Dragon Blood Warrior – Volume 4 Chapter 7

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Volume 4 Chapter 7: The Wedding Night


By the time Aiwa saved the three unconscious girls, the sun had already risen. Later, he took the two sisters to pay a visit to the Generalissimo of Tanzya, Kayseri.

Kayseri unexpectedly received the sisters, Dolly and Sili with the excuse of them being from Aiwa’s household.

[Her Majesty Queen herself acted as the matchmaker for Aiwa and Dolly to become true husband and wife!]

Sili recklessly declared Aiwa’s and Dolly’s relationship in front of Kayseri.

[I have already heard about this, however,  your Queen has also promised us the wedding between Aiwa and Beira. Not to mention, I also plan to betroth Wuya to Aiwa, so if he is anxious to go back, then I can let them get married by the end of today.]

As Kayseri took out the letter from Her Majesty Queen, Sili was rendered speechless. The two sisters helplessly sent pleading gazes towards Aiwa.

[I really love Dolly and plan to marry her. If the Generalissimo isn’t against it, why not let her, Beira and Wuya marry me together.]

Aiwa courteously made his sincere request towards Kayseri.

[Since Aiwa has said it, what good would it do to fight against it? Let these three girls become your brides today.]

Kayseri was a sensible woman; she also knew that this pretty girl, Dolly, was the daughter of Hass Empire’s Prime Minister. In order to form a good bond with the Hass Empire, coming in contact with its Prime Minister was inevitable; therefore it was better for her to do a little favor now.

The three girls and Aiwa’s wedding was set to be held at the spacious and empty prairie in front of the Generalissimo’s tent. The ceremony preparations were done in a grandiose manner.

In order to honor the Hass Empire, Kayseri persuaded Beira to let Dolly stand at the front, and become Aiwa’s First Lady. Moreover, Kayseri also made the best tailor of Tanzya sew wedding garments for Dolly according to the social customs of Hass Empire. Sili, according to her rights, acted as her younger sister Dolly’s bridesmaid, and Kayseri also chose the two prettiest girls among the Tanzya girls to be Beira’s and Wuya’s bridesmaids.

In order to be fair, Kayseri especially set up the largest tent in Tanzya for Aiwa’s wedding night; this way the three brides could sleep together with Aiwa in the same tent.

Wuya and Dolly were both girls whose bodies had already been touched by Aiwa, especially Wuya; she had already given her chastity to Aiwa. Although Dolly was still a maiden, her genitals had already been licked by Aiwa yesterday. Only, Beira, this 16 year old girl was the one whose body was yet to be seen by Aiwa. Therefore, Aiwa felt an intense desire to obtain her.

Although Beira longed to become Aiwa’s bride, at the actual moment, she felt a bit afraid. She saw Aiwa’s thick meat stick and wondered whether her narrow pussy would be able to take his thick cock in.

After taking a bath, Beira nervously hid her body with a quilt.

[Beira, are you afraid?]

Wuya shifted her body inside Beira’s quilt; the two people were right next to each other now.

[Yes, I..am feeling a little nervous.]

She timidly said to Wuya.

[There’s no need to be afraid; every woman has to overcome this mountain. It will only hurt at the beginning but you’ll feel better after that. Moreover, after the first round, you’ll even desire to go for the second round. Isn’t it so, Older Sister Dolly?]

Wuya believed that Dolly had already slept with Aiwa long ago and therefore asked her.


Since Dolly didn’t know how to answer, she could only give an ambiguous reply.

[There’s no need to force her. Otherwise, Dolly, why don’t you come first?]

Aiwa gazed towards Dolly.


Dolly could only agree to be one to do the first act. Since she was the First Lady, it was natural that she had to be the one to begin with Aiwa.

[There’s firewood burning inside the tent, is there any need for the quilt?]

Aiwa pulled the quilt on Dolly’s body down. Simultaneously, Wuya pulled the quilt over Beira’s body and her’s to the side, exposing their beautiful and peerless naked bodies in front of Aiwa’s eyes.

Aiwa didn’t need to use his Yin Technique on his three lovely brides; simply letting them fondle each other was enough to achieve the same result.

[Beira, can you do something for me?]

Looking at Beira’s lovely snow-white body excited Aiwa’s beastly blood, causing the penis in between his legs to immediately stand up. Beira believed that he wanted her to lick his meat stick again and couldn’t help feel nervous, feeling that her small mouth may not be able to suck it!

[Can you lick Older Sister Dolly’s pussy? I don’t want to hurt her.]

Aiwa said while pointing towards the flesh hole in between Dolly’s legs. Dolly only opened her eyes wide towards Beira, that’s all.

[This..I can do it.]

This at least wouldn’t cause her pain and would merely tire her.

[You can’t? Then, why don’t you let me teach you?]

Aiwa’s lecherous gaze watched Beira’s snow-white and still undeveloped small chest.

Beira believed Aiwa was going to demonstrate on Dolly’s body and thereupon prepared to carefully observe.

[Come, part your legs.]

Aiwa held Beira’s ankles and gently parted them, separating her snow white legs to either sides, exposing her still budding and hairless vulva.

Beira shyly looked towards Aiwa, supporting herself with her hands from the back, the lovely flesh hole in the middle opened up.

[Beira’s small chest is really cute!]

Aiwa released her ankles and reached out to knead her small buns.

[Oh —]

Beira felt limp all over after getting kneaded by Aiwa once.

[Is it comfortable?]

Aiwa kneaded Beira’s breast as he asked.

[Comfortable —]

Beira couldn’t help but close her eyes. Meanwhile,  Aiwa lowered his head down, kissing on top of her breast; his big mouth swallowed Beira’s entire breast inside.

[Wu —]

Beira couldn’t help but moan.

[Beira, doesn’t it feel quite pleasant?]

Wuya said from the side as her hand stretched towards Aiwa’s crotch, stroking his thick meat stick.

[It itches —]

Beira said with her eyes closed.

[Soon..it will itch more.]

Wuya directly attached her body to Aiwa’s butt, making her two rounded breasts rub against it.

Aiwa ate the left one and then swallowed the right one. Beira never thought that getting her breasts sucked by a man would give such a wonderful feeling.

[Oh — Aiwa, it feels very good —]

Beira’s nipple were erect due to Aiwa’s sucking. As of right now, she finally knew how pleasant getting the nipple sucked by a man felt.

Next, Aiwa’s mouth slid down along her cleavage, actually it couldn’t be considered as a cleavage as they were merely two small hills.

Aiwa’s mouth slid until her glossy pubis, finally stopping on top of her lovely vulva.

Merely after a few licks, Aiwa saw that Beira’s vulva was already glistening bright, her clit has also gone erect, sharp, just like a budding cherry.

Aiwa’s tongue swept past that red cherry, making Beira’s body twitch from time to time. Especially, when he sucked her, Beira felt as if he was going to suck all the organs out of her.

[Aaahhh — Aiwa —]

Her entire body tensed up. Biting her teeth, she wrinkled her brows. However, Aiwa had no intention of stopping. Rather, he started thrusting his tongue in and out.

[Aaahh — Wu —]

Beira’s legs trembled.

[Just like this. Have you watched properly?]

Aiwa finally raised his body.

[Aaahh — lea — rned —]

Beira felt as if Aiwa’s tongue was still drilling inside her little flesh hole.

[Good. You and Dolly lick each other like this.]

Only Wuya and Aiwa were left free and there wasn’t any need for Aiwa to instruct, Wuya flirtatiously lied on top of him and brought her face to Aiwa’s nether regions, sucking furiously on his thick meat stick. Aiwa also parted her legs and lied between her legs, licking on top of her vulva.

Speaking of giving oral sex to a girl, for Aiwa, it wasn’t a hassle but rather a kind of enjoyment. Especially since he would be filled with zeal at the moment a girl squirted sex fluids out due to the licking.

Dolly and Beira entangled their bodies in an inverted manner, holding each other’s legs; they earnestly licked on top of each other’s vulva.

Actually, getting licked by a girl didn’t differ much from Aiwa’s tongue skill, because they knew which region a girl wanted to be licked and how much strength should be used. They could clearly sense the counterparts experience as if they were licking their own vulvas.

Dolly and Beira were both quite sensitive, after they licked each other for a while, they started moaning.

[Older Sister Dolly — Stop licking — Aaahhhh — It’s unbearable —]

Beira stopped first, wishing for Dolly to stop licking her vulva, if she licked again, she would surely urinate. She finally knew why Aiwa licked on top of Mowa’s vulva at Khalila Grand Canyon.

However, Dolly kept licking Beira’s pussy, the more she licked, the more she felt reluctant to stop.

[Aaahh — if you lick again — I will — cum —]

Dolly still didn’t have time to stop, fluids squirted out of Beira, directly falling into Dolly’s mouth.

Hearing Beira say she was going to climax, Aiwa lifted his head to take a look, just to see a clear liquid burst out of Beira’s urethra, directly spraying inside Dolly’s mouth.

[Aaahhh — Stop licking, Aiwa — My — that place itches —]

Dolly yelled while grabbing the bed sheet with her hands.

At this time, Aiwa climbed on top of her, pushing his huge body on her.

[It itches? Then, let me thrust inside my bride, it will stop itching after that!]

Saying this, he stuck his slimy meat stick inside Dolly’s flesh hole.

[Aaaaahhh —]

Although Dolly had steeled herself, she still screamed, that ripping sort of pain made her entire body tremble.

However, a woman’s pain was often accompanied with pleasure. That ripping sort of pain lasted only for a few moments; after that, Aiwa’s thrusting let her experience an unprecedented wonderful sensation.

Aiwa restricted her arm, thrusting slowly as he looked at her bashful appearance. Dolly’s body couldn’t help but tremble with each thrust, it wasn’t easy for that thick meat stick to arrive in the depths of her narrow vagina, and her body spurred forward every time their bodies joined together.

Dolly eventually opened her eyes to look at Aiwa; she was infatuated with his affectionate gaze. At that moment, it felt as if there were only her and Aiwa on top of the huge bed. His single-minded devotion to use his meat stick to screw her.. Moreover, at the moment, his meat stick is rubbing against her tender g-spot, making her unconsciously shut her eyes. As she closed her eyes, she exposed a intoxicated expression on her face.

Aiwa wiggled at Dolly’s lovely body, thrusting in and out of her inexperienced body, at the same time, he lowered his head and bit her erect nipple.

[Oh … Wu …]

That limp feeling spread towards her entire body from her chest, making Dolly give out an unrestrained moan.

On the side, Wuya didn’t stay idle, as she quietly crawled beside Beira, embracing her. She then started to gently caress her body, kissing on top of her chest.

At the beginning, Beira felt quite shy, letting a girl lick her that place, but now she even let her breast be kissed.

[Oh … Aaah]

Beira was gradually infected by Wuya’s enthusiasm for kissing, and pulled her mouth up to Wuya’s. Her creamy tongue twisted inside Wuya’s mouth, they fondled each other’s breasts, using their thighs to stimulate each other’s vaginas in order to obtain pleasure.

After Aiwa diligently worked on Dolly’s body for some time, he took out that thick, wet with a girl’s virgin blood meat stick, and came in front of Wuya and Beira.

[Beira, come. Let our husband make you happy.]

Wuya conscientiously retreated to the side, and Beira was already burning with desire due to Wuya’s stimulation, her lower body itched eagerly, wanting Aiwa to quickly thrust inside her.  She lied there, waiting for Aiwa.

[Aiwa, come quickly! I’m not afraid of pain.]

Beira’s young and tender voice stoked the flames of Aiwa’s raging lust. He lifted Beira, making her straddle him, and then proceeded to continuously caress her jade like glossy body. They looked at each other for a moment before Aiwa lowered his head and started kissing and sucking her breast.

[Oh … Aiwa …. Quickly thrust inside me …]

Beira tightly embraced her arms around Aiwa’s neck, his breathing and kissing made her body shudder.

Aiwa kissed her petite breasts as he parted her legs, letting his huge meat stick come right to her fleshy slit. He supported her body with his hands and slowly moved her up and down, letting that thick meat stick be engulfed inside her flesh hole.

[Beira, you brave girl, sit down!]

Aiwa encouraged Beira with a gaze filled with love. After she made a few small up and down movements continuously, she bravely sat down, that thin hymen actually ruptured silently! The fit of pain made Beira wrinkle her brows, however, that expression of a girl seemed to be the most beautiful to Aiwa.

What excited Aiwa was that Beira unexpectedly moved up and down without the slightest hesitation after her hymen was broken by Aiwa.

Although her vagina was still very narrow, its inside was smooth and rich, the walls were quite flexible, the folds inside expanded, tightly wrapping around Aiwa’s buddy.

Beira was completely inexperienced, to state the actual facts, she only saw a few of the movements when Aiwa was having sex with her mother, Kayseri, on the bed. Except for that, right now, she was moving completely according to her bodily senses.

She moved up and down, engulfing Aiwa’s meat stick; that thick cock softly rubbed against her flower bud, bringing a intoxicated expression on top of her face. This excited Aiwa even more, making him wanting to pound her even harder. Aiwa turned her body, making her back stick to his chest, his hands stretched forwards, softly pinching her erect nipples.

She already didn’t need to move her body up and down because that meat rod pushing against her flower bud was already giving enough suffering to her, and now, Aiwa used his hands to fondle her breasts continuously, very quickly, the intense pain gave rise to flood of pleasure.

[Aaahhh — Aiwa — Beira can’t endure it anymore —]

Her body moved with a rhythm-less tempo, because of the meat stick pushing against her sensitive flower bud, leaving her with no place to hide.

Aiwa knew that she was going to reach her orgasm soon, so lied down, letting Beira sit on top his belly, however, that huge meat spear was still thrusting deeply inside Beira’s flesh hole.

Aiwa was still fondling Beira’s chest at this moment, kneading and pinching, and also caressing her clit sometimes, softly rubbing that small pulpy bean.

[Aaahh —]

Beira’s body shuddered violently following Aiwa’s caressing.

[Aiwa — Don’t do like this!]

Beira wailed, she was really unable to bear Aiwa’s provocative caress. That thick meat stick was inside her vagina was already giving enough suffering to her.

Beira immediately felt as if something was going to rush out of her.

She struggled on top of Aiwa’s body. In the midst of the struggle, a portion of sex fluids finally squirted out of her.

Her body trembled violently as she panted for breaths.

However, she was still reluctant to get up from Aiwa’s body; she wanted that pleasure to remain forever.

A person gradually felt the tormenting pleasure weaken after a orgasm, however, Aiwa’s meat stick was still erect.

Beira started moving her body again, right now, her vagina was rich with liquids, the movements were smoother compared to before.

Aiwa hugged her again, making her lie there, kneading and pinching her breast.

Feeling up a girl’s breast always excited a man; those soft hills seemed softer than before, and also looked even sexier.

At this time, after Wuya saw Beira’s erect clit, she lowered her head and softly licked it.

[Oh — Older Sister Wuya, don’t lick — Beira can’t bear it —]

Beira yelled loudly.

Among the three girls, Wuya could be considered to be the most expert at sexual aspect; her skill was also the best. When her tongue licked Beira’s clitoris, Beira felt her entire body’s nerves tense up as another flood approached closer.

[Aaahhh … Wu …]

Beira wailed helplessly, her body was firmly restrained by Aiwa’s hands, unable to move. Wuya used her deadly tongue to fiercely sweep past that flesh stem, a strong flood crazily and energetically rushed out.

Wuya not only licked Beira’s flesh stem, but also licked the section of Aiwa’s meat stick left out with enthusiasm and infatuation.

Right now, Aiwa silent read the incantations, making his cock become slender insider Beira’s flesh hole slowly, exploring forwards inside Beira’s cervix. Beira felt as if one flesh needle entered in, provoking her sensitive nerves, that intense pleasure made her clamp around Aiwa’s meat stick tightly.

Aiwa spurted a portion of burning hot semen inside her womb..

[Wu — Oh — You’ll kill me!]

At the moment that burning hot semen spurted inside her, bringing an indescribable pleasure to Beira. The vagina tightly clamped around Aiwa’s thick meat stick, making him more erect than ever.

After a long time, Aiwa released Beira, thus letting her climb down from his body.

[My husband, next should be me, right?]

Wuya stroked Aiwa’s still hard and thick meat stick, bringing her face closer to it.

Dolly lying beside Aiwa was already showing her intentions for another round.

Just now, when Beira and Aiwa were having sex, Dolly saw looking at them from there, that scene couldn’t help but make her more and more horny like a surging tide inside this pure and innocent girl, unconsciously making her fondle her chest.

[My husband, quickly thrust inside Wuya, Wuya really can’t bear it anymore!]

Wuya pleaded Aiwa while lying on top of him, bringing that thick slimy meat stick towards her dripping flesh hole.

Aiwa clasped Wuya’s face, kissing on top of her lips, [All right.]

After Wuya stuck that thick meat stick in, she was greedy for more, and so directly made that meat stick push against her flower bud, because she had a premonition that she was going to orgasm any second now.

[Aaahhh — Aiwa — I love you —]

Wuya feared Aiwa would make her come down after her orgasm, therefore, she did her best to move, and grind, making immense pleasure attack her continuously. Her lovely body trembled a few times and finally a happy flood started to pool underneath her.

Aiwa lied there, clearly sensing Wuya’s contracting vagina, doing its utmost to clamp his thick meat stick. Aiwa didn’t shoot all of the semen inside Beira’s flesh hole and only gave half to her. If he relaxed the essence gate, the other half would shoot forwards inside Wuya’s body, but he controlled himself from doing so.

Wuya madly fucked Aiwa, that happy flood quite quickly made her quiver with satisfaction. After that flood ended, she pulled out and used her mouth to suck Aiwa’s meat stick; her figure seemed like a chick which was pecking at rice as that thick meat stick brought bulges at her cheeks alternatively.

[Wuya, thank you, now, I want to thrust inside Dolly, I still haven’t inseminated her!]

Aiwa sat up, clasping Wuya’s head which was bobbing up and down.

Wuya reluctantly released Aiwa’s thick meat stick out, letting him crawl to Dolly’s body.

Dolly obediently lied down, raising her legs overhead, letting Aiwa’s meat stick smoothly stick inside her flesh hole.

Dolly couldn’t care about her dignity anymore; she only wanted Aiwa to make quick and deep thrusts inside her flesh hole and give her pleasure.

However, Aiwa didn’t go fast but rather used a slow pace to push that thick cock inside her flesh hole. In order to let Dolly obtain her orgasm quickly, Wuya crawled beside Dolly and kissed her small mouth.

Wuya’s mad kissing was indeed effective; Dolly was unable to endure anymore. At one side, Wuya kissed Dolly’s small mouth, and also kneaded and pinched her chest, on the other side, Aiwa kept thrusting in and out of her flesh hole, she couldn’t even cry out as her beautiful body shuddered continuously.

Seeing that it was time, Aiwa increased the pace of thrusting. Finally, he grinded her flower bud, shooting love liquid inside her body, and that intense spurt made Dolly’s body spasm sporadically.

Aiwa left his meat stick inside Dolly’s body for a long time, after making Wuya orgasm, he wanted to let his First Lady get satisfactory pleasure.

Only after Dolly’s pleasure waned completely did Aiwa take that meat stick out.

Right now, Aiwa’s meat stick had already softened.

However, Wuya wasn’t discouraged; she already knew that if a man’s this thing was licked a few times, it will get hard again.

She lied in between Aiwa’s crotch and used her breasts to massage Aiwa’s meat stick, then she swallowed that meat spear inside her mouth. It could only go less than half due to its thickness but Wuya really liked to lick the shaft following the head, which was a man’s most sensitive region.

Sure enough, after some time, Aiwa’s meat rod got hard once again, with veins squirming like earthworms on it.

She was fucked a moment ago by Aiwa and now he crawled until her, lifting her jade leg, thrusting her from the side, it was the first time Wuya had experienced this posture. However, the novelty of the experience provoked her even more.

Moreover, only men with long yang roots could do it like this, or else, that meat rod simply will not be able to reach the abyss of a woman’s flesh hole.

[Oh — Aaahhh —]

Wuya was very excited, releasing loud yells, not having even a little bit of a bride’s shyness. That intense pleasure had already rid her of the apprehensions.

[Aaahhh — Aiwa — thrust inside me harder —]

Aiwa lifted her jade led and did his utmost to pound her, that meat stick made several trips of thrusting inside her jade hole, issuing [gu ji gu ji] sounds.

At the time Wuya was at her limit, but Aiwa suddenly stopped.

What troubled her was that it wasn’t that Aiwa stopped moving completely, rather his body was motionless, but his meat stick was twitching up and down inside her flesh hole, this enticing sensation was more deadly than that rapid thrusting, because the place he stopped at was tormenting her.

Aiwa suddenly felt Wuya’s flesh hole twitch violently and tightly lock up around his mad worm.

Although Aiwa’s meat stick couldn’t freely provoke her, due to her tight lock up, that provocation turned even more intense.

She didn’t dare to meet force with force anymore and helplessly relaxed her body. Aiwa took advantage of this and provoked her again, making a flood rush out of Wuya. At the same time, those convulsing flesh walls clamped around Aiwa’s meat stick.

After Wuya recovered her senses, Aiwa took his cock out of her body.

Scanning carefully, the shaft was already glistening with a shine due to getting polished by these three girls flesh holes.

Aiwa called for a maid to come, two maids gracefully entered inside the huge tent.

[General, what command would you give us?]

The two maids spoke in unison but didn’t dare look at the thick thing between Aiwa’s crotch. In their view, the fear that meat stick brought to them was in no way inferior to that they felt from a python. These two maids weren’t the same maids who served Aiwa before, but rather some new faces. Although their age wasn’t old, they looked quite charming; the colors of spring blossoming on their chests were quite clearly visible.

[Give a bath to this General.]

Aiwa pinched the cheek of one of the maids.

[Yes, General!]

The maid hurriedly prepared warm water, and the other supported Aiwa down from the bed.

[I’m going to sit here, I feel quite tired. You can see that I’ve been quite busy tonight!]

Aiwa said to the maid supporting her.

[Yes, General.]

The maid had to oblige to Aiwa’s plans, and helped him sit on the bedside.

The other maid brought warm water over and dipped a towel inside to wash Aiwa, but Aiwa said: [Don’t use the towel to wash me, use your hand.]

The maid helplessly returned the towel back to the pot, she collected the water inside the pot and used her soft and small hands to wash Aiwa’s hyperemic meat stick. The maid had some skill; she softly stroked Aiwa’s meat stick.

[Wu — Really comfortable —]

Aiwa moaned comfortably, lying back on the bad.


At this moment, it was as if Aiwa had entered into a virtuous state.

The maid rejoiced inwardly, picking up the towel to wipe her body dry, but Aiwa said, [Don’t use the towel, that thing is quite crude, feels unwell, use your breasts to dry this General.]

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