Dragon Blood Warrior – Volume 5 Chapter 4

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Warning: Novel contains adult content.



Volume 5 Chapter 4: Attended By Both Mother-Daughter


[Aiwa, I love you.]


Within the darkness, Meliana expressed her deep love towards Aiwa. Meanwhile, Aiwa was sucking on her perky nipple.

Meliana’s breasts were very curvy, making her nipples even more captivating. When Aiwa sucked on them, it left as if he was sucking on a hard mulberry fruit.

[I know, Meliana.]


Although he was reluctant, Aiwa still released her nipple to give her a serious reply.

Suellen, reclining on the side, finally became aware of the identity of the woman who barged into Aiwa’s bed during midnight. Fortunately, it wasn’t her own blood-related daughter, or else, she would have been really embarrassed.

However, this didn’t mean that she looked down on Meliana, but rather admired her courage.

An individual girl from a wealthy family, unexpectedly dared to crawl into a man’s bed during midnight.

Aiwa moved once more, kissing along her busty cleavage, trailing down to her underbelly, moving back and forth at that underbrush. Meliana’s pubic hair was salacious, that lush prairie expressed her randy lust.

Aiwa had started to yearn for the opposite sex at the age of 12-13 years, he didn’t know when had Meliana started to yearn such feelings. How did she endure the torment of puberty?

Every time he had a sexual delusion, it always began with a sexual fantasy regarding his stepmother. Who was the Prince Charming in Meliana’s sexual delusions?

Aiwa’s mouth swept past Meliana’s sensitive zones, causing a wave of limpness to spread throughout her body.

[Oh …]


Meliana moaned with complete unrestraint. At the same time, she willingly parted her legs to the sides, letting Aiwa’s body advance from in between.

Meliana didn’t know her own stepmother was reclining on Aiwa’s bed at the moment. She hadn’t even noticed that there was another woman lying on the bed. She was completely immersed in the sweet sensation of Aiwa’s caress and licking.

Aiwa’s lips pressed against her lower lips, slowly, vigorously, sweeping past it, spreading the pleasure throughout her entire body from there. Thereupon, she tried her best to part her legs, exposing her vagina as much as possible.

However, Aiwa didn’t merely lick her. At the same time, he sucked on her, almost making as if the sensation of all her nerves was gathering at her pussy.

[Oh …]


Meliana grabbed the bed sheet under her, making a spunky movement with her beautiful body at the same time in order to alleviate the wild pleasure.

Within the darkness, Aiwa signaled Suellen to come over. She could understand his intentions and came between Meliana’s legs and started to lick her.

Although there was a difference in their licking method and also differences in their tongues, the pleasure brought from them was all but the same. Aiwa came towards Meliana’s top and clasped her head, making her bury her face at his groin, using that huge meat stick to tease her tiny mouth.

Meliana didn’t know that her groin was being licked by her stepmother and thought it was Aiwa’s maid. At the time she thought of having a look, Aiwa used his body to obstruct her line of sight. Meliana didn’t know that a mouth could be used to suck a man’s rod, but Aiwa had already inserted his meat stick inside her tiny mouth.

He caressed her face at one side while moving his buttocks slightly to teach Meliana how to move. Afterward, even though Aiwa had stopped moving, Meliana used her mouth to suck Aiwa’s meat stick. Especially since Suellen licked her groin more energetically, Meliana’s body was filled with pleasure, making her gush out a wave of liquids into Suellen’s mouth.

Meliana also started to suck Aiwa’s thick meat stick more madly. Although she wasn’t that skilled in sucking and thus her teeth sometimes scratching Aiwa’s meat stick, he still felt pleasure.

[En … En …]


Meliana was unable to make any noises due to giving oral sex and so could only snort through the nose while vivaciously moving her nude body at the same time.

When Aiwa felt that Meliana was going to reach her orgasm, he took out his meat stick out of Meliana’s mouth.

[Aaahhh … it itches … inside …]


After her mouth was liberated, Meliana was unable to control her joyous shouts. Her hands began to play with her curvy breasts.

Aiwa lifted Suellen and placed her on top of Meliana. She proceeded to lie on top of Meliana’s stomach and suck on her lovely breasts.

Meliana didn’t care who this woman was; she was only concerned about whether she will be able to receive pleasure from Aiwa as well as deliver pleasure to him.

Aiwa knelt on the bed, curling Meliana’s legs. It was convenient for him to enter her vagina this way.

However, Aiwa’s movements were unexpected; he pulled Meliana’s body onto his thigh and held his pike towards her nether region.

Although still a virgin, Meliana’s nectar hole was already soaked, making her anus wet, too.

Meliana spread her legs towards the sides, bringing her beautiful groin upwards. This allowed Aiwa to enter into her easily.

However, at the time Aiwa thrust his meat stick inside Meliana’s body, her body couldn’t help but tremble along with her scream: [Aaaahhhhh!]

If it wasn’t for Suellen pressing down on her upper body, she would have already tried to escape. That ripping sort of pain continued to linger at her lower body for a long time.

Suellen’s kisses and caress alleviated Meliana’s pain gradually, soon, she didn’t think about the pain anymore and only felt the pleasure.

Aiwa could adjust the dimensions of his meat stick according to the depth and width of a girl’s vagina, making it fit into a girl perfectly. Aiwa’s concept of sex had already undergone a change. Only a man who is able to satisfy himself while also satisfy his woman could be considered a true man. One cannot just show off how thick your cock is, as some girls might get hurt due to that.

He felt Meliana’s and Suellen’s vagina to not have much difference in depth or width. After Aiwa adjusted his meat stick to being able to just reach the apex of Meliana’s flower bud and extend inside an extra inch; he could stick it in this mother-daughter pair simultaneously.

Aiwa flipped over Suellen who was sucking on Meliana’s breasts, making her lie on Meliana’s body on her back. This way, both of their vulvas’ weren’t far from each other.

After Aiwa thrust inside Meliana’s flesh hole a few times, he took it out and then thrust inside Suellen’s flesh hole. In this way, at the time one of them was about to reach the time of their orgasm, he shifted to thrust inside the other woman and delayed their orgasms.

Women not at all wished for their orgasm to arrive quickly, but rather wished to be able to endure for a long time.

Along with thrusting inside the two women, Aiwa also kneaded Suellen’s breasts. At the time those women almost reaching their orgasms, Aiwa stopped oppressing their bodies.

Within their mixed moans, Meliana finally recognized that the woman on her body was her stepmother, Suellen. However, she couldn’t afford to be embarrassed anymore, and there was also no need of covering anything up. Since her stepmother had a love affair with Aiwa, why should she be reserved?

Aiwa already had an intense round of sex with Suellen before midnight. Right now, he wanted to release his seed inside Meliana. He knew it was impossible for him to stay at Favargo forever and he couldn’t take away all of his women. But he wished to be able to release his seed inside these women, giving birth to his children throughout the world.

When that happens, the whole world will belong to him.

Meliana started to squirm under Suellen’s body due to the consecutive orgasms. Aiwa used his hand to move Suellen away from Meliana’s body and pushed ahead. Gently caressing her breasts and kissing her mouth, his meat stick made fierce thrusts at Meliana’s body.

[En …]


Meliana couldn’t moan due to her mouth being blocked up, but her body responded by moving crazily.

After Aiwa sucked her fragrant tongue madly, he released her mouth and grabbed her jade peaks while thrusting deep to her flower bud, milling at it fiercely.

[Aaahhhh … dying …]


Meliana screamed while moving her body vivaciously. Sexual secretions spurted out, fusing together with the warm semen Aiwa ejaculated inside her.

After the tempest, Aiwa instructed Mowa to light the lamp. Suellen and Meliana, the mother-daughter pair smiled towards each other.

Aiwa rested in between them, hugging both of them into his embrace.

[From today onwards, you both are my women. You mustn’t have an affair with other men. No matter where I am, I will always remember you, also, come back to visit you.]

Aiwa’s hands hugged them from the sides, gently caressing the breasts of these two beauties.

[Yes, we’ll protect our bodies for you, this life for all eternity!]

Meliana and Suellen pledged towards Aiwa in unison.

Suellen was, after all, still Tuer’s wife. Aiwa’s request to protect herself for him was to give face to Tuer.

Before daybreak, Aiwa made Suellen go back to her room and Meliana to sleep in until dawn. Moreover, she deliberately walked out of Aiwa’s room in her nightwear, letting all the slaves take a look.

Her intentions were very simple — — Meliana had already become Aiwa’s!

Noon. Aiwa was having a meal with Meliana and Suellen at the manor, but he suddenly received an order from Her Majesty The Queen — — Return to Montelago immediately.

Aiwa let Meliana take over his new manor and departed along with Beira and Dolly from Favargo City.

At noon that day, besides Hazaar, many of the Tuer’s family had also come to see him off. In front of all of Favargo’s soldiers and citizens, Aiwa kissed Suellen and Meliana.

[Senior Hazaar, after I leave Favargo, I do not wish for my women to receive any grievances. Also, outsiders aren’t allowed to step half a foot inside my manor. If someone dares disobey my order, you can directly end their life!]

Aiwa said gravely.

Hearing Aiwa’s words, cold sweat couldn’t help but form on Hazaar’s back. Because, after Aiwa leaves Favargo, the duty of protecting the manor will fall upon his shoulders. If he makes any mistake, Aiwa was sure to punish him. He understood very clearly after Hamler had suffered from the punishment, Aiwa no longer trusted this Senior Army General. If he wasn’t careful, not only will he lose all the power in his hand, but also his life!

Aiwa traveled back to Montelago along with his family.

In spite of his fatigue, Aiwa went to have an audience with Her Majesty The Queen.

Although he hadn’t seen her for half-an-year, Queen Sofia still seemed young and pretty.

However, at Queen Sofia’s eyes, Aiwa had grown up. His stature had become tall and sturdy and his gaze craftier. Even making this Queen who had evaluated countless men shocked. After she sized Aiwa up with a worried gaze, she asked: [Why haven’t you brought your wife? She must surely be pretty?]

[They are unable to compare to Your Majesty.]

Aiwa replied earnestly. Right now, he no longer resembled that naughty and frivolous boy who massaged Her Majesty for a few months. After all, many affairs had taken place during this past half year.

Naturally, there was another cause. His experience with women had also increased gradually, Queen Sofia was no longer the only one in his heart.

Queen Sofia laughed. Thinking that Aiwa had become more sly in this past half year.

[Aiwa, you’ve stayed at Favargo for half a year and also amassed satisfying contributions. I want you to gain experience on an actual battlefield. This also your father’s wish, what do you think?]

Queen Sofia spoke to very few of her subjects in such a polite manner.

[Aiwa wishes to serve Your Majesty!]


Hearing that he could go to war, Aiwa was naturally excited. The experience and accomplishments at Favargo had made this 17-year-old youngster more aggressive and ambitious.

[Whom does Your Majesty wish to make war against?]


According to Aiwa’s knowledge, East Empire and Hass Empire were friendly countries, moreover, the land between them was a wide barren zone.The Aegean Kingdom was to the southwest and kept quiet usually. The Wolf Kingdom was to the southeast, and its power could content against Hass Empire. The Naluss Empire was separated by the sea and couldn’t possess a threat towards Hass, so who was he to wage war against?

[According to intelligence reports, the Wolf Kingdom to the southeast is getting restless. They have gathered their army at our frontier. Although it’s a  small country, and can’t contend against our Hass Empire, but it has already flown towards every country like a housefly. Moreover, we cannot concentrate our national military power at a single place. How much of an army would it require to handle this small Wolf Kingdom?]


Aiwa could understand Queen Sofia’s words. If Hass Empire concentrates all of its strength to deal with the Wolf Kingdom, the other bordering countries will start becoming restless. At that time, the originally peaceful Hass Empire will be surrounded by enemies and isolated.

On this land, there never exists an eternal friend, only eternal benefits exists.

[Your Majesty’s words are reasonable. How many troops are Your Majesty going to grant me?]

Aiwa strongly desired to achieve his ambitious goals. Only using a diplomatic way to bring peace to the frontier Favargo was insufficient to help with the worries of Queen Sofia, only on the battlefield could he show off Hass Empire’s large military strength.

[You’ve already been placed within Federer’s army. You can report to him for duty, he’ll give a suitable post for you.]

Queen Sofia said.

[Your Majesty, but … Federer has already lost many battles, how can I be under his command?]

Aiwa felt as if thunder had struck him when he heard her words.

[After all, his qualifications are older than yours. He is already a lieutenant colonel now. How can I place him under your command?]

Saying this, Queen Sofia closed her eyes, expressing her tiredness.

Aiwa wanted to speak, but after looking at the palace maid Seegle waving her hands, he understood that speaking was of no use and helplessly shut his mouth.

Aiwa prepared to leave dispiritedly, but again heard Queen Sofia speak a sentence in soliloquy: [Genuine gold always shines!]

[Damned saying!] Aiwa scolded in his mind. At the time he was studying at East Empire, he had heard this saying from his teacher very frequently.

Coming out of the Imperial Palace, Aiwa’s heart was extremely dejected. He had never thought that he will find himself in such a miserable situation.

Even not giving him an official position was also fine, but he was unfortunately placed into that trash Federer’s army. What kind of heart does Queen Sofia have?! Did she want him to die from excess anger?

However, the Queen’s orders can’t be disobeyed. On the same day, set off towards the southern city at which Federer’s army was stationed at — — Hohfeld.

Aiwa didn’t receive a proper welcome at Hohfeld. Although the soldiers didn’t have a good opinion towards Federer, they also didn’t want to socialize with a youngster called as an arch-enemy my their master. Each one of them evaded Aiwa as if he was the personification of the God of Plagues.

Because many people knew that the Holtzer and Herman families never got along, this was a public secret.

[A group of self-centered people!]


Aiwa spat down on the ground. [Are you General Kyle’s son, Young master Aiwa?]

A sharp and clear bell sort of girly voice echoed at Aiwa’s ears. Turning back to see, it was a very pretty girl. Wearing a medic’s military clothes, they served as a contrast, adding onto her charm. This immediately ignited a light in Aiwa’s dispirited eyes.

[Right, that’s me.]


Hearing this girl’s sweet greeting, Aiwa sized up this pretty girl.

Actually, she could be called a woman, but her body hid the charm of a mature woman very well.

He really didn’t expect to discover such a pretty girl at this place. Only, he had no memory of seeing this girl before.

[I am the doctor on the battlefield here, Lovna. I welcome your arrival. Let me take you to see Lieutenant Colonel Federer.]


Saying thus, Lovna turned around according to the military standards and guided Aiwa.

She had a bootylicious body, very well fitting to her military uniform, causing a perfectly round and sexy outline to appear on it. Aiwa was elated at seeing such a beautiful woman soldier.

Lovna had slender legs, a tall and straight stature. Even if viewed from behind, she was top-notch beautiful woman. Although Aiwa didn’t have a good opinion about Federer, it will be very lively if he could enjoy every day together with this beauty.

If one happened to receive a light wound on the battlefield, it was possible to receive treatment from this beautiful doctor. Even a foot soldier under that trash Federer would be content with this.

Very quickly, Lovna brought Aiwa to the commander.

What made Aiwa almost mad with anger was that this loser who had been saved by him unexpectedly dared to stick with crossed legs in front of him.

Looking at his arrogant expression, Aiwa even omitted the army rite and felt like not even bothering to look at him.

[What’s this? Why haven’t you shown your courtesy towards the commander?]

Federer placed his foot on top of the table, still looking at Aiwa with an arrogant expression.

[First bring your stinky pig claws down!]

Aiwa’s eyes were brimming with fury. Federer obviously knew that he was Aiwa and also his younger sister’s husband, but he still pretended to not know.

At the time Aiwa rained curses, Lovna who had come in with him was frightened. Who within Federer’s army dared to disrespect the commander like this? Moreover, scold him that he is a pig!

[Aiwa, you dare insult this commander?]


Federer skewed his neck. He furiously regained the leg on the table back, looking at Aiwa with raging eyes.

[Stop getting angry. If it wasn’t for you being my wife’s older brother, you think you would have returned back from the hands of the Tanzyanians?]

Aiwa deliberately brought up his scar.

[You win! Only, don’t think I’m grateful towards you! Since you’ve been sent over by Her Majesty directly, I’ll make you a Junior Captain. You’re now the head of ten soldiers. Congratulations to you, Junior Captain Aiwa.]


Federer deliberately emphasized that ‘Junior’ word.

[Junior Captain? In other words, you can’t even make me a Hundred Men Commander in your army? Don’t forget, I was sent by Her Majesty!]


Aiwa emphasized.

[If you weren’t sent over by Her Majesty, perhaps you would have become a common foot soldier. Mister Aiwa, you’ve never experienced any battles, not even participated in any military exercises. What qualifications do you have to become a Hundred Men Commander? Based on your skill with women on bed? Haha, don’t think I don’t know how you conquered those Tanzya women!] Federer shot a glance of contempt towards Aiwa. He wanted to give a blow to this General’s son in front of Lovna, this first class beauty.

[All right, when are we going into battle?]


Aiwa didn’t want to nag with this hoodlum, also, it wasn’t the time to humiliate this rascal.

[That is information which is to be known only to the high-ranking commander, you only need to obey your orders. Lovna, I ask you to escort the Second Lieutenant Officer to his place.]

Federer liked to show off his elegance as the commander in front of this beauty, but what’s regretful was that he was always defeated.

[Yes, Commander!]


Lovna turned about, taking Aiwa to his residence.

As a Junior Captain, Aiwa didn’t get a single lodging, but rather a living quarters shared by four men, which had only three men at the moment.

Looking at Lovna bring Aiwa in, all the soldiers stood the side.

[Whose bed is this? Quickly make it available! From today onwards, this bed belongs to Second Lieutenant Aiwa, he’s your Captain.]

Lovna stated seriously.

The soldiers were flustered immediately, making the best bed in the room available for Aiwa.

As a soldier, although Aiwa’s statute wasn’t that awe-inspiring, but everyone knew about his performance at Favargo. Therefore, some soldiers still didn’t dare to believe their ears.

So, the senior officer who conquered Tanzya was a youngster with such a handsome face? They were envious at the way Captain Lovna looked at this Junior Captain Aiwa.

[Thank you, Captain.]


Exactly opposite from those soldiers, Aiwa wasn’t overly humble towards her. Although he hadn’t experienced innumerable women, he after all already had experienced a few and still understood how to act with women. Especially, how to hold his proper elegance in front of a beautiful woman.

[You’re welcome. If Captain Aiwa’s needs any assistance, please ask me.]

Lovna made a charming smile, giving a sweet sensation to Aiwa.



Before Lovna left, Aiwa took the initiative to grip her hand she had extended towards him, very courteously loosening the grip.

The feelings of respect and admiration a beautiful woman has towards a hero could be seen deep within Lovna’s eyes. Because, within the female officers, especially that medical personnel, Aiwa’s story regarding the Tanzya tribe had been passed on very often. Right now, finally seeing Aiwa in person, Lovna felt that this legend within lecher was unexpectedly a complete polar opposite from the stories, and seemed almost like a spiritual master.

Because rumors within Aiwa’s hooliganism and the elegance he had shown before her eyes was completely opposite and instead possessed a cold righteousness and heroic spirit specific to a General.

Right now, Aiwa and Lovna were near each other. He could clearly smell the enticing feminine breath from her body. Especially, the two jade peaks under the Captain army clothes could move the heart of any man.

[Reporting to the Senior Officer! I am Corporal William.]

[I am Corporal Tom.]

[Corporal James.]

At the time Aiwa sent off Lovna and turned back, the three soldiers immediately introduced themselves to their new Junior Captain.

Aiwa’s sharp gaze swept past the face of these three Corporals. Although their faces seem tanned and thin, but they appeared to be very robust.

[Why does our Junior Squadron have only we four members?]

Aiwa asked.

[Reporting to Captain, the six men next door are also Captain Aiwa’s soldiers!]

One of the Corporal replied.

[Let’s go see them.]


Although Aiwa was only a Junior Captain, even if could only control two soldiers, he would still let them know that he was their Senior Officer.

The three Corporals escorted Aiwa to the next door, but there was not a soul in sight.

[They might have gone to the drill ground, Senior Officer.]


Those three men looked towards Aiwa, right now, they had to obey this Senior Officer’s commands.

[Let’s go take a look.]


Aiwa went out of the living quarters and walked towards the huge drill ground. The three Corporals followed behind him.

There were many men assembled on the drill ground as if they were watching some kind of match.

[Out of the way, Captain Aiwa has arrived!]


Tom and William opened up a path in the circular crowd, letting Aiwa pass through that path.

[Captain, Louis is a member of our squadron. He’s about to wrestle with Captain Charlee .]

Tom pointed towards a young man with a robust stature.

Charlee had challenged Aiwa’s Junior Squadron. Right now, Louis was the final one among the six men. Captain Charlee’s stature was tall and his arm strength exceeded others. His body was also very flexible, he wasn’t a simple brained fool with a developed body.

Charlee had already defeated five soldiers in a row, but he hadn’t used his strength even a little bit and was moreover brimming with the will to fight.

He looked at Louis with anticipation as he was the strongest among those six men.

A man can’t be called a hero by conquering an ant, only by defeating a worthy opponent could make a man be excited.

The entire field flared up with shouts, each and every one of them looked forward to the confrontation between these experts.

Louis walked forwards calmly. His sight was steady, he hadn’t lost his confidence due to the previous defeats of his five companions. He exercised his hands, issuing a popping sound from his joints.

[Can Louis win?]


Aiwa asked.

Tom shook his head. This Captain Charlee was unrivaled within the army. It seemed to Tom that Louis would only be a part of light adding onto Charlee’s glory.

[I believe he will be able to win, why don’t we have a bet?]


Aiwa looked towards the two men in the arena while speaking to the two Corporals.

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