Dragon Blood Warrior – Volume 5 Chapter 5

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Warning: Novel contains adult content.

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Volume 5 Chapter 5: The Loser Shall Accept Any Kind of Punishment


Naturally, Tom and William weren’t convinced of Aiwa’s declaration that Louis would be able to win. It was because Charlee was undefeated. Even though Lewis was their squad-mate and they wished for him to win, they also had no choice but to accept the might of Charlee’s strength.

Charlee stood at his original location, motionless, waiting for Louis’s attack. He regarded Louis very lightly, looking at him with eyes filled full of contempt.

Louis made a quick-step forwards, thinking of breaking through Charlee’s defense by taking advantage of the randomness. However, his quick-step range wasn’t that large. Charlee didn’t even make a single movement.

Charlee, assured with his keen perception, knew that he would not be hit at that kind of range.

[Hah, brat. Come if you’re gonna come. Stop procrastinating and be straightforward a bit. If you’re afraid of getting an arm or leg broken, go and grovel somewhere else!]

Charlee roared feeling annoyed.

Normally, if someone had heard Charlee’s loathful taunt, they would have made a move out of fear, which would be fatal for an attacker.

However, Louis wasn’t affected by this. He only moved half a step forward. He could reach Charlee at this distance and also be able to deliver a critical hit. The outcome would be disastrous if he couldn’t make a critical hit at the beginning. It was because Charlee could easily snap off any part of the opponent he grabbed with his huge hands as easily as snapping off chopsticks in two pieces. The reason why Aiwa declared that Louis would win was because he could see the resolve within Louis’s eyes.

Louis made another quick-step. The distance had already blown away the sense of security Charlee felt a until a few moments ago. No matter who it was, when faced with the unflinching and confident gaze of an opponent, it is impossible to not show a subconscious reaction.

Charlee indeed reacted, but he immediately realized that this was the opponent’s ploy and thereupon calmed his mind again.

However, at this moment, Louis’s foot was already flying towards Charlee’s face!

Charlee’s reputation was not for nothing. Being able to maintain his invincible position within the army arena for such a long time proved his extraordinary reaction time.

By the time Louis’s heel had reached Charlee’s chin, he had already brought up both of his arms instinctively, one to guard and the other to grab the incoming foot.

This was a very dangerous juncture. If Charlee grabbed onto the foot, it was possible that he would break it. Charlee was very vicious with his attacks. He never took pity on any of his opponents, even if they were his own squad-mates.

Charlee was infamous within the army for this very reason. Those who saw him were filled with fear and even the number of Captains scared of him kept increasing with every passing day.

Eventually, this fear had transformed into revere.

When Charlee’s huge pincer-like hand had grabbed onto Louis’s foot, he quickly moved his other foot, sending it towards Charlee’s temple.

The attack wasn’t a genuine attack but rather a besiege and rescue strategy, i.e attacking in order to escape from the danger. If Charlee didn’t release Louis’s foot, his temple would receive Louis’s fatal attack. Therefore, he begrudgingly renounced that foot but even while doing so he threw Louis’s body towards the sky. At this moment, Louis swiveled his body mid-air, sending his foot towards Charlee’s face.

If it were not for Louis’s flexible body, his leg would have been crippled under the strength of Charlee’s arm.

However, even for such a flexible person, it was impossible to drop to the ground according to his own will. The consequences of having one’s face hit the ground would really be unimaginable.

When Louis spun in the air, Aiwa opened his palm and shot a mass of air towards him to bring Louis’s imbalanced body back to a state of equilibrium.

Louis clearly felt an immaterial power prop himself in the sky, bringing his body smoothly to the ground. [Who did you say was going to win?]

Aiwa asked Tom with a smile.

[Truly very mystical!]

Tom and William cried out in alarm. They could clearly see that Louis’s final attack towards Charlee’s temple didn’t have the power to knock out Charlee.

However, standing in the center of the arena was the one and only man who was able to hit Charlee’s temple and still safely land onto the ground by spinning in mid-air. A thunderous applause immediately broke out from the crowd.

The only one who clapped with a slow and monotonous pace until the craze calmed down was Aiwa!

Charlee immediately watched Aiwa with a resentful gaze, suddenly pointing towards him: [You! Do you dare have a match with me?]

He had never met with defeat before. Although the match with Louis was a draw, he had only narrowly escaped the opponent’s consecutive attack towards his temple. This made him furious. Now he wanted to release his anger towards the wantonly applauding Aiwa.


Aiwa doubtfully pointed towards himself.

[Yes, precisely YOU!]

Charlee pointed towards Aiwa again.

[No, no, I don’t wrestle and am only an admirer. But, how about I send my two brothers here to substitute for me?]

Aiwa asked Charlee politely.

Charlee looked towards the two Corporals at Aiwa’s side. They looked nowhere near as strong as Louis. [If they lose, do you agree to crawl under between my crotch?]

[Hehe, alright, no problem. Likewise, if you lose, you have to crawl under between my crotch.]

Aiwa pointed towards his crotch. Afterwards, he turned towards Tom and William: [Can you handle that pighead for me? Be relieved, if you lose, I’ll substitute for you and do as he asked!]

While those two were hesitating, Aiwa patted Tom’s back. Although he was unwilling, Tom had no choice but to indignantly walk towards the center of the arena.

He was really scared. Although Louis had scored a narrow victory just a moment ago, they all knew that Louis was the most powerful among them. He was the one who took the role of Junior Captain before Aiwa’s arrival. Tom clearly understood his own skills and knew that he was tantamount to a tiny ant walking towards its death. Even if he did escape death due to his luck, he would surely be crippled for life. However, he had no other alternative and could only receive it even if it was death.

To die bravely was death and to die cowardly was also death. Since it both end in death, might as well show some bravery before death. These were his current thoughts.

Tom patted his chest, shouting in a loud voice: [Today I will stake it all against you! Come over if you have the courage!]

Actually, Tom didn’t even have the courage to even move a single step forwards at that moment.

However, he didn’t expect that once he had finished speaking a huge force would suddenly propel him forwards. He couldn’t stop even if he wanted to.

Charlee couldn’t help but snicker when he saw Tom charging towards him recklessly. It was because Tom’s attacking posture was weird, all the fundamentals were disordered. Charlee could easily throw him to the ground in a moment by lifting his fist or leg.

He thought of making his move after Tom finished his motion. However, he suddenly felt a strong gale carrying an overpowering force behind Tom’s fist as it made it’s way towards him.

Although Charlee thought of evading, it was already too late.

He felt the scene before him turn black. That fist fell on top of his face, immediately drawing blood and sent his sturdy body back several steps before falling down to the ground.

From the moment Tom sent his fist towards Charlee to the point he was knocked down, he wasn’t even given any leeway to react.

The spectators in the surroundings all gaped at this scene. The undefeated Charlee had been defeated by an unknown Corporal!

Tom couldn’t help but look towards Aiwa who was smiling.

[Brat, at once crawl under my leader’s crotch!]

Tom walked towards Charlee and kicked his butt fiercely.

Charlee glanced angrily towards Tom but he really had suffered defeat under his hand. He didn’t even understand how he had been defeated. He crawled up from the ground with great difficulty.

Although he was angry, he came in front on Aiwa and lied down on ground, crawling from under Aiwa’s crotch.

When half of Charlee had passed by, Aiwa suddenly sat down on Charlee’s back, overpowering him to the ground.

The entire drill ground was filled with thunderous applause.

Tom was lifted into the air by the crowd like a hero.

[What happened?]

Captain Lovna had arrived by passing through the crowd due to the unprecedented noise from the arena but saw Aiwa sitting on top of Charlee.

[Charlee was defeated! He crawled under Aiwa’s crotch.]

An excited soldier informed Lovna.

She was the highest ranked among the army and had the power and right to know what happened.

[Was it you?]

Lovna doubtfully looked towards Aiwa.

[Not him, it was his subordinate Tom!]

The soldier continued.

[Please get up!]

Lovna said solemnly.

[For what reason?]

Aiwa still sat on Charlee’s back while crossing his hands, looking towards Lovna with a cold gaze.

He was improbable to spare this fiend on account of a beautiful woman. Charlee’s arrogance was still within his mind. At the time he was fighting Louis, if it was not for Aiwa secretly helping him, Louis would have already been crippled.]

[A soldier may kill but not dishonor someone. You can defeat him a hundred times but you must not insult his dignity!]

[The loser shall accept any kind of punishment.]

Although Aiwa’s voice was gentle but he looked towards Lovna with a firm gaze.

… …

Ordinarily, Aiwa would have given some face for this attractive and lovely girl. However, Aiwa dispelled those thoughts when he remembered Charlee’s arrogant look.

[Beautiful woman, don’t waste your treasured fragrant saliva, it may perhaps have a different use. I don’t plan to let this guy off, he had already bullied my men enough. I must give him an unforgettable memory —]

[Stop letting your mind be possessed by wicked thoughts. If you have the skill, show it on the battlefield!]

Lovna shot a loathful glance towards Aiwa. She turned her beautiful body and made her way out of the crowd.

[Aiwa! Aiwa!]

The crowd shouted loudly.

There had never been a soldier or officer who dared to challenge Charlee and even more refuse Lovna’s request. Moreover, even when she requested Aiwa with a soft tone, he still refused to give face for a beautiful woman like her. This was indeed an extraordinary hero!

The crowd that watched the scene of Tom overthrowing Charlee just now had been impressed by this courage. They immediately lifted him towards the sky. Within their minds, he was a true hero — — An individual hero who even dared to tell off a beautiful woman.


When Aiwa was put down to the ground, he immediately gave a loud shout, calming everyone present .

Aiwa’s sharp gaze swept past the surrounding soldiers. They had never seen such a resolute gaze, one which was filled with the confidence of victory and poured energy into the depths of their souls.

[Brothers, Women conquer this world by conquering men. And we men, through conquering the world, conquer women! Do you want to conquer women? Then become a true hero of the battlefield!]

Aiwa’s shining gaze flared with passion as he made his speech.

[Aiwa, we shall listen to you!]

All the men shouted as if they were declaring Aiwa as their leader.

[Get out of the way! What are you doing here?]

Among the soldier’s yells, a disharmonious voice came over.

The soldiers looked towards the individual who dared to speak such words here.

An individual officer wearing the adornment of a Major sent a doubtful gaze towards the soldiers.

[Who is causing trouble here?]

Major Hans’ sight immediately locked onto Aiwa. Clearly, he was their leader.

[What are you called?]

Major Hans pointed towards Aiwa at the center.

[Junior Captain of the 108th Squadron, Aiwa!]

Aiwa said with a loud and clear voice.

[Ha, Who is he?]

Major Hans pointed towards the somewhat gloomy Charlee.

[He was defeated by my subordinate.]

[That’s why you’re riding on top of him?]

Asked Major Hans. Clearly, someone had reported Aiwa, but he wasn’t sure if it was Lovna.

[Don’t tell me I can’t do it. Brothers! You mustn’t forget how he treated those who lost to him! Major!]

Aiwa did not show any weakness.

If comparing ranks, Major Hans didn’t even have the right to carry his father, General Kyle’s shoes.

[Only, it seems as if Captain Charlee wasn’t defeated by you but rather by a Corporal called Tom, right?]

Major Hans looked towards Aiwa with a severe gaze.

[The winner was one of my men. Moreover, a Captain was unexpectedly defeated by a Corporal, what qualifications does he even have to be a Captain?]

Aiwa gave a sarcastic repartee.

[So, you’re saying that if someone beats me, he can replace my position?] Major Hans laughed conceitedly.

[If he doesn’t have appropriate fighting strength, why should he command others towards the frontline? Will he rely on his loud voice? If it is so, then there’s no need for anyone to practice martial arts. They can instead find a donkey to practice their shouting! Isn’t it right? Brothers?]

Aiwa continued inciting provocation.

[Yes! Captain Aiwa!]

The soldier’s voice pervaded through the skies. Major Hans looked around to the crowd, almost everyone was at Aiwa’s side: [So, you want to challenge my commander seat?]

Major Hans hadn’t received this kind of challenge in a long time, a tint of excitation was mixed within his annoyed voice.

[Hehe, I know. Even if I beat you, I won’t be promoted to Major immediately. Only, if you give your commanding authority to me temporarily and let me complete some missions in behalf of you, perhaps becoming a Major will be easier.]

Since Aiwa possessed the stratagems from East Empire, he believed that he was slightly better than this ordinary guy.

[Hehe, you’re a really crazy one!]

The Major’s annoyance had changed into a kind of admiration.

[A soldiers who doesn’t dare vie to become a Marshal isn’t a good soldier! This is my motto.]

Aiwa stated with a loud voice.

[I will let you sit in my position if you’re able to defeat me. I’m the Thousand Men Commander of this place, this post should have enough enticement for you, right?] Major Hans asked.


Aiwa thought: [I have commanded several men at Favargo, but this is 1000 men.]

[Clear an area.] Major Hans shouted. All the men immediately made a wide space available, leaving Aiwa and the Major in the middle.

Aiwa had already figured out that Major Hans also practice dou qi like him. Merely, he still hadn’t figured out his realm.

When Aiwa had confronted Federer in a battle last time, he couldn’t even be considered an opponent. But the army rank and post weren’t conferred according to their strength. Therefore, Aiwa was unable to deduce the strength of a Thousand Men Commander by taking Federer as a base.

Experts who could conceal their strength could easily surprise someone when they unleashed their power.

All the men had retreated to a safe distance. They knew that Major Hans’ skill was extraordinary and his post and army rank weren’t something obtained by relying on family status, unlike Federer. If the two men used dou qi attacks similar to Thunder Clap, there was a chance that nearby spectators would be injured.

[Let’s begin]

Major Hans said very gently. He had already prepared his defenses well.

After Aiwa circulated the dou qi within his body in a complete cycle once, he formed a fireball within his palm. He understood his opponent’s strength and knew that a sneak attack wouldn’t work. Therefore, he sent a small fireball towards Major Hans.

Major Hans snickered: [Showing off with such a common dou qi fireball?] He immediately set about, sending a blue fireball towards the fireball Aiwa sent.

However, at the moment the two fireballs collided against each other, a loud sound was released. Although Major Hans’ figure hadn’t moved, he felt his insides tremble. As for Aiwa, he stood there with his original appearance. The might of his Dark-system dou qi was greater than the Light-system dou qi. Moreover, Aiwa still hadn’t displayed his complete power, otherwise, his fireball would have been blue in color.

Aiwa determined the power of his opponent to be below him from this exchange.

[Youngster! Your skill is pretty good!]

Although Major Hans hadn’t conceded, his mind was filled with revere towards Aiwa. Despite the color of the fireball Aiwa used was red, it contained significantly more power than expected. Hans clearly wasn’t considered an opponent and he would be making a fool out of himself if he fought against Aiwa again.

[What do you say, Major? Can you appoint me as a Hundred Men Commander?]

Aiwa proudly looked towards him while backing down. He didn’t want to use force as there was no benefit for a newcomer to make an enemy of a higher-up.

[If you don’t mind, how about becoming my aide-de-camp?]

Although Major Hans wanted to receive Aiwa, he didn’t want to give him real authority.

[Will I be able to command the army?]

Aiwa asked directly.

[If you wish to display your commanding abilities, I can make you a Hundred Men Commander.]

Major Hans said very vehemently. He didn’t want the officers and men present here to think of him as a petty man.

[Many thanks Major for giving a promotion!]

Aiwa also didn’t want to go too far. He left a little face for Major Hans.

Major Hans left angrily.

When Aiwa and his men had returned back to the living quarters, Lovna quietly came to Aiwa’s side, sending gazes filled with unrestrained admiration towards Aiwa: [You really have skill. And they still say you’re only good at diplomatic affairs.]

As a Captain, Lovna had shown a woman’s bashfulness in front of Aiwa for the first time.

[They don’t know that I am skilled in many aspects.] Aiwa couldn’t help but feel proud as he glanced towards Lovna’s well rounded bosom.

[As far as I know, you are the individual who’s been promoted the fastest, it seems no other person has been as fortunate as you.]

Lovna smiled. She didn’t mind Aiwa gazing towards her bosom.

[It’s already enough that I didn’t demand to be the Thousand Men Commander. You think I will be unable to command 1000 troops?]

Aiwa very naturally placed his hand on the pretty captain’s shoulder.

[The battle against the Wolf Kingdom’s army will begin soon, the facts will prove everything. I don’t believe a man who just boasts.]

Lovna laughed.

[You’ll see soon.]

Aiwa said confidently. Federer absolutely did not expect Aiwa to be able to get a direct nomination through Major Hans, in the end however he became a Hundred Men Commander. Anyhow, this post had been obtained by Aiwa through his own power. Whether he was willing or not, Federer was also unable to recall this appointment.

After all, Aiwa was Federer’s younger sister’s husband, the two of them merely had some disagreements.

Aiwa had made an exhausting journey and didn’t get a chance to bath. Therefore, he thought of taking a bath in the camp’s bathroom. He didn’t want to have a weird body odor coming from his body whenever he met Lovna.

In order to catch a glimpse of Lovna again, Aiwa came to the Health Sector’s bathroom, walking in by himself. He didn’t expect that there were only two bathroom’s here, moreover they were used by the female soldiers. One was for the higher leveled female soldiers while the other was to be used by the ordinary soldiers and didn’t have hot water. Aiwa naturally selected the high level bathroom.

Aiwa was troubled the moment he went inside. If he had to merely urinate, he could urinate while bathing but he wanted to defecate at the moment.

This place had the bathroom and the lavatory at the same place. The outside was the bathroom and the toilet was inside. Aiwa entered inside the lavatory and closed the door.

At the time he had finished up his business, he heard someone come in. What enthralled him was the person who had entered inside was clearly a female soldier.

Although there wasn’t a guarantee that all the female soldiers were beautiful women, simply looking at a nude woman take a bath was also a happy matter.

Aiwa peeked through the slit in the door. The other person was none else than Lovna.

Aiwa was really excited, this beautiful female captain body was surely worth seeing!

He calmed his breath and waited for Lovna to take her clothes off.

Lovna hanged the clothes at the hanger. Aiwa could see her well-developed naked body through the slit of the door. Her curvy breasts, perky butt, slender jade legs immediately made Aiwa’s manhood rise. He really wanted to rush out and push her over.

At the moment Lovna was preparing to take a bath, she suddenly heard the voice of a female soldier from outside.

[Captain Lovna, Major has asked you to conduct Aiwa’s physical examination. He said that this was an order from Commander Federer.]

[Damned Federer!]

Lovna cursed with a low voice.

Aiwa looked at the female soldier that had walked in. Although she was wearing a military uniform, she was also a rarity. She was a little shorter that Lovna but also possessed exquisite curves. Her limpid eyes were as clear as autumn waters.

Lovna hurriedly dressed herself and thought about leaving with her washbowl but the female soldier received it instead: [Captain, I’ll hold onto it until your return.]

Lovna quickly left the bathroom.

[Hehe, I can take a bath now!]

The female soldier snorted and immediately shed her uniform.

A junior soldier couldn’t take a bath here if it was occupied by a senior officer. Since Lovna had left to conduct Aiwa’s physical examination, she could naturally enjoy this bathroom.

That female soldier immediately stripped naked. That snow-white skin aroused Aiwa. The not at all lush thicket at her underbelly indicated that she was still very young.

Aiwa thought to himself: [I still haven’t celebrated defeating the Major but I didn’t expect to obtain such an unusual reward here.]

The female soldier used the water to rub her snow-white body clean.

She seemed to look very proud as she scrubbed her breasts. The nipples on those lovely rounded breasts became erect under her self-caressing.

The female soldier’s back gradually turned towards Aiwa. Now, he could only see her perky butt and occasionally see the edges of the snow-white breasts spilling to the sides, but this was not at all satisfying.

Aiwa suddenly thought of another plan. He had finally seen the warning written in red letters at the wall opposite to him: Lower level soldiers must not bathe here.

Taking advantage of the female soldier’s thoughtlessness, Aiwa quietly came out of the lavatory.

[Did you not see the warning on the wall?]

Aiwa suddenly said with a calm face.

[Who are you?]

The female soldier tried to cover the snow-white breasts at her bosom with her hands but how could her slender hands cover them entirely? She could only cover her erect nipples with her hands but the other parts of her breasts seemed to be more plump under her arms oppression.

[I am the Hundred Men Commander, Aiwa.]

Aiwa stood there cross armed with a solemn expression, making the absolutely naked female soldier feel scared.

[I’m sorry, I … …]

The female soldier curled up her body in fear, trying to cover her private parts as much as possible.

[There’s no point in explaining to me, come with me to see Commander Federer. He ought to know what punishment should be given to a law-breaker!]

Aiwa said.

[Sir, don’t … …]

The female soldier immediately begged for forgiveness when she heard Federer’s name.

[There’s no point in begging me. I am Federer’s brother-in-law, if you don’t want him to punish you, then you’ll only have to agree to my one condition.]

Saying thus, Aiwa walked towards the female soldier.

[What condition?]

The female soldier lifted her charming face to look towards Aiwa while trembling in fear.

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