Dragon Blood Warrior – Volume 4 Chapter 2

Volume 4 Chapter 2: Brave Battle Against The Python

Everyone looked towards at the direction of the voice; each of them was immediately dumbstruck.

From a cave on the left cliff, a python was exploring its head out; the bifid tongue slithering out its mouth was over 2m long.

The hair standing terrible hissing sound had come from this monsters mouth!

[Aiwa, python!]

Beira had already noticed the python sticking its head out of the cave; she immediately took an arrow out and placed it on her bow, preparing to shoot that python.

Aiwa pressed Beira’s arrow down, rigidly looking towards that python: [Don’t enrage it. If it doesn’t attack us, it would be best to avoid this guy!]

Aiwa was approximately 10m away from that python, however, he could still feel that python’s intimidating power. It could easily swallow a tall person like him effortlessly after opening its huge mouth.

Aiwa looked at the surrounding individuals; after noticing a flying claw in one of her maids’ hand, his eyes shined.

That flying claw was used for climbing cliffs, if it’s thrown on the cliff, it would hook onto a rock firmly, and then, a person could climb up by pulling on the rope.

[Give it to me.]

Aiwa stretched his hand towards that maid; she passed that flying claw to him.

[Aiwa, what are you planning to do?]

Wuya had already grabbed his clothes. She wasn’t afraid of going into battle, however, confronting this monster, she was nervous, she almost felt her heart-beat stop.

[All of you retreat to the back!]

Aiwa took the long sword from Wuya’s hand; his other hand tightly gripped that iron flying claw.

[Hissss  — —]

That python issued a hiss once again, that voice continuously rebounded inside the valley for a long time, making the hairs on everyone’s body stand up.

[Aiwa, you must not go near it!]

Beira shouted as she retreated back,

[Princess, quickly go to the back, General Aiwa will handle it!]

A maid pulled Beira’s hand as she ran backwards.

She knew, relying on her power, she couldn’t contend against that monster.

Aiwa visualized the distance between him and that python, checking the length of the iron flying claw’s rope, he knew it wouldn’t reach the python, even if he pounced forward, it would be futile, because, without power, it wouldn’t grab that python firmly.

[Beira, shoot an arrow towards it once, then, quickly hide yourself!]

He looked at a huge rock beside Beira, if that snake coiled around it, then, it wouldn’t be able to attack Beira.

Beira placed her arrow on the bow, aiming it towards that python; she pulled it completely, fearing that she would be unable to hit that python if the force was too small.

Followed by a ‘Whoosh’ sound, that arrow flew towards that python, however, Beira’s power was really small, and that arrow wasn’t quick enough, that python unexpectedly dodged it. Only, Aiwa didn’t count on Beira to injure that python, he merely wanted that python to come out of the cave, or else, he also couldn’t go near it.

That arrow really showed the results; that python swung, avoiding that arrow, it simultaneously came out of that cave.

Its target wasn’t Aiwa; rather it was Beira who shot at it.

Aiwa could clearly see that the python was more than 10m’s long! Its speed was quite quick, completely betraying Beira’s imagination, there wasn’t even enough time to hide behind the rock beside her, and that python had already covered 2/3rd of the distance.

Right now, Aiwa was only a few meters away from that python; he immediately swung that flying claw towards it.

That flying claw grabbed that python’s mandible; his hand pulled the rope with all this might, at this moment, that huge python’s head was being pulled over towards Aiwa.

That python’s latter half of the body, especially its tail section, had a very huge power. Its tail’s swinging was fatal to any person encountering it; barely swaying in the air , the swishing sounds it caused was already astonishing.

The python’s head was firmly hooked by that flying claw, it was simply unable to get out, but it didn’t lose its desire to fight. When it discovered Aiwa, it angrily opened its huge mouth, planning to swallow Aiwa.

Aiwa thought of using that rope to control the python, however, he didn’t expect that python to be so powerful, when he was planning to control it, he suddenly felt his body flying as light as a feather.

[I’m finished!]

Aiwa’s body flew towards that python’s huge mouth.


Beira and Wuya screamed in despair, a python’s mouth had one kind of digestive fluid, if a person was swallowed inside, then, after a little time, that person would be digested until nothing remained.

When his body flew towards that python, Aiwa suddenly raised that long sword in his hand.

Naturally, it was a named invincible sword in Tanzya tribe, a veteran of hundred battles but it still hadn’t received over 50% of damage. Since Wuya had battled well, Kayseri had bestowed it to her.

When Aiwa flew towards its mouth, he operated his dou qi, and formed a protective layer over his body, like this, he wouldn’t have to be anxious about getting injured by the python’s digestive fluids, also, it would make his body slide quickly inside its body. The faster he slid, the lesser time he had to spend in its abdomen, in that way, he could avoid getting smothered to death. Then, he could operate his dou qi to use his thunder palm and come out of the python, however, the explosion would also injure him.

Dou qi follows the master’s control inside the body; however, if it is exploded outwards, it wouldn’t differentiate between foe and friend, and injure the master.

Aiwa stuck out the long sword; quickly going through the python’s abdomen, he could hear woman’s screaming sound from outside.

Aiwa suddenly thought of a treasure while going through – snake gall, it’s a treasure containing all kinds of poisons. He used his sword to slash against the snake’s abdomen; trying to find the snake gall.

After he discovered an oval thing, he immediately tried to grab it, and swallowed that snake gall into his mouth.

Aiwa’s long sword couldn’t cut pierce the python’s abdomen!

[Don’t tell me, this kind of sword is unable to pierce the python?] Aiwa immediately realized the danger, thinking: [This time, I’m really finished, turning back and trying to leave through its mouth is also something easier said than done!] Aiwa became anxious; he looked at the snake’s anus. Right! Here was the python’s most weak position.

Aiwa thought of leaving by piercing through the python’s anus, however, he immediately felt the python’s body tremble violently.

The people outside could see the python’s body painfully hovering in the air; however, their hopes of Aiwa being alive were already extinguished.

Beira had already started crying.

[Aiwa — — my husband!]

Beira sat paralyzed on the ground, completely disregarding the python’s attack.

The python was quickly circling in the sky; besides the bow and arrow, there wasn’t any weapon which could handle this monster, moreover, Aiwa was swallowed by it, if they attacked it, it could also injure Aiwa.

The python struggled in the air, and suddenly dropped to the valley floor. A long sword cut out a huge cave in its tail section; a person’s silhouette scuttled out from there.

That python violently writhed on the ground for a few moments, finally, it became motionless.

[Aiwa, you’re alive?]

Wuya and Beira immediately rushed ahead.

Since he was inside the python’s abdomen for a long time, Aiwa’s face was greenish.

A few maids supported him and took him to a creek within the valley; washing the mucus on his body.

A maid’s strength was pretty good; she pulled out the iron flying claw from the python’s mandible.

[Wuya, peel this guys skin. It’s very strong; several armors can be made from it!]

While Aiwa was being washed of the mucus, he didn’t forget about this treasure.

Since his long sword couldn’t slash against it when he was inside is abdomen, it meant that this python was not ordinary.

Aiwa slashed a huge cave at its belly; the filth inside it immediately came out.

[All right, you can peel its skin!]

Aiwa threw the long sword to Wuya; a few maids also fished out a few long daggers to peel its skin.

[Hahahaha … … You this brat unexpectedly weren’t consumed by it!]

Aiwa had just recovered from his panicked state, however, he suddenly heard a clear and bright laughter from the top of the cliff, raising his head to look; it was the Witch Lisa.

[It can’t be that you want to sleep with me again? Your libido is so intense?]

Hearing Lisa’s laughter, Aiwa didn’t feel happy, she unexpectedly wished for him to be eaten by the python.

[I thought I wouldn’t see you anymore, didn’t expect, you still had this ability, unexpectedly killing this guy. You know? It has stayed here for 30 years, and now, it had died at your hands. Only, it’s really a pity, I heard snake gall can increase a person’s energy, it would have better if you ate it!]

Lisa floated down the cliff; looking at the maids skinning the python.

[I already ate it. If you had come earlier, I could have shared it with you.]

Aiwa proudly said.

[You really ate it?]

Lisa shouted.

[Didn’t you say it can increase a person’s energy? I need it!]

[Child, how big is your ability? Unexpectedly dare to eat such a huge python’s gall by yourself?]

Lisa’s complexion changed.

[I said right, if you had come earlier, perhaps you could have got a share, right now … …. It’s late!]

Aiwa put out a having no alternative expression.

[You don’t want to live? You’ll die! Quickly vomit it out!]

Lisa wasn’t joking. She heard that a single person should not devour the entire snake gall, especially, for such a huge python; a single person’s body can’t contain its energy and would explode.

[It’s real or bogus?]

Aiwa saw that Lisa didn’t seem like she was telling a lie.

[What’s to be done?]

Hearing that swallowing the snake gall could bring this kind of consequences, Wuya and Beira were immediately afraid. Aiwa had escaped that python’s abdomen with great difficulty, if something happened to him again, how could they continue living?

[This python’s gall bladder has a very huge energy, in case it enters a person’s body, it will make that person’s blood circulate at a 10 times speed, moreover, it will keep increasing the speed, until that person’s body explodes.]

Lisa said with a solemn expression.

[It’s really like this?]

Beira grabbed Lisa’s clothes and pleaded: [Older sister Lisa, don’t you have any method? Quickly save Aiwa!]

[I once saw someone swallow the gall bladder of a 3-4m long snake, those two person’s eyes popped out and their body exploded. Moreover, this python’s body is more than 10m long, and its age is more than 10 years, its gall bladder must have accumulated a huge amount of energy; if Aiwa really swallowed it, I fear it would be difficult to preserve his life. There’s only one way now, precisely to vomit that snake gall out, even if a tiny part is vomited out, it can lighten the symptoms. Only, even if there’s a small half left inside his body, it would still endanger his life.]

Lisa spoke with certainty.

Hearing Lisa speak in such a grave tone, Aiwa quickly tried to vomit it out. However, no matter how much he tried, not a single thing came out; not even a nauseous feeling could be achieved.

[Older sister Lisa, I … … am unable to vomit out … …]

After hearing her serious tone, he was also frightened. He could guess from Lisa’s expression that she wasn’t playing a joke with him.

[There’s only one other way now.]

Lisa said.

[What? Quickly say it, older sister Lisa!]

All the women pulled Lisa’s clothes, as if she was the only doctor who could save Aiwa.

[Let him drink urine!]

[Drink urine?]

All the women were amazed. Who didn’t know that urine wasn’t something which could be drunk; moreover, all of them were women, so naturally he would have to drink a woman’s urine.

[Besides this method, is there anyone who can make him vomit out the snake gall? Hurry up; if it’s too late, that snake gall would start transforming inside his belly. Furthermore, if urine is drunk, it can neutralize a portion of the snake gall liquid.]

Lisa’s gaze swept over all the women here.

[Aiwa, there’s no other way, saving your life is important!]

Beira persuaded Aiwa.

[Drink at once drink, what’s so terrific about that? Only, you want me to drink from whom?]

Aiwa’s sight swept through a few girls’ face. He had already experienced Wuya and Lisa, and he didn’t want to eat Beira right now, a good thing had to be left for the end.

Aiwa’s gaze fell on the prettiest maid’s face.

[Mowa , let Aiwa drink from you.]

Beira could guess Aiwa’s thoughts. Mowa was her maid, her looks were very pretty.

Mowa’s face went red. [That …. I …. Should urinate at where? We threw the kettle’s we used on the way.]

Mowa embarrassingly said.

[Still use what kettle? Let me directly drink from you.]

Aiwa watched Mowa’s towering bosom; his gaze seemed a bit lewd and demonic. Looking at her well rounded body, Aiwa forgot the impeding danger he was facing.


Mowa shyly hid behind Beira.

[Mowa, Aiwa is also your master. In order to save your master’s life, you should be able to disregard everything.]

Wuya was also worried.

[Hehe, no need to be anxious, I’m still alright, I will slowly strip Mowa’s clothes, no matter what, she’s also a girl, it’s inevitable that she would be shy.]

Aiwa contrarily quite leniently sat on the ground.

[Mowa, what are feeling shy at this time? You should be honored that Aiwa pointed at you, are you still unhappy?]

Beira was unhappy. If Aiwa wanted to drink from her, she would have done it without the slightest hesitation.

[Yes, Princess!]


Seeing her master get angry, Mowa quickly walked from her back. She shyly looked towards everyone’s face, then, she slowly untied her clothes.

Aiwa sat there, looking at this girl stripping her clothes one by one. When only her obscene underpants were left, Mowa looked towards Beira again.

[Stop dillydallying, if something happens to Aiwa, I’ll take your life!]

Seeing Mowa hesitate, Beria wished to step forward and slap her face.

However, Wuya pricked her long sword towards Mowa’s obscene underpants, a small hole immediately split open in them, exposing her lovely and tender flesh.

[Aaaahh — —]

Mowa was frightened by Wuya’s sword; she thought Wuya was going to kill her. After looking at Wuya’s angry face, she started to move.

Mowa was absolutely naked in front of Aiwa, a thick black thicket was at her underbelly, hidden below it was her deep valley. Aiwa didn’t stand up, rather, he waited for Mowa to come in front him, his hands caressed her well rounded butt; the shy Mowa had no choice but to stick her naked body to Aiwa’s face.

Although it was rather cold inside the canyon, right now, Mowa’s body was boiling. She embarrassingly opened her eyes to look towards the surrounding people, she felt their gazes fall on her naked body; it was the first time she felt a person’s sight could feel so hot.

[Urinate, I will drink it as you do!]

Aiwa lifted his head, as if the person waiting to be saved was not him, rather the other person.

[I … … am unable to urinate … …]

Mowa shyly said. She wasn’t lying, the terrifying event just now had evaporated all the moisture on her body; how would she able to urinate?

[Unable to urinate? I can use another method!]

Aiwa evilly laughed.

He knew Mowa was a virgin who hadn’t been plowed, if he used his tongue to tease her clitoris, she would surely urinate. So, Aiwa’s mouth slid until her underbelly, he used his hands to slightly push, Mowa at once obediently separated her legs; Aiwa’s tongue reached her clitoris.

[Master … … I … …]

Mowa mumbled.


Aiwa had no choice but to lift his head.

[Let me wash that place.]

Mowa changed her gaze towards Beira, she was her genuine master, and she would listen to her.


Beira angrily shot a glance at her, [Really troublesome!]

Mowa quickly washed her genitalia inside the brook once; although she was going to urinate in order to make Aiwa vomit the gall bladder, any girl wouldn’t want to leave a bad impression in front a man she liked.

When she came up, Aiwa could see a few droplets on her pubic hair.

Mowa stood in front of Aiwa, he clasped her butt once again, blowing on her pubic hair; those droplets fell down due to that. After using his finger to twirl that thick pubic hair, he gazed towards her clitoris.

[Hehe, it’s very soft!]

Aiwa laughed towards that beautiful woman, Mowa became shyer. Her arms supported her bosom, closely enclosing her towering breasts, those tender mammary areola and her captivating red nipples brought out her body’s maturity. When she was feeling shy, Aiwa’s tongue had started to lick her clitoris.

[Aaaahhhhh — —]

Aiwa had licked once, and she was unable to restrain herself, moaning under this teasing, she closed her eyes from the shyness.

[Look at her appearance, it must be surely pleasant!]

Lisa laughed and said. She naturally knew the feeling of getting licked by Aiwa, however, Beira hadn’t experienced it, from Mowa’s expression; she could only make out that it must be very comfortable. Only, letting Aiwa lick her in front of everyone, moreover, urinating in public, she didn’t have this courage, not so, she would have stepped forward bravely.

After getting licked by Aiwa, her arms which were holding her breasts were now on top of Aiwa’s shoulders; her well rounded breasts were completed exposed now.

Wuya was also stunned and couldn’t help teasing her: [Mowa, isn’t it quite pleasant?]

[Oh … … pleasant or not, young lady wouldn’t understand unless she tries!]

Mowa’s master was Beira, she wasn’t afraid of Wuya. Moreover, after fighting along Wuya all this time, there wasn’t much secern between master and servant, thus, she also joked with Wuya.

[This slave is becoming more wanton; it’s she who is enjoying comfortably, but she’s showing off her cleverness. If I let Aiwa lick me, would you be able to enjoy right now?]

Wuya laughed and moved forward; pinching Mowa’s plump breasts, this stimulated her lust.

Right now, she wasn’t shy, and rather took the initiative to turn her butt around, letting her genitalia rub against Aiwa’s mouth.

[Wu — — Aaahhh — —]

Mowa’s moans became more and more licentious in front of everyone. She bent her legs, making her genitalia open up and stuck her body out, letting Aiwa lick her entire vulva.

[Aaahhh — — oh — —]

Mowa grasped Aiwa’s hand as he got licked by him.

[Mowa, how can you grab your master’s head?]

A maid looked at Mowa’s infatuated as well as pained expression and couldn’t help but laugh.

After getting reminded, Mowa released her hand, however, without anything to grab, she grabbed her breasts and fondled them.

[Mowa, why haven’t you urinated? Isn’t master’s licking making you comfortable?]

Another maid laughed.

Seeing her suffering appearance, Aiwa also stopped.

[My below part is also suffering, who will come to help me settle it?]

Aiwa looked at those beautiful women standing in a circle.

[I know all you have misgivings towards my identity; still, let me do it. Anyway, I am a shameless woman; this won’t make any difference to me.]

Saying this, Lisa stripped her muslin skirt.

Lisa’s plump breasts and her exquisite figure made all the beautiful women present there exclaim in admiration, especially, when she stripped her clothes in front of everyone, Wuya and Beira felt ashamed at being inferior to her.

What made them admire was Lisa unexpectedly lowered her genitalia, letting Aiwa suck her breasts. She still raised her head to brazenly look towards those women, a charming breath spread from her body, making ripples form at those women’s hearts.

[Older sister Lisa is very pretty!]

Beira praised her.

[You need not praise me; I also got fucked by Aiwa. You don’t know how fierce Aiwa is; he was able to make the woman with the most intense desire in this world faint!]

Saying this, Lisa took her breasts out of Aiwa’s mouth; letting Wuya spread a cushion under her body, she lied down.

She separated her legs, and directly exposed her vulva, not feeling even a little bit shy, like she said , precisely a shameless woman; it was impossible for Wuya to be like this.

[Hehe, older sister Lisa, want me to lick you twice?]

After seeing Lisa’s snow white naked body, that thing between his crotch had already risen up.

[Focus on licking your little slave; if you cannot make her urinate, then, you’re finished!]

Lisa coquettishly protested. She also cared about Aiwa’s life, he had already said, if he dies, no one could control the Chaste Gu inside her body; therefore, she tried her best to save Aiwa’s life.

However, Aiwa still used his hand grope her genitalia; it was already wet.

[Hehe, it seems that older sister Lisa wanted my huge cock very badly, or else, how could you have taken the initiative to come forward?]

Aiwa’s hand continued to caress Lisa’s vulva, showing a lewd face.

Beira was embarrassed to look at it, so, she turned her head away.

[You really don’t know the difference between good and bad, I but wanted to save you. Come, quickly insert that chap here; see your appearance, you only licked that little child twice, and you’re already erect. Were it not for me, who would be able to satisfy your itching?]

Aiwa slowly rid her body, under those numerous stares; he inserted his thick cock inside her honey hole dripping with sexual secretions.

Lisa’s flesh hole was different from other woman, it was very deep, and it unexpectedly swallowed Aiwa’s pike until only 2cm was left out.

[Oh — — very pleasant — —]

When Aiwa’s pike hit her uterus, Lisa couldn’t help but moan.

Aiwa thought to insert deeper inside her, but, it had already reach her most deep part.

Lisa’s vagina strongly clamped Aiwa as his meat rod slowly pulled out.

Beira’s felt shy, and didn’t dare to look at this copulating behavior; however, the curiosity urged her heart to turn her head back.

Right now, all the girls were looking towards Aiwa and Lisa having sex; his every deep penetration and taking out didn’t escape their eyes.

Listening to Lisa’s moans, looking at the intoxicated expression on her dace, all the women felt as if Aiwa was thrusting inside them, gradually, each of their lower bodies became wet.

[Oh — — Aiwa, thrust faster, you’re tormenting me to my death!]

Lisa wished for Aiwa to be quicker, it would be difficult to say what change would come in him after that snake gall energy broke out.

[Mowa, come, your job isn’t done!]

Aiwa yelled. Mowa quickly came forward; he made Mowa separate her legs on Lisa’s two sides, like this, Aiwa could suck her vulva and also thrust inside Lisa’s flesh hole, both wouldn’t interfere with each other.

After Aiwa licked her vulva a few times, Mowa was already intoxicated. Her hands massaged her breasts, with closed eyes, her body continuously trembled.

A girls’ clitoris was very sensitive, each lick made her desire flare up. Her butt turned quickly, her vulva rubbed against Aiwa’s lips; that feeling made her feel extreme pleasure.

As a servant, there wasn’t any thoughts of being licentious or not, the only mission was to serve the master, the master’s need was the work. Moreover, right now, she could also enjoy while working for the master.

[Aaaahhhh — —]

After getting licked ferociously by Aiwa, Mowa’s body trembled, a portion of sex fluids shot out of her secret hole.

[Did she urinate?]

Wuya asked anxiously.

[Aaaahhh — — Aiwa — — faster — — thrust faster — —]

After Lisa’s uterus was hit by Aiwa’s thick meat rod, time after time, her originally intense desire had already bubbled up, similar to a flood gate opening up.

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