Dragon Blood Warrior – Volume 5 Chapter 3

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Warning: Novel contains adult content.

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Volume 5 Chapter 3: Lovely Life Inside The Manor


Aiwa hugged Samorn’s slender waist, making his manhood reach her inner depths. What troubled Samorn was the tip of Aiwa’s meat stick making it difficult for her to keep going.

[Uuu … Wu …]

Samorn tried to resist the intense pleasure by losing herself in the act, but Aiwa’s meat spear was embedded too deep, and too tightly. No matter how much she moved her body, she was unable to separate herself from that baby maker.

[Aaahhh … Really unbearable … it hurts …]

Just like a viper’s bite, the more she tried to escape, the more strongly his snake ‘bit’ into her. Aiwa’s battering ram was firmly wedged inside due to the huge attractive force from the tightening of her flesh hole,

The more she started to struggle, the more it excited Aiwa’s meat spear. Moreover, at the same time, her breasts were bouncing up and down, following her movement.

[Aaahhh … oh … Aaawww …]

Samorn shouted with all her strength. She felt pain as well as an itching; never had such a thick cock penetrated her this deeply. She could even feel that long rod inside her becoming not only longer but also thicker with every passing moment.

She gyrated frantically, the pleasure hadn’t disappeared but rather seemed to become even more intense.

When she was almost at her wit’s end, she suddenly felt Aiwa’s body tremble violently. She felt an eruption of burning hot semen shot deep inside her womb.

The pleasure from that warm semen spurting inside her flesh hole made her body tremble violently. A magical thing happened; her birth canal widened so as to allow the penis to penetrate deep into her uterus.

At that same time, Aiwa suddenly clasped Samorn’s face and kissed her madly. Previously, she hadn’t kissed Aiwa because he hadn’t given her a chance to do. But now, she didn’t even have the opportunity to take in air; how could she try to kiss him now?

[Milord … you … are really formidable!]

After those two exchanged a kiss, that huge meat spear still stayed inside Samorn’s flesh hole, making its last struggle.

What baffled Samorn was that although his meat stick had released semen just recently, it had immediately become hard after their kiss.

[Does Milord want to cum inside Samorn again?]

Samorn’s eyes were filled with the lust of a newlywed woman.

Aiwa couldn’t help but get excited after looking at her arousing figure. He held her and turned her 180 degrees, making her back stick to his chest and then pierced his cock into her depths.

Aiwa hands grabbed Samorn’s plump breasts as he stood up from the couch. It was impossible for Samorn to even turn back to kiss him and could only lick her lips with her tongue.

Aiwa’s meat stick was really long. The maid standing at the side could clearly see Aiwa’s meat stick deforming Samorn’s flesh hole like a steel bar getting pounded.

Aiwa looked at the maid on the side being infected by their passionate lovemaking and said: [Come, help me hold her.]

That maid hurried over but she didn’t know how to help Samorn.

At that time, Aiwa reached out his hand to knead Samorn’s clitoris, saying, [Just lick her here, you mustn’t stop in the middle!]

Aiwa looked at this young maid immorally. She too had a very exquisite figure.

Looking at Aiwa and Samorn’s love-making on the couch, the maid had already understood that the happiness for a man or woman was dependent on their genitalia.

That maid knelt down in front of Samorn, placing both of her hands on Samorn’s legs, she extended her tongue to lick Samorn gently.

Although the maid wasn’t that skilled, but her warm and soft tongue brought pleasure to Samorn’s clitoris.

[Wu … very pleasant …]

Samorn couldn’t help but moan.

She felt another orgasm coming as down there was getting deformed by Aiwa’s thick cock and being licked at the same time by the maid.

She felt another round of pleasure as Aiwa started to fondle her continuously. The pleasure was resonating all throughout her body. Aiwa sometimes even used his meat stick to provoke her flesh hole, stirring up her depths, making her crave for even more.

The maid started to get better with using her tongue after some time. She could now use it ingeniously to tease Samorn’s clitoris with her tongue’s tip.

Aiwa had restricted Samorn’s arms and used his hands to toy with her breasts, she was completely helpless to do anything.

Her body kept on filling up with intense desire but she couldn’t do anything to withstand it and could only moan happily.

The maid also felt her desire well up as she licked Samorn. Her tongue gradually made its way towards the section of Aiwa’s meat stick still outside. At this time, Samorn felt a little better but that maid again swept past her clitoris. Sometimes, that maid sucked on her clitoris, using the tip of the tongue to fiddle with her urethral opening.

[Aaaahhh … don’t! … unbearable … aaahhhh …girl … you’re gonna take my life … ]

Samorn’s underbelly bulged out and withdrew; her fluids started to spurt out. Aiwa’s two hands fondled her breasts more firmly.

[Stand up. Suck Samorn’s breasts.]

Aiwa ordered the maid.

The maid stood up obediently and clasped Samorn’s breasts, earnestly sucking them. Although the maid’s tongue didn’t persecute her clitoris anymore, Aiwa’s meat stick continued to throb inside. Moreover, Aiwa’s cockhead became more and more slender, teasing her vagina’s depths like a snake.

Samorn was almost at the peak of her orgasm.

[Aaahhh … dying … I … unbearable …]

Samorn’s head flung back with her hair shaking along with it, but her body couldn’t move.

While the maid was sucking on Samorn’s breasts, Aiwa began to loosen the maid’s clothes. Sliding down her skirt and obscene underpants, her alluring body was exposed to the outside.

After Aiwa had thrust inside Samorn’s flesh hole for a few times, he suddenly pulled that thick meat stick out of her body. Her body fell down on the couch weakly. Aiwa’s lewd and demonic gaze fell on the maid who served Samorn just now.

That maid’s tiny breasts had started developing just recently with her underbelly being completely void of pubic hair. That glossy mound was very attractive.

Aiwa pulled her into his embrace, extending his hand onto her jade mound, he softly pinched it saying, [Your skill is pretty good, why don’t you lick me?]

Although that maid yearned for a sexual encounter, but she had never done this kind of affair. She was already filled with worship as well as fear towards this lofty man’s naked body in front of her.

[Yes, Milord.]

The maid squatted down, clasping Aiwa’s root within her hands. She pulled it out of Samorn’s naked body, and after which, she delivered that meat stick covered in slimy love fluids to her mouth.

That thick, hyperaemic and glossy head was wrapped by her small lips. The maid sensibly used her lips to cover her teeth so as to not scratch Aiwa’s meat stick.

Samorn was already exhausted. She lied down on the spacious couch, looking at that maid immorally sucking on Aiwa’s thick meat stick.

The maid looked very pretty. Aiwa got excited after looking at her pretty face.

After enjoying that maid’s mouth for a while, Aiwa raised her and brought her near Samorn, placing her on Samorn’s body. Samorn coordinated with him and let him place the maid on her belly. She separated her snowy legs, exposing her vulva outwards. That tender and fair vulva made Aiwa feel like not violating her right away, and he rather stooped down near it and kissed it.

Aiwa liked to kiss a girl’s vulva very much, therefore, each time he has sex with women, he first kisses that fair vulva once.

That maid’s body couldn’t help but tense up when her tender vulva received Aiwa’s kiss. She shyly looked towards her pussy, and even raised her body a little, to stick it outwards, so that she could see the scene of Aiwa licking her vulva.

Aiwa’s hands were placed on her bosom right now, right on top of those two slight bulging, plentiful jade mounds, gently caressing them.

The maid felt very pleasant looking at Aiwa lick her vulva. Especially at the time when he used his tongue’s tip to tease her tender and rosy clitoris, she almost felt like screaming from the pleasure.

[En … Oh …]

The maid moaned softly, her body following up with seductive movements.

Along with the increase in the pace of Aiwa’s licking, the maid swayed her lower body, willfully pushing her vulva towards Aiwa’s lips.

[Aaahhh … it itches… ]

The maid could no longer endure her vulva being licked and pulled her body back.

[Stop licking her. Quickly penetrate her! Can’t you see what she has become due to the itching?]

Samorn hugged the maid from behind, sensing that she could no longer bear Aiwa’s licking.

At this moment, Aiwa’s long meat stick started to throb.

The maid couldn’t help but raise her head to see. She wanted to see the scene of Aiwa’s meat stick penetrating her vulva.

This maid’s vulva was very small. Aiwa thought it will be very difficult to penetrate her but he still tried to play with her vulva with his glans.

Gradually, the head of the cock was sucked inside the maid’s wet labia. Her small hole clutched onto his glans very tightly.

Aiwa knew that a girl’s vagina was flexible, therefore, he directly pushed in.

[Aaaaahhhhh …]

The maid screamed. A huge section of Aiwa’s thick meatstick penetrated inside alongside that scream.

The color of Aiwa’s meat stick and that maid’s snow-white body formed a distinct contrast. Her thin legs and his bulky legs also didn’t match well.

However, this raised Aiwa’s enthusiasm even more. Although his root couldn’t enter that maid’s flesh hole entirely, that tightening vagina excited Aiwa very much. He looked at her pretty face and again looked towards Samorn that was massaging that maid’s small buns. He wanted to hear her moans and screams again.

After Aiwa pounded her insides a few time, that meat stick was able to penetrate another part deeper. A painful expression immediately appeared on that maid’s face but it was soon replaced by a happy expression.

Fortunately, Aiwa was capable of enlarging or shrinking his meat stick according to his thoughts. The depth of this maid’s flesh hole was unable to compare to that of Samorn’s. Aiwa had no choice to recite the mental technique silently, making his meat stick shrink a bit and letting it freely thrust in and out of that narrow flesh hole, lessening her pain a bit.

After Aiwa shrunk his meat stick, the maid didn’t feel much pain and asked Aiwa with expectation: [Milord, you can embrace me at ease, I won’t scream again!]

She thought Aiwa was offended by her screams.

[No. I like listening to you scream.]

Aiwa extended his hand to knead her small breasts. He caressed her tender body gently while moving his buttocks, making that meat stick inside the maid’s flesh hole twitch. An intoxicated expression appeared on her face gradually.

[Oh … Aaahhhh … so pleasant!]

The maid moaned happily. She used her lips to lick her lips but Aiwa didn’t go forwards to kiss and only thrust in and out of her.

[Milord, a girl called Meliana has come to seek you.]

The maid stationed at the doorway informed Aiwa.

[Meliana? Let her come in!]

Aiwa quickly finished inside the maid and shot semen inside her along with her fierce trembling.

Aiwa not at all planned to cover up his lust in front of Meliana and directly let her come in. By the time Aiwa, Samorn, and that maid had finished wearing their clothes, Meliana rushed inside.

[Miss Meliana, please take a seat.]

Aiwa didn’t regard her as an outsider.

[Senior Aiwa, today I have come to ask you to visit our home. The help you have given us isn’t small and you are also Favargo’s hero. We have prepared our family’s topmost standards to entertain you. Only, I feel anxious that Senior Aiwa might dislike our poor home, lacking in comparison to this manor.]

Meliana at once revealed all of her thoughts.

[Since it’s like this, I’ll accept your invitation.]

Aiwa thought: [If I visit Meliana’s home with the identity of Favargo’s Supreme Commander, then, it will surely raise the status of her family. This will surely hinder those hoodlums after I’m posted elsewhere.]

[You really have the elegance as Favargo’s Supreme Commander.]

Meliana gazed towards with love-filled amorous glances.

Twilight gradually grew denser. Aiwa ordered the attendants to prepare a cart and made a visit to Meliana’s home with the identity of Favargo’s Supreme Commander.

The distance between his manor and Old Tuer’s manor wasn’t that far but it will still take around half-an-hour to reach there by carriage.

At the time Aiwa’s carriage reached the market street, Aiwa heard one rover begging a passer-by and immediately receive a loathful chide: [Get lost!]

He thought that this city wasn’t kind hearted even if the counterpart was a beggar.

Aiwa opened the window to take a look. He saw a ragged Hamler pathetically standing at there foolishly. Nor could fury neither hate be seen inside his eyes, all that remained was a despondent, lifeless sight.

[Senior, is this that Hamler who used to run amok before?]

The maid, Mowa, riding along with Aiwa asked him.

[Such a pathetic man!]

Aiwa closed the shutter, sighing: [If Heaven wants his death, it had to first grant him insanity!]

The maid Mowa couldn’t comprehend her master and therefore kept silent.

Between the talk, the carriage had already reached the front gate of Tuer’s manor. The huge white stone pillars seemed to be very imposing. Aiwa thought: [To even dare bully a family like this, it was clearly due to the patron behind Hamler.]

Old Tuer and Meliana’s stepmother Suellen came out to greet Aiwa.

Aiwa left the carriage under Mowa’s support. Old Tuer offered his respects while Suellen welcomed him with a smile. Her face still contained a bit of embarrassment as she tried to stop her daughter from suing Hamler and suffered reprisals from Hamler soon after that.

Not only did it show her weakness but also reveal her distrust towards the region’s official, i.e, Aiwa.

Perhaps in order to make up for the disrespect at that time, Suellen had dolled up prettily today, seeming lovelier and alluring. Her figure was well-rounded, each and every part of her body seemed to exude a kind of eroticity.

She was someone Old Tuer had spent a huge sum to marry. Under this cold weather, she was still wearing flimsy clothes. The graceful outline of her breasts was visible through the clothes’ surface. With each of her tiny movements, those breasts seemed to follow after by trembling.

Perhaps she wasn’t trying to seduce Aiwa but she seemed really attractive to him.

The night scene inside the manor was very fascinating. Under the persuasion of Tuer and Suellen, Aiwa drank a few cups.

After the banquet had finished, he prepared to leave Tuer’s manor but he started to throw up suddenly.

Old Tuer insisted Aiwa to spend the night inside the manor and Aiwa accepted half-willingly. Since Aiwa was both the Supreme Administrator as well as the Military Commander of Favargo, Tuer made him rest at the central building.

Tuer was very old and hence went to bed early and Suellen as the manor’s hostess was bound to be in charge of tending to the drunk Aiwa.

In fact, Aiwa wasn’t really intoxicated but no one could see through his acting. Suellen and Mowa both lended Aiwa a hand and led him to the bedroom.

At the moment Aiwa was dropped onto the bed, his hand suddenly wrapped around Suellen’s slender waist, making her incapable of moving away.

[Senior Aiwa …]

Suellen was very happy to be able to receive Aiwa’s hug, but she was after all Tuer’s wife, and also Meliana’s stepmother. She was worried about the prestige.

However, the vigor of her restricted body and soul longed and thirsted for Aiwa. Her plump breasts stuck closely to Aiwa’s body.

In order for Old Tuer to live a few years longer, he had no choice but to sleep separately from Suellen, who was not only young but also brimming with vigorous lust. Therefore, Suellen wasn’t scared when she fell onto the bed in Aiwa’s embrace.

[I want to bath …]

Aiwa pretended to speak in a drunk manner.

[Milord …   let Mowa help you take a bath!]

Suellen also tried to probe out with a question. She wanted to know whether or not Aiwa was really drunk.

[Do you look down on this region’s commander?]

Aiwa asked in a half-drunk half-sober manner, hooking his hand around Suellen’s waist tightly.

[How can that be? Senior is our savior, we’re eternally grateful for that. How can we look down on you?]

Suellen looked towards Mowa. She didn’t have any other means and could only help Mowa help Aiwa walk towards the bathroom.

Aiwa’s hand reached to her bosom from her waist, pressing her plump breast through the clothes. He unexpectedly in front of the maid, inserted his hand towards Suellen’s fragrant bosom and directly grabbed her snowy breast.

[Oh … Milord …]

Suellen was aloof and sore, releasing a soft moan.

After going inside the bathroom, Mowa naturally removed Aiwa’s clothes.

[You also strip, or else, I won’t bath!]

Aiwa’s intoxicated fuzzy gaze looked towards Suellen as he pointed towards her.

Mowa had long ago stripped stark naked. She was used to stripping naked every time she waited upon Aiwa’s bath,

Suellen hesitated a bit. Although she liked Aiwa, moreover, Old Tuer couldn’t satisfy her sexual desires, but she was after all Tuer’s wife.

[Milady, quickly strip! If not, your clothes will get wet.]

Saying thus, Mowa took the initiative to undress her. Suellen could only obediently let her strip off her clothes.

Losing the clothes’ concealment, Suellen’s figure seemed to be even more charming. A curvaceous figure, exquisite skin, everything there was seemed to serve the purpose of inciting a man’s intense lust.

Aiwa’s gaze watched the marsh at her smooth underbelly and couldn’t help but reach out his hand to caress it.

[Really beautiful …]

Barely receiving a caress from Aiwa’s hand, Suellen’s body at once trembled. Her intense desire seemed to overcome the cage of chastity, her body went limp, falling forwards into Aiwa’s embrace.

Aiwa’s thick and erect meat stick poked on top of her underbelly.

Aiwa lifted one of her legs suddenly, Mowa also came behind her to support her. He brought his thick meat stick towards Suellen’s flesh hole and advanced inside.

[Aaaahhhhhhh …]

Suellen felt a wave of pain and released a girly scream.

Mowa stood behind to support her and so Aiwa became more brazen with his thrusts. He kneaded Suellen’s plump breasts at once side while also making fierce thrusts at her flesh hole. Suellen had never seen such a huge meat stick after Aiwa penetrated inside her, she welcomed her orgasm very quickly.

She wanted to embrace Aiwa’s body but she was being held by Mowa from behind. Moreover, Aiwa was using his hand to play with her breast, not letting her lean towards him. He lifted her leg, revealing the entrance, he once again penetrated her flesh hole dripping wet with sexual secretions.

[Oh … Milord … forgive me …]

Suellen opened her eyes to look at Aiwa from time to time, looking at him making fierce thrusts at her, making his meat spear penetrate deeply to her tender flower bud.

[Aaahhh … I …. can’t bear it …]

Her underbelly moved continuously, her vagina also twitched violently, but she did naught to hinder Aiwa’s thick meat stick from thrusting in and out of her flesh hole.

Suellen just happened to be going through her menstrual cycle and thus her orgasms also arrived very quickly. She was really unable to bear until Aiwa was satisfied. Aiwa couldn’t bear to make her feel unwell and at the time her 3rd orgasm was going to arrive, he shot the semen inside her flesh hole.

Suellen hadn’t given birth after coming to Tuer’s home and also wanted to become a mother. After having sex with Aiwa this time, she had a premonition that she was definitely going to conceive. At the moment Aiwa’s semen spurted inside her, she silently prayed in her mind: [God, please let me, Suellen, give birth to a child!]

After finishing the bath, Aiwa didn’t let Suellen return.

[Milady must accompany me to sleep! If not, I’ll feel lonely.]

After Aiwa ejaculated inside her, he still held his affection towards Suellen.

[If Milord doesn’t want Suellen to go, then Suellen can only stay behind. However, I have to return before dawn …]

Suellen raised her charming face to look towards Aiwa.


Those two went towards that spacious bed in the bedroom while embracing each other.

Aiwa didn’t have sex with Suellen after going back to bed again. He wanted to enjoy this happiness until daybreak.

However, during midnight, Aiwa felt a woman’s hand caress his cheek with his fuzzy vision. By the time he became clear-headed, he found the silhouette of a seductive girl standing beside his bed.

This woman absolutely wasn’t Suellen, because his legs could still feel Suellen lying down on the bed and Mowa would never dare to sneak onto his bed.

Aiwa could only vaguely make out this woman’s seductive stature in the darkness but was unable to see her face within the darkness.

Who was capable of moving around in the Tuer manor as they wished?

Aiwa at once thought of the pretty, stylish and bold Meliana.

Yes, this slim figure, it could be no one else than Meliana.

Aiwa could see that this woman didn’t have a weapon in her hand. There was only one purpose for her to come here, it was to get onto his bed!

Aiwa was excited. He embraced the woman caressing his face gently onto the bed in a timely moment.

Although the counterpart had expected this, she was still scared and her body couldn’t help but shiver.

Aiwa could feel through the embrace that this girl wasn’t wearing anything but her undergarments. His hand could feel all the peaks and valleys of her smooth body. Aiwa’s hand gripped that girl’s plump breast.

[Who are you?]

Although Aiwa had already guessed that she was Meliana, he still wanted to confirm.

[You mustn’t speak. It’s me, Meliana.]

Meliana extended her slender finger and pressed it against Aiwa’s lips.

Aiwa laughed. Your stepmother is still on top of my bed and you’ve come to deliver yourself!

Aiwa wasn’t in a hurry to strip her but rather gripped her soft breasts through the front piece.

After kneading for a while, Aiwa’s hands moved around Meliana’s body and stripped her undergarments. This girl’s figure was very slim, but also bosomy. He could feel her protruding breasts when her body pressed against his belly.

Aiwa suddenly turned over, pushing down on Meliana’s body, his both hands restricting her arms. Right now, although he could guess her intentions, he still liked to play like this.

Within the darkness, Meliana looked towards Aiwa’s strong and muscular naked body and longed to be held by him.

At this moment, Suellen had also roused up due to the pair’s violent movements. She was still unable to figure out the identity of the woman under his body and silently looked at the play this couple was going to show.

Aiwa wasn’t in a hurry to attack her lower body but rather restricted her arms and pushed down on her body. Lowering his head, he kissed on top of her bottom, climbing up her deep cleavage with his lips, crawling on top of her plump breast, he finally bit that perky nipple.

[Oh …]

Meliana moaned. It wasn’t due to the pain of being bit by Aiwa but rather because her body felt limp at the moment Aiwa swept his tongue’s tip past her nipple while biting her.

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