Dragon Blood Warrior – Volume 6 Chapter 1

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A new volume~ You’ll have a surprise mid-way, one character from the previous volumes will pop back into Aiwa’s life again~ Can you guess who it is? Hint: A certain bewitchingly hot OP woman 😉

Another chapter will be coming soon~


Volume 6 Chapter 1: Night Hangover at the Hotel


The man crumbling to the floor from Aiwa’s kick had quite the reputation in this pub. Ruther, a fearless hoodlum, often bullied ordinary people – and soldiers – using his developed strength and muscles. Today, he hadn’t made out that Aiwa was a soldier, a hundred man commander at that, else he might have exercised some restraint.

Now Ruther was standing still with a ‘witless’ look on his face as he faced Aiwa while the rest of the room looked on. “Someone’s finally put this bastard in order! Nice kick, lad!” Some of the men cheered in their hearts as Ruther fell to his knees, before falling over face-first motionless.

A youngster who’d suffered under Ruther’s tyranny walked towards Aiwa, a bottle of white spirit in hand. “Brother, let me offer you a cup! This guy should’ve been dealt with long ago!” The youngster poured a cup of wine for Aiwa, who drank it in one gulp.

The youngster wanted to chat more, but Aiwa interrupted: “Do you have any good rooms here?”

“Rooms? I naturally have! I’m Gino, please allow me to receive you.”

He stretched out his hand.

Aiwa briefly brushed over Gino’s smooth-skinned hand, pulling away before Gino could even grasp it for a moment. “Thanks, but there’s no need for that.” Aiwa then lead Zenova by her hand, towards the upper floor.

The shop assistant in charge of lodging received fifty copper coins from Aiwa, commenting: “You can have a hot bath as well if you add another thirty.” Aiwa had already taken a bath at Lovna’s bathroom, but he still paid the extra cost to the assistant.

The assistant put the money away before bringing over a large sized bathtub, pouring three buckets of hot water into it.

Scathing steam rose above the large wooden bathtub, the water level reaching just high enough to reach below the neck were someone to enter.

Aiwa sat down on a rattan chair, enjoying the view as Zenova stripped off her clothes before stepping carefully into the bathtub.

He caught a glimpse of her tempting cave entrance as she raised her leg.

Zenova’s bare body held an unusual charm to it. Although this was Aiwa’s second time seeing her naked, it still made his blood boil. Her body didn’t submerge completely, exposing half of her snow-white breasts above. Aiwa began to undress.

The last time they’d had sex, Zenova hadn’t had the opportunity to properly observe the object at Aiwa’s crotch. Once she glanced at it, it immediately frightened her, unable to fathom how that thick chap had entered inside her small cave!

Aiwa noticed the change on her face. Stepping inside the bathtub, he sat down face to face across from Zenova as they curled their legs. The bathtub had been built such that a man and woman could bathe together, providing the slopes on the sides which gave a person enough space to lie down.

Placing his feet beneath Zenova’s lovely buttocks, Aiwa allowed her to sit comfortably on top.

She lowered her head shyly; his developed pectoral muscles made her heart beat restlessly.

Aiwa caressed her satiny legs, gazing at her plump breasts.

Her prominent breasts stood out, with those alluring red nipples resembling ripened mulberry fruits engraved with meticulous patterns.

“Come, I’ll help you scrub.”

Aiwa motioned for her to come, lifting his hand as she obediently moved towards him. He turned her over, pressing her fragrant back to his chest. His arms passed below her underarms, gripping her tender breasts and softly kneading them while his doppelganger poked at Zenova from below.

Zenova’s heart rate continued to increase as Aiwa kneaded her breasts in this position. Her body trembled as a limp sensation spread across her body each time he pinched her.

She could feel the temperature of the thing at his groin rise, a fire stick occasionally throbbing.

Aiwa’s body, stimulated by the girly fragrance from Zenova’s body, secreted a high influx of male hormones.

His hand slowly moved down her breasts, sliding across her smooth underbelly towards utopia.

Zenova knew where his hand was heading. Her last experience having sex with Aiwa had been violent, so she couldn’t help but feel a certain nervousness.

Her body trembled when his hand touched her erect clit.

Aiwa leaned along the bathtub at ease, letting her fragrant back lean against his chest. Parting her legs to either side, she opened the gate to her private zone.

His finger massaged her clit, sliding up and down her deep valley. Zenova felt an indescribable refreshment as her genitals were caressed underwater, making her think she was being very immoral. It was difficult for a 17-year old girl not to be shy when her private zone was being caressed by a boy.

She greatly enjoyed the feeling, unconsciously letting out a moan: “Oh……Mmn……”

Zenova stretched her hands below to caress Aiwa’s buttocks.

Aiwa’s stimulating caress slowly evolved to kneading.

“Aaahhh…… Ohh……”

Zenova’s unrestrained moans resounded one after the other.

Her private zone gradually become slippery, but Aiwa continued to maintain an even tempo with his caress, not wanting her to orgasm too quickly.

His hand drew away from her sensitive zone, scrubbing her entire body.

Aiwa was surprised to find that Zenova’s entire body had become hypersensitive. No matter where he touched her, she’d have an intense reaction.

The two of them immersed themselves in the hot water for half an hour, neither of them speaking – Zenova lying happily within his embrace.

“Shall we take a nap?”

Aiwa spoke, placing a kiss across her jade neck.

Zenova didn’t respond, hinting her submission to his intentions.

Releasing Zenova, Aiwa stepped out of the bathtub to dry his body. He then carried Zenova out as well, wrapping a towel around her as he made his way toward the bed with her in his embrace.

Placing her drenched arms around Aiwa’s neck, Zenova was brimming with desire; but Aiwa didn’t act urgently, removing the bath towel and kissing all over her glossy body.

Aiwa’s mouth moved towards her underbelly; Zenova was ashamed as he kissed the top of her jade mound.

Her lovely body trembled as his tongue softly swept over her clit; she released an enchanting moan: “Ohh…..” She’d drawn her legs closer so Aiwa could only touch her clit but had no access to the ravine below.

Zenova couldn’t help but part her legs after that one sweep, exposing her tender cave. Aiwa’s mouth drifted past, wrapping the entire valley entrance with his lips.


Zenova’s body wriggled with shame, adding even more to her alluring charm. When Aiwa’s tongue softly aroused her small labia, sha grabbed the bedsheets in embarrassment. His head was completely buried between her snowy legs, and although she felt shy, continued to part her legs wide.

Aiwa knew this 17 year old girl couldn’t bear his provocation for an extended period of time, so after sucking that mouth a few more times, he stood up; Zenova’s face was completely red.

“Aiwa, lick more! It feels so good….”

Zenova said looking at him immorally, as she liked the feeling of his tongue licking her.

“I want to suck your breasts.”

Aiwa leaned over her flaky bosom, swallowing more than half her breast into his mouth.

“Ohh…. it feels pleasant….”

Zenova gradually relaxed while continuing to issue obscene moans.

Aiwa sucked on her breast passionately while Zenova moaned in response. Although her breasts weren’t that big, he was satisfied with their shape and flexibility.

After sucking on her a while, Aiwa climbed onto the bed. He didn’t push her down immediately but rather hugged her, asking gently: “Do you want to suck my treasured object?” Zenova knew what he meant; he’d licked her vulva so she’d also agreed to lick his stick. She sat down flirtatiously, grabbing his thick meat stick with both hands, stroking it up and down.

The movement of her hands caused blood to rush to his meat stick, giving rise to earthworm-like veins along it.

“Such thickness, so scary!”

Zenova’s heart skipped a beat, but she couldn’t help looking again.

“Then aren’t you awesome? You completely swallowed such a thick thing!”

Aiwa pinched her pointy chin, gently caressing her breast.

“Do I use my tongue to lick it?”

Zenova raised her head, looking at Aiwa, her watery eyes brimming with amore.

“I’ll feel zenith pleasure if you suck if with your mouth.”

Aiwa encouraged her.

“I can’t do it, it’s so long!”

“Try your best!”

Aiwa let Zenova stoop down to his groin.

Her hands held his intimidating meat stick. Aiwa waited patiently while she extended her small tongue to lick it’s glittering head, indulging himself in the pleasure as she sucked it inside her mouth.

Zenova remembered that Aiwa had thrusted his meat stick inside her tender cave the last time he’d fucked her. Concluding that the throbbing inside a woman’s cave must surely bring pleasure to it, if she sucked this thing in and out continuously it would surely make him feel good.

She did her best to take his meat stick as deep as she could; it was very long, making it difficult for her to suck all of it in, though even sucking half of it was enough to satisfy Aiwa.

She covered her teeth with her lips to avoid scratching his meat stick with them. Stretching her neck forward, she took that thick meat stick in and out of her mouth.

Her movements were slow and amateurish, but it didn’t influence the pleasure Aiwa felt. Leaning his back onto the bedhead, he could enjoy her mouth to its utmost while also appreciating the look of her sucking on him; he could see her lovely breasts whenever she raised her upper body.

This posture, a girl stooped down, brought even more allure to her breasts.

After sucking on him for a while, she released his meat stick before laying her sleek naked body on top of his.

“What happened?”

Aiwa said, gently caressing her fragrant back.

“I’m tired, I want you to… fuck me.”

Zenova spoke, her steaming breasts squeezing onto Aiwa’s chest.

“Alright, lie down.”

Aiwa softly slapped her body. Zenova rolled over his body, laying down on her back.

He slowly turned her over, softly pushing her legs to the sides; her private genitals were already quite drenched.

Zenova outgrew her shyness, brazenly gazing at Aiwa. When his meat stick neared her tender cave, she raised her body to watch it enter insider her.

It’s thick glossy glans pushed aside her tender and lovely labia, slowly drilling its way inside.


Zenova let out a rejuvenated moan, feeling as if something was going to outbreak when that thick chap rushed inside her. The sensation was very pleasant as she looked forward to the moment that scorching meat stick would penetrate deeper inside her.

Aiwa placed his hands on the sides of her body, allowing him to rub against her breasts as they swayed to the sides.

Zenova lay there, gazing at Aiwa through her beautiful eyes as he slowly brought his body downwards, cramming his thick meat stick inside her tender cave. She was already overflowing with nectar from the stimulating massage Aiwa’d given her in the bathtub; although his meat stick was very thick, the slipperiness gave her no pain and instead brought her a comfortable feeling when he entered insider her.

Zenova experienced the pleasure that thick meat stick brought as it slowly advanced inside her cave, enjoying the comfort of having her breasts being rubbed against Aiwa’s arms.

“Does it feel good?”

Aiwa asked, making a slow thrust while watching her infatuated expression.

“Yes, can you do it faster?”

Zenova said with joy as she opened up her legs again, setting her naked body in a ‘大’ position.

“Nope, you won’t be able to bear it if I increased the pace. Let me give you an experience of genuine pleasure.” Aiwa’s body rose and fell, his meat stick throbbing inside her narrow meat cave. Although slow, each time his body fell the glans poked at her stamen.

Aiwa saw Zenova furrow her brows.

“Ohhh… very comfortable….”

Her body squirmed.

Aiwa lowered his head to look at her lower body. Each time that thick meat stick invaded her, a bulging ridge could be seen at her originally smooth underbelly.

It seemed like the meat stick within her would appear out of her tender body.

Initially, Zenova merely accepted Aiwa’s thrusts passively. Gradually she began to respond, relaxing when he entered and clutching with force when he left, allowing her to experience an ethereal pleasure during the invasion as well as the withdrawal.

“Aahhh… Ohhh…”

A flurry of moans – completely void of her original shyness – burst out of Zenova. She wasn’t looking at Aiwa anymore, her eyes shut as she opened her mouth to release successive moans.

Aiwa suddenly stopped moving, kneading her breasts for a while before asking: “Do you want to ride me?” Zenova opened her misty eyes, looking puzzled.

“You’ll be on top, and I’ll be under.”

Aiwa hugged her lovely body, flipping her over to lie on his abdomen, again placing his arms at her underarms to lift her body.

Zenova finally realized his intention, however doing so would’ve exhausted her. Therefore, she simply mader her body rise and fall, Aiwa’s meat stick resembling a pillar reaching for the heavens as it plunged into her meat cave. Zenova lifted her body slowly, waiting for the moment the glans were almost exposed outside, and then slamming down again making it reach her stamen. This kind of back and forth movement made her want to stop but can’t.

Aiwa also latched onto her suddenly accelerating rhythm, her breasts swinging along with the rise and fall of her body.

“Aaahhh…. Ohhh……”

Zenova increased her pace also she felt her meat cave convulse. She had to support herself by placing her hands on Aiwa’s knees to keep going.

A deluge of sexual fluids sprayed outward, causing Zenova to tremble. Aiwa felt the flux of her sex fluids.

“Aaahhh… Aiwa! I… Can’t go on!”

Taking hurried breaths through her mouth, Zenova closed her eyes extending her tongue out to lick her lips.

Aiwa embraced her and turned over, pressing her down. She believed he was planning to bring a fast resolution, but didn’t expect that he wanted to play with her longer.

“Does it itch?”

Aiwa grabbed her jade breast, kneading it. It hurt a bit, though Zenova found it immensely enjoyable.

“It itches…. Aaaahhhh …. Aiwa…. Kiss me….”

Her tongue pleaded for his kiss, but he merely stooped down to lick her tongue.

The itching sensation spread out further within her meat cave; she was already at the end of her sanity. The entire cave opened and closed, clamping forcefully onto Aiwa’s manhood while nectar oozed out from her fleshy slit.

These sex fluids were what Aiwa needed; he immediately circulated his Dou Qi to absorb them.

Aiwa lowered his head to kiss her mouth, slowly wiggling his body. Although slow-moving, these movements were deadly to Zenova; she felt as if the blood in her body was rushing towards her lower body as sweat seeped out of her exquisite snowy flesh.

Their bodies entwined with each other, raising the pleasure. Any part of the girl’s body gave rise to an intense reaction to a man in such a situation.

“Aaahhh…. Aiwa…. Quicker, aahhh… Aaaahh…. Can’t bear!”

Zenova screamed.

“Aaahhh…. Mmn…. I’m dying! Aahhh!”

Zenova’s body squirmed crazily within his embrace, her buttocks waggling as a storm of sexual secretions spritzed out.

Aiwa pounded her meat cave madly.

“Aahh… Mmnm…. Can’t an….”

Zenova’s naked body convulsed, making it difficult for her to breathe.

Her snowy legs raised in the air, shuddering continuously.

“Wum…. Mmn….”

Zenova opened her mouth wide, gasping deeply.

Aiwa suddenly pushed down, releasing the essence gate; Zenova’s body trembled as burning hot semen spurted atop her stamen.

Aiwa relaxed his body, lying motionlessly with Zenova in his embrace. His erect meat stick was still throbbing after ejaculating, making her body restless.

When Aiwa let her mouth go, she took large mouthfuls of air as she gasped for breath; her body was covered with overflowing fragrant sweat.

This single round had used up a great amount of Zenova’s physical strength. Aiwa had wanted to go for another round, but Zenova had pleaded for leniency.

“I’ll have another round with her after she wakes up.” Aiwa thought. After washing their bodies, Aiwa closed the door and placed a mechanism there. This region was filled with fishes and dragons alike, especially those robbers; their primary target would often be someone like Aiwa.

Zenova fell asleep within Aiwa’s embrace on the bed, her physical strength unable to endure the exertion of the battle as well as Aiwa’s torment on top of that. Aiwa heard the steady sounds of her breathing soon.

Aiwa hadn’t gotten any proper rest recently, he’d had to train the soldiers in the stratagems a few days ago and then conduct combat, effectively tiring him. He also entered slumber land, completely content with Zenova’s body.

During his sleep, Aiwa felt a sudden danger in the darkness.

Slightly opening his eyes, he noticed a slim silhouette floating towards him. The movements were somewhat strange to him, so Aiwa entered a taut state, gathering his Dou Qi secretly so he could defend any attack made by the enemy as well as strike back.

The silhouette floated toward the bedside, bending down as it searched. Gradually it’s hand neared Aiwa’s pillow; he suddenly caught it unguarded, fastening it to his body.

Wiggling, the slim silhouette escaped from his hands. Aiwa rose from the bed, jumping towards it as his hand immediately hooked onto the counterpart’s neck; his other pressed a dagger against its neck.

That cold sensation immediately made the other party realize the consequences of resisting.

“It’s me, Cassia!”

Zenova had also awoken by the time Aiwa caught Cassia, lighting the lamp to see properly; it really was the breath-taking face of Cassia.

“Did you come to sleep with me?”

Aiwa laughed licentiously, his knife still pressed to her neck.

“Why not?”

Cassia obediently let Aiwa rein in her neck, no intentions of resisting.

Her breath was filled with the flavor of wine when she spoke, as if she was drunk and not only from the wine she drank with Aiwa.

“Hehe, so to say, you were already watching me, right?”

“You’re Hass’s hero; which woman wouldn’t like you?”

Cassia didn’t feel ashamed at all about trespassing into his room at night.

Aiwa felt it was inappropriate to his elegance to hold a knife against a defenceless girl in front of Zenova.

“Be careful, that knife can bruise me!”

Cassia looked towards the knife, trembling with fear.

Aiwa slowly withdrew his hand, releasing her; she felt her neck coughing.

He’d been lenient just now; if it was a man who had come to sneak attack him, he would’ve crushed his neck.

Cassa still wore the same leather clothes: that mini-skirt that barely hid her sexy bootylicious butt; her curvaceous breasts merely bound by the leather jacket. Almost half her snowy breasts were visible at the place the zipper was open, alluring men towards them.

“You really want to sleep with me?”

Aiwa looked at her fearless expression, gazing into her blue eyes as deep and unmeasurable as the ocean.

“If you want, I’ll give you a free service.”

Her impish smile roused Aiwa’s libido; her bosom jiggling violently as she’d exhausted some of her strength during their scuffle.

Aiwa didn’t believe her lie: a somewhat intoxicated girl had broken through the mechanism he had set, meaning she had ulterior motives and absolutely wasn’t a simple girl.

Cassia curled her lips, deliberately pulling the jacket zipper down another section to expose more of her snowy bosom.

Aiwa watched her bosom with rapt attention, doubting any possibility of her hiding a weapon there.

He made sure that there wasn’t anything down her jacket, only those snowy breasts that sprung out after the zipper was pulled down, finally free from the constraints of her skin-tight clothes.

“A hero deserves a beautiful woman. Don’t I satisfy that?”

His emotions fluttered under her charming gaze; her lovely alluring face didn’t possess a slight amount of alarm.

Aiwa gave the knife over to Zenova; pulling the zipper down another section, exposing her cleavage.

“How much?”

“If you absolutely want to gift me, you can give me one gold coin.”

Licking her sexy lips with her tongue, Cassia’s beautiful eyes looked straight into Aiwa’s handsome face.

Aiwa had seen shamelessness, but never to such an extent as to offer one’s body for just one gold coin.

“If I gave you two, would that mean you’d accompany me for two nights?”

Aiwa’s finger softly slid along her icily sparkling skin at her cleavage; her skin was quite flexible as well as extremely smooth.

“Wouldn’t it be better to just marry me then?

Cassia bowed her head to look at her exposed cleavage; the leather clothes were covering her nipples and more than half of her snowy breasts were already bare.

“Sorry, I already have a wife.”

Aiwa laughed, motioning towards Zenova. She was satisfied with this expression, allowing her to rouse out of her inferiority and recover some confidence in front of this pretty girl.

However, she didn’t dare admit to being his wife in front of this aggressive Aiwa; if he declared it to be untrue, she couldn’t say anything.

“There’s no harm in being just friends then?”

Cassia’s tone seemed unflustered, but the fluctuation in her breathing was clearly distinct; Aiwa’s hand had entered inside her jacket, kneading her small mounds.

Although Cassia’s body remained still, her bosom reacted to this provocation; she seemed to be very sensitive, completely contrary to her fearless and shrewish appearance at the bar.

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