Dragon Blood Warrior – Volume 4 Chapter 6

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Volume 4 Chapter 6: Saving the unconscious girls

Aiwa was, after all, a skilled person now. After seeing Tachi and the maids collapse, he immediately realized that someone had released chemical gases in the vicinity through his consciousness receiving an external disturbance.

[Hehe, no wonder you didn’t return. Originally, you were enjoying the Tanzya women at this place!]

Aiwa heard two women walk in as he lied down on top of Tachi. They weren’t random strangers ,but rather his sister-in-law Sili and his fiancée Dolly.

Sili walked up to the bed and lifted Aiwa’s body. Looking at Aiwa’s thick meat stick still inside Tachi’s flesh hole, Sili slapped Tachi’s snow-white buttocks, saying: [You’re really fearless of being stabbed to death by my brother-in-law’s meat stick!]

Dolly was a conservative and honest girl so she felt her older sister was speaking very vulgarly.

[Older sister, let’s think of a way to take Aiwa back! But, you were really excessive for doing that. Nothing will happen to him, right?]

Dolly was anxious that her older sister would injure Aiwa. She followed her in order to bring Aiwa back to Montelago City and marry him. But if something would happen to Aiwa, she would become a widow.

[He’s so heavy. How will we be able to move him? We’ve gone through a long and difficult journey, let’s rest a bit here.]

Sili directly lied down on the bed and started to relax, [You’re really a conscienceless guy, indulging in pleasure and not returning back home since you have beautiful women here!]

[Older sister, will Aiwa be fine?]

Dolly became anxious when she saw Aiwa remaining motionless.

[It will be fine, he won’t die. I only used bewitching powder, so it shouldn’t cause any harm to him. Only, these Tanzya sluts wouldn’t be waking up anytime soon. This bewitching powder has different effects on men and woman, the kind I used is more effective on women. Who asked them to capture our man?]

Sili proudly said, [How can he be reluctant to leave this simple and crude region? He really doesn’t have future prospects! How could this place be luxurious than our prime minister’s house? This is simply a kennel compared to our home.]

Dolly’s felt quite annoyed when she heard her Older sister Sili say ‘Our man’, thinking, ‘He is obviously my, Dolly’s man. How did he become ours?’

[Older sister, perhaps Aiwa was forced to stay here. How can you say that he’s indulging himself in pleasure here? I heard he was drugged by a Tanzya woman and brought over to Tanzya, so he couldn’t have been indulging in pleasure.]

Dolly unexpectedly defended Aiwa’s corrupted livelihood.

[If you marry a chicken, follow the chicken, if you marry a dog, follow the dog. My younger sister, you still haven’t married him and you’re already defending your man! All right, if you say that he was forced to stay here, what about now? Take a look; didn’t you say he was a scholarly young hero? Would he really be unable to handle these little girls? He’s clearly seeking pleasure! Although Tanzya isn’t a large country, it’s can be considered as a noticeable tribe. The leader’s daughter must surely be a beauty. Right! Dolly, take a look at that woman under Aiwa’s body, couldn’t she be the Princess of Tanzya?]

Sili turned around and raised Tachi’s chin, looking at her appearance.

Dolly also remembered after Sili mentioned it. When she was at Hass, her father had told that Aiwa was going to marry the Princess of Tanzya, therefore, the prime minister’s house could recover its face after rescinding her engagement with Aiwa. However, Dolly and her older sister Sili became anxious when they heard their father say this, because these two girls had already become Aiwa’s women. Although Dolly hadn’t given her body to Aiwa, the older sister Sili had already given her chastity to Aiwa in front of Dolly.

Dolly also followed Sili and carefully looked at this naked girl, although her beauty was at the stage where one couldn’t be fussy about it, she didn’t feel that she was the Princess of Tanzya.

It was because Dolly couldn’t see even a little bit of pampered and spoiled flavor on her face, if she was the Princess, then her face would have possessed a certain type of arrogance which wasn’t present on this girl’s face.

Dolly shook her head after looking at Tachi.

[This woman is quite pretty; maybe she’s the Princess of Tanzya! Let’s make her rescind her engagement with Aiwa after she wakes up and leave this place together with Aiwa.]

Although Sili was the older sister, the things she said were quite senseless at times.

[Older sister, did you forget? Didn’t you say that the bewitching powder you used is more effective on women? How will this girl be able to wake up when even Aiwa hasn’t woken up?]

Dolly shot a skeptical glance towards her older sister.

[Oh! I forgot. Dolly, how did you figure out that this pretty slut isn’t the Princess of Tanzya?]

Sili couldn’t understand this.

[Although I’m doubtful, I think that although this girl is quite pretty, she definitely isn’t the Princess. It’s possible that she could be a fallen Princess though.] Dolly said thoughtfully. Although this girl’s face didn’t possess a aristocratic arrogance, there was a tint of indescribable temperament present between her forehead.

Dolly was unwilling to investigate further, she only wanted to bring Aiwa back and marry him.

[Older sister, weren’t you too excessive with the drugs? He wouldn’t choke right? Why hasn’t he still woken up?]

Dolly shook Aiwa but he didn’t show any reaction.

[Aiwa! Aiwa! It’s me, your fiancée Dolly!]

Dolly shook him a few times, but Aiwa still didn’t react, not even his breath could be felt. Dolly gradually started to sob.

She difficulty pushed Aiwa from on top of Tachi’s body, making his meat stick also follow him and come out of Tachi’s flesh hole. Sili saw that meat stick was covered in blood but still hadn’t gone soft.

[My brother-in-law is really fierce. Using such a huge thing to pierce such a little girl, how could she have endured it?]

Aiwa had the choice not to, but he still used his meat stick to pierce her when she suddenly became hypersexual. Therefore, she naturally knew the pleasure of that huge meat stick. She missed this huge meat stick very much since she hadn’t seen Aiwa after that event, and looking at it now made her heart itch immediately.

Her hands caressed Aiwa’s slimy meat stick, [Pitiful girl, how could you have endured such a thick thing?]

Sili caressed Aiwa’s meat stick while gazing at Aiwa’s handsome face.

[Aiwa —]

Dolly thought Aiwa wouldn’t wake up anymore and started crying, however, Sili didn’t think that much. Wasn’t it just bewitching drugs? How could it take the life of a strong man like Aiwa? She was very proficient at using this thing, and had complete grasp on its use, therefore she simply ignored Dolly.

Dolly wept while lying on top of Aiwa’s body, appreciating his bulky masculine figure.

Aiwa was actually fine; he just didn’t know that it was Sili and Dolly at the beginning. Right now, he was just pretending to be unconscious and looking at their play. Since he wasn’t unconscious, it was impossible for him to not have any reaction when Sili used her hand to caress his meat stick.

[Aiwa, you’re really fierce …]

Sili caressed Aiwa’s thick meat stick as she brought her face to it, [Aiwa, you’ve really made me suffer!]

Aiwa’s meat stick was still slimy since it had just come out of Tachi’s flesh hole. However, Sili didn’t care about dirtying her face; the reason she promised to come so far with Dolly was to spend a joyful night after with Aiwa after finding him.

This was a good chance; Aiwa was already naked, there wasn’t any need of removing his clothes.

Moreover, the huge bed here seemed like it had been prepared for her.

As Dolly was lying on the bed crying, she couldn’t see her older sister Sili playing with Aiwa’s meat stick.

Sili toyed with it until it became huger, then, she extended her tongue out to lick Aiwa’s stiff meat stick.

The more she licked it that meat stick, the thicker it became. The more she caressed it, the longer it became.

[Dolly, take a look at how large Aiwa’s thing has become!]

Sili couldn’t help but shout when she saw that long meat stick.

Dolly stopped weeping, and looked towards Aiwa’s lower body. She couldn’t help but cry out: [How did it become so huge?]

[It must be the work of these Tanzya women, who knows what kind of drugs they gave to Aiwa!]

Sili immediately said, she believed it was impossible for a man’s thing to become so huge.

[These Tanzya women are really repulsive!]

It was improbable that Dolly would curse, this was perhaps the most vulgar sentence she had spoken since her birth.

[What’s the use in scolding? Quickly think of a way to calm Aiwa’s lust!]

Sili reminded her younger sister Dolly.

[How can his lust be calmed down?]

Dolly couldn’t understand.

[Younger sister, you’re really foolish, naturally by doing that thing with him! A man’s thing will calm down after ejaculating. Quickly strip your clothes and have a round with him, he’ll calm down after that.]

Sili said.


Dolly felt shy when her older sister asked her to undress.

[Of course, aren’t you his fiancée? Is there a need to be shy in sleeping with your fiancée?]

Sili said anxiously.

[But..We still haven’t married each other!]

[So what if you aren’t married yet? Hasn’t this older sister already slept with him once? If you don’t want to do it, then only this older sister can do it. You..won’t blame older sister right?]

Sili watched Dolly’s reaction to check whether she was willing.

[Then..You can do it with him. I’ll be thankful if you’re able to calm his lust.]

Dolly felt too embarrassed to undress in front of her older sister, and since her older sister was ready to do it, it was fine to hand it over to her.

[Older sister really isn’t taking advantage of the situation; it’s you who wants me to do it with him, all right?]

[Quickly do it! I won’t blame you, saving his life is more important.]

Dolly urged Sili to undress.

[All right, who asked you to be my younger sister!]

Sili assumed a helpless appearance as she stripped her clothes.

Aiwa had merely raised her skirt when he fucked her last time and didn’t strip her clothes. Right now, after Sili stripped completely naked, an exquisite girl’s body appeared in front of Dolly.

[Older sister’s figure is really good!]

[Don’t forget whose older sister I am!]

Sili proudly said to her younger sister: [Aren’t you also a natural beauty? Aiyah! Since my younger sister is so shy, this matter can only fall on this older sister!]

Sili had already climbed on the bed as she said this. She and Dolly rolled Aiwa’s body over, making him lie on his back. The meat rod between his crotch stood erect in high spirits, throbbing along with pulse.

[Dolly, lick him once so that it can smoothly enter inside.]

Sili squatted down, but she discovered that Aiwa’s meat stick had already become dry. If she stuck it in like this, it would be make her uncomfortable.

[How should I lick it?]

Dolly asked shyly.

[Stupid girl, you can’t even do this. Extend your tongue out to lick his shaft, or just suck on it with your mouth!]

Sili said.

Dolly obediently lowered her head, and opened her small mouth. She then proceeded to suck Aiwa’s thick cock. Her small and tepid mouth’s sucking made Aiwa feel a spell of pleasure. If it wasn’t for the fact that he wanted to trick these sisters, he would have been moaning by now. This was the first time he was enjoying his fiancée’s mouth and he didn’t expect her small mouth would bring such pleasure to him, at all.

[Licking twice is good enough, leave the rest to this older sister.]

Sili couldn’t help but shout after looking at her younger sister’s pleasant appearance sucking Aiwa’s meat stick.

Dolly unwillingly released Aiwa’s meat stick and retreated to the side, looking at her older sister Sili ride Aiwa’s body. Sili separated her legs, and used her hand to stick Aiwa’s thick meat stick inside her flesh hole.

Sili was after all a girl, and her flesh hole had been pierced by Aiwa only once, therefore, she was still very tight. Luckily, her lust had also been ignited when she was caressing Aiwa, making her very wet. She slowly crouched down, slowly inserting that meat stick inside her by relying on its slipperiness.

[Oh —]

Sili opened her small mouth wide, releasing a very clear moan. The process of that meat stick getting engulfed by her vagina was simply indescribable; it was a wonderful feeling! Her brows couldn’t help but furrow from the pleasure.

[Older sister, does it hurt?]

Dolly couldn’t help but ask after seeing her older sister moan and then furrow her brows. She naturally couldn’t understand what Sili was feeling.

[Oh — A little —]

Sill didn’t want her younger sister to know how pleasant riding Aiwa’s meat stick felt, ‘This older sister can face anything in order for my younger sister!’

Sili directly descended down, making Aiwa’s meat stick directly reach until it reached her cervix.

[Aaaahhhhh —]

[Older sister, there’s no need to do it if it hurts.]

Dolly felt sorry for her older sister.

Sili closed her eyes and waved her hand, indicating that there’s no need for Dolly to be anxious.

Dolly didn’t speak after that and instead silently looked at her older sister bouncing up and down on her fiancée’s body.

Aiwa’s meat stick was really long, moreover, it was especially thick and hard, covering all of Sili’s flesh hole, making her feel as if her vaginal walls were going to split. If it wasn’t for her younger sister to make it a bit slimy, it would have surely hurt her.

She was unable to take Aiwa’s entire meat stick inside her flesh hole, a chunk was left outside. However, Sili displayed her skills quite well, not inserting Aiwa’s meat stick deep inside her, she used her narrow and tight flesh hole to wrap around his penis tightly and work on the shaft! Her rapid movements brought extreme pleasure to Aiwa.

The shaft of the penis was a sensitive region to man; the stimulation brought by Sili rapid movements was tenfold the normal pleasure he felt.

Sili was sometimes quick, sometimes slow, sometimes shallow, sometimes deep, completely taking the matter into her own hands.

At the same time, Aiwa kept experiencing the tenfold stimulation at the shaft of the glans. Soon enough, Sili started to feel tired as she had been moving up and down there for quite a long time.

However, Sili didn’t wish to share with her younger sister. When she felt tired, she withdrew her body and used her mouth to suck Aiwa’s cock and again used her hole after some time of recovery.

Aiwa and Sili had both almost reached their orgasm after going through three rounds like this.

At the moment Sili’s rhythm went unstable from the trembling, Aiwa suddenly acted and pressed Sili under him, storming deep inside her.

[Aaahh — Aiwa — you’ll kill me!]

[Aiwa! You finally woke up.]

Dolly yelled happily.

How could Aiwa take notice of Dolly at time moment, he was busy continuously thrusting inside Sili’s flesh hole.


Sili’s moans changed into yells as she started to secrete more and more juices, but Aiwa had no intentions of stopping; he kept thrusting until that meat stick reached inside her womb.

[Aaahh —]

Aiwa straightened his back, spurting waves of semen inside her as Sili fainted after screaming.

[My older sister, she..]

Dolly became anxious when she saw her older sister Sili faint.

[She’ll be fine.]

Aiwa waited until he had finished ejaculating inside her and turned back to answer Dolly.

Sili also opened her eyes slowly after Aiwa withdrew from her body, but she was feeling limp all over and was unable to move.

[I was really scared just now, I thought you..]

Dolly’s heart relaxed after she saw Aiwa wake up. She threw herself into his embrace.

[Hehe, I won’t die so easily.]

Aiwa patted Dolly’s shoulder, asking: [How did you two come here?]

[I came to find you along with older sister after we heard that the Princess of Tanzya wanted you to become her husband. We went to Favargo first, but they said that you were missing; therefore, we knew that you’re still at Tanzya. You don’t know how many difficulties we faced in order to find you. We didn’t dare come in during the daytime’s celebration, and so we had to wait until dusk to slip past the guards. Just now we had no choice but to use bewitching powder, you..wouldn’t mind it right?]

Dolly had already considered Aiwa to be her family; therefore she felt a sense of security lying in Aiwa’s embrace

Just now, as the fiancée, Dolly hadn’t taken the initiative to calm Aiwa down; Aiwa could understand her since she was saving herself for their wedding night.

And the reason Sili seized this chance was because she understood in her heart that Aiwa didn’t belong to her.

[Thank you, Dolly.]

Aiwa was moved by Dolly.

[But —]


[My father has already rescinded the engagement between us. What should we do?]

[What’s the difficulty with that? Wouldn’t it be fine if we just become husband and wife at that time?]

Aiwa made this matter seem simple, but Dolly knew that her father would definitely make things difficult for Aiwa in order to save his face as the Prime Minister.

The other three girls still hadn’t woken up by now.

[Will they be alright?]

Dolly became anxious. She feared that the drug amount would not be enough when the bewitching drug was released inside the tent, but these three girls were still unconscious.

[Don’t mind these vixens, no need to pity even if they die. As long as Aiwa is still alive, it’ll be fine.]

Sili said.

[Aiwa, can you save them?]

Dolly was a kindhearted girl, she didn’t wish for these three girls to die because of her.

[Let me try.]

Aiwa estimated that the bewitching drug wouldn’t kill a person, but since Dolly had requested him, there was no harm in using to opportunity to enjoy another round.

He checked the breaths of all the three girls first; although their breaths were weak, they were still even. He stripped the two maids. Their figure was quite good, and their skin was very flexible since they were young, especially their perfect breasts could provoke a man’s affection. One of the maids among them had sparse pubic hair; making her plump groin even more attracting.

Aiwa separated that girls legs in front of Dolly; looking at the nectar flowing out of her small entrance made Aiwa’s blood boil.

Aiwa’s well-built body softly pushed down on that girl’s smooth body, bringing his thick meat stick to that girl’s entrance.

That maid slightly furrowed her brows at the moment Aiwa’s thick meat stick entered inside her, making her caress her small hill-like breasts.

Aiwa lightly thrust inside her for a moment until the liquids inside were plentiful. Then, Aiwa suddenly pushed down, piercing deep inside. The maid also moaned unconsciously while raising her body.

Dolly stared at Aiwa while he worked this maid’s body as she was concerned about her life. Looking at the maid’s reaction after Aiwa pierced inside her body, she calmed down. However, she felt shy looking at the maid using her hands to caresses her breasts, seeing it couldn’t help but make her nether regions moist.

The maid recovered her unconscious appearance after the pain from having her hymen break open gradually disappeared. Aiwa wiggled in her body for a moment before directly thrusting till her cervix and pulled out of her after transmitting a bit of energy to her.

Dolly’s sight followed Aiwa: [This is enough?]

[She’ll be fine in a while.]

Aiwa came over to the other maid.

This maid was the one who used her breasts to scrub Aiwa in the bathtub. Her appearance right now seemed more erotic and attractive. Aiwa separated her legs, revealing her small hole dripping with nectar.

Aiwa stooped down to lick and suck on her vulva. The maid actually gave a small reaction, just then. Her labia slightly opened and closed, proving that her vagina was also twitching softly.

[Mmn . . .]

That maid moaned at the time Aiwa licked her clitoris with his tongue, but she was still in a half-conscious state and hadn’t genuinely recovered her consciousness.

[Dolly, can you help me?]

Aiwa got up from the maid’s body and asked.

[How should I help you?]

Dolly asked curiously.

[Come and help me lick her, I will send energy to her in a little bit.]

[I can’t do that..]

Dolly helplessly looked towards Aiwa.

[Come, I’ll teach you.]

Saying this, Aiwa raised Dolly’s skirt, exposing a pair of snow-white thighs.

[No, Aiwa, I..I want that..to be left until we marriage night.]

[I know. I’m only going to teach you how to lick.]


Dolly obediently raised her skirt and after removing the obscene clothing, she shyly lied down.

Aiwa’s blood started boiling the moment he saw Dolly’s lovely vulva. He caressed her sparse pubic hair as he stooped down. Dolly’s body tensed up at the, moment the warm breath from his mouth fell on her bottom lips.

Aiwa slowly stuck his mouth on her vulva. Dolly’s body couldn’t help but tremble; her sensitive reactions due from the licking made Aiwa’s meat stick erect immediately. His tongue softly swept inside, making her body shudder continuously.

[Oh —]

Dolly moaned as vaginal secretions started to flow out of her. After that, Aiwa pressed his tongue against her clitoris, massaging it. This made Dolly’s entire body stiffen up.

[Aaahh — Wu —]

Dolly twisted her body as a kind of itching feel started to spread throughout her body. Her hands grabbed the bed sheets as she raised her pelvis upwards, pressing her vagina against Aiwa’s tongue.

However, Aiwa stopped at this moment.

Dolly’s face was already flushed at this moment; she didn’t dare look towards Aiwa.

[Dolly, didn’t getting licked by Aiwa like this feel very pleasant?]

Sili, who was slowly recovering her strength made fun of her from there.

[Older sister —]

Dolly shyly pulled her skirt down to cover her elegant legs, and wore the obscene clothing back on.

[Aiwa, she is after all your fiancée, wouldn’t it alright to take her chastity now, anyway that day is going to come sooner or later.]

Sili said.

Dolly coquettishly glanced at her older sister but she didn’t say anything.

Aiwa laughed from the side. Dolly didn’t wait for Aiwa’s instructions, as she approached the maid and then proceeded to use the technique she saw being used on herself.

Although Dolly was shy, she was a intelligent girl. She had already grasped the essentials when Aiwa was giving her oral sex. Her tongue deftly swept past that maid’s vulva, massaging on top her vulva from time to time, making the half-conscious maid gradually moan.

The more intensely the maid moaned, the more enthusiastically Dolly licked her; she even learnt to suck on the clit. Right now, Aiwa was also sucking that maid’s erect nipple, making that maid wriggle her body.

[All right, let me take over.]

Aiwa said.

Dolly withdrew back, letting Aiwa push down on that maid’s body.

After Aiwa made some shallow and deep thrusts inside her, he suddenly pushed down, thrusting deep inside of her vagina.

A painful expression appeared on that maids’ body as she squirmed.

[Aaaahhh —]

That ripping sort of pain made that maid scream in her unconscious state.

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