Dragon Blood Warrior – Volume 4 Chapter 3

Volume 4 Chapter 3: Night Ambush

Aiwa rode Lisa’s body; however, it was right to say she was moving her body, engulfing Aiwa’s thick meat stick as he busied himself on Mowa’s body, engrossingly licking her vulva.

After Mowa sprayed out sex fluids due to Aiwa’s licking, he moved on to lick her urethra.

Sure enough, after a few licks, Mowa at once urinated.

[Oh … … aahhhhh … … I … … can’t hold back … …]

Although her task was to urinate for Aiwa to drink, at that moment, she felt she was a bit disrespectful, because Aiwa was after all her master’s fiancé. How could she urinate in his mouth?

[Urinate quickly then! Who asked you to hold back?]

Wuya anxiously urged her. After seeing Mowa’s excited appearance, she knew she had already climaxed several times.

Mowa didn’t restrain herself anymore, grabbing Aiwa’s head, pulling him towards her crotch. Aiwa sucked her urethra hole; urine poured out of there.

[Aaahhhhh … … I … … urinated … …]

Mowa felt very refreshed after peeing, that urine flowed out her urethra, bringing extreme pleasure to her.

After the final bit of urine came out, Mowa trembled from the cold pleasure.

[Oh … …]

Mowa moaned comfortably as the last drop spurted out.

Aiwa didn’t have a nauseous appearance after drinking urine; he didn’t feel a girl’s urine to have any strange taste.

[Aiwa, why haven’t you vomited?]

Beira and Wuya anxiously asked him.

[I don’t feel nauseous, how will I feel like vomiting?]

Aiwa released the limp Mowa, concentrating on working Lisa’s body.

[Aaahhhh … … Oh … …]

Lisa yelled in a loud voice, moving her body continuously: [Harder … …. I … … want to … … feel happy … …]

Aiwa slammed down a few times; Lisa was unable to under his thick meat stick’s thrusting, especially when it hit deep till her flower bud, that intense pleasure made her body shudder.

Lisa spread her legs open, continuously moving. The surrounding women could see the sexual secretions from her nectar hole flow along her butt, spreading all over the cushion, making it wet.

Aiwa’s thick meat stick deeply thrust inside her pink vagina like a piston, giving rise to a [ZeZe] sound.

Aiwa silently read the mental technique, making his penis slender.

He didn’t thrust fiercely anymore, rather made his penis look for her uterus mouth inside the vagina.

Actually, that uterus had opened up long ago, Aiwa’s penis slowly advanced inside her uterus, slowly thrusting. Her uterus contracted, bringing pleasure to Aiwa’s penis from getting clamped.

Aiwa didn’t make long deep thrusts anymore; rather, he thrust inside her uterus in small but quick range.

A woman’s uterus was very sensitive; Lisa couldn’t endure Aiwa’s rapid thrusting.

[Aaaahhhhhh … … unbearable … … stop … … stop thrusting … … you’ll kill me … …]

Lisa gasped for breaths; only, she didn’t have any energy to be angry.

However, Aiwa didn’t stop immediately, rather, he thrust a few more times and suddenly pushed forward, making his penis advance inside her uterus; his semen sprayed inside her.

This time, it would be difficult for her to scoop out the semen. Aiwa wanted this Witch to give birth to his child.

Burning hot semen strongly spurted inside Lisa’s uterus, not giving that semen any opportunity to flow back.

Lisa’s uterus convulsed violently, sucking all the semen inside her.

She understood in her heart, this time she was in dregs; she would surely conceive this brat’s illegitimate child!

[You stinky brat dare to forcefully rape me?!]

Lisa didn’t get up, but loudly shouted.

[Lisa, you aren’t allowed to make venomous slander! Obviously, it was you who wanted Aiwa, but now, you’re falsely accusing him of forcefully raping you; there are many witnesses here!]

Wuya indignantly said.

She had seen many unreasonable things; however, she had never seen such an unreasonable thing.

Lisa didn’t argue with Wuya, crawling up, she fiercely glared towards Aiwa, leaving to wear her clothes.

Aiwa naturally knew what the ‘forceful raping’ she spoke of was. During their last sex, Aiwa saw her completely squeeze out all the semen inside her, but now, he had shot deep inside her uterus, she was unable to squeeze it out, therefore, she said that he forcefully raped her. The other woman simply couldn’t understand her word’s meaning.

[Didn’t you drink Mowa’s urine? Why aren’t you vomiting?]

Lisa didn’t want to think about the pregnancy matter, she was concerned about Aiwa’s life first.

[That urine didn’t smell like urine, I didn’t feel nauseous at all, simply not feeling like vomiting.]

Although Aiwa was merrily working on these 2 woman’s body a moment ago, right now, he had no choice but to consider the danger. [Do you have any other method?]

[Come, follow me!]

Lisa pulled Aiwa and ran forward.

[Where are you going?]

Beira and Wuya shouted from behind.

[To find a medicine which would make Aiwa feel like vomiting!]

Lisa answered back and flew off the ground along with Aiwa.

[Where are you taking me to?]

Aiwa puzzlingly asked her.

[You’ll understand soon!]

Aiwa gradually saw that cave on the cliff which was Lisa’s hideout.

When they were 5-6 meters away from the cave, Lisa released Aiwa’s hand and went it ahead while Aiwa floated over following her.

[Lisa, what medicine are you going to give me?]

Aiwa was tired from the sex just a moment ago and lied down on Lisa’s bed.

Lisa dragged Aiwa, pulling him towards the toad water jar.

Aiwa bowed down to look at the toad moving about inside.

[I won’t drink! It’s nauseating to death!]

Aiwa thought of running right away.

[Do you think you can really fly, why don’t you give a try? It will be a wonder if you don’t fall to your death!]

After Lisa saw Aiwa calm down, she released his hand, [Why will I want you to drink it if it wasn’t nauseating?]

[Older Sister Lisa, is there no other way? This … … I really don’t want to drink it! Moreover, didn’t you say this water can’t be drunk within a day again?]

Aiwa anxiously looked towards Lisa. After knowing there was a toad inside when he was drinking it for the first time, he had vomited and was on the point of dying, and now, seeing that nauseating guy moving about inside the water, how could he drink that?

[There’s no other way. You have to drink this if you want to live, think about whether you like it or not after drinking!]

Lisa wasn’t in a hurry; she sat on the small bed, sticking her beautiful legs for Aiwa to gaze at.

[I will die from the nausea after drinking it!]

After seeing Lisa’s leisurely and carefree appearance, Aiwa couldn’t help but feel he was the most unfortunate man in the world.

[Dying from nausea is better than the body exploding. If I wasn’t anxious about my child becoming fatherless in the future, I wouldn’t have cared about your life or death!]

[Then … … can I drink only a small mouthful?]

Aiwa pitifully asked Lisa.

[I don’t care how much you drink if you can vomit out the snake gall.]

Without any other option, Aiwa came in front of the toad water jug, picking up the ladle, he closed his eyes after filling half the ladle, because he could see a layer of filthy stuff on that water surface, he couldn’t imagine himself drinking it.

After filling the ladle, Aiwa thought of using his mouth to blow away the layer of filth on top of the water surface and drink only a small mouthful. However, when he opened his eyes, he saw that toad crouching towards him inside the ladle!

Aiwa threw the ladle away in fright, and that toad jumped towards his body.

Aiwa was originally afraid of that thing; he didn’t dare to touch it and could only wave his hands while shouting loudly.

[You mustn’t touch it. If you touch it, it will attack you. You’ll certainly die if it bites you.]

Hearing Lisa say this, Aiwa didn’t dare to move. He wished he could turn into a specimen immediately, so as to not get attacked by this toad.

[Zeus, come over!]

Lisa called it and that toad unexpectedly jumped into Lisa’s embrace. She gently caressed it as it stayed docile.

[Why are you raising such a monster? It can frighten a person to death!]

[Chi … …]

That toad immediately shouted towards Aiwa, as if it could understand Aiwa had scolded it.

[You’re a good person, a good person!]

Aiwa was frightened and quickly begged forgiveness; Lisa couldn’t help laugh out.

[Quickly go and drink! It will be too late if that energy rises out!]

Lisa waved her hand and that toad jumped back inside the water jar.

[Can’t you hold it for a moment, and make it return after I drink?]

Aiwa asked Lisa.

[What’s the use if you don’t feel nauseous?]

Lisa didn’t concede.

[Didn’t you say that this water has special energy replenishment abilities?  I have already eaten the snake gall and if I drink this energy water, wouldn’t it increase the burden? Darling Lisa, please think of some other way.]

Aiwa stood there, refusing to drink the bubbling toad water.

[I don’t care. There’s no other way if you want to live.]

Lisa was simply unwilling to respond to him.

[Hehe, Lisa, can’t you see that I’m fine? I don’t feel abnormal at all, there’s no need to drink that filthy stuff right? Don’t you want to give birth to my child? I wasn’t sure of the previous time, why don’t I ride you again?]

Saying this, Aiwa came in front of Lisa, grabbing her soft bosom.

Lisa didn’t resist, letting his hands go wild over her breasts.

Aiwa was about to untie Lisa’s skirt, but he suddenly felt his underbelly warm up. By now, the protective membrane of the snake gall had long ago been digested by his stomach’s gastric fluids; that snake gall scattered all over his stomach.


Aiwa was frightened; he felt that heat wasn’t ordinary.

[What happened?]

Lisa also stood up.

[My belly feels warm!]

Aiwa covered his belly.

[Are you still not going to vomit? The snake gall energy is surely going to flare up!]

Right now, Lisa was convinced that snake gall contained large energy.

[Nothing will happen right?]

Aiwa still held on to a thread of luck, not wanting to drink that water.

[You’ll be finished by that time!]

Lisa didn’t wait for Aiwa and went to fill that ladle, pouring it in Aiwa’s mouth.

Although Aiwa didn’t want to drink it, he drank two mouthfuls inside.

That water still hadn’t entered his belly and he already started vomiting.

The water he vomited out was yellow in color.

[Vomit again!]

Lisa hit Aiwa’s back to make him vomit; however, nothing came out no matter how much Aiwa tried to vomit.

Lisa thought of making Aiwa drink two mouthfuls of water again, but Aiwa refused to drink it.

Aiwa’s still felt his belly warm up, as if there was a fireball ignited inside.

Aiwa didn’t want to vomit it, he didn’t want to waste such a difficulty obtained treasure. After finding a treasure capable of raising his energy, how could he be willing to vomit it out?

He ignored Lisa’s advice and sat cross-legged on the ground. He used his dou qi to move the huge energy emitting out towards his veins.

Every time, he transformed the energy he obtained from others using this procedure, he didn’t want to believe this case would be an exception.

However, it wasn’t easy for him to control that huge energy; the muscles on his body slowly began to swell up.

[Aiwa, it’s dangerous! Your muscles! ]

Lisa couldn’t help but cry out in fear as she saw Aiwa’s muscles swell up.

However, Aiwa still peacefully operated his qi, moving that huge energy towards all over his body. Aiwa’s original body underwent a transformation at each place that every passed by. After his body swelled up, it gradually became more rugged.

If it was a common person, their body would have exploded long ago, but, Aiwa’s body was a little special; he muscles reinforced themselves every time they received external or internal stimulation.

These circumstances weren’t foreseen even by Doctor Lucy, she completely held Aiwa as a test subject.

Aiwa firmly bit his jaws. He thought: [I will rather go die that not being able to contain this energy in my body!] He thought that it was worth facing this danger in order to obtain such large energy.

Aiwa utilized his skill to see the snake gall remaining inside his body, it was like boiling water, bit by bit transforming into larger energy, moving towards Aiwa’s veins. Aiwa used his dou qi to control this energy, if not; this energy would breakthrough his veins and explode out his body.

He didn’t dare to be careless, no matter what Lisa said, he merely focused on operating his dou qi, guiding the energy to a safer region bit by bit.

After some time, the snake gall energy was completely brought under Aiwa’s control, and regularly flowed inside his body. His bulging muscles also recovered slowly.

Lisa’s anxious expression also relaxed.

Aiwa slowly exhaled a deep breath, opening his eyes.

[Aiwa, you’re alive?]

Lisa embraced Aiwa.

[You wanted me to die?]

After passing through the danger, his mood had also relaxed.

[You’re really conscienceless; you don’t know how frightened I was!]

Lisa coquettishly cuddled in Aiwa’s embrace.

[Go, let’s go meet them, they must be anxious.]

Aiwa stood up while embracing Lisa.

[I saved you; they didn’t do anything at all!]

Lisa stuck her face at Aiwa’s chest.

[Remembering that toad water makes me feel like vomiting!]

[Without my toad’s water, perhaps you would have already lost your life.]

Lisa pouted her mouth like a little child. Aiwa knew that she wasn’t a little child, according to her own words; she’s perhaps a few decades old, it wouldn’t be wrong for him to call her ‘Grandma’. However, seeing her young appearance makes him call her ‘Older Sister’.

Lisa stood up; Aiwa walked until the cave entrance: [How will I go down if you don’t help me?]

Aiwa turned around to look at Lisa and laughed. Whenever he made a request from Lisa, his voice softened a bit.

[Didn’t you refuse my help? Go down yourself!]

Lisa laughed.

[Older sister saved me from the gates of hell with great difficulty, how could I have the nerve to damage this small life again? I wasn’t thinking for myself, rather I was thinking for older sister, also thinking for the child inside older sister’s belly! Hehe, am I right or wrong?]

[Thank your sweet-talking!]

Lisa laughed, grabbing Aiwa’s hand; she stood at the cave entrance.

Right now, the other woman had already come over here.

[Aiwa, are you alright?]

Beira anxiously asked him.

[I’m alright!]

Aiwa pulled Lisa and jumped down the cliff.

In midair, Lisa suddenly released Aiwa’s hand.

Everyone below Aiwa cried out at the same time.

[Lisa, don’t you dare harm him!]

Wuya immediately roared, pointing her long sword towards Lisa.

However, Lisa flew over towards another direction.

Aiwa didn’t fall down vertically; rather fell down light as a feather to the ground.

[Aiwa, you’re alright? You can also fly?]

Seeing Aiwa fall down so lightly; Beira was frightened as well as happy.

[I could fly since the beginning!]

Aiwa proudly patted his chest and said.

By the time everyone saw Lisa, she had already flown out the valley.

[Aiwa, have you vomited all the snake gall?]

Wuya asked.

[Aaahhhh … …]

Aiwa immediately felt a nauseating feel as he heard her, [Can you stop speaking about that matter? It’s nauseating to death!]

Aiwa covered his belly and stated.

[What did that stinky woman make you eat?]

Wuya asked after seeing Aiwa’s unsightly complexion.

[Stop asking again and again! You’re going to nauseate me to death!]

Aiwa’s words frightened Wuya, making her cover her mouth.

[Aiwa, let’s return back, my mother must certainly be anxious!]

Beira didn’t expect issues to keep arising, experiencing the God Wolves and that Python in a single day really made her unable to imagine what would happen next. They escaped the calamity each time due to luck, but there was no guarantee this luck will keep lasting.

Aiwa and that group of women returned back to the cave they rested in before, taking the wolf fur, they prepared to leave the valley. This time, they travelled in the light in order to be a little safe.

As they walked for half a day, the sky’s color became darker.

Going through today’s battle made them tired; so they wanted to stop and rest a movement.

Therefore, they raised a tent at a region 1 li outside the valley.

The Tanzyanians custom was to live in tents, raising a tent at such a countryside place was a usual affair.

[Mowa, there’s no need for you to keep watch outside, you must have been exhausted these past few days, come in to rest.]

Beria sympathized with her maid, especially Mowa, she obeyed the order and stripped naked in front of so many people to save Aiwa, this made Beira raise a good opinion about her.

Mowa was really tired, when didn’t she think of sleeping in the tent for a night?  However, a maid’s duty was to serve her master, therefore, she didn’t accept immediately: [Princess, you sleep inside, I feel quite warm outside.]

[No need, there’s no other tribe or person in such a desolate place, go to bed at ease, we’ll hasten on with journey tomorrow.]

Beira lied at Aiwa’s side, closing her eyes.

Mowa also felt it was no good to go against the princess’ kindly intentions and went inside the tent to sleep. Everyone entered into deep sleep; it was completely silent in the entire grassland except for a few occasional wolves’ howls.

Those howls weren’t of God Wolves’; rather they were of Wild Wolves. Aiwa turned his body and entered into deep sleep again.

At midnight, there was a detachment which advanced towards this tent on the grassland.

They slowly advanced forward, so as to not alarm the persons inside, covering their horse’s hoofs with cloth.

[Hahahaha … … This is a Tanzyanian tent! Brothers, we’ll be sleeping with woman tonight!]

The sudden laughter outside the tent immediately roused all the people inside the tent.

[Who is it?]

Although Beira’s age was small, however, she was the Generalissimo’s daughter; she had long ago developed a heroic spirit and courage. Hearing the laughter from outside, Beira was not all afraid, rather loudly shouted towards the outside region.

[Haha, little Tanzyanian woman, quickly throw your weapons away, let this uncle satisfy my pleasure! Or else, don’t blame this uncle for being impolite!]

The horse hoofs outside the tent started becoming rampant, it was clear that the tent had been surrounded.

[What to do?]

Beira moved her gaze towards Aiwa; however she couldn’t see anything at this moment. Although there was starlight outside the tent, it was pitch black inside.

They were really tired these past days and submerged into deep sleep, that’s why they didn’t hear any noise.

Aiwa didn’t speak, he stretch his hand towards Beira’s quiver. When he was going to sleep, he remembered that quiver was just above him and Beira, so he raised his hand to get it.

He pushed Beira, making her lie down, taking out an arrow from the quiver. He listened to the voice which was speaking to determine the man’s height on horseback. Aiwa operated his dou qi, amassing it in his hand, he suddenly threw the arrow outside the tent.

The arrow pierced through the tent following a [Zi] sound.

Only the outsider’s screaming sound could be heard, that man on horseback immediately covered his injured eye, tumbling down the horse.

Aiwa’s right hand threw another arrow, another scream was heard simultaneously.

[Be careful of a hidden attack!]

The persons outside the tent shouted loudly in order to warn their companions.

The outside horse hoof sound’s immediately become disordered.

Although Aiwa’s hearing was quite good, it became difficult to distinguish the enemy’s direction due to the disorder.

Aiwa knew, the counterpart may use pikes to pierce their tents which will be quite dangerous. He wasn’t worried about these person’s pike, however what about these group of women?

Aiwa didn’t dare to hesitate, raising his qi, he flew through the tent’s roof, followed by a [Chi] tent tearing sound; Aiwa had already flown out a few zhang high.

While in midair, the arrow in his hand flew out, in moment, 3-4 individuals tumbled down the horse.

However, the counterpart had more than 10 individuals surrounding the tent, he knew, only Wuya had the ability to resist them and the other maid’s didn’t have the ability to fight in a battle.

When Aiwa was feeling anxious, Wuya came out with her sword.

[Really brazen! I am Tanzya’s Wuya; quickly leave if you don’t want to die!]

A few surrounding men were frightened after hearing Wuya’s shout.

However, she was after all a girl, when they noticed the young and tender tone, those men started laughing instead.

[Wuya? You think you’re Tanzya’s princess? Hahaha … … we would have been a little afraid if you were Tanzya’s Generalissimo. Brothers, advance!]

4-5 men advanced forward, holding a blade in their hands, a cold light gleamed across them in the night scene.

A man tore open a hole in the tent, frightening a few maids to scream.

Hearing the girl’s screaming, Aiwa pointed his palm towards that man. His dou qi was enough for him to kill a man a few meters away from him, also, his energy had greatly increased after eating the snake gall. His energy was 5 times what it was before.

Aiwa’s this hit immediately compressed the air between him and that man, that compressed air rapidly attacked that man. That unaware man only felt as if a person had punched his stomach, and fell down the horse, remaining motionless.

Right now, Wuya was also brandishing her sword in fight with a few men. The counterpart’s hooked blade was very powerful, the entire body may be cleaved into two pieces if hit by it, therefore, Wuya had to be very careful.

Wuya didn’t dare to attack with all her might and merely defended. She protected the princess inside the tent and also protected herself; the sounds of weapons colliding with each other were never-ending.

Inside the tent, the maids had surrounded the princess closely; they had pledged their life to preserve the princess’ life.

Soon, Wuya’s situation was worsening; Aiwa came over at this time. He used his deft reaction speed to grab Wuya’s sword and pushed her inside the tent. There were only 7-8 fellows left outside.

Aiwa didn’t kill them immediately; they were just 7-8 men and killing them was easy, he wanted to toy with them. If they came near the tent, he used his sword to block them.

Wuya was worried inside the tent, she looked out to see Aiwa fighting with those 7-8 men, Aiwa’s figure was wandering freely, that sword seemed like it was playing in his hand. He didn’t stab them and merely resisted; those 7-8 men could do nothing to Aiwa.

[Aiwa, your skill is pretty good!]

Wuya couldn’t help but praise. She had never seen such exquisite sword play. The Generalissimo had gifted a sword to her due to her exquisite sword play which was infallible at the Tanzya tribe. However, looking at Aiwa’s sword play, she had indeed widened her scope.

When those 7-8 individuals were gasping for breaths, Aiwa suddenly set about. Two of them were beheaded instantly, not even having the opportunity to scream.

Aiwa’s figure revolved once, that long sword seemed like lighting under the sky, by the time his body had completed a circle, four of them dropped dead from the horses.

Aiwa’s sword stopped; there was only 1 person left on the other side.

That man immediately turned about and ran; Aiwa also didn’t chase him and sat there like a statue.

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