Dragon Blood Warrior – Volume 5 Chapter 6

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Warning: Novel contains adult content.

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Volume 5 Chapter 6: Army Examination


[Allow me to kiss you.]


The female soldier hesitated, but Aiwa suddenly embraced the wet and naked female soldier, pressing his lips onto hers forcefully.

She wanted to struggle but it was of no avail. She resembled a little chick facing an evil wolf.

Aiwa’s mouth pressed onto her pair of lips tightly, making it impossible for her to scream.

He not only kissed her but also kneaded her rounded breasts wantonly with his huge hand.

Her breasts were very flexible. They made Aiwa’s blood race, making that rock hard meat spear tumble against her underbelly.

Although she was drenched in water, Aiwa ignored it and continued to kiss her while caressing her breasts simultaneously. His hand slid down towards her pussy by passing through that sparse thicket. He directly pushed his finger within her deep valley.

That female soldier continued her useless struggle.

Her mouth was under the attack of Aiwa’s kiss depriving her of her voice. Gradually, she also stopped trying to shout. Aiwa’s deft and aggressive tongue full of masculinity had already pried her teeth open, invading her mouth, twisting around her fragrant tongue. It was natural for a naked girl to be scared when facing the kisses and caress from such a strong and forceful youngster. However, this fear but tended to gradually turn into one kind of craving. This craving made her forfeit resisting. Thereupon, Aiwa untied his trousers, bringing his huge meat spear out.

Aiwa held the female soldier with one hand and used his other hand to part her legs, bringing his huge goods up.

She was forced to come towards his manhood. His burning hot meat spear stabbed into her deep valley.

[Oh … …]

Since her mouth was under the oppression of Aiwa’s lips, she could only release a tiny voice.

A ripping sort of pain attacked her the very moment his meat stick entered her. [Don’t make any noise, someone outside will hear us. If someone discovers us doing this kind of thing inside the Senior Officer Bathroom, you will receive an even severe punishment!]

Aiwa finally released her mouth but was prepared to go up at any time as he wasn’t sure whether this female officer will obey obediently.

Each and every girl serving in the army was all spirited girls.

However, this female soldier was unexpectedly docile beyond expectation. She only sent a slightly hateful gaze towards Aiwa for taking her chastity like this!

[You have to take responsibility for your actions!]

She gnashed her teeth in anger but her face failed to convey much of that ferocity.

Her wrinkled brows revealed that she still felt a violent pain from her lower body.

[I’ll take responsibility!]

Aiwa smiled naughtily, pushing another section of his rod inside.


She released another painful yell but this wasn’t a shout like before but rather a constrained low moan.

Her frowning appearance added onto her charm and also increased Aiwa’s desire to fornicate with her.

[How do you plan to take responsibility?]

The girl raised her parted legs up as she felt that this posture would lighten her pain.

[I want to hear your opinion first.]

Aiwa began to thrust slowly.

[Oh … Wu …]

Half of her moans were due to pain while the other was from the pleasure.

[To take responsibility? Isn’t that very simple? Oh … Wu …]

Aiwa studied her moaning appearance.

[I want to know your name!]

The female soldier stated while bearing the pain and pleasure.

[I’m called Aiwa.]

Aiwa moved his body.

[You need not ponder that much to remember it, you’ll never be able to forget my name during your entire lifetime. Other men can never possess this kind of power as me.]

Saying this, Aiwa pushed his manhood in further, making it stab on top of her bulging flower bud.

[Aaahhh …]

The violent pleasure accompanied by pain at the same time made the female soldier huddle her body.

Aiwa had thrust inside her while he kissed her mouth, sucking on her fragrant tongue. Her moans could only stay within her throat.

Along with Aiwa’s thrusts, she welcomed her orgasm very quickly. Aiwa knew that if Captain Lovna doesn’t find him, she’ll surely return back and hence didn’t dare dally here for a long time. Grasping the time in hand, he quickly thrust inside the female soldier’s twitching body, shooting a wave of warm semen inside her, completely not worried about whether she will conceive his child within her due to this.

He released the female soldier down. She wore her clothes while enduring the pain.

[I still don’t know what’s your name!]

Aiwa washed his body while looking at her wearing her clothes.


She glanced towards Aiwa bashfully. She had worn her clothes properly. At this moment, the fear she held towards him had vanished completely, she also didn’t hold any intentions of lodging a complaint towards him.

[The name is pretty good, very pleasing to the ear and your looks are also very pretty.] Aiwa caressed Zenova’s satin-like chin. Her long eyelashes blinked, just like a naive and cute doll.

[You’re also very handsome. Aren’t you using this to force yourself on girls?]

Zenova didn’t seem to have any intention of belittling Aiwa.

[Sometimes. Only, you’re the first in this army!]

[Does that mean I’m lucky?]

Zenova moved forward, passing her arms under his armpits and embraced his waist, [Only, you seem to have come here recently. Right! Isn’t the person Captain Lovna looking for called Aiwa?]

The reason Zenova had come to this bathroom was to ask Captain Lovna to take Aiwa’s physical examination. She had asked for Aiwa’s name to look for an opportunity to take revenge later but she had realized this just now.

[Let the Captain try to find me! There’s no need for us to hurry.]

Aiwa kissed Zenova.

[No, she’ll punish me if she returns back!]

Zenova hurriedly pushed Aiwa and hastily escaped out of the bathroom.

Aiwa laughed while looking at her flustered appearance. Although this young girl had a quick mouth, the flavour of her kiss was nevertheless soft and sweet. The feeling of going through her tight pussy was still pretty good. Her slim body satisfied Aiwa’s cravings.

Not long after Zenova went out, Lovna at once came in. Aiwa was in the middle of straightening his clothes at this moment.

[Aiwa, why are you at here? I looked everywhere for you!]

She didn’t expect Aiwa to see Aiwa when she entered the bathroom. Although this wasn’t her personal bathroom, there weren’t that many high ranked women like her within the Health Sector and those with the same rank as her were even less. Therefore, there wasn’t anyone who dared to take a bath here as they wished, However, the floor was clearly wet with water and there were the vestiges of someone taking a bath here. She could even faintly smell a bloody scent here.

[Hehe, I … … took the wrong path and ended up here. Captain, what happened?] Aiwa asked.

[Commander wants me to take your physical examination. This is a mere formality. Go out and wait within the Physical Examination Room for me. I’m going to take a bath. Men are not allowed inside here.] Lovna said with a solemn expression.

[Alright! This bathroom is really good. I wonder when I’ll be allocated such a nice one?]

Aiwa sized up the bathroom while going out, showing a somewhat attached and reluctant appearance, not at all minding Lovna’s angry gaze.

Lovna locked the door firmly after Aiwa went out. She was angry that she was interrupted during her bath before but really didn’t expect this cheeky man to unexpectedly dare venture into her territory.

Aiwa didn’t leave after coming out but rather leaned onto the bathroom’s door to hear the sounds of Lovna taking her bath.

The water splashed onto the floor within the bathroom, issuing a very loud voice.

Lovna scrubbed each of the sensitive places of her body clean.

Although she had acted strictly with Aiwa just now, she didn’t dislike his appearance and even somewhat liked this General’s son. She knew that not only was Aiwa from a good background, he had unexpectedly settled the troubles of Favargo in a few months, bringing lasting peace to the southern frontier. Anyhow, it was a shameful matter for the adults that a 17-year old youngster was unexpectedly able to accomplish such a thing.

[Captain Lovna, how long are you going to bath?]

Aiwa suddenly asked with a loud voice.

[Why haven’t you left yet?]

Lovna was annoyed due to breaking out of her daydream as well as his act of voyeurism.

[I wanted to go together!]

Aiwa said.

[I don’t wish for someone to peep at here during my bath time!], Lovna protested.

[I’m not peeping. I’m just standing outside, you can come out to check if you don’t believe me.]

Aiwa said mischievously.

Lovna didn’t quarrel with him anymore and carefully thought about what he said.

[Approximately one hour!]

Lovna said while scrubbing her well-rounded breasts.

[Then I’ll wait in the Physical Examination Room for you! Where is it?]

[Go out of the entrance and turn left, you’ll find the room there.]

Aiwa followed her instructions and noticed that the door plate was engraved with [New Recruit Physical Examination Room].

Aiwa discovered that there was no one inside the room, not even a single nurse. This really disappointed Aiwa.

He sat on the sofa for several minutes and began to size up the instruments there.

[Stop fiddling with those things!]

A sweet-sounding female sound came from behind Aiwa was he observed the instruments. Aiwa turned around to look and saw Lovna walk in. Her maroon hair still hadn’t dried and was glistening from the moistness, adding onto her charm.

[So quick?]

Aiwa realized that she had deceived him.

[Isn’t there a saying that women are no lesser than men. How can a flower take such a long time to bath?]

Aiwa spun his gaze wantonly on top of Lovna’s alluring bosom. Since she had worn her clothes with her body still a little bit wet, a small region on her bosom was still moist, exuding the radiance of spring.

[Why didn’t you say that there’s a difference of two lumps of flesh between a man and a woman?]

Lovna was not at all shy with regards to a 17 years old youngster and didn’t want this boy younger than her by several years to hold the upper hand.

Aiwa was really unable to hold on as Lovna seemed to be more shrewd than him in this aspect. He didn’t want to provoke this woman as she could torment his during the examination using all kinds of excuses.

[Come, lie down here.]

Lovna pointed towards the metal bed.

Aiwa lied down there and attached the instruments to his four limbs and also connected the testing instrument. Soon after, the data was revealed.

[You possess Dragon Blood Blood Vessels?]

[Of course.]

[But … ]

[I have a special type Dragon Blood Blood Vessels; this is from the evaluation of General Ruth. It’s even been acknowledged by Her Majesty The Queen.]

[Special type Dragon Blood Blood Vessels? Why haven’t I hear about it before?]

[There are many matters that you are not aware of.]

[3rd Rank Fighting Strength.]

[Was there some kind of mistake? Shouldn’t at least be at the 6th rank? Even the four great experts of the Wolf Kingdom were unable to defeat me, how does this machine even work? Isn’t it faulty?]

Aiwa lifted his head, thinking that this outcome was really inconceivable.

[This machine was produced by our Hass Empire’s most prestigious manufacturer. Even General Ruth wouldn’t doubt its reliability. How can there be a mistake?]

[Which rank is Charlee at?]

[He should be around the 5th rank?]

Lovna hesitated. She clearly remembered that it was Aiwa who was secretly manipulating Tom when he defeated Charlee. This really didn’t seem to be very persuasive?

[Then, shouldn’t I be at least at the 6th rank, how can it show only rank 3?]

[Maybe … I’m also not sure. Can you let me inspect your body?]

Lovna said with even more hesitation. This was clearly a contradictory result, even she wasn’t convinced of herself.

Aiwa defeating Charlee was an undeniable fact!

[Weren’t you inspecting my body just now?]

Aiwa didn’t understand.

[What I meant was … can you strip your clothes for the inspection? I think, there ought to be some special circumstances within your body that can’t be found using the instrument. I can only use my eyes to judge it.]

Lovna said awkwardly. She had never requested this kind of thing from a soldier but Aiwa’s situation was really unusual.

[Do what you want. It’s all good if you don’t let someone else look at my body, only you’re allowed to look.]

Aiwa raised this condition.

Lovna forced a smile, thinking to herself, [You’re not a girl, so is there even a need to be so afraid of letting a person look?!]

Lovna untied the instruments at his four limbs and stripped his clothes one by one.

At the time only his underwear was remaining, she hesitated a bit because Aiwa’s thick cock had become erect, scaring the wits out of Lovna.

Aiwa had no choice but to do it himself after seeing Lovna stop from the embarrassment.

That length was almost the same as a child’s leg, Lovna didn’t dare to look towards it but she didn’t have any other choice but to touch Aiwa’s sturdy naked body.

She concluded that Aiwa’s muscles were different from other men. They seemed to resemble forged metal, possessing a metal’s luster. The veins under the skin also seemed to have undergone some kind of tempering.

Lovna was a doctor who possessed the ability to see through. She could clearly see each and every vein in Aiwa’s body.

Aiwa’s veins were something she had never seen before.

Those who practice dou qi frequently used dou qi to attack their veins. This raised their resistive ability as well as their blood circulation, letting them absorb the energy from the surroundings and increase their skill. Clearly, Aiwa had not only absorbed external energy and also it wasn’t an ordinary energy.

[Are you able to battle by skipping grades?]

Lovna asked.

[I only fought against the four Wolf Kingdom’s fencers but I swear that I didn’t absorb their energy.]

Aiwa said.

[It’s really strange. The toughness of your veins are clear proof that you have absorbed a higher level energy, if not, it’s impossible for them to be so tough and durable.]

Lovna was very confident in her see through ability, she never made an error of judgment. A unique kind of energy was present inside the energy forged veins of Aiwa’s body.

Aiwa naturally didn’t want to reveal that he had sex with Ruth two times.

During that event, a portion of her energy had been delivered into his body. Moreover, during the time of physical examination, his body, especially his blood had showed a violent reaction towards the Dragon Blood Reagent injected inside his body.

Aiwa realized at that time that his blood would show some kind of reaction when encountering some substances. Although he couldn’t conclude whether it was rejection or not, it certainly made his body feel unwell for a while.

Afterward, when he had sex with Kayseri, his body had expanded once more. He had still relied on his primary dou qi to pass through that calamity.

After each of these calamities, his body became stronger by a bit and he had also absorbed another share of energy while having sex with the Witch Lisa, if not, it was impossible for his fighting strength to be like this.

However, the result showed that his fighting strength was only rank 3, it was really inconceivable.

When Lovna’s sight fell on the good between Aiwa’s crotch, he stated somewhat naughtily: [Want to test its might?]

[Shut your mouth up! You’re still a child and dare to show off in front of me, be careful or else I’ll snap it off!]

Saying thus, Lovna’s delicate hands stroked on top of Aiwa’s meat stick. That thick and flexible meat stick held a huge attractive force towards a widow.

She quickly took her hand back. [You really can’t be called a child. How, have you tasted several women?]

Lovna’s seductive eyes looked towards Aiwa’s that region.

[Still have not tasted such a pretty woman like you.]

Aiwa looked towards Lovna excitedly.

[Wear your clothes quickly! This is the Physical Examination Room!]

Before Lovna stood up, she grasped Aiwa’s hyperemic meat stick once again, sliding her satiny fingers down that thick rod, caressing Aiwa’s testicles. Aiwa felt rejuvenated from that.

Aiwa thought of acting rascally again.

He got down the test bed and thought of finding a topic to talk about but Lovna spoke first: [Come, I’ll take another test.]

Aiwa had never seen this instrument.

It was a 10 cm thick steel plate. It seemed to be very ordinary and it was difficult to notice any specialties.

[Hit this place with all of your strength!]

Lovna drew a circle on top of that steel plate with a chalk, [Try to concentrate as much of your power as possible at this circle. Remember, use all of your strength.]

Lovna, who wore a white robe stood at the side. Her deep blue colored eyes could captivate any man.

[What if I break the steel plate?]

Aiwa was somewhat doubtful towards his own strength. He had never done this kind of experiment before and only fought with humans.

[Give it a try!]

Lovna looked towards Aiwa patiently with an encouraging gaze.

[There’s no need to compensate if it breaks, right?]

Aiwa feared that Lovna would use this a reason to make reprisals against him for taking liberties with her.

All the equipment inside this Physical Examination Room were extremely expensive. Although his father could compensate for the loss, it would still end up with him bearing the charge of destroying the army’s instruments. It was even possible for him to be imprisoned.

Being imprisoned was a little matter but being played by a woman was an even more huge embarrassment.

Lovna laughed: [This is a special instrument made to survey the strength of an attack. The data would be transmitted onto the screen at the moment you hit it. See, like this.]

Saying this, Lovna lightly waved her towards that circle. The data immediately showed up on the screen.

[You merely waved your hand and it showed 800 pounds of force?]

Aiwa was gobsmacked, [Is this instrument really reliable?]

Aiwa thought this machine was faulty when he saw the disparity in the difference of Lovna’s action and the displayed data.

[Why don’t you use your body to test?]

Lovna lifted her fist. [No need for that! Let me first check whether there’s some problem with this machine.]

Aiwa imitated Lovna and light waved his hand, the outcome was that the instrument showed a zero.

Aiwa didn’t accept this and used his dou qi to strengthen his arm with the force required to knock a robust man down. However, after he waved his hand, the screen only showed the force was equal to 80 pounds.

If Lovna hadn’t used any trick here, the force behind her hand’s wave was enough to hurt him.

Aiwa looked towards Lovna with an amazed gaze, She smiled proudly with her mouth’s corners sticking upwards.

Aiwa naturally hadn’t used all of his strength. To be able to win against Charlee, his strength was improbable to just be equal to 80 pounds.

He wanted to know the outcome when he went all-out.

He held his breath and gathered all the power within his body onto his pair of palms. Although the flame balls thrown out of his palms were invisible, immediately after those palms went out, the steel plate gave rise to an oppressive loud sound. The screen showed out the force to be equal to 1600 pounds.

[En! That’s good, you’re a 4th Ranked Fighter.]

Lovna spoke with praise. It was very rare for such a young person like Aiwa to bring out such an outcome.

This was the outcome of Aiwa using all of his strength but Lovna had merely waved and brought out an outcome of 800 pounds. This really made Aiwa feel inferior. If this woman sent out consecutive waves of fists, perhaps a person would be simply beat to death alive.

[You’re the most soldierly youngster I’ve ever seen! Actually, it isn’t because you’re General Kyle’s son but your strength is really not small. However, from just where have you gained this power?]

Aiwa knew that this clever woman in front of him could figure it out that he was lying even if he made some kind of excuse.

[Will you believe me?]

Aiwa’s sight couldn’t help but fall on Lovna’s attractive bosom. Although the military uniform covered all of her skin and she still wore a white robe on top of it, they were still unable to hide the charm of her huge breasts.

[Speak first, perhaps I’ll believe. Only, you must not exaggerate very much!]

Lovna looked at Aiwa coquettishly. He was a really outstanding and elegant lad. His face was well shaped and was filled with a handsome breath, making a woman’s heart restless. If not, at the time inside the bathroom, that woman called Zenova was improbable to obediently let him fornicate her.

[When I had sex with a woman for the first time, my body bloated as if it was going to explode. I used my dou qi to control the energy within my body. This way, every time I have sex, my body strengthened itself immediately after. Hehe, you don’t know, after having sex with several women, my veins almost ruptured but I brought them back to order using my dou qi.]

Aiwa spoke while looking into Lovna’s deep blue eyes.

[So you mean that you can absorb the energy within a woman’s body every time you have sex with them?]

[I’m also not sure about this. It might be because my body undergoes some kind of change when a woman’s sex fluids enter within my blood!]

Aiwa was also making a guess, and it wasn’t a scientific conclusion.

[Is it like that every time?]

Lovna looked towards Aiwa curiously, as if she was trying to figure out whether he was lying.

[It has happened at least three times until now.]

Aiwa clearly remembered this.

But he hadn’t neglected the fact that this kind of reaction hadn’t occurred when having sex with his stepmother Margaret.

[Can you tell me who was the first woman?]

Lovna guessed that Aiwa had some kind of relation with that woman as a boy at this age might not dare to fornicate with a woman from another family.

[Miss Ruth.]

Aiwa’s affirming reply was filled with pride.

[Ruth? You’re speaking of Ruth from the Gene Evaluation Committee?]

Lovna couldn’t believe her ears and probed out whether it was the same girl she knew as this name was not really rare.

[Miss Lovna knows Ruth?]

Aiwa asked although he knew the answer. Ruth had a grand reputation and was a member of the Evaluation Committee and since Lovna was a military doctor, there was no reason for her to not know Ruth. By observing the strength from her casual wave, he could determine that she wasn’t an ordinary woman. No wonder even though such a pretty woman was serving as Federer’s subordinate, he hadn’t dared to dip his finger in the pie.

[Oh … … I know.]

Lovna was simply stupefied! She couldn’t believe that a beautiful woman like Ruth had mounted a 17-year old youngster! Moreover, How could she even do that? Had she gone insane?

Looking at Lovna’s pensive appearance filled with doubt, Aiwa added by saying: [Do I have any reason to deceive you?]

[Hehe, that wasn’t my intention. Ruth is my classmate. We studied military medicinal science together at the East Empire as well as cultivated out martial skills together.]

Lovna had clearly remembered the time she was studying at East Empire, her eyes were filled with longing.

[So, you and Miss Ruth are my alumni? I really have to praise you Senior Schoolmate.]

Aiwa jumped in happiness, [Right! Why didn’t Miss Ruth mention this matter?]

[Perhaps, she didn’t want to see you be happy like this?]

Lovna laughed: [Only, you should feel lucky for being able to hold her body. Why are you still complaining about her?]

[You’re saying Miss Ruth had sex with me considering the fact that I am her Junior Schoolmate?]

Aiwa curled his lips, asking disapprovingly.

[Why don’t you say the reason then?]

Lovna asked.

[She did it entirely for pleasure!]

Aiwa moved the goods at his crotch ridiculously.

Lovna shot an unhappy gaze towards Aiwa, saying: [The battle will begin soon. Pray you’re fortunate enough to save this treasured object within the battlefield!]

Saying this, Lovna removed the white robe on her body, revealing her fully bosomed woman’s body.

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