Dragon Blood Warrior – Volume 4 Chapter 4

Volume 4 Chapter 4: Wolf Kingdom’s Army’s Retreat

Aiwa stood there after beheading four people with his sword, as if he was also hit by the enemy.

[Aiwa, are you all right?]

The party of women shouted from the back.

Aiwa snorted with disdain. He waved the sword in his hand; the entire sword turned sparkling clean in a flash.

[Aiwa, don’t let that last one escape!]

Wuya anxiously said as she came out of the tent.

Aiwa used the bow to shoot an arrow towards that fleeing man.

That arrow shot through the horse’s eye, piercing its heart. It staggered for a moment before falling down along with the man riding it.

That man rolled on the ground and again ran after standing up.

Wuya took the sword in Aiwa’s hand to chase over but she was stopped by Aiwa.

[Why didn’t you kill him?]

Wuya wished to slice that man into a thousand pieces.

[Haha, if he doesn’t return and report back, they will believe that Tanzyanians are easy to bully!]

Aiwa laughed while he looked towards that limping man.

[Who were they?]

At this moment, Beira also came out of the tent. She felt very shameful for being unable to participate in the battle due to getting blocked by the maids.

[From their weapons, they seem to be the Wolf Kingdom’s cavalry.]

Wuya said.

[What were they doing here?]

[Maybe they were seeking prey.]

[Aiwa, are you all right?]

Beira advanced forward and caressed Aiwa’s chest as she asked this.

[I’m all right.]

Aiwa caressed her face as he replied. This young girl could really arouse a man’s care.

[After returning back, I’ll tell my mother about your contributions and make her reward you!]

Beira happily stuck her face on top of his chest.

With nothing to do, Wuya turned back to return inside the tent.

Aiwa estimated that the trouble had calmed down temporarily, thus everyone lied down in the tent for a while again. After sometime, Beira sent the order to continue walking, she felt that defeated soldier from the Wolf Kingdom will surely come back with reinforcements.

The party made haste to travel day and night until they finally saw the Tanzya tribe tents.

[Princess, we’ve returned back!]

The maids were excited. It wasn’t easy for them to experience all those harsh events, however, as for Mowa, she didn’t hope for any rewards, because she had already experienced the wonderful feeling of getting her pussy licked by a man.

Among the maids, only Mowa wished to continue travelling with Aiwa.

At this moment, Aiwa felt as if something was wrong; he could faintly hear the muffled horse hoofs sound from behind.

Wuya followed Aiwa to look behind and shouted loudly: [It’s the Wolf Kingdom’s army!]

This time, even Aiwa was afraid. There were around 10,000 troops arranged in a battle formation, with banners waving above as they advanced towards his location.

[Inform the Generalissimo!]

Aiwa ordered immediately.

The soldiers who were coming to receive Princess Beira made a u-turn and dashed towards the camp.

[Mowa, escort the princess back to the camp, I and Wuya will stay behind!]

Aiwa said without hesitation. He knew that Beira will never escape alone. However, it will raise the burden on him and Wuya if she stayed behind.

[Aiwa, they have many troops!]

Beira insisted on staying behind with Aiwa and Wuya. She felt that Aiwa and Wuya would be trampled like ants if they entered inside the enemy ranks alone. Beira didn’t want Wuya to throw away her life, their experiences the past few days had already deepened the bond between them.

[Beira, I will be all right since Aiwa is there with me. You feel relieved and return!]

Although Wuya felt anxious, she remembered Aiwa’s words: [Don’t you want to return back as a hero?] Moreover, Wuya didn’t intend on shrinking back from the beginning.

It will be a kind of honor and happiness for her even if she died along with Aiwa at this battle.

Wuya believed that Aiwa could easily defeat 10 enemies, but the enemy strength this time was in thousands and their side only had two individuals. It will be difficult for Aiwa come out unscathed from the battle even if he could resist against 100 enemies.

[Mowa, take the princess and return back quickly!]

Aiwa roared. That maid didn’t dare disobey his gaze which seemed like it could kill a person.

[General Aiwa, take care!]

Mowa and the other maids pulled Beira as the party hurried back to the camp.

[Aiwa — You have to live —]

Beira yelled as she was dragged back to the camp by the maids. However, she knew how stubborn Aiwa was; the only way to save Aiwa and Wuya will be to face the enemy with the Tanzya army.

A smile appeared on Aiwa’s face as he saw Princess Beira gradually go far.

[Aiwa, are we going to die?]

Wuya felt as if her judgment day had arrived when she looked at the Wolf army approaching towards them. She decided to commit suicide by cutting her throat if she fell in the enemy hands so as to not let herself be disgraced by them.

[Do you fear death?]

Aiwa held her arm and kissed her.

Wuya shook her head, saying: [No. I don’t mind dying several times if you’re with me!]

Wuya firmly looked towards Aiwa.

[Do you know why I told you to stay behind?]

Aiwa continued.

[No, I don’t.]

Wuya didn’t think it was because of her ability in battle as she was insignificant in front of that 10,000 strong army.

[It’s because you can pin down the enemy troops and in the meantime, Kayseri can attack them with the Tanzya army from behind.]

Aiwa said as he gazed in to her clear eyes.

[You won’t abandon me and run away alone right?]

Wuya was most anxious about this.

[Me? I will fight along with you! Believe me, if you’re here, the enemy will focus on us and surround us. This way, Kayseri’s army can strike at them from behind. Our odds of survival will increase if Kayseri’s army confronts them.]

Wuya didn’t believe Aiwa will shamefully use her as bait because he was standing together with her.

[Listen, you mustn’t go far from me. I will protect you!]

Aiwa held the sword in his hand firmly as he looked towards the approaching enemy troops.

Wuya also pulled out two daggers from her waist, preparing to face the enemy.

Aiwa could see their genuine appearance after the Wolf Kingdom army neared towards his location. All of them had grease color paint applied on their face, looking malevolent; each one of them seemed exceptionally fierce with machetes on their bodies.

They didn’t pursue Beira’s party but rather surrounded Aiwa and Wuya.

[Is this woman the Princess of Tanzya?]

A man galloped on his horse out of the enemy ranks and pointed towards Wuya beside Aiwa and asked.

[I am!]

Wuya already understood the reason why Aiwa made her stay behind and followed up.

[Haha … you’re really pretty. Girl, why don’t you become my wife?]

That leader-like man came in front of Wuya, simply ignoring Aiwa from the beginning.

[General, he’s the man who killed 17 of our brothers!]

A short man popped out of the crowd and shouted while pointing towards Aiwa.

[It’s him?]

That general moved his gaze towards Aiwa but started laughing after sizing up Aiwa once: [He killed 17 of ours troops with his sword? You really were a trashy group! Let me see with my own eyes how he kills 17 individuals! Except 17 soldiers, everyone else retreat back!]

17 soldiers dismounted their horses and advanced forwards.

The other men all retreated back, leaving an open space for the fight.

[Wuya, there’s no need for you to act, they won’t injure you temporarily.]

Aiwa said to Wuya in a low voice.

Wuya stood in the open space, keeping a certain distance from Aiwa. Although Aiwa told her that she wasn’t in danger temporarily, she still held the daggers in her hands firmly so that she could react at anytime.

17 soldiers holding a machete in their hands each surrounded Aiwa with him at the center.

Aiwa stood motionless at that spot with the sword in his hand.

These machetes could easily cut the target apart into two pieces in a single strike.

Aiwa didn’t move and merely brandished his sword behind. Four sharp and clear metal clashing sounds echoed out after the machetes from 4 of the Wolf Kingdom’s soldiers flew towards him.

At the moment Aiwa blocked those 4 machetes, another 4 machetes flew towards those soldiers from their comrades.

They knew that facing an expert like Aiwa weaponless was simply throwing away their life.

Although that surviving Wolf Kingdom soldier had warned them, no one believed there was a expert in the Tanzya Tribe who could kill 17 individuals alone. However, after seeing Aiwa’s reaction, they didn’t dare to treat that warning lightly anymore.

Those 17 soldiers glanced towards each other and rushed forth at the same time, slashing their swords towards Aiwa.

If it was an ordinary expert, 7 machetes were enough to turn that individual into mincemeat, let alone these were 17 machetes.

Wuya had shut her eyes as those 17 soldiers besieged Aiwa. She didn’t wish to look at her beloved man be killed in such a cruel way.

She only heard a series of [Pu Pu Pu] sounds. Opening her eyes to take a look, she saw those 17 soldiers were standing motionless, looking at Aiwa with their eyes wide open.

Gradually, Wuya saw all of those 17 soldiers fall down.

Looking towards Aiwa, he was still standing at his original position as if he hadn’t even moved. There wasn’t even a single drop of blood on his sword.

Even that enemy general was stupefied, although he was also skilled in martial arts; he had never seen such an opponent before. He understood that if this continued, then he will lose a lot of his soldiers.

[The one who kills him shall be rewarded!]

That general shouted in a loud voice. He knew there were many experts inside his army and they will surely be able to kill this stinky brat if they acted together.

There were 4 individuals who flew out from the troops. It wasn’t a exaggeration to say that they flew out as they leapt out over the soldiers and directly dropped in front of Aiwa.

They were the four great experts of the Wolf Kingdom’s 1st Wolf Squadron. They assisted the general in keeping the squad’s order while executing the missions, directly giving the death penalty to those making a ruckus. Moreover, each one of these four experts were all unrivalled.

They had different weapons from the Wolf Kingdom soldiers, holding a sword in their hands. Moreover, seeing the cold light flickering on the swords, Aiwa could make out that they were all made by a highly skilled person.

Aiwa immediately withdrew towards Wuya after realizing their strength.

[Don’t be afraid, they will be unable to injure you!]

Seeing Aiwa kill those 17 soldiers without batting an eyelid raised Wuya’s confidence.  She naturally couldn’t make out the strength of these 4 experts and thought that Aiwa will kill them in an instant.

However, even if these 4 men were defeated, they still will not be able to escape the enemy ranks.

Will he be able to resist 10,000 men alone?

As Aiwa reached Wuya, she felt their bodies become shrouded by a indistinct hazy gas as if they were inside a defensive screen.

Was this the thing that Aiwa said would protect her?

Those 4 men didn’t discover this anomaly and confidently pressed towards them.

Maybe those 4 men were over-confident, so they didn’t surround Aiwa but rather stood in front of him and pointed their swords towards him simultaneously.

[Attack him!]

Following the order, those 4 swords jabbed towards Aiwa like vicious vipers.

Aiwa dodged the enemy’s attack along with Wuya. He kept the sword outside the defensive screen so he can use it to fight the enemy.

He knew the swords in their hands were all treasures; therefore, he didn’t meet them with force but rather used the method of using softness to conquer strength. No matter how the enemy attacked, Aiwa’s sword blew their swords away.

Sometimes, their swords pierced the defensive screen set up by Aiwa, but they immediately bounced back as if they were hitting a flexible invulnerable ball.

Those 4 experts soon understood something was wrong and thus shifted their attacks towards Aiwa’s hand which was holding the sword.

If it continued to go on like this, Aiwa will soon become exhausted and then his dou qi defensive screen will also be unable to resist the enemy’s attack.


Aiwa and Wuya killed past towards the enemy troops carrying a momentum.

Aiwa’s plan was simple; these soldiers simply couldn’t injure a single hair of his or Wuya’s. However, those 4 experts will be unable to showcase their entire skill amidst the confusion and will only end up killing soldiers on their side.

This kind of situation carried on for an hour and the numbers of soldiers killed by those 4 experts were already innumerable while Aiwa and Wuya were completely void of harm inside the defensive screen.

Aiwa merely blocked those 4 experts’ attacks which came over occasionally. He didn’t need to use a huge amount of energy because those common soldiers’ attacks didn’t affect him at all.

The enemy ranks fell into disorder due to Aiwa and Wuya rushing inside them. At this moment, Kayseri also came over with her army and attacked them.

The army was utterly defeated after it fell into disorder.

Tanzya’s army wasn’t that different from the other kingdom’s armies. Moreover, their combat skill was a notch higher than those kingdom’s regular armies.

The battle continued for half an hour before the Wolf Kingdom army fled.

Those 4 experts besieging Aiwa and Wuya also escaped after looking at the huge reversal.

There were numerous soldiers who were trampled to death as they fled.

This was a total victory for Tanzya.

Kayseri and Beira rushed over in excitement after seeing Aiwa and Wuya were both unscathed.

[You’re alright? This is simply a miracle!]

Kayseri didn’t dare believe that they remained completely safe and sound within the 10,000 men army; even a single hair was uninjured!

[Hehe, Heaven protected us. Moreover, they didn’t want to kill us and only wanted to capture us alive.]

Kayseri looked towards the dead bodies of several soldiers around Aiwa and asked: [You killed so many of their men?]

[Not all of them, some were killed by their own comrades.]

Aiwa pretended to be calm; he didn’t want Kayseri to think he was just a child.

[Aiwa, Wuya, your contribution this time was huge. If it wasn’t for you both pinning down the enemy troops, it would have been difficult for us to defeat them so quickly. I will properly reward you tonight!]

[I thank you, General. However, I want to return back. I haven’t returned back to Favargo for such a long time, wouldn’t it be turning my back on Her Majesty Queen as the senior military officer of Favargo?]

Aiwa assumed the appearance of a person worried about the country and its people.

[Isn’t it just Favargo? I guarantee no one will disturb your little garrison again!]

Kayseri protested coquettishly.

Previously, she was merely attracted towards Aiwa as liking someone of the opposite sex. However, she was thankful to him and also admired him right now.

His skill and wisdom were all she had never seen before, without him, Beira would have also met with an accident.

[I’ll accept your invitation then. I don’t know what reward has General prepared for me this time?]

Aiwa walked alongside Kayseri while occasionally gazing towards her still young and charming face.

Right now she was wearing an armor which made him unable to appreciate her well developed twin peaks. He decided to make this woman use her most charming position in front of him tonight.

[It depends on what our hero wishes to get.]

Although Kayseri had already promised the two princesses’ to this little lady-killer, her love for Aiwa didn’t fall short of anyone.

[I want Tanzya’s most beautiful woman to accompany me!]

Aiwa leaned towards her face and said.

Kayseri was a woman who could cover up her expressions quite well, but right now, she also couldn’t help but blush.

[It’s natural that you can select any woman to accompany you since you saved Tanzya!]

Kayseri naturally understood Aiwa’s intentions; she deliberately emphasized the word [any], hinting that she was also included in them. [Transmit down the order; the beautiful women within each army shall celebrate together with General Aiwa inside my army tent!]

This was the first time the Tanzya army had crossed swords with the Wolf Kingdom’s army in such a wide scale. They had only run into small parts of the army before but also couldn’t bring such disastrous casualties to the enemy. Therefore, Kayseri felt that this was worthy of celebration.

After all, Tanzya was merely a tribe, and Wolf Kingdom was a powerful land possessing strong military strength. If they hadn’t given such a heavy blow to the Wolf Kingdom’s army this time, their homeland would have surely been invaded sometime in the future. Kayseri knew that this time Aiwa had done a huge help to Tanzyanians.

That night, Kayseri held a huge banquet to celebrate this victory, all the heads were gathered here. Even the guilty Lumen was allowed to participate in this banquet with the identity of a maid.

[Call all the beautiful women together and let General Aiwa personally select one of them. Whomever he likes can share a night with him.]

Kayseri wanted to enjoy the night alone with Aiwa. However, she had already declared that Aiwa could choose Tanzya’s most beautiful woman to accompany him for the night; she couldn’t go back on her word now.

Aiwa sat on the high seat like Kayseri. After Kayseri finished speaking, a party of beautiful women lined up there.

Aiwa lifted his head to look at each one of them but he felt they lacked in comparison to Kayseri, Wuya and Beira’s beauty.

At the time Aiwa’s interest had almost waned, his eyes suddenly shined as a girl wearing skin-tight black animal-skin clothes appeared in front of Aiwa.

His body couldn’t help but lean forwards.

Kayseri pouted coquettishly after looking at Aiwa’s expression, saying: [Found your sweetheart?]

Aiwa gave a hollow laugh after realizing his actions and smiled after sitting upright again, saying: [This girl is pretty good.]

[What are you called? Come over.]

Kayseri pointed towards that girl.

That girl advanced forwards 2 steps, saying: [Slave servant is called Tachi.]

This girl’s stature was tall, her looks charming, bosom well developed, exquisite waist, possessing a graceful appearance. Even Wuya and Beira couldn’t rival her.

[How old?]

Kayseri asked.


That girl obediently replied to the Generalissimo. At here, the Generalissimo was the ruler whom no one dared to disobey. This girl had already revealed her talent previously and was sent over by one of the female chief’s, Hwajiya.

[Let it be her!]

Aiwa feared that this girl would be driven away by Kayseri so he anxiously said to her in small voice.

Kayseri laughed towards Aiwa, [Why are you so anxious? Are you afraid I won’t give her to you?]

Following on, Kayseri asked in a loud voice: [Who sent this girl?]

[It was this General.]

Hwajiya could make out Aiwa’s intentions from his gaze. According to her understanding of Aiwa, she was sure that Aiwa was fond of Tachi. Moreover, Hwajiya already knew that Tachi was from the blood lineage of another tribe’s famous noble house. Only, her mother and father were captured as slaves and as a captive child, she also naturally became a slave.

[Good. Tell her to change her clothes and prepare to spend the night with General Aiwa.]

Kayseri felt the animal-skin clothes on this girl’s body were not in decorum.

[No need. I like it the way she is!]

Aiwa’s eyes shone, wishing he could immediately embrace Tachi on the bed.

[Originally, you’re fond of girls wearing animal-skin clothes?]

Wuya made fun of him, saying: [If I had known it before, I would have also worn animal-skin clothes, then perhaps I could have been tonight’s main cast!]

[That python skin we obtained is for making full body armor for you and Beira, they will surely look good on you both.]

Aiwa said to Wuya and then avariciously gazed at Tachi’s body.

[Tachi, come and sit here. You belong to General Aiwa tonight, you mustn’t be reserved.]

Kayseri called out to her; Tachi came to her side.

[It’s General Aiwa who wants you, not the Generalissimo. What are you doing over there?]

Wuya couldn’t help but laugh after seeing Tachi’s restrained appearance. She pulled her in front of Aiwa and pushed her into his embrace.

Aiwa directly held her in his bosom, the fragrance from her body made Aiwa intoxicated.

[You’re really fragrant!]

Aiwa took a deep infatuated breath.

[I specially made her take a perfumed bath before coming here.]

Hwajiya promptly appeared to take the credit.

[Generalissimo, shouldn’t General Hwajiya be rewarded with something?]

Aiwa felt a little apologetic and hence raised the matter of a reward for Hwajiya.

[Hwajiya requests the Generalissimo, since General Aiwa has put out a high contribution for Tanzya, he ought to enjoy all the beautiful women of Tanzya.]

Hwajiya immediately replied back.

[Is your Generalissimo a beautiful woman?]

Aiwa immediately changed his gaze towards Kayseri.

[The Generalissimo is naturally a beautiful woman; she’s our tribe’s most beautiful woman!]

No one dared to speak, however Wuya immediately yelled and the others followed after her.

[Then, can I ask for the Generalissimo to accompany me tonight?]

Aiwa came beside Kayseri and also hugged her into his embrace.

[Tonight, you can enjoy all the beautiful women inside this tent!]

In order to escape the embarrassment, Kayseri dragged down all the beautiful women in the tent along with her.

Aiwa walked forward and kissed several beautiful women generals.

Those generals all felt happy getting kissed by a hero like Aiwa.

[You still haven’t kissed me! Am I not a beautiful woman?]

Beira stood up and pouted her mouth unhappily.

[Hehe, if my Princess isn’t a beautiful woman, then no one can be considered as a beautiful woman!]

Aiwa earnestly kissed Beira’s lips.

Beira also bashfully raised her small face and explored her fragrant tongue out to kiss Aiwa.

[Good. Everyone’s tired today; all the personnel except the patrolling squad can rest! Let’s not disturb Aiwa’s night. Tachi, properly serve General Aiwa tonight, your slave status shall be erased from tomorrow onwards, you’ll become a commoner.]

Kayseri especially said before leaving.

Aiwa was especially given a tent for his contribution today.

After everyone withdrew, only Aiwa and Tachi remained inside the tent.

Aiwa immediately wanted to get affectionate with Tachi, but two maids came inside carrying hot water with them: [We ask the General to take a bath.]

Aiwa stood there as one of the maids filled the bathtub and the other stripped his clothes. Aiwa had never experienced such treatment at home; it seemed to him that a place with several women was indeed a good region!

Although the maid stripping Aiwa’s clothes was young, she was properly proportioned at her womanly places; her eyes were full of life, arousing a man’s nature. Aiwa raised her chin and used his other hand to grab her well developed breast.

That maid’s face went red with shyness but she didn’t resist him. Right now, Aiwa was her master and they had to listen to the masters will.

[We ask Miss Tachi to also take a bath.]

The maids said.

[She’s already taken a bath.]

Aiwa waved towards Tachi; she shyly walked over. Aiwa held her waist with one hand and used his other hand to grab her breast through the animal skin clothes.

[Ahhh — General.]

Tachi immediately felt her body go limp all over.

[Wait on the bed for me; I’ll come over to make you happy after finishing my bath!]

Aiwa entered inside the bathtub assisted by the two maids.

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