Dragon Blood Warrior – Volume 5 Chapter 2

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Warning: Novel contains adult content.

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Volume 5 Chapter 2: Seizing A Manor Coincidentally


After Aiwa returned back to his official residence, he specially instructed his subordinates that if someone came here to report anything, tell them to go find the Senior Army General, Hazaar. After that, he left towards Hazaar’s place.

Ever since Aiwa had increased the influence of the low-level officers, Hazaar had been extremely thankful and respectful towards Aiwa. Seeing Aiwa arrive, he not only showed the proper etiquette towards the senior officer but also expressed the utmost respect as a subordinate.

[What advice has Senior come to give?]

Hazaar was local inhabitant that possessed a certain prestige, but under the former senior officer, he was unable to show his expertise at supervising the military. Now, that he had finally obtained the wise new master’s recognition, he now held Aiwa in high esteem. Right now, he regarded Aiwa as his great benefactor, as if it wasn’t for Aiwa’s recognition, perhaps he would have never got the chance to excel.

[I’m just roaming around. Favargo has already attained peace and calm, so simply staying idle makes me a little jumpy!]

Aiwa said as the servants prepared a chair for him to sit.

[Isn’t this peace because of Senior’s reputation, by bringing back the women of Tanzya?  Senior is indeed Favargo’s lucky star!]

Hazaar wasn’t trying to needlessly flatter him, but those words truly came from the bottom of his heart. If he wasn’t in favor of Aiwa’s training methods, he also wouldn’t have trained his soldiers diligently. Not to mention, he wouldn’t have kept watch according to Aiwa’s arrangements at the time when he was absent from Favargo for a long time,

[I am not the only one who has contributed. The reason our frontier defense is so stable is all due to you! If Senior Hazaar is able to always defend Favargo’s peace, Her Majesty The Queen would surely feel relieved.]

Hazaar was overwhelmed by the importance Aiwa attached to him.

The previous Senior Officer never assessed a subordinate like him in this way and tried to monopolize all the contributions.

While the two of them were speaking, a foot soldier informed that a girl has come to report something to the Senior Army General. Aiwa was elated, thinking it must surely be Meliana.

[Isn’t something strange? Shouldn’t that woman have gone to Senior’s place to report, why has she come to my place?]

Hazaar was puzzled.

[Haven’t we announced it before? If I’m unavailable at the official residence, then they can come to report to you. Perhaps that woman has already gone to my place. She must have come to find you since she trusts the Senior Army General.]

Aiwa laughed, without letting Hazaar catch on to any hints.

[Since Senior is here, I still ask Senior to personally hear the case!]

Hazaar felt this matter to be a little suspicious and thus tried to resist.

[How can I do that? This should be yours, the Senior Army General’s office. How can I meddle in the affairs of this place?]

Aiwa laughed: [I’m going to step back on this one!]

Upon saying this, Aiwa hid inside a side room.

He sat on a chair to relax himself, making a maid hold a cup and serve him tea personally.

By the time the tea had been finished, Hazaar came back.

[What happened?]

Aiwa asked naturally.

[A wicked citizen had come to accuse falsely, I sent them away.]

[Wasn’t it a girl called Meliana who had come to report about a man called Hamler?]

Aiwa held the teacup, taking a leisurely sip.

[How did Senior know?]

Hazaar immediately felt nervous.

[When I was strolling along the street, I came across a man harassing a girl. That girl was called Meliana and that man was called Hamler. That man was very arrogant, he declared that the Senior Army General would never punish his sins. I said I don’t believe him and that bastard even made a bet with me. Hehe, I didn’t believe this rascal has any relations to the Senior Army General and that brat must surely be tarnishing the Senior Army General’s reputation.

Hearing until here, a layer of cold sweat formed at Hazaar’s forehead.


He roared.

A knife-wielding imperial bodyguard immediately came inside.

[Go and bring that scoundrel Hamler here, and also send someone to call back the girl who had reported just now.]

That imperial bodyguard immediately followed the orders, sending men to rush out of the Army General’s office to bring that girl called Meliana back and then go arrest Hamler.

Hamler was taking a stroll among the upper streets when he was suddenly surrounded by the Army General’s imperial bodyguards: [What are you doing?]

[Senior Army General had asked you to make an appearance!]

The knife-wielding imperial bodyguard gave a signal and two guards immediately advanced to suppress Hamler to the ground.

[You’re making a mistake! I am Hamler!]

Hamler struggled while shouting loudly. Under the numerous stares, he was tied up by the Army General’s imperial bodyguards, this was an unimaginable scene!

[We’ve been ordered to arrest you!]

[I’m a relative of the Senior Army General, Hamler!]

Hamler believed that these men had caught the wrong person. He had never received this kind of treatment, even Ex-Senior Officer was a bit tactful with him.

[Fart! How can the Senior Army General have such a rascal relative like you? Tie him up!]

The Chief imperial bodyguard ordered. Other two guards immediately tied Hamler with his arms tied behind the back and rope looped around the neck. Hamler refused to give in when he was suppressed to the ground and thus his head was pushed down to the ground by the two guards, making him fall flat on his face, filling his mouth with dirt.

When he was brought back to the official residence of the Senior Army General, Hamler became more rampant: [Wait until the Senior Army General fires you!]

However, he didn’t expect that when the Senior Army General appeared in front of him, he had a serious expression on his face, looking with a cold gaze, completely different from the friendly manner in the past.

[Senior Army General, have you fallen for some evil person’s false accusation? They are framing me!]

Hamler could naturally see Meliana and her maid standing to the side. He looked at her with a gaze filled with fury but again showed a friendly smile towards Hazaar.

When Meliana spoke of the events that had traversed, about how Hamler tried to drag her to his home and a strange man stopped him by breaking his two teeth. The narration matched the circumstances that Aiwa had spoke of.

[You dared to speak drivel in front of me, you shall be punished!]

Hazaar commanded. An imperial guard immediately brought a cangue to shackle him. It was deliberately made to clamp the fingertips of the victim. All ten fingers would be clamped between the board and when the board is pulled from either sides, the person receiving the sentence would lose consciousness due to the pain.

Hamler didn’t surrender yet and thought that perhaps the reason the Senior Army General is acting this way was to pretend for another person to look at and had no choice but to be so serious about this situation. Even if he did confess, he would only be reprimanded with a few words and wouldn’t receive any severe punishment. Thereupon, he admitted his own evil conducts. At this time, Aiwa slowly walked out from inside.

[Senior Aiwa, I have already finished the questioning. I ask Senior to decide the punishment!]

[Senior Aiwa?]

Both Meliana and Hamler were stupefied. This imposing man standing in front of them was Senior Aiwa? Hamler understood that he had been too arrogant and unexpectedly picked a fight with Favargo’s Supreme Commander, moreover also raved about him and betted with him. He could only hope that he had forgotten about the bet.

[Senior Army General, handle it according to the law. There’s no need to be too severe.]

Aiwa said.

Hazaar felt grateful towards Aiwa. After all, this damned Hamler was his relative and Senior Aiwa had give him quite the face.

Therefore, he resisted indulging in selfishness and properly sentenced Hamler to the punishment of forced labor for 5 days.

Aiwa snickered listening to the judgment’s outcome but he didn’t raise the matter of that bet in the middle.

Only after Hamler had received his sentence did Aiwa advance forwards towards him. He laughed: [Hamler, do you remember the bet between us?]

Cold sweat formed at Hamler’s back due to the fear, he had staked all of his family’s property in that bet!

[Senior Aiwa, this lowly person was confused and spoke without thinking, please be lenient!]

Hamler kneeled down in front of Aiwa to beg forgiveness.

[Why don’t you say to the Senior Army General, what kind of bet you made with me?]

Aiwa spoke with a smile, seeming to not at all be taking Hamler seriously.

[You’ve still hid something?]

Hazaa was completely disappointed by this relative of his, who had brought such a difficult situation upon him, and thus felt resentful towards Hamler.

[At that time, I said that if the Senior Army General rules me to be guilty, then I’ll give all of my family property to him! I was merely boasting at that time, Senior Army General!]

Hamler again kneeled in front of Hazaar to beg forgiveness.

[I remember you even found a witness, right?]

Aiwa spoke with a smile.


Hamler crawled on the ground, banging his head to the ground, making a earth-shaking noise.

[Hehe, you’re also a man, you won’t renege on your words, right?]

Aiwa squatted down and held Hamler’s chin with his hand, making him open his mouth to expose the two missing incisor holes.

Looking at Hamler’s revolting behavior, Hazaar felt disgusted to even see the face of this reckless relative of his who had made him lose his face today.

[Senior …]

[Senior Hazaar, can you give a few personnel? I’ll go to Hamler’s house to take a look at what valuable things he has in his residence.]

Aiwa wiped his hands, so as to not be dirtied by Hamler’s chin.

[Of course. Come, person. Follow Senior Aiwa!]

Immediately, a few personnel came in front of Aiwa.

[Senior Aiwa! Meliana thanks Senior Aiwa!]

Meliana came in front of Aiwa, lowering her head shyly, a peculiar flash passing through her eyes. When Aiwa had upheld justice before, she had already started to admire him wholeheartedly, and now after knowing that the chivalrous hero was unexpectedly the famous Senior Aiwa, Meliana was completely overjoyed at the turn of events.

[Hehe, how do want to thank me? I won’t be polite about my request.]

Aiwa felt his heartbeat quicken looking at this girl.

[The young lady shall agree to whatever Senior desires!]

The maid responded for the master. On the way, Meliana had spoke to her that if she was able to marry a chivalrous man like him, there wouldn’t be a need to be bullied by a man like Hamler.

[Stop blabbing!]

Meliana sent a coquettish glance towards the maid Suren and turned back to laugh shyly.

[Hehe, let’s speak of it later. Let me go see what are the stakes I’ve won in the bet.]

Aiwa went to Hamler’s residence accompanied by a few of Hazaar’s attendants.

Hamler’s property was very huge, that huge manor was envied by all persons of Favargo.

[Senior, how will we be able to move so many things?]

Those few attendants thought that Aiwa was only planning to take a few valuable objects but only after listening to him did they understand that the number was going to cross hundreds.

[There’s no need to move them then. Directly make Hamler’s household move out.]

The handler also thought to simplify the process.

On that day, Hamler, the pest of Favargo, was expelled from his residence, but those household members with a good moral conduct were allotted a few rooms to stay in the mansion and those who bullied the citizens like Hamler were all driven away.

Hamler had altogether 10 wives. All of them were snatched over forcefully by him. Those women who wished to stay behind at the manor were made into maids and the those unwilling to do so, returned back home.

Two among them were married women, they returned back to their original home and the rest of the women were already used to the life inside the manor. Moreover, since Hamler had been driven away and Aiwa had become the master of this place, those who stayed behind also became his maids.

Since then, Aiwa rarely went out for work and rather lazed around comfortably inside the manor. Beira and Dolly, his two wives also didn’t have any presentable residences and thus moved in together. His sister-in-law Sili also moved into a room inside this huge mansion. If there was any important matter, he made the chamberlain deliver the orders he had written to the authorities.

That deceitful city tyrant and women snatcher, Hamler, had become completely penniless, and ended up becoming a wanderer. From then on, no one dared to run amok in Favargo.

On one sunny afternoon, Aiwa sat in the courtyard admiring the beautiful maids and their bustling silhouettes. He felt very satisfied, especially at the one named Samorn. Not only did she have a well developed figure, but also looked delicate and pretty. Her amorous eyes appeared gentle and soft as she walked around in the courtyard, making Aiwa’s eyes follow her.

[What are you called?]

Aiwa couldn’t help but call out to her as she passed by him.

The woman stopped her footsteps and courteously replied to Aiwa: [I’m called Samorn, Milord.]

[Samorn? It’s a pleasant name to hear!]

Aiwa sized up the woman’s figure in front of him, [Why were you unwilling to return back home? Do you not miss your family?]

Aiwa knew what women liked the most was pleasure but also at the same time their longing for family.

[My previous husband was a drunkard, he would often hit persons after getting drunk …]

Samorn spoke until here but stopped to speak further, the pain of the past events had hurt her too deeply.

[Do you wish to be in charge of my daily life? For example, attending to my bathing?]

Aiwa’s gaze never left Samorn’s bosom. Her two breasts resembled two large mounds.

[Samorn is Milord’s maid, I’ll listen to Milord’s wishes.]

[Set aside the work you have and quickly go wash your hands. Come and massage me after you return back.]

Upon saying  this, Aiwa shut his eyes and leisurely laid on the spacious couch.

Samorn washed her hands and came over, with her entire being seemingly fresh and clean. Her body emitted a fragrance specific to women.

Looking at Aiwa lying there with his eyes closed, Samorn extended her hands to massage Aiwa’s thick and broad shoulders.

Samorn’s hand massage made Aiwa very comfortable, wherever her fingers passed by, it made him feel a sense of relaxation all the way to his bones.

[Massage my legs with your fists.]

Aiwa said.

Samorn came to the front and crouched in front of Aiwa. She massaged Aiwa’s thighs with her fists. It merely made Aiwa’s fatigue disappear but also made his libido rise gradually.

Especially, at the time those slender fingers kneaded his thighs, he had unexpectedly started to become erect under the trousers, propping up a tent.

[Oh … Samorn, your massaging skill is really good. A little bit above, right, just there, aahhhh! Really comfortable!]

Aiwa stopped her right when her fingers had brushed his groin. Samorn couldn’t help but blush upon doing so. Her slender fingers could feel that the large meat stick’s length exceeded that of on ordinary man by a large margin.

[Samorn, don’t let your skirt touch the ground.]

Aiwa opened his eyes, shooting a glance downwards.

Samorn had no choice but to pull up the skirt until her knees. If only Aiwa looked at the place between her legs, it was possible for him to see her obscene underpants.

[It’s quite windy outside, let’s go inside!]

Aiwa made Samorn stop and stood up from the couch.

Two maids carried the couch inside the hall and then retreated back. Except another maid, only Aiwa and Samorn were left inside the hall.

[Can you strip your clothes? I want to see your beautiful figure.]

Aiwa lied down on the couch. The tent between his legs had become bigger than ever.

Samorn removed her skirt as well as her obscene underpants. Aiwa started to pant at the time her alluring naked body appeared into his vision.

She hadn’t given birth to a child. Her figure was brimming with endless allure.

[Your figure is really beautiful! Looking at your alluring figure, my body couldn’t help but warm up. Samorn, help me remove my clothes!]

Aiwa stood up so that Samorn could take off his clothes.

At the time she took off Aiwa’s trousers, that hidden dragon sprung out, scaring Samorn.

Although Samorn had experienced two men before, she was amazed by Aiwa’s yang root.

Women yearned for a majestic man. At the time her fingers came across Aiwa’s jade pillar, they couldn’t help but stop over for a moment. Aiwa lied down again but Samorn avariciously watched the meat stick between Aiwa’s legs.

Tonight, she was going to give her body over to this robust youngster.

Samorn crouched in front of Aiwa, placing her arms on top his legs. Her tender bamboo shoot like fingers pinched his thighs as she brazenly gazed at Aiwa face to face. Samorn could make out his burning desire from the expression inside his eyes. Thereupon, her fingers gradually made their way towards his thick meat stick.

Her hands surrounded his thick rod. Her plump breasts trembled along with her movements. Aiwa couldn’t help but extended his hand to pinch her lovely breast.

[Oh … Milord …]

Samorn pulled her body back with shyness. Only, she desired to be toyed by Aiwa’s hands. A mere pinch had made her limp all over.

Her breasts were very soft and flexible. Aiwa deliberately moved upwards, making his meat stick touch her plump breasts.

Samorn knew Aiwa’s intentions and thus brought her upper body down, clamping Aiwa’s hungry huge meat stick between her breasts.

She placed her hands on top of Aiwa’s thighs and used her breasts to massage Aiwa’s cock.

She moved her body slowly, making trips at Aiwa’s crotch as her beautiful eyes peered into Aiwa’s face.

Aiwa’s meat stick roamed at her deep cleavage like a snake. The phallus became bigger under the provocations of that enticing body.

At the time Samorn moved her breasts, her buttocked also followed after it.

Aiwa could sense the fiery lust within her eyes. Her nether regions had already become wet.

Aiwa’s thick manroot reached until her sharp chin and Samorn deliberately used her sexy chin to tease Aiwa’s sex missile. That lewd appearance excited Aiwa even more. He gazed towards her pretty and alluring face.

Samorn slowly slid her body down, letting that scalding rod touch her face. She looked towards Aiwa with an enchanting gaze and at the same time extended her tongue out to lick that trouser snake.

[Wu …]

Aiwa released a low moan. Samorn became even more brazen, she used her fragrant tongue to lick his glossy glans.

Looking at Aiwa’s intoxicated expression, Samorn gripped his thick meat stick softly with her fingers: [Milord, your … this one … is really big!]

Samorn used a similar infatuated way to hold his manhood, rubbing that bright head against her lips.

[Can your mouth handle something that big?]

Aiwa said while looking at Samorn’s sexy lips.

[Why not Milord give it a try?]

Simorn’s misty eyes excited Aiwa.

[I like your enthusiasm!]

Aiwa said.

Samorn opened up her mouth, enveloping the head inside her, allowing it to softly slide in and out.

Her lips made Aiwa quite comfortable. At the same time, he could feel her creamy tongue making trips around his head.

Slowly, she lowered her head down, taking Aiwa’s thick meat stick deep inside her mouth. At the time that head had jabbed deep inside her throat, Aiwa almost felt as if he was piercing her uterus.

She quickly released the meat stick out and then slid it in and out of her oral cavity.

Her mouth’s fragrant saliva acted as the lubricant, giving a higher amount of pleasure than and slippery than her pussy.

Aiwa looked towards the place their bodies were joined, looking at her deep cleavage, down to her lower lips. That woman crouched at there, separating her two legs, revealing the nectar cave at that hidden place down under. The scene was captivating.

It was evident that she had become excited down there, as she started to wet herself.

Her hands held Aiwa’s thick meat stick as she turned her body, changing her posture from time to time, letting Aiwa enjoy the course of event and also appreciate the beauty of her elegant body.

The blood running through Aiwa’s second head was causing veins to pop outwards, like that of earthworms crawling on top of it. Her slender fingers gave a rejuvenating feel when they climbed onto his meat stick.

The maid at the side didn’t dare to leave and also didn’t want to either. Her attention from the beginning to end was focused at Aiwa’s and Samorn’s body. At the time Samorn was giving oral sex, she felt her lower body go wet, and also started to feel very skittish.

After Samorn sucking Aiwa’s meat stick for a while, she slowly released it outwards and then proceeded to suck on the two testicles. This was also a place which could give pleasure to a man. Her deft tongue moved to and fro on top of the scrotum, licking it, making Aiwa feel a splendid limp feeling all over his body.

[Wu … …]

Aiwa closed his eyes, arching his body backwards, making his penis and balls come out in the open so that it would be easier for Samorn to lick him.

At the time she was sucking the testicles, that scalding meat stick kept flinging across her charming face.

Aiwa slowly opened his eyes to look towards the maid peeping at them. That maid was already infected by the amorous ripples, causing her face to blush. Realizing that Aiwa was looking at her, she shyly avoided his gaze, but her body stood motionless, just like a fixed nail.

Samorn had the skill to serve a man. Although she had already made Aiwa intoxicated, she didn’t slack with the licking. While licking the testicles, her hands stroked the meat stick, preventing Aiwa from turning soft.

Taking a look at the liquids flowing out of Samorn’s flesh hole, the maid made a guess that the amount of liquids dripping there almost amounted to a molten popsicle.

At last, Samorn stood up from between Aiwa’s legs. Her seductive sight blended into Aiwa’s gaze, showcasing the womanly desire of that enticing naked body.

She calmly lifted her leg, and placed in on top of Aiwa’s leg. After that, she did the same with the other leg, making her body pin Aiwa’s body down. That flesh hole was just a hair’s breadth away from Aiwa’s eager meat stick!

She didn’t bow down to take a look but rather looked at Aiwa’s eyes. Reaching out her hand towards the crotch, she gripped Aiwa’s thick meat stick, delivering it to the place between her legs. That thick glans slowly made its way inside her wet flesh hole.

She slowly dropped her body, taking that hyperemic meat stick in little by little within her flexible lower lips!

[Oh …]

She closed her seductive eyes, using her hands to comfort her snowy bosom, massaging her two plump breasts. She couldn’t help but moan from the pleasure of that meat stick rubbing against her vaginal walls.

The vaginal walls clamped around Aiwa’s thick meat stick, but this didn’t hinder it from penetrating deep inside her.

She continued to drop down until that meat stick reached her womb, making the head of Aiwa’s snake pound it constantly

Aiwa extended his arms to embrace her slender waist, bringing her perky bosom near his face. Aiwa opened his mouth to suck in half of her breast inside!

[Oh …]

Samorn moaned as her body began to rise and fall, making that thick and erect meat stick make strong jabs at her flesh hole.

The pleasure kept on increasing. Aiwa used his mouth to suck on her breasts alternatively. Samorn also accelerated her rhythm, making that meat spear jab at her uterus fiercely.

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