Dragon Blood Warrior – Volume 4 Chapter 8

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Volume 4 Chapter 8: From An Enemy To A Honored Guest


Aiwa laid down on the bed comfortably with his legs crossed. His groin had unexpectedly started to become hard again due to the maid’s washing just now. Rising upwards, it still had a few water drops on top of it. Aiwa didn’t let that maid use the towel to dry him but instead wanted her to use her breasts.

The maid stripped her clothes helplessly, exposing her upper body. She used her tepid breasts to serve Aiwa.

She wasn’t that old so her breasts were still undeveloped but already visible. When she walked towards Aiwa, those smallish breasts didn’t even tremble a bit, exuding a very innocent aura.

After Aiwa saw those two small buns on her snow-white bosom, he became more excited. When he raised his head to look at that maid’s bosom, the other maid hurriedly placed a pillow under his head.

That nude maid shyly walked until near him, squatting down, she placed her hands on top of Aiwa’s thighs as she pressed her breasts towards that rock-hard penis. She wiggled her body quite sensibly, rubbing her breasts against Aiwa’s rod, until they were flattened.

That maid’s breasts started to get wet, but Aiwa’s erect member still wasn’t dry. His pubic region was still damp.

[Use your face!]

Aiwa commanded as he closed his eyes and silently enjoyed the situation.

The maid followed the order. She squatted down and rubbed her face against Aiwa’s penis.She was doing this half-heartedly.  Aiwa’s thick meat stick was emitting a lot of heat, the warm sensation at her face made her quite comfortable. She couldn’t help but use her hand to stroke his rough meat stick.

[Still hasn’t dried?]

Aiwa asked.

[It will be over soon, General..]

The maid replied quickly. Actually, it was already almost done but she didn’t wish for the remaining droplets to be rid so quickly. She could enjoy this moment longer that way.

[You can stop, let her come.]

Although Aiwa was speaking with his eyes closed, the maid at the side knew he was telling her. She was looking from the side just now and now that her turn had come up, she felt a little excited as well as shy. However, she quickly stripped her clothes, removing the obscene clothes covering her genitalia, exposing the dense pubic hair at there.

Her bosom seemed to be quite huge concealed under her clothes and now that she had stripped naked, the maid’s round and bulging ample breasts could be made out clearly. Although Aiwa wasn’t particularly interested in big-breasted women, the breasts of the girl before his eyes really excited him.

This girl didn’t use her breasts touch Aiwa’s manhood but rather kissed it first. That scalding meat stick made her feel intoxicated, making her rub her jade-like neck against Aiwa’s meat stick. She moved her head quite flexibly, letting that meat stick receive care in every possible way.

[Aaahhh — — Really comfortable — —]

Aiwa reached out with his hands and pulled the maid upwards, bringing her breast until his face. He opened his mouth slowly and swallowed her breast inside.

[Oh — —]

The maid tensed up as she felt a limp sensation all over her body. This was the signs from a girl having her first experience!

Aiwa enjoyed that maid’s breast while also enjoying the the other maid’s breast massage. The water on top of phallus had dried long ago but Aiwa didn’t say anything to the maids, a mutual understanding had formed between the two sides.

What made Aiwa refreshed was that the maid below used her huge breasts to clamp Aiwa’s rod. She used her breasts to stroke it quite diligently, bowing her head down to see the glossy head coming in and out between her breasts. Were it not for her fear of receiving Aiwa’s rebuke, she really wanted to kiss the tip like Wuya did.

[Enough, I want to rest.]

Aiwa released the breast of the maid. She obediently got up from on top his body. She really wanted him to keep on kissing her but since the master had already spoken of resting, she had to do so; a maid couldn’t dare to be willful.

The maid below also stood up reluctantly. Her hands still quite excitedly and brazenly stroked Aiwa’s meat stick before standing up completely but she noticed a peculiarity in Aiwa’s sight which made him more charming.

Aiwa lied between the three brides as the two maids wore their clothes and retreated back until the tent’s entrance, sitting on top of their mats.

The tent only had a small oil lamp inside it. The faint yellow lighting filled the air with endless warmth.

-(Scene Break)-

Aiwa had stayed at the Tanzya Tribe for several days now and wanted to depart with his wives. The Queen hadn’t sent any other official to Favargo, so Aiwa still had to return to Favargo as it’s Magistrate.

[Aiwa, I have no other choice! If you take Wuya away, my army would weaken, you take a look —]

Kayseri didn’t speak out her request directly but she was also in a dilemma.

Aiwa also knew that he was taking away her daughter as well was her general, so he felt a bit apologetic.

[My wife, what’s to be done?]

Aiwa looked towards Wuya.

[I will listen to lord husband. I am already yours.]

Although Wuya had an unyielding attitude, she wanted to respect Aiwa’s choice regarding this matter.

[This kindness.. You will stay behind. I’ll be worried about Kayeri if you leave with me. I’ll feel relieved with you here.]

Aiwa felt quite reluctant to part with her as he caressed his lovely wife’s face.

Hot tears immediately poured out of her eyes. She didn’t have any other choice, although she didn’t have any expectation of leaving with him, but after Aiwa had spoken like that, she also didn’t have any reason to refuse.

[Wuya, feel relieved. I will let Aiwa visit you frequently. We are sisters, I will also miss you. My mother can also be worry-free with you here. If the Wolf Kingdom ever hears the news of your departure to Hass Empire, they will surely make a counter-attack. They will be relentless due to their last defeat.]

-(Scene Break)-

The route from Tanzya to Favargo was filled with numerous mountains.

It was precisely due to this natural protective screen that Favargo was able to defend the borders of Hass Empire. Moreover, after Aiwa specially trained a regiment of valiant troops, invaders felt even more afraid. Especially since Aiwa placed those traps in strategic places at those important mountain passes and the paths. This made it difficult for the Tanzyanians to avoid them.

Naturally, now that Aiwa had relied on his valiant power to conquer Tanzya’s Chief, Generalissimo, Tanzya was improbable to attack Favargo in the few upcoming years. Therefore, Aiwa sighed throughout the entire journey. At that time, he had been captured by Tanzya and now at the time of returning, he but obtained so many women including the Princess of Tanzya. Aiwa walked along with his wives while singing a song excitedly.

Dolly and Beira were both seated on palanquins carried by four persons alternatively on a shift.

[Aiwa, you’ve been walking for so long, aren’t you tired? Why don’t you rest inside my younger sister’s palanquin for a moment?]

Sili actually wasn’t that worried about Aiwa but rather wanted the relations between her younger sister and Aiwa to deepen during the journey back to Favargo. Her intention was that if one man and a woman were to do that matter inside a palanquin, it would definitely be more interesting and also help in capturing a man’s heart. She didn’t wish for her newly wed sister to lose in love, after all the counterpart was a Princess and moreover still like as tender and lovely as a drop of water. As for her younger sister, she was but naive and didn’t even know how to use her body to attract a man’s heart.


Hearing Sili outside speak to Aiwa of resting in the palanquin, Dolly also thought of letting her husband rest.

Dolly came down the palanquin and let Aiwa enter it.

[Dolly can also come and sit.]

Aiwa also wanted to sit together with his newlywed wife.

[Lord husband has such a strong body these porters wouldn’t be able to handle it, I will still walk a bit! I walked on the way here, how can I be afraid of this mountain road?]

Dolly was speaking the truth. She was a good and honest girl, since it wasn’t easy for these porters to carry the palanquin during the whole journey, she didn’t want them to suffer.

[If younger sister doesn’t want to sit, then this older sister will sit for some time. Older sister is tired a bit from walking, I will be able to recover my strength after resting inside for a while.]

Saying until here, Sili didn’t even wait for Dolly to agree before she raised her skirt a bit and entered the palanquin to sit beside Aiwa. After all, she was Aiwa’s sister-in-law, those porters also didn’t dare to speak anything. If Aiwa had no qualms about it, then no one had the right to interfere.

[Good, let my older sister sit in for a while.]

Dolly thought that she had enjoyed the journey in the palanquin during the journey while her older sister walked, she really couldn’t bear this.

Sili gave a vague smile towards Aiwa, the amorous ripples inside her eyes caused Aiwa’s heart to burst with joy. Love with the sister-in-law can’t be compared to the love with oneself’s wife. Especially, Sili used her eyes to throw a soul attracting glance towards him which cause his groin to stir again, and his lust to rise.

Dolly walked beside the palanquin on foot while Sili was covered by the curtain of the palanquin. She directly sat on top of Aiwa’s leg, she wasn’t anxious of Aiwa not liking her! She knew that if only she sent a coquettish glance towards Aiwa, his heart would be moved. She was quite aware of her own charm. At Hass Empire, not matter what kind of man a person  was, if only she looked at him, it was enough to break that man’s state of mind.

Aiwa also extended his hand and held her exquisite body from under her arms, gripping her breasts.

Sili’s breasts were definitely larger than Dolly’s and while sitting on top Aiwa’s leg, she also felt his third leg swell up and poke against her rear end.

Sili stretched her hands down her body to untie Aiwa’s clothes in a calm and unhurried manner.

She knew, if not Aiwa and her don’t order the porters to stop, they were improbable to stop. They both could do whatever they please on this palanquin and no one would dare to disturb them.

Sili grabbed his thick meat stick after undressing Aiwa. This meat stick had brought unbounded happiness to her once, and now, she wanted to experience that sensation inside this palanquin once more.

Aiwa’s hands kneaded Sili’s breasts, he didn’t need to act as Sili lifted her skirt until her waist herself and removed her obscene clothes, exposing her snow-white curves.

It was quite cold on this mountain and Sili’s butt was quite warm. Aiwa couldn’t help but release her breast and start kneading her white buttocks.

[En — — Brother-in-law, your hands are pretty awesome — —]

Sili gave a tiny lovely moan inside the palanquin. She moved her body slightly, allowing his manhood to be sheathed inside her. That meat stick slowly penetrated her depths until it started to poke her womb.

[Oh — —]

The palanquin shook a little along with the moan. Aiwa stretched his hands until her underbelly and kneaded her nether region lightly.

The reason she had praised the awesomeness of Aiwa’s hands just now was to to entice him to give her a massage.

Aiwa used one of his hand to caress her honey pot while his other hand climbed on her ample chest, gripping one of her breasts.

The mountain road was quite rugged, the palanquin moved up and down and it was not surprising that Sili sitting inside was also swaying along.

She sat on top of Aiwa while his thick rod moved in and out of her, bringing up immense pleasure. The sexual secretions dripped out of her vagina and drenched Aiwa’s legs.

Her first orgasm came quite quickly due to her receiving Aiwa’s thrusts and kneading. Her hands grabbed Aiwa’s thighs tightly as she got through the first orgasm.

However, she still didn’t want to come down the palanquin. She turned her body, winding her legs around Aiwa’s waist and as before letting the pulsating cock to enter inside her vagina again. Her naked body was already burning all over with passion, not letting her feel even a slight amount of coldness. She embraced Aiwa’s neck, rubbing her breasts against Aiwa’s chest as he kissed her.

Aiwa couldn’t help but to enjoy her breasts and thereupon making her arch her back. He proceeded to bite the breasts on top of her snow-white bosom alternatively.

There wasn’t any need for them to move at all as the palanquin’s shaking was enough to let them be merry.

Aiwa’s thick meat stick in this way quietly thrust inside her intimate folds which lengthened the amout of pleasure Sili received.

The porters had changed shifts several times already, yet Sili still hadn’t come down because she could already feel another orgasm coming soon. She hugged Aiwa’s neck tightly while taking the initiative to move.

Sili’s movements turned faster as the pleasure became more and more intense. She panted as her breasts shook while her genitalia contracted and expanded quite powerfully, like it was sucking Aiwa’s meat stick inside.

[Aaaahhhh — — Brother-in-law — — Fuck this older sister to confusion — —]

Her body trembled and at the same moment Aiwa’s warm semen also powerfully spurt deep inside her womb.

Sili’s body still trembled for a long time after Aiwa had finished shooting the semen.

[Aiwa, I want to sit in for a bit longer. I exhausted you just now and if you go down now, you’ll be unable to walk all the way!]

[Okay, I’ll go down after a while.]

[You should thank me. After my father heard that you’re going to marry the Princess of Tanzya, he cancelled the engagement between you and Dolly and furthermore wanted Dolly to marry Ryan. I prevented Father from doing so, and insisted in accompany Dolly to find you!]

[How do you want me to thank you?]

Aiwa hugged the naked belle in front of him.

[Marry me, let me accompany you forever.]

[Can’t you ask for something else?]

Aiwa wasn’t that insensible anymore, he wouldn’t let anyone manipulate him. He had already played a critical role for the Queen with the matter of Beira, marrying the Prime Minister’s daughter wouldn’t be an easy matter.

[I don’t want to be your wife.]

Sili naughtily looked towards Aiwa.

[Since you want to marry me, how can you not be my wife?]

Aiwa couldn’t understand this.

[Don’t the men at the East Empire where you went, marry concubines? I want to become your concubine. What do you say?]

[Hehe, not a wife but rather a concubine? I’m hearing something like this for the first time.]

Aiwa felt this sister-in-law of his was turning out to be more and more interesting.

[Although the identity of a wife looks honorable, it can’t compare with the love a man has for the concubine. If I wasn’t afraid of my father marrying me off to another man, I wouldn’t plan to marry at all. I want to only be your lover.]

Aiwa understood from her words that she had originally planned to play this kind of game and didn’t really want to become his wife.

This request was a bit easier for Aiwa to comply with. If only he sent a marriage notice to the Prime Minister’s Residence, he could marry this pretty and flowery wild natured woman back to his home. Moreover, there was no need to be extravagant, the matter could be finished with food and drinks with a few selected persons.

[I promise you. But I also have a condition. Although it’s becoming merely my concubine, I won’t allow you to have an affair with other men.]

Aiwa could already make out that Sili was an extremely vigorous woman, the situation of giving her body away due to her this blooming nature could happen.

[Lord husband, what kind of words are those? How could I have such thoughts with man like you with me? Feel relieved, If you find any disgraceful matter between me and another man, then you can hack my body into a thousand pieces! Moreover, you’re being overly sensitive. You also know that the children of nobility that enter our Prime Minister’s Residence are not at all less, which one of them have I looked upon? Still didn’t I lose my virginity at your hands and moreover accept your embrace at this moment.]

Aiwa also thought a bit. A man having a huge ware like him couldn’t be found at  not only the entire Hass Empire but it may be difficult to even find a man comparable to him in the entire continent on this aspect. How can a man satisfy a woman without a huge ware? Not to mention, Aiwa furthermore had the unequalled Yin Technique which no one else possessed.

After getting Aiwa’s promise, Silli satisfactorily went down the palanquin and let her Younger sister Dolly sit inside the palanquin.

Dolly was walking beside the palanquin all along and now again after seeing the satisfied expression on her older sister’s face, she could guess what her older sister had done with Aiwa inside as the blush on her face had still not disappeared.

After walking several li’s, Aiwa ordered the troops to stop. He felt sorry for those maids. Their age was still small and they had never received this kind of work while serving their masters at Tanzya.

Aiwa looked towards the maid who massaged him with her breasts. Her charming face was filled with fragrant perspiration, he simply walked past her while pulling her sleeve and walked towards the woods to the side.

The maid didn’t know what the matter was but since the master pulled her sleeve, there must be some matter. Therefore, she silently followed behind. Under the cover of the woods, the people on the road couldn’t see them. Aiwa suddenly turned back and kissed the maid.

That maid never expected that her master will kiss her. She silently received Aiwa’s kiss. His hands grabbed her ample bosom and kneaded them. She yearned for this feeling, the flavor of Aiwa’s tongue stirring the insides of her mouth excited her. She immediately responded by kissing Aiwa’s tongue with her deft fragrant tongue. Aiwa hugged her as their bodies slowly fell on the meadow below.

That meadow was very soft and also quite clean.

[You wish to serve me?]

Aiwa’s pressed his hand on top of the maid’s bosom, and asked while looking at her charming face.

[What does Master want Rosa to do?]

The maid asked. That pair of foxy charming eyes also brazenly looked towards Aiwa. She eyes were quite sexy, within the slave servants, her eyes were the most fierce. Moreover, her ample and erect mounds made Aiwa conclude that she was a sex-crazed woman.

Aiwa wished for such a sex-crazed woman to be within his slave servants, this would make his life more fun.

Aiwa speculated that if he did that matter with Rosa on top of this meadow today, she can’t say for sure may give birth to his child, at that time the child wouldn’t have a good social status, because the mother’s identity was after all a slave servant. Therefore he wanted to avoid any direct sex relationship between him and her. However, even if he didn’t touch her body, Rosa’s stature and that pair of sexy eyes could really make a man lose control.

[Can you use your — — breasts to massage me?]

Aiwa also understood that letting this maid do matters freely wouldn’t be light.

[Master, Rosa is your slave servant. Rosa shall do whatever Master wants Rosa to do.]

Speaking until here, Rosa stripped her clothes immediately. Luckily there wasn’t any wind blowing here, so it wasn’t cold, even after being surrounded by the trees.

Aiwa looked towards Rosa as she stripped her clothes, exposing her snow-white ample breasts. When Aiwa saw those couple of breasts, his Yang Root immediately turned hard, raising a tent at his trousers.

After stripping herself, Rosa helped Aiwa strip his trousers. Rosa didn’t remove his upper outer garment as it wasn’t summer and only exposed his huge penis.

Rosa used her fingers to stroke that huge Yang Root first. After that, she slowly laid down on Aiwa’s body, letting those white breasts envelop Aiwa’s rod.

Those tepid snow-white breasts immediately excited Aiwa’s manhood.

Her cleavage was quite deep. This made Aiwa feel quite a soft and homely feeling. She wiggled her body and slid down Aiwa’s thick meat stick in and out of her cleavage.

[Wu — — Really comfortable — —]

Aiwa used his hand as a pillow while lying down on the meadow. He raised his head to take a look at Rosa using her breasts to caress his meat stick, that feeling felt even more pleasant than thrusting inside Sili’s body.

Aiwa had come to a conclusion at this moment. Pleasure not at all depended upon whether the girl’s identity was noble or not.

Aiwa felt his firm glans poke her chin each time Rosa wiggled her body up and down.

[If you want to — — You can suck it with your mouth.]

Aiwa looked towards Rosa’s seductive face.

[Thank you, Master.]

Rosa lowered her body and used her small mouth to suck Aiwa’s glans, trying to make that meat stick drill inside. She used her eyes to gaze at Aiwa while she sucked that meat stick. Her appearance could easily excite a man.

Aiwa thought to himself: [Although I can’t shoot inside your flesh hole, but I can shoot inside your mouth.]  

[Rosa, if Master ejaculates, will you — — be able to drink it in?] Aiwa asked excitedly.

Although Rosa has never seen a man ejaculate, she had already heard some married women speak of the appearance of a man while ejaculation. She also wanted to experience what kind of flavor it had.

[If Master wished to do so, then at once shoot inside this slave servant’s mouth. Slave servant is improbable to waste it. I heard a person say that one drop of a man’s semen is more precious than a thousand drops of blood!]

Rosa said sensibly.

Aiwa was quite moved by Rosa. He turned his body and started kissing her after hugging her. After a fierce kiss, he made Rosa lay down on the meadow and use her hands to clasp her breasts while his rod made crazy thrusts between her snow-white breasts.

The clamping of a girl’s breasts were quite different from that of a woman’s vagina. Not only was it more soft and pleasant but also it could be tighter and looser as one wishes and improbable to stop swinging due to getting exhausted.

At the moment Aiwa felt he was going to cum, he suddenly clasped Rosa’s head and started thrusting his thick meat stick inside her small mouth. Since Aiwa was very excited, his movements were quite huge at times, directly inserting the phallus until it reached her throat. But Rosa didn’t release a single sound. What excited Aiwa even more was that Rosa unexpected covered her teeth with her lips, in order to not injure Aiwa’s schlong.

Aiwa’s body trembled suddenly as a burst of warm semen sprayed out.

Rosa secured her throat immediately, so as to not choke herself. That semen spurted out in waves as she swallowed mouthfuls of it with her eyes closed.

After all the semen had shot out, Rosa still used her mouth to suck him. After she felt that not even a single drop of semen was left inside, she licked him clean.

At the moment Aiwa was thinking of thrusting inside Rosa’s mouth again, he suddenly heard the sounds of swords clashing against each other.

[Rosa, no good. they have encountered some enemies!]

Aiwa wore his clothes at top speed and dashed towards the region Beira was at, without waiting for Rosa. He didn’t want his women to receive any kind of injury.

At the time Aiwa flew over there quickly, he saw four black clothed men each holding a sword in their hands in a close combat with six Tanzya fencers. Aiwa knew after taking a look that those six fencers weren’t those four black clothed men’s opponents. Although Beira, Dolly, Silli and furthermore Lumen also had joined amongst the battle, but it was of no avail. During the time of few seconds Aiwa took to rush towards them, two of the Tanzya experts had already died under the counterpart’s swords.

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