Dragon Blood Warrior – Volume 5 Chapter 8

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Volume 5 Chapter 8: Bar


After entering the bathroom for Senior Officers, Lovna moved to close the door behind her, pausing as someone’s hand blocked her attempt.


Lovna stared at the man suddenly leaning against the door, his masculine arm holding it open. Her eyes filled with wonder as they took in the face of Aiwa, who returned her gaze with the deep love he felt for her.

“In the East Empire’s tongue, you would have said, ‘Hi’. I thank you for the greeting, but I’m only here to obtain my promise from you.” Aiwa’s tall stature blocked the bathroom’s door, bringing an oppressive feeling to Lovna. It also gave her a comforting sense of security in his presence.

Especially his deep gaze filled with passion, which didn’t match too well with his 17-year old face. It unexpectedly brought Lovna’s face into a deep flush.

“What are you talking about?”

The washbowl pressed to her body caused her lovely breasts to seem all the more plump; her deep blue eyes appeared as blue as the ocean depths.

Aiwa leisurely removed his hand blocking the door, withdrawing his sight from Lovna’s face. He examined his fingers, as if checking whether they’d been pruned properly. His fingers were slender and beautiful, as if belonging to a dazzling super beauty.

“A girl who doesn’t remember a promise she made isn’t a good girl!”

Aiwa’s spoke, his deep gaze falling on Lovna’s face again.

However, his eyes weren’t looking into hers, but rather her maroon hair, as if trying to peer into the secrets hidden within.

“If I’d promised something, then I surely must have said it. Merely, I don’t remember which words you’re referring to.” “My memory is not that good either, but I always remember things that are advantageous to me, and I remember you saying that I’m a hero!” “Yes, I did say those words. I also said that I love you. It’s the same even now, I love you!” At the time Lovna had spoken those three words ‘I love you’, not only had her expression been tranquil, but her tone cold and void of the passion she’d had on the battlefield.

“Wrong. I remember you said something even before the battle began. Those words are the most important ones!” Aiwa slyly looked towards Lovna.

Lovna felt helpless meeting Aiwa’s expression. She’d already seen his giant doppelganger during the physical examination, and it seemed that his physiological needs had matured along with his body.

“You want to do it now?”

Lovna asked indifferently, unfastening the buttons of her outfit.

Although Aiwa hadn’t experienced countless women, he was still a man who had experienced several. Even Tanzya’s Generalissimo Kayseri hadn’t been difficult to handle, what could a trifling captain amount to?! He was doubtful to let her go even if she acted so shamelessly.

“It doesn’t matter. It’s not like I don’t care about a girl’s feelings, I only hope that you keep your promise. We can talk after you finish your bath. I’ll be waiting for you in the Physical Examination Room.” After that Aiwa left the bathroom, walking over towards the Physical Examination Room.

Although Lovna adored Aiwa, it was difficult for a woman like her, with a cultivation that wasn’t lower than his, to take the initiative and throw herself into his arms.

She hadn’t expected Aiwa to try and fulfill her promise so quickly.

Lovna began to strip off her clothes without even bothering to close the door. Besides Aiwa, the rascal, no one dared enter this restricted area. Even Federer had never set foot in here, taking into account his reputation.

Since she planned to give her body away to this youngster, what’s the use in closing the door?

Lovna stripped stark naked. Her body curves were absolutely elegant, unlike that underripe girl Zenova. Her body emitted a wild charm that urged on a man’s primal instincts.

Her lovely plump breasts, titillated nipples and dense underbrush below her abdomen were all proof of her extremely exuberant lust.

Although she acted completely calm in front of Aiwa, Lovna couldn’t help but get excited whenever she recalled that thick and solid thing of his, longing for the time they’d have sex.

She cautiously and solemnly scrubbed every inch of her body, especially her private region; she didn’t want that acute youngster to feel anything strange from her body.

Originally, her body usually emitted one kind of natural womanly fragrance, becoming more dense after the bath.

After finishing her bath, Lovna didn’t even dry off her body before making her way towards the Physical Examination Room through a different route than the one Aiwa took.

Aiwa’s expression could only be described as ‘stunned’ when she appeared beside him wearing only a flimsy army undergarment.

“I didn’t see you come in through the door. You didn’t hypnotize me when you came in, did you?” Aiwa could only think of this possibility.

Lovna couldn’t help but laugh at Aiwa’s foolish appearance.

“Didn’t you want me to fulfill my promise?”

Lovna walked over towards Aiwa, curious about the 17-year old boy’s unusual desire towards women. He wouldn’t know how to handle a women that stripped naked in front of him; perhaps him sleeping with Tanzya’s Generalissimo was just a fabrication.

“Hehe, I really hadn’t expected that the Captain was so straightforward.”

Aiwa chuckled as he walked towards Lovna, monopolizing her slender waist with one hand while the other caressed her smooth underbelly.

Aiwa was quite tall. Lovna didn’t resist his touch, letting him pull her into his embrace.

Lovna’s body was forced backward from his pull, the two towering jade peaks on her bosom appearing loftier as her upper body arched. The true color of those mounds were still hidden behind that flimsy army undergarment, though they were already enough of an enticement for a 17-year old boy.

His hand slowly slid upwards from her underbelly towards her breasts.

Lovna didn’t resist but she also didn’t cater, not even assuming a slightly bashful appearance.

She still resembled a soldier, a cold inviolable soldier!

Lowering his head, Aiwa pinched her breasts while moving his mouth towards her sexy, enticing fragrant lips…

His lips now a hair’s breadth away from Lovna’s, Aiwa puffed his coarse and heavy breathing onto her face as her body arched over at an angle of 110 degrees.

After a minute passed by, Aiwa raised his head and their bodies stood straight.

Afterwards, Aiwa released Lovna before walking towards the bed and sitting down.

“Captain, what are your thoughts on my stratagems?”

Aiwa had unexpectedly dallied with Lovna like a grownup man.

“What? Didn’t you want me to fulfill my promise?”

Lovna didn’t panic like a little girl, acting as if nothing had just happened. It was as if Aiwa hadn’t pinched her breast, but rather a piece of cloth.

“I don’t want to fornicate with a corpse.”

Aiwa gazed out the shutter, catching sight of Zenova walking past.


“You called me?”

Zenova asked, pointing towards herself.

“Is there anyone else named Zenova besides you?”

Aiwa sent an interested look toward the easy-going girl.

Zenova immediately saluted when she caught sight of Lovna.

“Are you free tonight? I want to invite you for a drink, how about it?”

Unlike the last time he’d seen her, Aiwa could sense some gentle desire in her eyes; there’d been some change in her expression.

Zenova’s sight swept past Lovna’s face.

“This is our private life, the Captain has no right interfering with it.”

Aiwa said, as if deliberately trying to anger Lovna.

Lovna said nothing.

“En, alright.”

Zenova nodded, seeing that Lovna’s expression wasn’t that grave, and immediately ran off.

“Hah! You have good taste!”

After seeing that female soldier named Zenova receiving Aiwa’s attention and fondness, Lovna felt a bit jealous.

“Zenova is a pretty girl, I like her. We even fucked inside your bathroom.”

Aiwa spoke, trying to anger Lovna again.

“You thought I was very cold before, right?”

There was no change in her expression; she still resembled her lifeless appearance.

“If a woman doesn’t have an expression on her face when sleeping with a man, she’s no different than a block of meat!” Aiwa said angrily.

“Hehe, you’re really interesting. Did I have that sort of expression?”

Lovna suddenly laughed. She liked seeing this boy’s angry expression, because his current behavior explained his feelings toward her. She pinched her own cheeks as if verifying what Aiwa had said.

“Naturally, it was like a corpse from war!”

Aiwa said unhappily.

“Have you ever seen such a pretty corpse?”

Making a wry face, Lovna deliberately drew her face close to Aiwa’s.

“Even a corpse that was moving wouldn’t be that cold!”

Aiwa curled his lips. He could smell the overflowing womanly fragrance from Lovna’s bosom.

His line of sight fell to her deep cleavage, the scent of it making his heart restless.

Her mature snow white breasts seemed to be like an egg peeled from its shell.

Aiwa wished to immediately pull her into his embrace and have sex with her. Gulping down, he resisted so as not to lose face.

“Aren’t you feeling somewhat regretful right now?”

Lovna spoke, caressing Aiwa’s thing with her hand.

“Regret? If I regret anything, that would be waiting for so long for you to get here. Zenova definitely wouldn’t have made me wait for so long.” Lovna looked outside; Zenova had long since escaped from here.

“Did you really fuck her?”

Lovna didn’t believe him, asking as her hand slid towards Aiwa’s manhood.

“What’s the point in doubting this?”

Aiwa couldn’t believe her doubt: “The Captain isn’t the only woman I’m interested in.” When Lovna’s hand touched his dick, Aiwa felt like he was being toyed with by this woman.

He immediately jumped from the bed, slipping past her as he escaped from the Health Courtyard.

“This guy!”

Lovna spoke, as she shook her head in regret.

However, she was sure he’d come find her again.

Once night arrived, Aiwa found Zenova by the entrance to the Living Quarters.

As an earnest girl, Zenova naturally believed in Aiwa’s invitation for a drink tonight.

Lovna could see Aiwa embrace Zenova from a distance 10m away.

Aiwa embraced Zenova tightly, knowing Lovna was watching.

It was not an odd sight; a hero embracing a female soldier. Moreover, it was a public secret in the military camp that Aiwa was General Kyle’s son. Everyone would have thought something was wrong if he didn’t act in this manner!

Hass Empire’s Southern Strategic City – Hohfeld’s night was always bustling with noise and excitement. Without the restrictions of the camp, soldiers as well as idlers assembled here looking for a very stimulating time.

Leading Zenova by the hand, Aiwa entered inside an average bar. Even before entering, the lively atmosphere was infectious; the unrestrained laughter of women, crazy howls of men, ear-piercing sounds from the exchange of fists mixed together with the sharp, clear sound of glass wine bottles colliding.

Aiwa found an empty table to sit down with Zenova. To the 17 year-old Aiwa, this was a new and odd venue. He’d rarely touched these kinds of locations due to the regular training and education during his childhood, eventually leaving to the East Empire for further study so he was far away from such bustling places.

“Youngster, your girl is pretty good!”

A bearded man at a neighboring table raised his cup towards Aiwa, expressing his admiration. Zenova had changed from her female-type military uniform into a whole-body skirt, bringing out her elegance and charm; her pure limpid eyes attracted the attention of several of the men here.

Aiwa smiled towards the man, turning back with pride to ask Zenova: “What do you want to drink?” “I don’t know.”

Feeling out of place here, Zenova had also never been to such a region. Had Aiwa not asked her to, she would probably have never come to such a place.

She felt the disorder from these coarse, wild men’s drinking, feeling very afraid.

Zenova looked at the crazy men drinking large cups of strong white spirit with alarm.

“Mister, Young Lady, drinks at my bar are very cheap as well as tasty!”

A girl – her appearance rough and unkempt – held a particularly chosen bottle in her hand; half filled with wine of a strange color along with a drinking glass in the other.

“How much is a glass?”

Aiwa didn’t plan to refuse her, even if her wine didn’t have any particular character. The wine in this place was boorish and lacked quality.

“Five copper coins.”

The girl replied.

“Come, let me taste a glass.”

Aiwa looked towards the cup in her hand.

“Youngster, be careful. Your wallet might get fished by her.”

The bearded man at the neighboring table spoke to Aiwa with a smile while drinking his own wine. However, the man’s sentence of goodwill contrarily caused him to be spurned in the situation.

Aiwa sympathized towards such a person, a pitiful little girl. If he held vigilance against her, that would be disrespectful to his own honor.

Ignoring the man’s words, Aiwa placed five copper coins on the table. The girl set the glass in front of him, pouring the wine from the bottle into it.

The wine fell into the cup very naturally. Aiwa lowered his guard, leaning his body back into the chair in case the wine splashed onto his formal attire.

However, when the glass was almost full the little girl’s hand trembled, causing the wine to overflow and drip onto Aiwa’s led through the tabletop.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t do that on purpose!”

The little girl hurriedly used her sleeve to wipe the wine from Aiwa’s leg. Aiwa felt no anger due to his sympathy for the girl.

“It’s fine.”

She didn’t have the sweet smell a girl of her age should’ve had, he noticed vexingly. Aiwa grabbed the wine glass and drank it in one gulp.

Although the wine wasn’t authentic, it wasn’t too difficult to swallow. He pushed the empty cup forward, saying: “Leave!” The girl gathered the five copper coins on the table into her pocket, leaving along with the wineglass and bottle.

Passing through the noisy crowd, the girl made her way towards an opposite nook. She placed the glassware down and fished out a wallet from her pocket, showing it off to her companions.

Aiwa recognized it as his wallet from afar.

He couldn’t help but turn towards the bearded man at the neighboring table, who was smiling proudly.

“How? Wasn’t I right?”

Though he didn’t say those words, the expression on the man’s face leaked out.

However, Aiwa proudly smiled towards the man. Fishing out a large bag, he shook it towards the man.

His intention was: “I’m very happy, what do you say?”

When Aiwa turned back, he could see a fashionable older girl standing in front of the girl who stole his wallet.

The girl appeared to be around 16-17 years old, with a plump bosom and long legs covered by a small section of her short skirt; her completely snow-white skin nakedly exposed. Her sexy and mellow thighs almost urged Aiwa to run past to grope them..

The girl reached out her hand towards the little girl, who obediently handed over the wallet to her.

Taking it, the older girl walked towards Aiwa and Zenova.

“This is yours?”

When she approached, Aiwa found her eyes, cheeks, as well as those breasts hidden subtly within her clothes even more fascinating than her legs.

Tossing Aiwa’s wallet onto the table in front of him, she took a seat as well, ignoring Zenova as if she were air.

“How do you know it’s mine? Is my name written on top of it? What’s more, you probably don’t even know my name?” Aiwa didn’t plan to make an exhibition of the incident. As a soldier, he had let a little girl steal from him.

The girl pointed to the ‘Holtzer’ name embroidered on top of the wallet. Looking towards everyone inside the hall, said with a smile: “Is there anyone else surnamed Holtzer in this place?” Aiwa’s face couldn’t help but turn red: “How do you know my name?”

“You’re the great hero of the Hass Empire, how could I not know your name? Everyone knows it! I also just saw that little girl fish your wallet from you.” With those perfect dimples on her cheek, the girl’s smile seemed enchanting.


Aiwa had no choice but to admit.

“How about offering me a drink?”

The girl placed her arms on the table, propping her cheeks up with them. Her face seemed like a soft shoot just breaking from the ground, her two slender hands as her petals.

Aiwa called for a waiter with a snap of his fingers. One immediately walked over to their table.

“Three glasses of ‘Zamusk’ and a plate of dried fruits.”

Aiwa brazenly welcome the gaze of this somewhat shrewish, wild-natured girl.

However, Zenova was turning jealous. She suddenly stood up, saying: “I’m going back.”

She’d hard gotten up before Aiwa grabbed her wrist, saying: “We should accompany this young lady for a glass of wine. Otherwise, it would be very discourteous.” From the girl’s mannerism, Aiwa could make out that she was a girl who frequently visited bars to drink. However, while he hadn’t noticed the little girl stealing his money, the girl had instead. Clearly she was no ordinary individual.

A girl possessing such skill living a life accompanying people just to drink along was impossible.

Perhaps she was the leader of the little girl who stole his money; the pickpockets were her subordinates, simple tools for her to make a profit. Thinking of this, Aiwa no longer thought of her as cute.

“Mister, your Zamusk!”

The waiter arranged three glasses of Zamusk on the table in front of Aiwa. The girl took one of the glasses, while Aiwa took one for Zenova.

“It seems like I was also cheated. The money in your wallet couldn’t even afford a single glass of this wine! Don’t you want to know my name?

The girl pursed her lips, as if the flavor of the wine had been ordinary, nothing rare to her. ‘Zamusk’ ought to have been the most expensive wine at this bar, to Aiwa’s knowledge.

“Hehe, if you don’t want to say, wouldn’t my question just be in vain?”

Aiwa chuckled.


The girl extended her snow-white, almost bonelessly soft hand towards Aiwa.

When he held her arm, Aiwa could see a sparse but quite provoking reverie of hair at her armpit; it had clearly been handled, else it ought to have been more dense.

Aiwa grasped her snow-white scallion like arm, pulling it towards him and stooping over to lightly kiss it.


Aiwa announced his name after delivering the kiss.

According to the traditional customs in respecting a lady, he was already one step late in his self-introduction. However, even taking his fame as a great hero into account, Aiwa wasn’t arrogant.

Cassia raised her wine glass and drank the remaining Zamusk in a single gulp.

When she raised her snowy jade neck to drink, faintly discernible cleavage could be seen through her leather clothes.

Because there were no signs of the outline of it on the surface of her attire, Aiwa guessed that she didn’t wear brassiere under her clothes. Her perfectly round breasts were more clear, revealing faintly visible round and pointed nipples.

In this world, women didn’t have any other occupations other than serving in the army. Except for those like Cassia who roamed freely, women could only ultimately end up as a man’s plaything.

Even taking in her appearance as a very shrewish and erotic women, Aiwa couldn’t see even a trace of Cassia being treated as a man’s plaything.

Merely, she hid an unconventional nature beneath the surface, making a man simply feel unable to dominate her.

“Hero, thanks for the good wine. I’m going to leave, give me a kiss!”

Moving her body forward, Cassia brought her charming cheek in front of Aiwa.

Aiwa had no choice but to kiss this somewhat spicy girl in front of Zenova.

At the time he kissed her, Aiwa careless sniffed that attractive girly fragrance from her bosom.

Cassia turned around beautifully, disappearing into the crowd. Aiwa meticulously watched her bootylicious bottom for a good amount of time before her silhouette vanished.

There wasn’t anything he could find lacking about her buttocks. Maybe if he used his manhood to inject into this girl, she would become even more good-looking, he thought.

“Really shameless!”

Zenova huffed in the direction Cassia disappeared towards.

“Hehe, only I like that. Don’t you think she’s a pretty, frank and sincere girl?”

Aiwa didn’t react much to Zenova’s anger. He had a favorable impression of Cassia, as if she was still sitting in front of him.

“I only see a lunatic!”

Zenova was also a frank and sincere girl, hardly covering up her likes and dislikes. Whatever she liked, she liked. Same went for her dislikes.

“Drink this glass of wine, it’s very expensive!”

Aiwa spoke, pushing the wine glass towards Zenova with a smile.

Zenova had barely of thought of drinking the glass of wine as a man in his thirties passed by. The man seemed extremely thick and solid, with a fierce look across his face and a deep knife scar across his arm.

He impolitely sat in the seat Cassia had just sat in. Now it was Aiwa’s turn to play the role of air as the man ignored him.

“Girl, why don’t you join me for a drink?”

The coarse man spoke to Zenova, his breath reeking of wine.

Although Zenova was a female soldier, the coarse man slightly frightened her. His body size couldn’t be compared to Aiwa’s, who seemed to be like a youngster in Zenova’s eyes. Thinking this, she subconsciously leaned her body towards Aiwa.

“What? You think this pretty boy can protect you? Hehe, you’re looking for the wrong man, isn’t my shoulder sturdier?” Saying this, the tipsy man pushed the glass of wine toward Zenova.

“I… I d-don’t drink…”

Zenova stuttered from her fear, grabbing onto Aiwa’s clothes.

“Haha, you think I’m blind! Is the glass in front of you filled with horse piss?”

The man grabbed Zenova’s wine glass: “Haha, pretty boy, you’re pretty well off, eh? Why don’t we compete in drinking Zamusk?” He raised his neck, drinking Zenova’s glass in one go.

As he began to lay the glass back down upon the table, Aiwa suddenly palmed the bottom of the glass. A sound not unlike an explosion was heard as the entire drinking glass turned to fragments in a second, mangling the man’s mouth.


The man screamed. The attack had been so sudden; he had never experienced any resistance in this bar. Aiwa had seemed to be only a pretty boy not worthy of a second look, one who could only spend money on a woman’s body and wouldn’t dare come out to protect her.

After the man recovered from staggering, he looked to see Aiwa was still sitting in his original position.

The sudden attack excited him. The man had finally found a worthy opponent since his birth. He immediately lifted his seat and advanced on Aiwa.

The man’s popularity in the bar was due to the fact that no one dared to provoke him. It was because he always disregarded the consequences, set on fiercely and completely trying to subdue the other party when slighted.

The seat drew closer and closer to smashing atop Aiwa’s head, but he continued to sit there motionlessly. Everyone in the bar watching couldn’t help but feel a cold sweat drip down their back for the young man.

Aiwa suddenly stretched his leg and kicked towards the man’s crotch. Although the movement wasn’t much, the speed at which it was dealt was astonishing.

The man’s body suddenly arched as he crouched down silently. The seat in his hand flew over behind Aiwa, while the man deflated like a punctured ball of air. He didn’t even scream.

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