s spoils of war if it hadn’t been for his quick reactions before; she could even have easily taken his head if she wanted.

Aiwa received the dagger back, hanging it at his waist again as he gazed into her attractive eyes.

After finishing her breakfast, Cassia walked past Aiwa patting his shoulder with a smile: “Take good care of your dagger. Don’t come to me is you lose it!” She left the hotel as she said this.

As a man of character, it would’ve been very petty to check the dagger at his waist from a girl’s warning, Aiwa thought. He ignored her warning, shaking his head casually as he ate his breakfast with Zenova.

When they were leaving the hotel, Zenova shouted: “Aiwa! Your dagger!?!?”

Aiwa subconsciously felt his waist hearing her shriek. The dagger was missing!

His heart went cold.

There was no need to think about who took it! The girl was amazing; Aiwa couldn’t understand how she took the dagger with a mere pat on his shoulder.

Aiwa stepped out of the hotel, looking everywhere but Cassia’s shadow was long gone. He knew it would be difficult to take the dagger back if he was even a step late.

“Shall we look in different directions?”

Zenova chased after him, seeing his anxious expression.

“You return to the army camp, don’t make trouble here!”

Leaving those words behind, Aiwa moved towards the west. He could see Cassia’s flirtatious silhouette moving within the sunlight at a distant place; her walking posture exuding pride.

Aiwa didn’t shout, instead giving chase.

Cassia discovered him when he was within a hundred steps from her.

“What? Did you get tired of that woman? Do you want me instead? Well, chasing after me isn’t a simple matter, only if you could fly.” Cassia turned back to laugh while her body continued to withdraw backwards.

“Return the dagger to me!”

Aiwa shouted at her with fury. He didn’t stop but rather pressed on towards her step by step; if he didn’t she would disappear in a flash. Every thief had their own exceptional movement skills.

“I don’t have it, why are you coming after me?”

Cassia turned around to speak once again.

There was a forest behind her; this city had been established near the forest’s edge. The bustling noise of the city was another world to the forest’s tranquility.

Aiwa inferred from her expression that she was planning to flee towards the woods; this stopped him from nearing her.

“Don’t play dumb, where’s my dagger?”

Aiwa slowly increased his pace, trying to curtail the distance between them as quickly as possible. However, he didn’t dare speed up lest he force her to flee.

“Hehe, I just looked at your dagger, didn’t I? I even returned it to you; it’s you who didn’t take care of it properly and still accuse a good person of theft!” “If you’re a good person, there would be no such thing as a bad person in this world!” Aiwa replied bluntly, inwardly assessing the distance between them; it was cut down to around sixty to seventy steps now.

“Chase after me if you want to catch me! Don’t blame me if you’re unable to keep up!” Cassia laughed confidently, suddenly turning around to run.

Aiwa roused his Qi to chase after her vehemently. His skill could be considered first class; he could float on land and chase after her using his Qi. However, no matter how much he sped up, he still couldn’t cut the distance between them.

Was she using some sort of flying skill?

He checked to see that her feet were on top of the ground, but her movement was no slower than his own; he had underestimated her.

Aiwa roused his Qi once more, hurriedly flying towards her. However, Cassia was already no less than ten steps from the forest.

Her silhouette suddenly disappeared into the forest.

Cautious against her scheming, he didn’t dare chase after her rashly. Instead, he took a roundabout route and continued chasing her into the forest.

The sun shined brightly outside the forest, but upon entering it was as if one had entered a black hole; the sky darkened and all one could see were huge trees.

The outer layer of the forest wasn’t that dense because the army had hewn several of the trees here to build defensive structures; hence, this region still looked relatively open. Aiwa could still vaguely see Cassia’s silhouette passing through the tree stumps Cassia was aware of Aiwa’s pursuit. After putting herself at a safe distance, she yelled to him again: “Can’t you chase after me faster? Are you scared of the ferocious vipers within these woods? A great hero like you wouldn’t be afraid, right? Hahaha….” Her satirical laughter echoed within the serene forest.

Aiwa had no intention of bickering with this female rogue, only wanting to get his treasure back. He didn’t know what secrets it contained, but it had been conferred to him by Her Majesty Queen. If he lost it, what face would he have left? What would he say if she asked him about it?

His heart burned with anxiety the more he thought about this; luckily the thief was still here.

“Didn’t you want money? I’ll give it to you; what would you even use that dagger for?” He wanted to reduce the trouble it would take to get the treasure back as much as possible; to use force on her would be his last resort.

“Okay, give me a thousand gold coins and I’ll return the dagger to you”

Cassia spread out her hand towards him.

“I…. don’t have money with me now.”

“That’s your mistake. Who can you blame if you can’t safeguard your treasure or even pay the ransom?” Cassia crossed her arms at her bosom, causing the breasts under her black leather clothing to immediately spring upwards. Half of them almost squeezing out of the zipper, looking extremely dazzling in the gloomy forest.

“Believe me, I’ll definitely give you the money, you can trust my words.”

Aiwa tones his voice to be akin to that of a gentlemen.

“Did you think I’d come to the army camp to get the ransom? You’re treating an intelligent person on par with an idiot; worse, don’t you realize how silly your words are?” She curled her lips: “Hehe, I know you have a top-notch skill in handling women. I’m still very reluctant to forget the feeling of having my breasts groped by you, only this feeling can’t be eaten; I still like money more.”

“That’s a gift given to me by another, you’d best return it to me.”

“I know you treasure it very much, or else I wouldn’t have seen it as a rarity! Come and catch me if you want it back!” Cassia turned, hurrying into the woods again.

Aiwa had no choice but to admit that his movement skills couldn’t compare to hers within these woods; it seemed that she did these kinds of shady deals often.

It hadn’t been an exaggeration when she’d said there were fierce vipers within this forest. Aiwa naturally feared them as one could possibly lose their life if bit by one of them.

However, he needed to throw caution to the wind to get the dagger back. He didn’t dare part far from Cassia, it seemed that she also didn’t plan to abandon him. She wanted him to suffer a bit.

Aiwa made his way around the thistles and thorny rattans in the woods as he proceeded towards her step by step, advancing with great difficulty as the woods became more lush. The illumination grew gloomy; he could only rely on his excellent vision to search for his wavering target.

Aiwa suddenly saw Cassia’s body fall underground. Seems like she had been caught in a hunting pitfall.

A grey net quickly wrapped around her, hanging her from the tree; she’d fallen into a hunting net.

“Haha, although we didn’t catch a black bear, we did get a woman!”

A boorish masculine voice echoed through the woods.

Aiwa looked to see four to five men pop out.

Cassia’s entire body was caught within the net, her limbs immediately squeezing together under the net’s restraints; unable to stretch, she couldn’t escape.

“Aiwa, save me!”

Cassia cried to Aiwa for help. She knew that as a woman, though she wouldn’t lose her life to them she would surely be gang-raped by them.

Although these wild men had tasted women, they’d never tasted a beautiful woman like Cassia. Even if they died from excessive ejaculation, they wouldn’t stint to take her if someone like her fell into their hands.

“Hehe, don’t worry. This big brother will put you down and slowly lick your buttocks, just wait for the fun to begin!” One man walked out from the cluster of brambles, a short blade in hand.

They would have used this blade to deal with the caught beast if it was difficult to handle, though it seemed this blade wasn’t needed now.

“Blind fool, take the blade back, you mustn’t rip this delicate girl’s face!”

Another one of them said.

There were altogether five men. They surrounded the trapped Cassia, at a distance of almost forty steps away from Aiwa.

In the forest, one’s face usually represented the hardships one had gone through, giving one the right of speech here; Aiwa clearly didn’t possess this on his face.

Although Cassia was trapped and unable to move, she did her best to move; it was a futile struggle.

“Don’t waste your strength, little girl. You’ll need that when you scream when we take you in a moment! I don’t want to rape a silent corpse.” One of the men began to loosen his black belt, revealing his dense jet-black chest hair.

“Aiwa, you bastard! What kind of bullshit hero are you? If you save me, I’ll give you your treasure back!” Cassia continued shouting, still trapped within the net.

“Treasure? What treasure?”

The gazes of the five men transformed into rapacious swords volleying towards Aiwa.

“A purse, it’s hidden on her body. Search her, there’s a lot of money inside!”

Aiwa spoke in a serious tone.

“On her body? We’re going to be rich! Search her!”

One of the men roared, the others rushing forward.

“No, he’s cheating you! It’s a sword, a priceless one! I won’t tell you if you’re rude to me, I’ll take the location where I’ve hidden it to my deathbed! I’ll definitely do it!” Cassia was still reluctant to admit the truth.

These men had only encountered wild beasts the past few days, how could they let off such a beauty like Cassia now?

“Let’s take her first, we’ll see whether she reveals the location of the treasure. If she doesn’t, I’ll slowly cut up her smooth-skinned body little by little; let’s see if she still refuses to reveal it then.” Their leader spoke, looking towards Cassia’s panic-stricken face.

“What should we do with the man?”

“Let’s take him too, we can at least use his ass; it ought to be pretty good. Hehe, he must have surely grown up while eating exotic delicacies like her, it will surely be quite tender!” One of the men looked at Aiwa with an obscene gaze. Three of them walked towards Aiwa, the other two hurrying towards Cassia.

She rocked her body anxiously when she saw them walking towards her, shouting: “I’m already trapped within the net, you really believe I’ll be able to escape? I’m telling you, you guys won’t be able to handle that man even if you all ganged up on him! Do you know who he is? He’s the famous Aiwa, the one who had killed a 3-Star General from the Wolf Kingdom recently, that one!” Cassia purposely wanted these two to go handle Aiwa while she would use the chance to break the net using the knife hidden on her body. These men wouldn’t be able to catch her once she made her escape. She was quite familiar with this forest and had only fallen into the pitfall being incautious while teasing Aiwa.

She had already cut open a small hole in the net, she would definitely get away if given another moment.

“Hehe, we’re only interested in you.”

The two men glanced towards Aiwa but still pressed towards Cassia.

One of them untied the rope from the tree, putting Cassia down. Bringing the knife forwards, she cut open the hole wide, sticking it towards her arm’s inside. The two men were only interested in sampling her loveliness and hadn’t noticed the deadly knife from the start. Cassia was convinced that the moment the man neared, one quick sally would be enough to pierce their abdomen.

“Hehe, you looked pretty from afar, but I never thought you’d be so pretty!”

One of the men squatted down, reaching out to pinch her pretty face.

As Cassia planned to thrust the knife forward, the man’s body trembled. His eyes turned up, showing their whites as he collapsed without a scream.

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