Dragon Blood Warrior – Volume 5 Chapter 1

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Warning: Novel contains adult content.

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Volume 5 Chapter 1: Clever Trap


Aiwa suddenly heard the sounds of battle from the party’s resting place. He then proceeded to rush forth towards the scene, only to discover six Tanzya experts, including Beira, Lumen and Sili in it, were already participating in the fight. However, two of those fencers had already collapsed in a blink of an eye.

Aiwa was not worried about those male fencers but rather concerned about his women, especially his wives, Beira and Dolly. If they died in front of his eyes after marrying just recently, wouldn’t it tarnish his reputation?

As those four black clothed fencers attacked Beira all at once, Aiwa anxiously operated his dou qi to employ a barrier to shield Beira’s body.

It will be quite difficult for the enemy to hurt her in the short term, as long as his dou qi barrier doesn’t break.

Taking a glance at the sword movements of those four men, they seem to be those four fencing experts from the defeated Wolf Army! And so, it seems that they had came for him.

If it wasn’t for him worrying about the girls, he had no other reason to be afraid of these four men. However, even Aiwa couldn’t be their opponent if he was distracted. Their swordplay was very sharp, and threatening. Not to mention, the top grade long swords they wielded added on to the difficulty.   

Aiwa’s emergence did not go unnoticed by those four black clothed fencers. At this moment, Beira was being protected by four Tanzya fencers as well as some maids. Moreover, with Aiwa’s dou qi barrier protecting her, those four Wolf Kingdom fencers were unable to hurt Beira.

Upon his arrival, all eyes were on Aiwa.

At this time, Rosa also gained haste. As although these maids did knew some martial arts, they were nothing but amateurs in comparison to those Wolf Kingdom fencers.

[Rosa, Sili, continue moving forwards while protecting the Princess and Miss. Dolly. I’ll catch up after handling them.]

Aiwa couldn’t distribute his energy to protect his two wives at the same time. Thus, if only those four men focused on himself, the Princess and Dolly will be safe.

[It’s him!]

One of the Wolf Kingdom’s fencers said fervently, looking at Aiwa as if he was some kind of treasure, [We’ll become rich if we can capture him!]

Those four Wolf Kingdom fencers came over towards Aiwa, thrusting those shining swords towards him.

At that moment, Aiwa was wielding the sword his newlywed wife Wuya had given him before leaving Tanzya. Naturally, it was the most famous sword within the Tanzya Tribe. Meant as a keepsake, it was Wuya’s wish for Aiwa to look at that sword, as if he was gazing at her.

Aiwa had already sense how formidable this sword was from the battle with the enemy last time.

He had not truly fought with these four experts last time as they were unable to display their sword technique’s prowess amidst the clash of the ten thousand men army. However, it was completely different now as they had already surround Aiwa, making it impossible for him to escape!

[Aiwa, I refuse to leave, I’m going to fight along with you!]

Beira said bravely.

Although she was very young, she was nevertheless the Princess of Tanzya, and possessed the most courageous spirit of the Tanzyanians.

[It seems that this brat’s luck with women is not shallow, even making the Little Princess of Tanzya hell-bent on him! However, your life will end today! Haha, Princess Beira, you best choose one among us four to be your man if you don’t want to be a widow!]

One of the Wolf Kingdom’s fencers laughed impudently.

It seemed to them that Aiwa had taken advantage of the circumstances in the previous battle, taking the help of those incompetent Wolf Soldiers among the confusion. His luck would not be that good today.

Aiwa was infuriated when he heard the counterpart’s rampant laughing. To even dare to have any plans on his women, their death was set!

Aiwa operated his dou qi secretly, gathering it on his hand. The long sword within the sheath he held in his head jumped out automatically, leaping towards his other hand.

Those four experts could not help but get startled upon his movement, but after looking at Aiwa’s young age and with this four-to-one advantage, they felt confident.

[Brat, perhaps we will leave your intact corpse if you surrender obediently. However, if you remain obstinate, our swords will cut you into pieces!]

At this time, Aiwa suddenly placed the sword in his hand at his neck, solemnly looking at Beira and Dolly as he roared, [If you don’t go, I can only take my own life!]

It seemed as if flames were shooting out of Aiwa’s eyes, thus giving him quite an intimidating appearance. Beira and Dolly didn’t dare to speak anymore, and so they followed Sili’s lead under the protection of the remaining four Tanzya fencers and escaped towards Favargo.

The four Wolf Kingdom fencers had originally come for Aiwa and they did not dare guarantee that they could deal with him if they split their strength. Therefore, they could only watch as Beira and Dolly made their escape.

[Brat, you’re very passionate. However, let me tell you, we’ll overtake them after dealing with you.]

[You want to kill me? Come then!]

After saying his piece, Aiwa proceeded to grip his sword which proceeded to tremble and then dash its way towards the fencer’s throat.

The opponent was indeed an expert. He immediately received Aiwa’s sword with his sword’s blade. However, he could also feel the tremendous strength coming from Aiwa’s arm.

Looking at Aiwa make his move, the four fencers weaved a sword net, planning to envelop Aiwa within it

If it were not for the improvement of his energy after eating the snake gall, thus resulting in an increase in his reaction speed, he would have already been pierced into the shape of a honeycomb.

Although he didn’t have the ability to kill these four fencing experts immediately, he still had the self-protection of his dou qi. Thus, the opponent was unable to do anything to him.

He gave them false bravado that they are ensured victory, but they were unable to capture him. This was all to give enough time for both Beira and Dolly to escape to Favargo.

The energy within Aiwa’s body roused along with his anger but the physical strength of the Wolf Kingdom’s fencers kept on declining. Simultaneously, their attack as well as their defensive movements also became sluggish.

Using energy all at once is not a good thing. Many people believe flashy and extraordinary moves to be the most important but Aiwa had a completely different opinion at this moment.

The opponents strength gradually declined while Aiwa’s strength gradually increased making his sword movements more and more quicker.

Compared to them, Aiwa’s sword movements were faster only by a small margin, but Aiwa had the upper hand due to the fact that they couldn’t attack him because of his dou qi.

However, soon he felt as if he was merely toying with a group of children. He brandished his sword in a neither too fast nor too slow manner, merely leaning his body to the side in order to avoid the opponent’s attacks.

Aiwa didn’t plan to kill them immediately as that would be letting them off very easily.

He intended to display his sword-play in front of his women and hence pretended to retreat step-by-step as the battle proceeded,

Every single time, those four fencers felt as if they were on the verge of succeeding but it always seemed that they miss the right moment. As this kept on occurring, they didn’t want to give up and therefore chased after Aiwa.

After running for around a li under the fencer’s chase, Aiwa finally saw his women being escorted by the Tanzya fencers.

[I’m back!]

Aiwa shouted loudly.

Beira immediately turned back to see Aiwa escaping under the pursuit of the four fencers, it seemed to her as if he was in a desperate situation. She was just about to turn around to help Aiwa but she suddenly saw a huge net drop from the sky, trapping those Wolf Kingdom fencers within it.

Even Aiwa who had turned around to fight back was startled with this development.

At the same moment those fencers were caught in the net, Favargo’s soldiers scuttled out from both sides of the road.

[Senior Aiwa, we finally meet each other again!]

A young man wearing the adornment of a Captain yelled towards Aiwa from within the troops.

After taking a careful look, these men were indeed soldiers of Favargo and moreover, that young man seemed to look very familiar.

Looking at Aiwa’s expression, that young captain named himself immediately saying, [I am the Captain of the 23rd platoon, Mozart!]

At this moment, the Wolf Kingdom fencers inside the net thought to cut the net open and escape but one of the Favargo soldiers advanced forward and smash a wooden pole on top of one of the fencer’s head. After their fellow fencer collapsed, this frightened the rest into stopping their struggles. The man who was hit was the same guy who had intentions on Aiwa’s women.

Aiwa slashed his sword but that guy also had a quick reaction speed and thus leaned his head to the side. The outcome was that the sword had cut his ear, making him scream.

[You..Why are you here?]

Aiwa asked.

[Ever since Senior had implemented the traps here, we kept guard at here everyday. It was our platoon’s turn today and we unexpectedly ran into Senior.]

Mozart felt honored for being able to save the supreme commander of Favargo by chance.

It would also increase the chance of promotion for those posted at this place.

[Very good, I shall reward you for your loyalty to your duty!]

Aiwa stated as he patted Mozart’s shoulders.

Mozart showed a straightforward smile, asking, [Senior Officer, how shall we handle these four dogs?]

[First, capture them and bring them to Favargo!]

Aiwa waved his hand. He absolutely didn’t expect that the traps he had implemented a month ago would be useful at this moment.

[Aiwa, they are all your men?]

Beira couldn’t believe it.

[Haha, is there still a need to ask?]

Aiwa said proudly. He had set these traps up for dealing with Tanzyanians but he really didn’t expect that the harvest would end up like this.

[Then why did you let yourself be captured by Older Sister Wuya?]

Looking at Aiwa’s pleased expression, Beira thought of bringing him down.

[Wuya is very cunning, perhaps she didn’t walk through these paths and rather avoided my troops.]

Aiwa scratched his head to cover up his shyness. After all, he was captured by a girl which looked so fragile.

Mozart ordered the troops under him to tie those four Wolf Kingdom fencers and then lead them to Favargo like livestock.

Previously, Aiwa had trained the soldiers to strengthen the frontier defense and thus Favargo was tranquil for a period of time. However, after Aiwa went missing, all the people in Favargo became anxious.

After seeing that Aiwa had returned to Favargo safely and moreover bringing back the Princess of Tanzya, the entire Favargo City was in a state of jubilation.

Mozart followed behind Aiwa, feeling very honored. Because it was he who had captured the four fencers chasing Aiwa.

For his loyalty and also saving Aiwa, he was promoted to a Hundred Man Commander and also became the Captain of Aiwa’s personal bodyguards.

Aiwa always gave importance to this kind of valuable men. Because, even after he had left Favargo for such a long time, Mozart still earnestly fulfilled his duty and also took quick action, thus capturing those Wolf Kingdom fencers. It showed that he hadn’t slacked with his military training even a little. With such a officer leading a team, Aiwa didn’t have to worry much about his personal power!  

However, Mozart felt that another man also ought to receive a reward and thereupon stated, [Senior, at the time when you were not present, the Senior Army General implemented the military defense plans you had formulated. Shouldn’t Senior Army General also ought to receive a reward?]

[Is he your relative?]

Aiwa asked Mozart.

[Absolutely not. If it were not for Senior Army General to implement your orders so strictly, it would have been impossible for us to perform so well!]

Mozart explained.

[Haha, shouldn’t I ought to increase your rank again?]

Aiwa laughed. He had an even more good opinion about this subordinate now. [All right. I’ll listen to you. Since Senior Army General had implemented the military defense plans I formulated so well, I’ll give all the military power to his hand. Also, I’ll give 100 troops to you again, train all of them to form an elite squad like yours!]

After handing the military control over to Senior Army General, he stayed idle at Favargo. Especially, since the Tanzya tribe which used to disturb Favargo was now in a friendly relations with the Hass Empire, it was useless to implement military drills at this land.

The Wolf Kingdom which had a great hatred towards Aiwa also couldn’t do anything to him since they were separated by a large distance.

[Senior, what should we do with those four Wolf Kingdom fencers?]

Mozart asked.

[We absolutely cannot let them return back! Cut their hand and foot tendons and then make them do forced labor inside the city!]

At this time, Aiwa was amusing himself with his two wives as he took a stroll throughout the city.

What method had Aiwa used to make the Tanzya tribe not disturb Favargo anymore? This question was a complete riddle in the eyes of the Favargo residents. Because of this, Aiwa’s fame at Favargo had become even more illustrious, making everyone revere this young Senior Officer.

Today, Aiwa was taking a stroll alone. Walking through the street, he saw a young beautiful woman accompanied by a maid and thought of having a chat with her but he then saw a man beaming with smiles following behind her. From his appearance, that man seemed to be from a prestigious household.

However, that woman was not at all interested in that young master following behind her and merely made light steps in order to avoid this playboy.

[Miss Meliana, don’t go. Why don’t you chat with me for a while?]

That man could make out that the woman was planning to escape and thus ran to the front.

[Milady has no business with you!]

The maid behind the young lady stated angrily.

But that shameless man ran in front of the beautiful woman to block the way.

[What do you want?]

The beautiful woman stood there angrily, she was clearly helpless regarding this young master blocking her way. As the proverb says ‘If you’re not afraid of a poor man, then you should be afraid of a bad man’. She was completely powerless in front of this shameless rascal.

[Miss Meliana, you have the countenance of a flower, face like the moon and I am so elegant and outstanding. You say, what is it that we both can do together? It’s best if you obediently come to my home with me, or else, don’t blame this young master for being rude!] That man said in a scoundrel way.

Aiwa knew that this was just an everyday scene and even if he save this beauty at this time, it would not necessarily bring any benefit to him, therefore, he might as well enjoy watching this bustling scene.

[Hamler, if you keep making trouble like this, I’ll report you to Senior Aiwa.]

The eyes of the girl called Meliana opened wide, she was already lost her patience.

[Miss Meliana, you mustn’t use that bullshit Aiwa to scare me, okay? Hearing his name itself makes me nauseous! Isn’t Aiwa that fool who was captured by the Tanzanians? Haha, perhaps you don’t know but Aiwa had already transferred the control of the army over to Senior Army General! Hehe, you know who the Senior Army General is?]

The man called Hamler patted his chest proudly, as if that Senior Army General was his own father.

[Who is he to you? Don’t tell me he’s your father?]

The personal maid beside Meliana glanced at him fiercely. The legends about Aiwa which she had heard in street markets were in no less quantity. [Milady, don’t listen to nonsense, Senior Aiwa isn’t like how he says, he’s like a hidden tiger! If it were not for him, how can Favargo be like this today? If we go to him, he’ll surely bring justice for us.]

[Let me tell you, the person who has the final say is the one with the military power. Nowadays, Aiwa can be regarded as fart at Favargo. Even if you report to him, this young master won’t even take my time to look at him, understood?]

Hamler said loftily.

If Aiwa had heard words like these a month ago, he would have already given him a slap and moreover stuff dog poo inside his mouth. But he had another idea now.

From his previous words, Aiwa could conclude that Hamler didn’t know Aiwa at all and thereupon walked forwards while pretending to admire him, [May I ask your distinguished self about what relation that Senior Army General has to you? Really awesome, unexpectedly even not giving importance to the Supreme Commander at here, you must surely have some relation to Senior Army General?]

Hamler raised his brows to take a look. Aiwa had worn ordinary clothes and didn’t seem to be special traits and moreover after seeing the flattering expression on his face, he joyfully stated, [I have no need of saying this to you but I can tell you one thing, no matter who reports me to Aiwa, he wouldn’t dare to punish my sins!]

Hamler’s pride could be felt in his words.

[It may not turn out like that, you know.]

Aiwa laughed while take a glance at Meliana’s face. This woman had pretty good looks.  She had a delicate, slim figure; those huge peaks on her bosom were especially fascinating. She was precisely a budding youth in her prime.

What Aiwa couldn’t understand was that looking at this woman’s adornments, she seemed to be born in a rich family but why was she so afraid of this rascal Hamler? Could it be that this Hamler really has some kind of relation with Army General?

[Do you dare bet with me?]

Aiwa asked while looking towards the arrogant Hamler.

[What kind of bet?]

Hamler responded as he looked at Aiwa with disdain. At Favargo City, there was no one who dared to speak to him like this; those who knew of his family background wouldn’t dare to use doubt him

[If Miss Meliana reports you to Senior Army General and he declares you to be guilty, what will you give up?]

Hamler sized up Aiwa once, feeling nothing out of the ordinary from him. He thought, ‘This pig, since he didn’t know who I, Hamler am, he must definitely be an outsider.”

He laughed while saying, [If the Senior Army General declares me to be guilty, then I’ll give up all the assets of my family to you. However, if the Senior Army General doesn’t do so, then you also have to pay a price. You know what’s the price of loathing me is?] Hamler looked at Aiwa with a hateful gaze.

[Say what it is!]

Aiwa said calmly.

[Hehe, I know you haven’t any money on you so you can only become my lifetime slave. Hahaha!]

Hamler laughed fiercely. He immediately pulled a passer-by to be the witness. That man was scared after looking at Hamler that he didn’t dare speak.

Hamler only thought of showing off. If he didn’t overdo it, Meliana was improbable to report to the Senior Army General but it was impossible for Meliana to obediently follow him by only relying on his glib-talking.

Hamler walked in front of Meliana and grabbed her wrist to drag her away.

Aiwa stepped forwards to stop him but Hamler had sent a punch over. Aiwa quickly responded by sending a fist towards Hamler’s face. Although Aiwa’s punch looked as if it was sent lightly, it was actually very vicious. Two of Hamler’s incisors fell to the ground as blood flowed down from his mouth like he had eaten raw meat.

[Aaahh! My teeth! My teeth!]

Hamler closed his mouth as he tried to find his incisors on the ground with the help of his attendants.

[Good! You dare hit me? Surround him and beat him up!]

Hamler bellowed while pointing towards Aiwa.

Those servants threw themselves towards Aiwa. However, he simply waved his hand and all those who surrounding him felt a slap on their faces. Beaten badly, they became confused and disoriented.

Although it seemed as if Aiwa didn’t use much strength, that attack contained the strength equivalent to the weight of 30,000 catties. How could a few slaves of Hamler be able to receive it?

[Milady, run for it!]

Aiwa pulled Meliana and ran.

He didn’t want the soldiers to see him or else his plan to punish this rascal would fail.

[Mister, my home is that way!]

Aiwa ran towards his official residence while pulling Meliana, he had unexpectedly forgot to ask where Meliana’s home was.

[Okay, let me escort you back home.]

Aiwa followed her until she returned back home.

After reaching the entrance of Meliana’s home, he discovered that she really was from a rich family. One look at the entrance courtyard was enough to determine that her family ought to be one of the richest families at Favargo.

Looking at her daughter return home with a man haphazardly, a graceful madam hastily came out.

[Meliana, what happened to you?]

That young and pretty woman seemed to be in her 20’s.

[Milady, that Hamler behaved very atrociously with the young miss at the street today. She was saved thanks to this mister here]

The personal maid said.

[This gentleman, many thanks]

The madam replied as she hastily examined Meliana for any injuries.

[Mother, I’m alright.]

Meliana glanced towards Aiwa gratefully. Aiwa’s helpful punch as well as that magical slap gave her the delusion of this youngster being a hero who bared his sword against injustice.

[I see that you are also a great family, why are you afraid of Hamler this much?]

Aiwa wanted to know the entire story.

[Did you come from the outside? You don’t know how tyrannical the member’s of Hamler’s family are! They use the their relation with the Senior Army General to frequently fight over women inside the city; many girls have already been defiled by that playboy. Although our family has some assets, how could we compare to them? We can’t afford to offend them and can only hide. Meliana, you mustn’t go out to street to toy after this lest you meet that ruffian again!]

[No! Mother, I’m going to report him or else he will act more rampant!]

After receiving Aiwa’s protection, her courage had increased by a lot.

That young madam was Meliana’s stepmother. At the age of 10, Meliana had lost her birth mother to an illness. Her father had married this woman called Suellen at that time. Fortunately, Suellen was very compassionate and raised Meliana from her childhood until now.

Although Meliana’s father could be considered to be a rich merchant at Favargo City, he was unable to contend against this evil tyrant Hamler who had the support of a local authority. And so, although he knew Hamler harassed his daughter frequently, he didn’t dare show anger or report it. Since even the father acted like this, how could Suellen dare speak anything.

[Meliana, let it be. We shouldn’t be involving others in our family’s struggles. This gentleman seems to be a knight-errant but can he accompany you daily? Moreover, who in Favargo City can dare fight that rascal?]

Suellen understood that even though this knight-errant saved Meliana once, it was impossible for him to protect her all the time.

After seeing that the fear of Hamler had already seeped into this family’s bones, he also didn’t want to worry them anymore and hence hurriedly took his leave.

Not long after Aiwa had left Meliana’s home, Hamler came over with a large group of men behind him.

Not even asking for the owner’s permission, Hamler barged inside Meliana’s home to look for Aiwa.

[Why are you barging inside someone’s home? This is my home!]

Meliana was already frustrated due to this ruffian and didn’t want to show weakness again but it was of no avail.

[You’re hiding an evil person. He dare break my teeth, Humph! I’ll not let him off and you too!]

Hamler said fiercely.

[Young master Hamler, I ask for forgiveness if my daughter has committed any offense! I ask Young master Hamler to tell if you want us to pay for the damages.]

Meliana’s father was scared due to Hamler’s aggressive appearance and thus hurriedly came out to apologize.

[I want you to hand over that evil person right now! If not, I’ll smash up your home!]

Although Hamler spoke drivel most of the time, Old Tuer knew this ruffian would definitely do what he says.

[Young master, we couldn’t find him!]

An attendant returned back to inform him.

[Smash all of the things in this courtyard!]

Hamler laughed evilly while looking at Old Tuer.

Those group of ruffians immediately took a pole and turned the courtyard upside down. Old Tuer thought of stopping them but he was thrown to the ground.

[Okay, it’s enough for now. We have plenty of time, let’s come back again tomorrow. Old fart, remember, if you don’t hand over that meddlesome guy over to me tomorrow, there will be only two paths left for you. Either your home will be smashed up or your daughter will obediently follow me back!]

Hamler laughed lasciviously while pointing at Old Tuer.

Old Tuer crawled up from the ground with great difficulty, staring blankly at this evil man.

[Father, I’m going to report him! He bullies intolerably!]

Meliana was fuming with anger. Hamler didn’t bully just her in this city and if this ruffian was punished, Favargo was sure to attain a little peace.

She had to bet on her luck and stake it all against this ruffian!

[Suren, let’s go to find Senior Aiwa, I don’t believe he’ll let that evil person off!]

Thereupon, Meliana staunchly went out the entrance, walking towards Aiwa’s official residence.

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