Dragon Blood Warrior – Volume 4 Chapter 5

Volume 4 Chapter 5: Night Of Passion

When Aiwa was being assisted by the two maids into the bathtub, Tachi returned to the bed and peeked towards Aiwa occasionally. One look at that long thing between his crotch frightened her.

She was wondering whether she will be able to bear this strange man’s big chap.

[You two can only leave after properly scrubbing this General, I haven’t taken a bath for several days. If you’re able to serve this General well, I will let the Generalissimo reward you both.]

Aiwa placed his arms on the basin and made the two maids give him a scrub bath.

[Please feel relieved General, we both are your slave servants. We shall obey your wishes.]

The two maids followed his orders very earnestly as he was hero who repelled the Wolf Kingdom’s army. Serving him was one kind of honor for them.

The maids wore a flimsy cloth over their bodies for bathing Aiwa, making their nipples visible through the surface. The two treasures at their bosoms swayed in front of Aiwa as they scrubbed him, keeping him occupied.

[Hehe, isn’t it difficult to work from outside? Why don’t you come inside, one can scrub my front and the other can do the back, this will make it easy and quick. Can’t you see Tachi is already impatient?]

[This —]

Those two maids hesitated a bit. Although they were here to serve the General, it didn’t mean that they could let the General take advantage of them! Moreover, the Generalissimo Kayseri had sent Tachi here tonight to serve the General in bed, wouldn’t it be disrespectful if the maids stripped naked and entered inside the bathtub first?


Aiwa pointed at prettier maid.

That maid hesitated a bit but she followed Aiwa’s order and finally untied her flimsy clothes.

Her clothes slid down her well proportioned and fully rounded body, revealing her alluring body to Aiwa. Although the thicket at her underbelly wasn’t that lush, but her lovely and perky breasts almost made Aiwa’s nose spray blood. Those breasts seemed like two white steam buns, looking at her areola and perky nipples made Aiwa drool.

That maid shyly drew her body closer and cautiously entered inside the bathtub. However, Aiwa could still see the tempting deep valley between her legs.

Aiwa gazed at this maid until she hid her body within the water. However, the water inside the bathtub couldn’t hide her entire body, exposing her breasts at the surface.

[Is it me who’s assisting in bathing you or it is you assisting in bathing me?]

Aiwa asked this shy maid in front of him. She had forgotten her task due to the embarrassment.

[It’s slave servant who’s assisting the General in bathing!]

The girl had to come in front of Aiwa to scrub him; this left her with no choice but to place her legs in between his legs. This made her knee touch his already erect huge cock.

The maid retreated in fear.

[Don’t be afraid, it won’t bite you.]

Aiwa looked at this lovely and pitiful maid. The maid moved forwards until her knee directly bumped into Aiwa’s cock.

It was inevitable that her body was exposed at several locations when she extended her hands to scrub Aiwa’s chest. Her chest swayed following her hands movements. Aiwa was somewhat intoxicated by this girl’s body fragrance. He couldn’t help but close his eyes, letting this maid wantonly scrub him.

Her little glossy hand’s scrubbing gave him a very comfortable feeling.

[Aahh — It’s really comfortable!]

Aiwa couldn’t help but moan. The maid’s body was quite close to him; his cock had already reached until her crotch and it kept on increasing in length unreasonably.

The thing between Aiwa’s crotch wasn’t of ordinary length, making it quite difficult for the maid to hide from it. Her face flushed as she scrubbed Aiwa.

Aiwa also stretched his hand inside the water and caressed that maid’s buttocks, caressing her anal lobe twice and then moving on to her breast: [Let me scrub you too.]

The maid didn’t resist. She naturally had to obey Aiwa’s orders as his maid; moreover, Aiwa was offering to scrub her.

Aiwa scooped a little water from the bathtub and washed the maid’s breasts. Those two originally perky nipples became more erect after getting washed once. Aiwa kneaded her breasts in a soft-hard manner.

[Mmn, the erectness is pretty good!]

Aiwa played with her breasts delightfully, [Can I kiss them?]

Aiwa lifted his head and asked that blushing maid.

[You can kiss as you please!]

The maid’s voice shuddered from the fear of offending this master.

[See, your body is so far from me, how will I be able to kiss?]

Aiwa pretended to be angry.

The maid obediently brought her body in front of Aiwa, delivering her breast until his mouth.

[This is good enough!]

Aiwa pleasingly opened his mouth and sucked her breast.

Aiwa just sucked her for moment and that maid couldn’t help but moan: [Aahhh —]

[Do you feel unwell?]

Aiwa released her breast and asked.

[It feels comfortable —]

The maid closed her eyes from the intoxication. She had never been kissed by a man like this, how could she endure getting sucked like this? Her entire body felt limp when Aiwa sucked her.

Aiwa’s hands stretched until her crotch; groping inside her vagina. The maid shyly clamped her legs together but how could she dare resist her master? In the end, she allowed Aiwa to play with her genitalia.

[Mmn … aaahhh …]

That maid was intoxicated with Aiwa’s fondling; he used his mouth to suck her breast simultaneously. Moreover, Aiwa only inserted one of his fingers inside her vagina.

[Aaahh … General …]

The maid whispered shyly; she felt ticklish all over her body.

[All right, use your body to scrub this General now. I like it when a girl uses her breasts to give me a scrub bath.]

Aiwa finally withdrew his hand back from the maid’s legs. However, that maid was already intoxicated, almost making her collapse. She had no choice but to obey Aiwa’s orders and use her breasts to scrub Aiwa.

That maid used the basin to support herself and placed her bosom on top of Aiwa’s chest, moving up and down. Those two lovely and perky flesh buns slid on top of Aiwa’s chest, and this made Aiwa’s cock longer and thicker, making it throb between the maid’s legs.

After the maid scrubbed Aiwa’s chest using her breasts for a while, he said: [Don’t just scrub here, do the place below too. Scrub all the places which I’ll need to use when I’ll have sex with Miss Tachi, so as to avoid making her body dirty.]

That maid withdrew her body inside the water and used her breasts to scrub Aiwa’s thick cock. This one scrub made his cock hyperemic in an instant.

[Oh — It’s really comfortable!]

Aiwa couldn’t help but raise his back as he was unable to see that maid’s face due to the water’s depth.

Tachi merely sat on the bed from the beginning, feeling embarrassed to look at this side; she could only listen to Aiwa’s moans. When she curiously turned her head to have a look, she saw the scene of the maid in charge of bathing Aiwa use her breasts to scrub Aiwa clean. It would be proper to say it was massaging rather than scrubbing, the maid’s breasts exposed themselves outside the water occasionally. Seeing the maid’s spotless snow-white breasts become flat and round caused ripples in Tachi’s heart.

The other maid used her hand to scrub Aiwa’s back; she could clearly see everything happening in the front. Her heart fluttered when she saw her companion use her breasts to massage Aiwa’s strong and muscular chest, wishing she could also strip and use her breasts to massage him.

[Not bad, thanks for your trouble!]

Aiwa felt it was enough; the hot water had already seeped into his body.

The maid felt reluctant to stop at this moment but she still crawled from on top of Aiwa’s body. She used a towel to wipe her body and wore her flimsy clothes back.

Aiwa left the bathtub with the support of the two maids.

Tachi quickly moved her gaze away, lowering her head shyly.

Those two maids didn’t leave the tent but rather waited inside the tent.

Aiwa walked until the bed and sat down. One of the maids quickly came and wiped his body using a bath towel, after that she retreated back until the tent’s entrance.

[Tachi, are you tired?]

Aiwa used one of his hands to embrace Tachi’s slender waist while his other hand snooped inside her leather clothes.

She was completely bare inside those leather clothes; Aiwa’s hand grabbed her well-developed breast directly and kneaded it.

[Tachi shall sleep if the General wants to sleep.]

Tachi replied cleverly. When Aiwa kneaded her breasts, she felt as if her heart was almost going to leap out through her throat.

Aiwa proceeded to pull her chest zipper down, opening a big gap on her leather clothes which exposed all of her cleavage.

[Your breasts are really developed!]

Aiwa groped her breasts through that wide gap again. Her body reacted each time he touched her body.

[General …]

Tachi’s voice shuddered along with her body’s trembling.

Aiwa pulled that leather clothes zipper to the bottom, [Did you make these leather clothes yourself? They’re really pretty! Only, you’ll surely be prettier after stripping them off.]

Saying this, Aiwa slowly stripped Tachi’s upper garments, making her snow-white bosom sway up and down. Aiwa could clearly sense her tempting faint breaths.

Aiwa wasn’t in a hurry to strip her leather underpants; rather he used his hand to massage her genitalia through them.

Aiwa’s hand skill was very precise; his finger directly pressed at her pussy. At the same time, Aiwa bowed his head and took her nipple inside his mouth. That perky nipple didn’t turn hard until he sucked it inside his mouth for a moment, just like an unripe mulberry fruit.

[Oh … General …]

Tachi was completely dazed; she couldn’t help shut her eyes as her body fell down on the bed powerlessly.

Her legs were separated by Aiwa while he used his hand to massage her continuously.

Aiwa withdrew his hand back from her legs and pulled her underpants down, exposing the thicket at her smooth underbelly. Aiwa lightly blew her sparse thicket, making it tremble. He stretched his hand from her waist, passing through that scrimpy thicket, until his finger touched her flesh hole.

[Oh … …]

Tachi moaned.

[Help Miss Tachi take her pants off.]

Those two maids quickly came over and one of them pulled the pants while the other removed the underpants, those leather underpants were quickly taken off Tachi’s body,

A pair of beautiful, snow-white and slender legs was exposed out.

Tachi brought her legs close shyly, but they were separated by Aiwa’s hand again. Right now, her genitalia was facing towards the two maids at the entrance. Getting caressed by Aiwa’s finger in this way made her embarrassed but she had no choice but to obey since this was General Aiwa’s wish.

Aiwa stooped down and kissed Tachi’s thin lips, proceeding to bury his mouth at her slender neck. It seemed as if Tachi’s neck was more sensitive than her lips. Aiwa used his hand to knead her breasts as he used his mouth to kiss her neck; he slowly slid his tongue along her neck until he reached her cleavage.

His hand had also slid down until her legs, groping her exquisite, soft and silk-like legs.

Aiwa wasn’t satisfied with just this licking and caressing; his mouth slid from her cleavage until her underbelly and directly licked her flesh hole.

[Oh …]

Tachi’s body couldn’t help but twitch at the moment Aiwa’s tongue touched her two tender flesh lips. The caressing had already shaken the young and inexperienced Tachi’s soul, and now, it was very difficult for her to endure Aiwa’s tongue.

Tachi longed for Aiwa to ride her body, use his meat stick to pierce her and end this play as soon as possible. However, Aiwa wasn’t in a hurry at all, he brought a pillow her buttocks and raised her vulva; this made it comfortable for her when he licked her.

Her vulva had opened up because of the pillow under her buttocks. Aiwa pressed his lips at her vulva, if he used his tongue to lick inside her little hole once again, it will be very difficult for Tachi to keep enduring.

Aiwa used his mouth to suck her clitoris sometimes, pressing her clitoris using his lips. It was difficult for Tachi to resist that feeling. Her body couldn’t help but get excited, the liquids overflowed out of her vagina, making it itch even more, craving for something to be inserted inside it.

[Wu … General … I …]

Tachi shyly and lewdly moved her legs, making her vulva leave and press against Aiwa’s lips; that unusual pleasure was coming from Aiwa’s lips.

Aiwa’s lips slid on her vulva continuously, making her vagina convulse several times.

Aiwa’s lips could sense the condition inside Tachi’s vagina, but he had no intention of attacking right now. Rather, he climbed up and brought his cock until the front.

[Tachi, do you know what this is?]

Aiwa held her head and raised it up. Actually, there was no need to do this as she could clearly see his long thing.

[General …]

Tachi felt embarrassed as she peeked,

[Do you want it to enter your pussy?]

[Yes …]

[However, your pussy is so small, just like your mouth; I wonder if it can even enter inside. Why don’t you try using your mouth to test it first?]

Tachi didn’t know how a mouth was used to suck a man’s penis; however, Aiwa had already brought it until her mouth, using that thick glans to separate her thin lips. She had no choice but to open her mouth and swallow that cock inside.

She didn’t know how to suck and only took care to not let her teeth scratch Aiwa’s thick thing. Aiwa didn’t bother about it and kept pushing his cock insider her small mouth.

Aiwa didn’t want her to suffer and only expected her to suck his glans with her small mouth.

[I think Tachi’s lower body wants this General to pierce it, right?]


Tachi agreed shyly and separated her legs impatiently.

Aiwa stooped down and pressed his cock on top of Tachi’s snow white naked body. His thick cock found the entrance at her lower body and forced into her narrow flesh hole; her two flesh lips clamped around his cock.

Aiwa directly pushed his cock deep inside her satiny flesh hole.

[Aaahhh …]

Tachi screamed and grabbed the bed sheet with her hands; she wasn’t expecting that ripping sort of pain. Moreover, Aiwa’s cock continued to push deep inside her abyss, hurting her narrow vagina.

Although Tachi’s vagina was narrow, it was quite deep, taking more than half of Aiwa’s cock before it reached her flower bud.

The ripping sort of pain had slowly subsided by the time Aiwa’s cock milled around at her flower bud, a huge pleasure just like the time Aiwa was licking her replaced that pain.

[Oh … Wu … Aaahh …]

Tachi moaned along with Aiwa’s thrusts. She was already incapable of worrying about the maids at the entrance; she had to moan; if not, she felt as if the pleasure would breakthrough her body and explode her. Her vagina kept on loosening, although it contracted, but it didn’t contract tensely like in the beginning, rather it loosened and contracted matching with Aiwa’s thrusting.

Aiwa restricted her hands, making her move her buttocks continuously; that long meat stick thrust inside her tender flesh hole in a slow and then followed by a faster tempo. Tachi’s body trembled along with Aiwa’s thrusting, moaning continuously: [Oh … Aaahh … Wu …]

This girl’s moans were completely genuine, devoid of pretension. The expression on her face transformed from time to time, revealing a painful, sometimes excited and a tensed expression at other times. Her flower bud gradually stuck out and Aiwa’s thick glans struck against it, slowly rushing forth inside that small mouth.

Aiwa silently chanted the spell and make his glans transform into a sharp meat rod, making it stretch inside her uterus.

[Aaahhhh …]

Tachi’s body convulsed violently, wrapping around Aiwa’s meat rod tightly, but Aiwa’s meat rod still thrust rapidly inside her uterus, making Tachi curl up her body.

[General … aaahh …]

She raised her legs unconsciously; they shivered un-rhythmically in the air. Sex fluids ejaculated out of her, but they were blocked in by Aiwa’s meat rod, spreading around it. Aiwa suddenly pushed his body and stopped thrusting, shooting the semen inside her.

[Aaahhh … Wu …]

That powerful spurt made Tachi’s flower bud shudder. Her small mouth opened wide as she gasped for breaths, the intense pleasure had almost made her dazed.

However, Aiwa kept his meat rod inside her uterus, at the time Tachi’s orgasm had receded, he moved again, making her body twitch once more.

Aiwa’s tense and exhausted mood from the past few days had finally relaxed now; his huge body directly fell asleep on Tachi’s body.

Hearing Aiwa’s even breathing on Tachi’s body, the maids knew that he had fallen asleep. They came to the front in order to support Tachi’s body from under him. But Tachi waved her hands, hinting them to not worry and let Aiwa sleep on her body.

The reason Tachi had participated in the event for choosing a female for Aiwa was to experience the hero who had put out such a huge contribution for Tanzyanians. Just now, the moment he lied down on her body made her feel very happy, how could she wake him up again?

The two maids stood guard at the entrance in turns. However, Tachi couldn’t fall asleep due to the excitement. She could feel Aiwa’s sharp meat rod return back to its original thick size, Aiwa’s cock was different from ordinary men; it was quite huge in its original state. Therefore, her nerves were unable to loosen since it was still inside her pussy, bringing about a slow and subtle pleasure to her.

Since Aiwa had sex with Lucy, Kayseri and Wuya, these three women possessing strange and different innate skills, his body’s energy had been promoted by a large degree; plus eating that python’s gall bladder in the Khalila Grand Canyon had increased his energy to a new level. Although he hadn’t slept for 4-5 days, just an hour of rest was enough for him to recover completely.

Aiwa’s thick cock slowly hardened along with his recovery, making Tachi’s pussy feel Aiwa’s huge cock’s pressure.

When he had completely recovered his energy, the physiological clock inside his body roused him up.

Aiwa discovered that he had fallen asleep on Tachi’s body, furthermore, his meat stick was still insider her pussy.

[I fell asleep?]

Aiwa asked Tachi embarrassingly.

[General has already slept on Miss Tachi’s belly for two hours!]

One of the maids came forth. She really wished for Aiwa to embrace her and push her on the bed for a round, so she could also experience the taste of this man’s huge cock.

[I slept on your body for 2 hours?]

Aiwa didn’t dare believe that he let himself fall asleep on a girl’s body for 2 hours.

Tachi smiled and nodded. Her smile was very charming, resembling a pretty angel under the weak lighting.

Aiwa found it hard to believe that a weak girl like her was capable of bearing his huge body, [I didn’t hurt you right?]

[No, I feel even more powerful than before, it’s as if the General sent a lot of energy to slave servant before sleeping.]

Tachi said shyly.

Aiwa remembered this. He suddenly felt tired after ejaculating inside Tachi’s body and fell asleep. The energy he discharged out from the excitation was absorbed by Tachi through his meat rod inside her.

Aiwa tried to move his cock which was still inside Tachi’s flesh hole, this provoked Tachi immediately. That chap stayed inside her pussy for the duration of 2 hours. It had gradually become hyperemic again due to soaking in Tachi’s nectar, that thick thing provoked Tachi’s sensitive nerves. Although Aiwa didn’t twitch, the circulation of the blood inside his cock was enough to overwhelm Tachi.

Fortunately, it was just a weak stimulation, or else, Tachi would have climaxed in succession, making it difficult for Aiwa to fall asleep again. Right now, even if Aiwa moved just a little, the huge cock insider her followed by swaying, bringing out intense reactions from Tachi’s pussy.

[Oh …]

Tachi couldn’t help but shut her eyes.

[How? Is it that serious?]

Aiwa believed that she was putting up an act.

[Oh … Slave servant can endure for … another … few hours …]

Tachi kept enduring so that Aiwa could sleep, however, since Aiwa had woken up, she also didn’t restrain herself and moaned. At the same time, her lovely vagina clamped him, stimulating him as well.

Aiwa raised his body and used his hands to restrain Tachi, moving his back; he made long and deep thrusts inside her.

He took out his huge cock outside her and made deep thrusts inside her until her abyss. The maids at the side could clearly see Tachi’s virgin blood on Aiwa’s cock; moreover, they couldn’t help but drool at the sight of that wriggling earthworm like cock.

[Wu … aaahhh …]

Tachi could only move her head as her hands were restricted; her originally smooth underbelly also couldn’t help writhe along with her breasts trembling.

Aiwa stooped down and sucked her nipple, making Tachi feel ecstatic: [Aaahhh … General …]

She extended her tongue, as if she was thirsting for Aiwa’s kiss. Aiwa kissed on top of her bosom as his thick cock kept thrusting inside her flesh hole, making Tachi’s entire body tense up.

Aiwa was just preparing to bring his mouth towards her lips when she extended her tongue out.

Aiwa opened his mouth and let Tachi’s creamy tongue enter inside his mouth.

A girl’s fragrant tongue always excited a man, he was dying to swallow her tongue inside his mouth and Tachi was also dying to stretch her tongue inside Aiwa’s mouth. Their tongues tangled and rolled over each other.

Aiwa craved for more and thus released her tongue. He inserted his cock inside her flesh hole and flipped her body over, making her kneel on the bed. He supported her waist with his hands and thrust with force from behind.

[Aaaahhh … oh …]

Tachi kept releasing crazier moans each time.

Aiwa grabbed her well-developed little flesh buns and kneaded them enthusiastically.

[Aaahhh … General … qu … quicker …]

Aiwa made quick thrusts inside her body, pounding her until she trembled.

At this moment, the maids outside the tent slowly dropped down, soon after, Tachi also fell on top of the bed.

Aiwa was thinking of asking what was happening but he also suddenly felt his consciousness become fuzzy and dropped onto the bed.

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