9 Coffins of the Immortals

9 Coffins of the Immortals – Chapter 11

Translator: Myriea

Editor: Actias Luna

Translator’s Note: Let me first apologize for the past month as 9 Coffins went on a bit of a hiatus without any prior warning. I had a bit of a health issue to deal with and wasn’t feeling really well. But I’m back now, with also a new editor helping me when the usual editor is busy. I will return back to minimum 3+ chapters each week, aiming to have at least 1 chapter each day, hopefully. 🙂

9 Coffins of the Immortals – Chapter 8

Translator: Myriea

Editor: Haru

Translator Note

What really attracted me to this novel originally, besides the personality of the MC is also another event that will happen in one of the later chapters (say, chapter fifty-something). Readers of Xianxia will find a lot of similarities between this and most Xianxia/Xuanhuan novels, but it’s not exactly your usual run-of-the-mill MC (or supporting characters either in most cases).

As a result, I really wanted to share this with the English speaking community as well. Currently, I’m on a 2-week long vacation back home in Australia (I am usually based somewhere a 9-hour flight away, haven’t been home for a year already, so there’s lots of catching up with friends and family). With the help of my awesome editor Haru and the team at Lightnovels.world, I am doing my best to keep the updates as regular as I can, especially being so early on in this novel.

Hope you all end up loving it as much as myself. 🙂 And please do forgive me if I may be a little slower in the updates these days. But if there’s lots of comments and likes (of encouragement! Or just tell me that you like it too!), I may just decide to pull an all-nighter and translate a couple more extra chapters. *winks*