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Volume 5 Chapter 7: Stratagem to Defeat The 3-Star General


The next day, after Aiwa’s physical examination, the army advanced to the border between Hass Empire and the Wolf Kingdom.

Although there weren’t any signs that suggested a battle, the information from the intelligence staff clearly indicated that the Wolf Kingdom was planning to muster troops towards the borderlines.

At present, Aiwa had already become a Hundred Men Commander formally, leading 10 small squadrons.

Aiwa’s prestige within the army had clambered up due to the previous bout with Charlee. Although he was a mere Hundred Men Commander, his reputation was equivalent to that of a Colonel. The more his feats were spread out, the more exaggerated they became; they were depicting him as an omnipotent youngster.

While the other squadrons had already set up their camps for the night, Aiwa lead his squadrons to practice stratagems.

Naturally, the officers participating didn’t know the profoundness of these arrays. Only Aiwa knew of its might.

[Just what are they doing?]

Federer asked with doubt while looking towards Aiwa’s soldiers moving around with their arms in hand.

[They say that Aiwa’s training his troops to use some kind of fantastic array technique!]

Federer’s aide-de-camp explained to him. Although he had been looking at them for a long time and still couldn’t figure out what they’re doing, he believed that it was sure to hold some kind of marvelous aspect.

[He can only deceive women. Wait and see how he makes a fool of himself on the battlefield.]

Federer shot a disdainful gaze and left.

Although he had seen Aiwa’s achievements at Favargo with his own eyes, he still wasn’t convinced that Aiwa’s array technique would be useful. Because Aiwa had rescued Federer by mounting a sneak attack, he reserved his judgement. He didn’t want to mention anything more in front of the soldiers due to his rescue being such a disgraceful experience.

Lovna was very interested in Aiwa’s training, watching him train the soldiers from a distance. Since she had studied at the East Empire, although she wasn’t proficient in this array technique, she knew that the Generals of the East Empire had benefited due to this fantastic array technique.

[Aiwa, are you only commanding these 80 men?]

Lovna took the chance to ask him when he commanded them to stop. According to the new battle structuring, each squadron had precisely 8 men. Since Aiwa lead 10 squadrons, he could only command these 80 men, comprising himself in it. A Hundred Men Commander only had this much of power.

[If you’re able to provide another 800 men for me, I’ll still be able to command them,] Aiwa said confidently. [How, you ask? Do you believe I don’t have the skill to do it? What effect could possibly happen with such few men?] He asked rhetorically.

Lovna thought for a bit after this. Using only 100 men to arrange an array was really funny. When she was studying at the East Empire, she had seen a General commanding this kind of array by using an army of 10 million men. Now, that was a genuine array technique!

Aiwa curled his mouth, this was no doubt a provocation towards this conceited women. She had a personality which refused to accept defeat let alone being met with contempt by a youngster.

Lovna turned around suddenly and walked towards Federer who was leaving.

[Colonel, I have a request.]

Lovna hurriedly chased after him because if this arrogant commander goes inside his lounge, it becomes almost impossible to ask him to come out.

[What is it?]

Federer stopped walking and slowly turned back.

[Can you provide me with a thousand troops?]

Lovna blossomed a fascinating smile. A pretty woman’s smile is a means to fortune, as well as a pass.

[For what?]

[I want to become a frontline commander. I will be able to lessen the worries of the Colonel in this way.]

[You mustn’t forget that you’re a military doctor of the Empire!]

Federer couldn’t understand the thoughts of this military doctor captain.

[Colonel might have forgotten that I’m a High-Level Fighter! Does the Colonel think that my ability lacks with that of your pedantic Thousand Men Commanders?]

Lovna showed her arrogance once again.

The reason she was able to be arrogant in front of the widely known arrogant Federer was because not only was she a member of the royal family but also a High-Level Fighter who also had the experience of studying in the East Empire.

Lovna was the only High-Level Fighter within the army Federer commanded. Surely those possessing Dou Qi can promote themselves to a High-Level Fighter, but this was only a rank equivalent to the strength. Those Fighters who have reached this level can only be tested through a real battle to know their further advancement.

In order to promote themselves to a higher position, each High-Level Fighter has the power to request for an opportunity and this request cannot be refused once it is raised.

[1000 men?]

Federer was somewhat embarrassed. Although he couldn’t refuse Lovna’s request, it wouldn’t be good to seize the troops from another commander.

[Is it difficult for you this Commander to do this?]

[Humph! If the Captain wishes, I can give over the entire army’s command over to you. Will you accept that?]

Federer’s confidence had experienced a setback after the several continuous defeats. He would be glad to accept the request of Lovna, this High-Level Fighter. Even if she did win, it also would be considered as Federer’s contribution and if she lost, he could blame all the responsibility on her.

[I don’t need many, 1000 soldiers are enough!]

Federer immediately wrote a writ and handed it over to Lovna.

[Many thanks for the Colonel’s trust.]

Lovna complacently accepted the writ and returned back.

When she went to find Aiwa, he was still teaching the strategies to the 80 men.

Lovna waved the writ Commander Federer had written to him. Anyone could command 1000 troops if they had this writ in their hand.

A woman’s gestures are always very attractive, and as Aiwa unconsciously walked towards her, Lovna hid her hands behind her back. This posture made her two jade peaks become more conspicuous.

[Captain is improbable to want to inspect my body again?]

Aiwa teased.

[You believe your body is worth seeing? A young child mustn’t try to act cool in front of adults. At the time I had sex for the first time, you still hadn’t even started wearing diapers.]

Lovna made a lovely laugh as she gently smacked Aiwa’s head. Aiwa smiled naughtily in response.

[What’s the matter?]

Aiwa asked. He could guess that it was perhaps something good from the excited expression on Lovna’s face.

[Take a look yourself!]

Lovna handed the writ over to Aiwa while slightly swaying her slim and curvy body. Aiwa looked at it and asked doubtfully: [What is this for?]

[These are 1000 soldiers consisting of 500 cavalries and 500 infantry. I want you use them for your stratagems!]

[Will they obey my command? I’m a mere Hundred Men Commander!]

[You’re a Thousand Men Commander from this moment onwards. Preserve this writ carefully. Even if he’s your brother-in-law, he will still be insensible without this writ in your hand.]

Although Lovna wore a solemn expression, her charming face couldn’t help but display her fondness for Aiwa.

Aiwa suddenly stepped forward and held Lovna, lifting her over his head.

[Quickly put me down!]

Lovna smiled lovingly. She was already afraid of being seen by the soldiers also afraid that Aiwa would put out some improper action.

Aiwa put her down but again caught her off guard and delivered a kiss on top of her fragrant lips.

Some soldiers had already seen him when he was lifting Lovna. Which beautiful woman is able to hide from the sight of men? The moment Aiwa kissed her also didn’t escape their eyes!]

[Look! Our Senior Officer is kissing a beautiful Captain!]

A group of soldiers immediately cheered.

Lovna’s face was dyed red with shy.

[You this little demon! Only causing trouble!]

Lovna didn’t get angry but rather protested coquettishly.

Aiwa released her and personally went to find the Junior Captains for his 1000 men.

In a few minutes, a thousand troops had already gathered up.

Aiwa’s arrays were very queer. He didn’t explain them to these puzzled soldiers and only asked them to act according to the set movements.

Each individual squadron held a different role. Lovna noticed that the arrays Aiwa used were completely different from the arrays she saw at the East Empire.

Were they his own innovations? Or he wasn’t able to understand the stratagem techniques?

Lovna doubtfully walked towards Aiwa.

[Can these really be considered as stratagems?]

Lovna regretted handing 1000 men to him a little. It seemed to her that this youngster really didn’t have this ability.

[Do you think they can still be called as stratagems if you were able to easily understand them by taking a look?]

Aiwa said proudly as his discerning eyes swept past these huge ranks.

[Show off! I but staked everything at your hand, you mustn’t lose my face!]

Lovna snuggled her body towards Aiwa. He could smell that serene orchid flavored fragrance from her body. Moreover, he could also feel two jade peaks pressing against his arm, although it seemed to be accidental, but it could still stir up a person’s heart with unrest.


[I think highly of you!]

Lovna rubbed her jade peaks at Aiwa’s arm once again before leaving.

Their sight met each other when they were speaking. Lovna squeezed in a wink during that moment. That ambiguous action couldn’t help but make Aiwa’s heart warm up.

[What’s the condition?]

Aiwa questioned when she had walked a little far.

[If you’re able to defeat the enemy using your stratagems, you can have the final say!]

Lovna entered the Health Courtyard after speaking those words.

Aiwa had already taught the soldiers everything in the next two days. At the moment the soldiers are having a hard time, the commander can change the array according to the changes in the circumstances. Therefore, Aiwa explained the meanings of the flag signals to the leaders of the squadrons. The soldiers will be able to change their position and formation to form the array the commander actually expects to see.

The Wolf Kingdom had also assembled to the bilateral frontier in the meantime.

What surprised Aiwa was that the Wolf Kingdom had around 20,000 troops. He really didn’t know what Queen Sofia was thinking. The enemy obviously has around 20,000 troops, so why did she send only a few thousand troops to resist them and moreover make Federer as the Commander-in-Chief! Wasn’t this simply delivering the army into the tiger’s den?

[Who’s the enemy commander?]

Aiwa asked one of the scouts.

[Reporting, it’s a 3-Star General of the Wolf Kingdom, Schnaevag!]

[3-Star General? What rank is that?

[5-Star General hold the highest rank in the Wolf Kingdom. 1-Star can command 10,000 troops, 2-star can command 20,000 troops and so on.]

[Basically, this Schnaevag can command 30,000 troops?]

[Yes, Senior Officer!]

Aiwa could infer that this invasion towards Hass Empire had been premeditated long ago by looking at the enemy Commander-in-Chief’s arrangements of the troops. They precisely relied on the fact that Hass Empire didn’t send out troops even after losing and decided to so much blatantly invade Hass’s southern frontier.

What was out of their expectations was that the Hass Empire has unexpectedly sent out troops towards the periphery. Aiwa could see through the binoculars that those 20,000 troops were heading towards their side in an orderly phalanx.

[Quickly go find Captain Lovna for me!]

Aiwa suddenly thought of a plan. The combined strength of Lovna’s 800-pound attack weight, along with the herculean Charlee, and his, this Thousand Man Commander’s Dou Qi technique would in no way be unable to hold against this 3-Star General Schnaevag! Also, Aiwa had his own reasons for wanting to personally head into battle. If he relied only on his strength, it will be difficult to capture Schnaevag, thus if this was to be delayed, it will be disastrous for the soldiers. An insignificant 2000 men Hass army would be torn into fragments by the 20,000 strong Wolf Kingdom’s army.

Lovna and Charlee very quickly made their way to Aiwa. Although Lovna was already a Captain, Aiwa as but now a commander authorized by the Colonel. She also wanted to look at Aiwa’s victory and thus planned to support Aiwa’s strategic decision.

[Lovna, Charlee, the heavy burden of capturing the enemy Commander-in-Chief is up to us three. As the proverb says: ‘Shoot the horse before shooting the person and capture the king before capturing the thief.’ I want to capture this Schnaevag using my reserve 1000 troops!] Aiwa said confidently.

His firm sight swept past Lovna’s charming face and Charlee’s fierce looking face. The slight wavering in their expression naturally didn’t escape his eyes.

[Aiwa, if your stratagems are used to attack the Wolf Kingdom’s soldiers, then that can increase our flow and can help in continuing to kill many of their soldiers. If the soldiers are used to directly attack the 3-Star General, wouldn’t it lead to the loss of a large amount of our capability? As far as I know, a 3-Star General has the strength equivalent to a Mid Level Fighter or higher. How can our soldier’s be his opponent? Isn’t this simply wanting to take an egg but receiving a stone instead?]

Lovna immediately opposed this idea.

[What benefit can we gain if we capture that Schnaevag?]

Aiwa asked Lovna.

[We’ll naturally be promoted to a higher position! Our Hass Empire has already drawn up a corresponding promotion according to the ranks of the surrounding empire’s Generals and Fighters. Our promotion will depend on the rank of the opponent we defeat. The higher ranked opponent we defeat, the higher the degree of promotion. However, if we’ll only be throwing our lives away if we aren’t sure of the victory. You believe that a 3-Star General has an underserved reputation?]

Lovna objected. She really regretted handing over 1000 troops to this insensible child.

[Lovna, there’s one more benefit. Although our flow will reduce a bit but our experience will surely by battling with this 3-Star General. If we merely send those soldiers to fight, although the flow could increase, we aren’t lacking in flow, but rather, in experience! Without it, how can one hope to be promoted? The flow alone cannot help in ascending!]

What Aiwa said were actual facts. Lovna went silent. She really didn’t expect to fall for the tricks of this ignorant youngster. Although she was not at all optimistic about that Federer, it seemed to her now that his brother-in-law is also no lesser than him. As the proverb says: [A person can’t enter a family without having common traits with them!]

Actually, there already wasn’t any leeway for discussion. The Wolf Kingdom’s army was nearing towards them and the Hass soldiers could even feel the ground tremble according to the pace of the enemies marching. Aiwa quickly took the binoculars from a soldier’s hand and looked at the enemy’s troops arrangement, each one of them had a serious expression on their face.

[What’s with their expressions?]

Aiwa asked Lovna.

[It’s the face of someone having faith in certain victory!]

Lovna though deeply before answering.

[Why do I feel like they resemble dead swines?]

Aiwa said with disdain.

[Wait until you defeat them and say this again!]

Lovna felt even more sure that Aiwa this youngster is really hopeless. Even an army of 20,000 troops was unable to awaken him, what else can it be called if not arrogance and conceit!

The Wolf Kingdom’s army neared further, waving their flags embroidered with a wolf’s design.

[My workstation is at the hospital, I’m going back.]

Lovna wasn’t running away from battle but rather simply didn’t see any hope for victory. She was completely hopeless regarding Aiwa’s battle plan.

[You obey my command right now!]

Aiwa said imposingly. Lovna had never seen Aiwa this serious, his originally childish face seemed just like a General at this moment.

[You want me to throw away my life along with you?]

Tears formed at Lovna’s eyes. She wasn’t afraid of death, but rather, she didn’t want this youngster to forfeit his life.

[Why are you certain that I’ll die? I’m going to live a long life!]

Aiwa’s expression didn’t resemble like he was facing a powerful enemy but rather seemed like as if he was participating in a wrestling competition when he said these words excitedly.

Lovna helplessly stood in front of Aiwa.

[Listen to my order! Straightaway take the enemy troops leader, we’re going to capture Schnaevag!]

All the troops raised their spirits after hearing Aiwa’s order.

Aiwa commanded the 1000 troops using the flags within his hand. That 500 infantry and 500 cavalry transformed their formations from time to time but the Wolf Kingdom’s army kept advancing with a uniform pace. After the two armies had closed in, Aiwa used the flags in his hands to transform the army’s formation into a wedge formation, piercing into enemy troops like a dagger.

The enemy’s orderly army was scattered by Aiwa’s cavalry but Aiwa’s army still held their formation properly as Aiwa made his way towards the huge enemy flag along with Lovna and Charlee.

Although Schnaevag didn’t have any lack of Mid Level Fighters at his side, his troop’s arrangement was still collapsed by Aiwa. This strange array not only didn’t consume a fighter’s energy but instead increased the soldier’s confidence. His several hundred troops quickly surrounded the 3-Star General Schnaevag.

A 3-Star General wasn’t a greenhorn, his might could easily be felt through the sword within his hand. It’s a pity that he couldn’t showcase it’s might because Aiwa’s soldiers had merely surrounded him and didn’t fight him. They were also being crammed by the enemy soldiers so it made it difficult for him to be able to display his sword technique.

[Get out of the way!]

Schanevag said fretfully, brandishing his sword to attack his own soldiers.

He wanted to attack Aiwa by breaking through the circle his own soldiers had made.

However, those Wolf Kingdom’s soldiers unexpectedly resisted Schnaevag’s sword in order to save their own life, giving rise to internal strife.

Aiwa’s army had an impenetrable defense as they surrounded Schnaevag while the Wolf Kingdom’s soldiers were unsuccessful with their attacks because all of Aiwa’s troops had shields in their hands.

Whether they be the enemy troops around Schnaevag or the outside troops, both were unable to reach Aiwa.

At the same time, Aiwa had sent another detachment to disturb the Wolf Kingdom soldiers. Along with the confusion, their fighting strength naturally declined.

Aiwa had hidden a crack-shot archer within the army, precisely Louis.

Aiwa made a signal towards Louis and he sent a swift arrow from within the ‘wall’.

Along with a ‘swish’ sound, Schnaevag’s left eye was pierced through by the arrow!

Although an arrow had pierced him, he didn’t yell but directly snapped it off and continued to fight. However, his fighting ability had already decreased by a lot. Aiwa, Lovna, and Charlee rushed into the enemy ranks while the defeated Wolf Kingdom troops were fleeing away.

Most of the fleeing enemy troops were killed by Aiwa’s troops while only Schnaevag alone struggled left and right within Aiwa’s stratagem. With 3 High-Level Fighters besieging Schnaevag, it was difficult for him to hold on and he was also injured. That half-broken arrow was still within his left eye, making him drenched in blood.

Aiwa felt his energy drain as the battle with Schnaevag proceeded on, it was also the same for Lovna.

However, not one of them dared to relax their breaths as they would suffer a fatal attack from Schnaevag if they slipped up in middle. Moreover, it wasn’t for the protection of the surrounding army, the Wolf Kingdom soldier’s would surely rush in and these three would be toast at that time.

With every exchange with Schnaevag, Aiwa could clearly feel his experience increase along with the consumption of his energy.

No matter how the Wolf Kingdom soldiers tried to charge in, the surrounding army remained motionless from the beginning to end.

Aiwa made a signal towards Lovna with his eyes. Both of them circulated their Dou Qi at the same time, sending two huge fireballs towards the fatigued Schnaevag.

Along with a loud sound, Schnaevag’s figure fell backward.

At the same time, Charlee who had silently made his way towards Schnaevag’s back sent a heavy fist to the middle of his spine. Since he was focused on defending against the two fireballs Aiwa and Lovna had sent his way, he hadn’t prepared any defensive measures at his back and hence suffered a sneak attack from Charlee.

He immediately felt a warm liquid well up from his throat but he still endured and didn’t vomit the blood outwards.

Aiwa sensed that Schnaevag didn’t have the same fighting strength as before and immediately waved his sword while shouting loudly: [Go back!]

Schnaevag was dazzled by the swift technique Aiwa used to make his sword cover the entire sky.

Ever since Aiwa had consumed the snake gall at the Grand Canyon, his reaction speed had already reached the stage of perfection. Making it possible for him to even overwhelm Schnaevag.

Right now, Aiwa’s each move drained a huge amount of Schnaevag’s energy. Together with a cluster of sword slashes, Schnaevag was unable to keep holding onto the sword and finally dropped it from his hand. Aiwa sword pointed towards as he swiftly moved near and bit into Schnaevag’s neck. A huge amount of energy poured into Aiwa’s inner essence.

This was the true essence of a 3-Star General.

In this way, Aiwa had easily obtained the True Qi which others would require a few years, possibly even 10 years to successfully refine. Within a minute, the nearly exhausted Aiwa had already recovered his drive and once brandished the flag once more to transform the array once again, cutting past through the remaining Wolf Kingdom’s army.

Aiwa swept past everything in front of his eyes. A mere 1000 troops had unexpectedly made a 20,000 strong army flee in disorder. In the meantime, the other 1000 troops also charged over here.

Aiwa energy grew a little with each Wolf Kingdom soldier he killed. Lovna was also infected by his drive at his back.

[How? Lovna? Didn’t I say right?]

Aiwa attacked with his blade while having an exchange with Lovna.

[You’re a true hero, I love you!]

Lovna was really excited. She had never seen this kind of unimaginable victory when she followed Federer.

Under Aiwa’s protection, Lovna’s energy also continued to grow slowly.

Aiwa’s energy had already grown by a hundred drops. Killing these few Wolf Kingdom soldiers was as easy as breathing and drinking water for Lovna. Soon, she recovered her energy recovered completely and also continued to grow.

At the time Lovna was fighting, one of the archers within the Wolf Kingdom shot an arrow towards Lovna.

Aiwa only heard a ‘swish’ sound. The arrow was soon going to reach towards Lovna’s bosom. He recklessly jumped towards her and rolled on the ground while hugging her. At the same time, he made his sword fly towards the arrow to chop it off.

Lovna hadn’t noticed the arrow shooting towards her during the intense battle.

If it were not for Aiwa’s help in time, it was sure to pierce through her! She had only realized the danger she was in when Aiwa’s sword had cut off the arrow.

Although Lovna’s soft body was very fascinating, Aiwa didn’t have the time to appreciate it right now. Both of them got up from the ground and continued to battle.

Within 2 hours, they had successfully driven the invading Wolf Kingdom army away. Aiwa had the biggest harvest since he had personally killed a 3-Star General of the Wolf Kingdom.

Not only did it increase his energy and experience, it had also raised the spirit of the Hass Empire army.

Schnaevag’s dead body was moved onto a war chariot by Aiwa’s soldiers. They were going to use this to request recognition from Her Majesty The Queen. This was an achievement which had never occurred within the Hass Empire’s battles with the surrounding empires.

The report of victory was very quickly sent from the Southern Hohfeld City towards Montelago City.

As the hero’s father, General Kyle accepted the reward medal and Captain army rank along with a dagger from Queen Sofia in behalf of his son Aiwa. This dagger was inlaid with gold and silver. Along with another identical dagger, they both formed the combined Dragon and Phoenix form, making the owner a Paragon across the entire land under heaven!

Giving this dagger to a 17-year old youngster clearly showed the great expectations Queen Sofia had on him.

This was the Dragon Sword. It was unknown as to who held the pairing Phoenix sword.

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